Thank You, LipStick Alley, For Giving My Husband The King The Best Birthday Present Ever

This post is long, but it is a long testimony.

The bible says we should be thankful in all situations, last Sabbath I wrote about thanksgiving. There is a reason why God commands the spirit of joy and thanksgiving even when things seem so wrong. Over the past few weeks, one of my readers alerted me about a forum called LipStick Alley, apparently the largest African American Forum. Sadly  I became a topic of discussion there, and I responded to them because they were harassing my King with derogatory abusive names because of his dark skin.  Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, that was the beginning of something that I have never come across since I was born.

When I read so many bad reviews of people who had been traumatized and almost had their lives completely destroyed by these black women of Lipstick Alley,  I did not realize it was that serious.

Over the past week and a half or so, on top of calling my husband an animal and other words I can not use here, (which falls in the category of cyberbullying and online harassment, which is a criminal offence according to what the police told us when they visited our home last week). Anyway, keep reading.  Well, the geniuses of Lipstick Alley forum did some sort of extensive research and investigation about the King and came to the following conclusions. You would think they are paid for the time and energy they invest in people like me.

Anyways, below where their ‘factual’ findings of us…

  • The King is a poor man and who does not own a single property, apparently, he is too black and African to own properties in the UK.
  • The King is a fraudster who is using other people’s properties (Asians) and posting them online pretending that the properties are his, lol.
  • The King and I are professional cleaners who work for Asians then go to their properties to clean and we take pictures and pretend the houses are ours.
  • The King and I live in a one-bedroom house with 6 children, and Shulamite and we are also currently homeless.
  • The King is legally married to a woman in Ghana as well as Shulamite in the United Kingdom so he is a bigamist and is breaking the UK law.
  • My 6 children are not safe in my care so they need to be removed from me with immediate effect.

Imagine my dear readers, that these black women could not sleep over the fact that we have a 2-bed apartment we use for a short stay. This apartment is very basic guys, honestly, I mean its cute and quirky, but it’s not really a 7-star penthouse in New York. Imagine if we own a multi-million-pound house, they would kill themselves then. I love this particular place and I  call it the love den because it’s my little hideaway, that’s all and its the only place the King allows me to take photos of the family in.

I don’t understand the jealousy over the Love Den
It is quite simple folks

But this very basic 2 bed apartment caused these black women to be so green with envy and jealousy so much that they traced the location of our Love Den, then picked up the phone in their numbers and called Air Bnb and reported my husband as a fraudster who has listed a property that belonged to an Asian as his own. The irony of it all is that these black women are convinced I need help. I know right, you couldn’t make it up, could you?

Because of the number of calls Air Bnb received within a short time, they locked my husband’s account and cancelled all our bookings which were up to January. They then told our guests that there was a fraud going with on with our apartment.

But Lipstick Alley members didn’t stop there, they then called the police, in their numbers, and said my husband was a bigamist and a fraudster who had a slave he was keeping in the house, Shulamite. Lol, poor Shulamite. They said he had a legal wife back in Ghana and he had another legal wife in the UK.

Then after they finished calling the police, they called social services and said my children were at risk and needed to be removed from my care immediately.

All this happened within a week guys, honestly, it was crazy, but my King, Shulamite and I continued living our lives gloriously, preparing for the King’s birthday.

So we started getting anonymous calls, loads from the police and social services. Then we got a visit from the police at our family home. They told us that they received numerous calls about my King being a Bigamist and that we had a slave in the house, lol. Also apparently the King was a high time fraudster and that’s how he makes his money.

Obviously, upon entering our house, and seeing our children, and Shulamite who was cooking in the kitchen, they said the “food smelt so nice” and said it was just routine they had to check if everything was okay because of the number of calls. They asked if Shulmaite was my husband’s slave, lol and he told them that she is his wife, culturally off course. And they laughed and said, “How can you keep two women so happy under one roof, one should be enough problem.”

So they asked me why I refer to Shulamire as my handmaid, and I said, “Because she is, and she volunteered to be my maidservant because I am a Queen. Just like the Queen has servants, though they are politely called “staff”.  They spoke to Shulamite, who said she wrote to the King and asked to be his wife, and it could only happen if she came to contribute to the family setting, and she is grateful she has a sister and a husband out of the arrangement.

