Unless You Treat Your Black Husband Like A King, You Have No Right To Call Him “King”.

I always see black women refer to their black men on social media as “My King”. Beyonce even had to do a film called Black Is King, which was celebrated by mostly black women. But my honest truth is I am yet to come across a black husband who is really treated like a King in his own house, by his own black wife. I have never seen this in my lifetime.

The only time I saw something close to a black man being treated like a King is when I was in Agape church/cult, ran by pedophile Walter Masocha. The sex pervert was waited on day and night in his Scotland mansion by Zimbabwean women, who where other men’s wives by the way. They knelt before the pervert, they cooked him his food reverently, I mean the food was not just cooked, it had to be cooked by special women in a special way, women prayed to be his chefs. It was the most prestigious honor to cook for the pervert. He had teenage girls and other women’s wives literally massage his naked body before each church service, whilst his wife sat there and observed and supervised.

One of my friends from America, hosted the pervert in her matrimonial house during some church launch. My friend told me that she offered the pervert and his wife her matrimonial bedroom as her way of honoring the “man of God” whilst she and her husband took the spare bedroom. When the pervert was about to go to bed, my friend was summoned to give the pervert a “massage” whilst her own her husband lay in the spare room.

She said as she entered the room, lo and behold, the pervert was stark naked, his legs spread out and she was told to massage his legs and groin and told not be shy.

My friend told me she had never once massaged or knelt before her own husband, yet for a man who was not her husband, she was willing to bow and massage him, and this is the reality of the modern black wife, she reverences the pastor, but cannot reverence her own husband. And this type of woman will come on social media and take a selfie with her husband and say, “My King.” I find such hypocrisy beyond shameful.

The black woman, especially the black Christian woman doesn’t even understand what a King actually is, never mind a black king. I don’t even think Beyonce comprehends what it means to say, “Black is King”. Black women likes the idea of calling their husbands “King”, but they can never comprehend what they are really saying…

They don’t know that a King is above the ordinary law…just like in the UK the Sovereign is the law and above the law…

A King does whatsoever he wishes.

“Don’t try to avoid doing your duty, and don’t stand with those who plot evil, for the king can do whatever he wants.” Ecclesiastes 8:3

Only God controls a King’s heart.

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water;
He turns it wherever He wishes. “Proverbs 21:1

If you are married to a King, he is automatically your Master and Lord and you are to reverence him.

“So the King will greatly desire your beauty; Because He is your Lord, worship Him.” Psalm 45

So dear spiritual black women, these scriptures do not apply to “men of God” or “Papas” or “Pastors, these scriptures are for your own Kings, you know, the ones you lie with every-night, not the Papa you bow down to on Sundays.

For me personally, I love to serve. I take great joy and fulfillment in serving my own husband, the one God joined me with. All the things I used to see black men’s wives do for Masocha in Agape cult, I take great pleasure and joy in doing those things , or rather more to my own King.

Firstly, I make sure that my King has whatsoever his heart desires. Practically what I mean is, in today’s world, I never check his phone, or ask him this and that, or tell him what he needs to do or what he doesn’t need to do….

Secondly, I know that when I speak to my King, and he listens to me, it is because God has turned the King’s heart towards me, which he does a lot. The King comes to me for advise and counsel, and only God makes that possible.

Thirdly, I get the rewards of bowing before my King daily, well a King begets a Queen, and because of my servitude, I am the apple of his eye, the desire of his heart…

It’s the little things he does for me, like summoning me for a movie night, or giving me a relaxing massage, or coming to my Chamber to present me with a dress or a gift…like a few days ago he came to me and gave me this gorgeous monochrome dress and eye glasses, because it was my birthday month. I serve him, and he serves me back.

What I have learnt in life is there is no formula for love, even the pagans and the evil fall in love, but what I know is there is a way to a King’s heart, yes there is, even for the King’s of this world…

Kate Middleton had to wait many years, as the world laughed at her and called her “Waity Kaity”, for her to finally capture the heart of a King. She waited and waited and waited, until the King put that diamond on her finger…it took a special kind of woman to wait on a King….

I am yet to meet a black woman who waits on a man the way Kate waited for William. More-so, I am yet to meet a black woman who waits, and serves a King, on her knees, like how a black King aught to be served, without interrogating his every move and making him feel like a child. I truly believe most black women today have no right calling a black man “King” or to say “Black is King”, when they can not even serve him his dinner on their knees.

But as for me and my household, behold we patiently serve the true King…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

2 thoughts on “Unless You Treat Your Black Husband Like A King, You Have No Right To Call Him “King”.

  1. It’s disgusting what happened at Agape. Can’t imagine intelligent women servicing that pervert and not knowing it was wrong. WTH was wrong with these women? Most Black men don’t deserve to be treated like kings when they treat their women like whores and don’t take care of their children. Your post really rubbed me the wrong way.

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