As The King Celebrates His Birthday Tomorrow, May My Readers Say A Prayer For Him And Bless Him

Yesterday I was really blessed by the responses I got from my blog from my readers. So I read some of the comments as my testimony during Sabbath. I was also touched by how my readers acknowledge the Kingship anointing on my Boaz.

Yesterday was really special because we had a Nigerian single mother who joined us for Sabbath with her young daughter. The King taught us from the book of Obidiah about the rise of Jacob against Esau. Since we don’t celebrate pagan religious holidays, the King suggested that we do our own Purim festival early so the children do not feel like they will miss out on Christmas. They won’t get any Christmas gifts but they will have Purim gifts two weeks before Christmas.

For one cuts a tree from the forest, and decorate it with silver and gold…Jeremiah 10

We do not put up Christmas trees in our home because we believe the God of Isreal forbids pagan practises.

The King also reinstated that we should start celebrating all the Holidays of the God of Isreal, from the Feast of the Trumpets to the feast of the Tabernacles. He said we should even learn from Pagans who celebrate their rituals without fail, year after year, from Christmas to Halloween. We should worship our God without fail, because never once did he abolish his Holy Days. The children got excited because they know celebrating Isreal’s holidays means a lot of feasts and roast lamb, their favourite roast dinner.  It was indeed a refreshing Sabbath.

So my secret prayer was God give us that mansion, and I will celebrate the feasts and Holy days in that palace. Anyway, that’s just a by-the-way. But I always like daring God.

Anyway, Hagar did not join us for Sabbath yesterday. It was sad because she wanted to come and asked me to ask Boaz, but he thinks she needs a bit of a break.  Since over a week ago on Friday when my husband brought her home and she vowed to follow the God of Isreal and denounced her pagan  Indian gods, things have been very slow with her.

My husband thinks she needs time and space to grow, and really commit herself to the vows she made and he feels like her rushing things is not healthy for her.

Anyway, the purpose of this article is to talk about my King’s birthday, it is tomorrow.  He is a very young man in years, but he is an old soul in his spirit. I actually put his age spiritually at 45 to 50 years, lol, or even older. Well last week, he said in joking that he wanted to celebrate this birthday with the three of us, Hagar, Shulamite and I. My husband never celebrates his birthdays, he allows the family to celebrate birthdays as they are not religious rituals. But he says celebrating birthdays is not for him because its a reminder that we are all getting older, and closer to death than we were first born. He is like that, he is his own Solomon, but  I normally force him to celebrate his birthday, for the sake of the children. And he will literally grumpily celebrate. The children always compare him to King Fissil I think he’s called, from Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom’s children’s series. He loves his birthday but he hates it too.

So just recently he told me that he had changed his mind about his birthday, that he was just joking and wants no celebration at all. He said he just wanted a quiet day at home with Shulamite and I, then he wants to do something with the children, but no fuss. Hagar had been the one planning the birthday celebrations of us three spending the evening with the King and doing some Bollywood beauty contest,  as per his wishes, so she felt very disappointed that Baoz no longer wanted a big fuss for his birthday.

So Hagar has been texting me a lot, asking how I am and how Kofi is. She has been asking what we are doing for his birthday and  I keep telling her that honestly, he is not that bothered, it will be a quiet one at home.

So, for now, Boaz is taking things slow with Hagar, he thinks he has to see less of her and concentrate on me and Shulamite because we are already walking in his vision. He thinks Hagar needs a bit more time of self-reflection to grow into her role, which I agree with. She continues to work as his PR and will be attending meetings with him but we will see less of her around the family until she’s ready to move in if and when God blesses my King with a bigger palace.

This week, being the King’s birthday week, he has a viewing booked for this house, a palace rather.  It is literally a dream beyond imagination, the kind you see in magazines and don’t ever think it can be you in such a house. He texted his friend and told him he needs a mansion for his big family, and now the friend won’t let him rest until he views the house.

His friend texted him and said, “Kofi you need to view this house in person to understand the quality mate” According to his friend, this is the best house in the North at the moment. I said to my Boaz how on earth can you afford that my King, I know you love to climb mountains beyond you but….and he always says to me, “My great grandfathers always had this wealth at their disposal.” He always says to me,  O ye of very little faith, He tells me he has to prove himself to me because I am such a doubter. Well, I won’t go with him, I get very nervous around people of certain class and wealth, wheres my Boaz can easily blend in any class. Lol.

Yes my King is a dreamer, but a good dreamer. The house is priced at 4.5 million and set in the rural Northumberland. It is the dream family home fit for a King with many wives.


I trust my King. I trust him with his decision to take things slow with Hagar. I trust that one day I will live in my dream mansion. Maybe. Just maybe. I am looking forward to celebrating the Holy Days of God with him, and our family maybe in that palace.

And I am so looking forward to giving the King his very best birthday yet, and I know my handmaiden Shulamite will too. Whether he likes it or not, we will force him to enjoy it.

This birthday of the King is very significant. He is about to expand the tent of his territory. This is the official prayer for the King we say in the house every Sabbath. As his Prophetess, I started saying this prayer for my King last year, building towards his birthday, I even wrote a blog about it as I was given a revelation about who he was. Today both Shulamite and Hagar join me to bless the King and say this prayer. I pray that all my readers who feel blessed by my writing bless the King on his birthday tomorrow and say this prayer for him…

As the Shulamite lover of Solomon charged the daughters of Jerusalem to bless King Solomon with her and look upon his splendour and throne, I charge my blessed readers to bless the King in all his majesty.

img kofi

When King Solomon had his coronation, King David ordered every Israelite to bless King Solomon and sing for him…I know many of us pray for the Queen, especially on her birthday, there are always international festivals and rituals to mark her birthdays, we say a prayer for her even as the national anthem, so a prayer for the Black King of Isreal should not seem blasphemous to us, but rather a prayer for Jacob’s trouble to end, according to the book of Obadiah.

So this is the prayer I was given last year for the King…may this prayer bless you all…

Last year God gave me a prayer for the King when he showed me the Vision

A Blessed Prayer For Boaz

Long Live Boaz, King Kofi Nino

So majestic in his melanin beauty

His skin like polished bronze

May his lips bring forth glorious melodies

As he teaches us not be servants again

Let his throne be established forever

Let him bring back the stolen harp

Let him teach us the secret chords

Let him show us how to be proud again

As Jacob’s trouble comes to an end

Let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven

Long Live Boaz, King Kofi Nino

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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