They were fascinated by us, and said as long we are all happy and not hurting anyone, what we do was our own business, and obviously, if I blog about it, people out there will either support or in this case will get upset because you guys are living a different lifestyle to them. We showed them some of the abuse my husband has received from Lipstick Alley Black women and they said well, if there are people breaking the law right now, it’s them, that’s just vile that.

So the police apologized for wasting our time, wished us the best in our “alternative lifestyle” as they called it, and left us alone. And before they left, the female police officer asked my husband if he really is an African King, and my husband said, ” As you say, madam…”

I just thank God we don’t live in America, we would have been all shot dead in our house by the police, all because of Lipstick Alley. But because we live in the UK, the police are nice actually, in situations of misunderstandings lol.

They advised us not to disclose our family home to the public and said we should be wary of stalkers and report any strange behaviour we see outside the home since these forumites went as far as to make calls, they could do anything.

Yes, Lipstick Alley forumites are that dangerous they will get your home address and everything, and they seem so obsessive as well which is kinda creepy. So I am so grateful that my ever so wise King always told me not to post too much about our family home, and that we should keep it private. Now I understand why.

Anyway, about our Air Bnb account,  after about 24 hours of our Air Bnb account being shut down, the company wrote to my King and said it was a technical error that they had shut my husband’s account and everything was back to normal, well they had just realized that the apartment is ours and they had been played by Black American women bullies. But we had lost money and bookings.

So the God of Isreal was ready to fight for us. I did tell Lipstick Alley Black women that whatever curses they throw at me, I take it gladly because that is how my God blesses me. He turns all curses into blessings. Even our father King David said, never stop anyone from cursing me because God will see it and bless me instead.

So yes, I thank God for every curse and mocking.

So some of our guests who loved the Love Den so much were so disappointed with the cancellations, so they wrote to my King and told him that their reservations had been cancelled and Air Bnb had told them the account was fraudulent. Air Bnb had actually lied to us that they had shut down my husband’s account because of an “error”.



My husband contacted his lawyers, who contacted Air Bnb and gave them all the evidence of what they had done, and how they had wrongfully labelled my husband a fraudster based on calls from internet forumites, black women who thought my husband could not possibly own an Air Bnb Apartement. My husband’s Lawyer sent them all the screenshots of the abuse and harassment from Lipstick Alley, and evidence in their posts that they actually said my husband was a fraudster and didn’t own the apartment so they are calling authorities and social services on us. They also said they “hurt” people for fun.

So Air Bnb agreed to pay us not only all the money we lost because of their actions of listening to Lipstick Alley bitter and sad women but the damages as well for telling clients that my husband was a fraudster.  So yes, there is a very fat cheque, waiting to clear right now in my husband’s Lookgold account, and no I am not talking a few thousand here….and bookings for the Love Den are still pouring in.

That is the God of Mary-Tamar. He prepares a table before me, in the presence of my enemies.

Thank you so much Lipstick Alley. I owe you big time. This was the best birthday present for my husband. If you are going to bring us money, then I am afraid you are my friends not my enemies actually. You have blessed the King very very much.

Talking of the King, yesterday it was his birthday. It was just magical because it was the day we were told about the compensation. People say money does not buy happiness, take it from me, that’s a lie lol when we were told how much will be coming into our account, we became automatically so crazily happy.

We celebrated the King’s birthday at the Love Den. We had a booking but after Airbnb cancelled our bookings, we decided to go there and celebrate the King’s birthday there. Besides Shulamite travelled to London on Sunday, one of her aunties was taken ill to hospital, so the King said we should all go and sleep at the Love Den Sunday night after Shulamite had gone. Shulamite was meant to come back on Monday afternoon for the King’s birthday, but sadly she missed it and could not make it because her auntie was still in hospital and they needed her to babysit.

The King was so gutted because he wanted to spend his birthday with Shulamite and I. I was gutted too because we had planned a party and Shulamite was supposed to cook, she had said she would come back in time from London to cook the party food. So she was so sorry and could not forgive herself for “ruining” the King’s birthday. She was inconsolable.

So I told the King that if Shulamite is not going to be there, please allow Hagar to come, and he agreed. I asked Hagar to cook, but she said she couldn’t it was too much short notice, but she brought treats for the children and a personalized cake for the King.

DSC_0462 (2)
And even made it the King’s favourite colour


We had such an amazing party at the Love Den. We ordered take out and it worked out okay. The King was very happy and so were the children.

DSC_0477 (2)
The King loved all his surprises

Hagar wrote the address of the Mansion on the card she bought my husband and said next year the King will celebrate his birthday in a mansion, and more enemies will pay for it, lol.

I was over the moon
The King danced with me


DSC_0612 (2)
The children loved the treats
DSC_0480 (2)
I gave a speech about His Majesty lol
DSC_0479 (2)
And everyone applauded my admonition of the King



DSC_0487 (2)
And the King spoke ever so humbly
DSC_0543 (3)
And he kissed me

DSC_0545 (2)

DSC_0541 (2)
But he thought the cake was too sweet lol
DSC_0548 (2)
But he still ate it all, bless him


DSC_0527 (2)
I ate so much cake and junk food I looked 6 months pregnant…

Hagar wanted to stay, but the King told her to go home.

The children wanted her to stay too, ( they love her treats more I suppose) but the King said no.


After the children had gone to bed, the King took me outside, and we walked under the lights and sat on a bench. It was freezing cold, but so beautiful and serene. My Boaz can be such a romantic. We don’t believe in Christmas, but the lights were absolutely glorious.

I loved it.

He told me a lot of things and promised me the world, literally. We saw a little star, and the King said that was my star. He said he can only shine with me as his star. So his birthday started with the two of us, and ended up with the two of us, a sure sign from above.

We spent the day together


My King has never officially celebrated his birthdays, so this was the first. And I know his crown and throne are literally in his hands…

Long Live King Kofi

May your enemies continue to expand the tent of your territory my King.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary Tamar Was Jean

PS, on a sad note, it’s so disheartening, that black people, especially Black American women are so full of anger and hatred that they would rather destroy the life of a fellow black man who is making a living and in the same breath esteem an Asian man at the expense of their own.  I have no words to describe what it would take for a person to have so much hatred over someone they don’t even know or have never met just because they believe they are too black to own a house. Sadly this is the state of the black race, no other races on this earth would do this. The self-hatred in these women is so shocking. May God have a little mercy on their souls.







4 thoughts on “Thank You, LipStick Alley, For Giving My Husband The King The Best Birthday Present Ever

  1. I am shocked but not surprised at the same time. I just can’t phantom the police showing up at your residence because of a forum post? I feel bad for even bring the forum to your attention- I had no idea it would turn out this way. It’s sad that people can’t let other people live their own lives, focus on your own life and make yourself happy and stop being bitter.
    Black American women and I wont generalize but the ones I have encountered either in college, the work place or social places are either rude, ignorant or just bitter. And dont let them find out that you are from any one of the countries in Africa (and yes Africa is a continent and not a country, and they will ask you the most ignorant questions. Was your grandma an African booty scratcher? Do you bathe with nuts and berries? Are there cars and roads where you are from? How come you’re not midnight/blue black? But let me turn around and ask if their grandmother’s name was Kizzy- all heck will break out!
    Yet, at the same time I feel sorry for them, the black woman is the most hated on earth, I believe Malcom X said. Their fellow black men dont claim them or protect them, again not to generalize but the ones I have encountered. The same men would rather stay home and play video games while the female goes off to work- just to have a piece of a man. Or they would rather date white women, as some black American woman are known to be too bitter, too aggressive, too loud and crass. The hatered towards Africans is very real to the point that there was even a forum to boycott a new t.v show- Bob hearts Abishola, because it is based on an Nigerian female dating a white American man!!
    I could go on and on but it is pointless to point out the obvious and it’s a waste of time even engaging with them from this perspective. Hurt people, hurt people- 400 years of slavery, no real culture to speak of, and on going racial discrimination can play a number on one’s self worth.
    I am glad that it worked in your husband’s favor at the end of the day- happy belated birthday to him.
    Keep telling your truth, you are an inspiration to those the message is intended for and let the naysayers, keep talking- more hits on your blog!
    Stay blessed ..much love from the states, my fellow sister of the soil.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am Zimbabwean and find this comment uncalled for. Black American women’s pain is also our pain. If you can sit on your throne and comment with glee about slavery, the faults of black American men and other pains our sisters are going through then you need education and lessons in empathy.

      Africans aren’t any better than black Americans. Plus, the majority of Africans are suffering much more than black Americans are.

      That being said, LSA is not just black American women, there are African women, white women, Latin American women etc. So this obsession with black American women needs to stop.


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