King Atehene, A True Man Of Integrity Disowned By His Family And Friends Because Of His God YAHOWA

When Job lost everything he had ever worked for, his children, his wealth and his health, his wife looked at him and said, “Do you still retain your integrity? Curse God and die!”

But Job being a man of integrity, rebuked his wife and said, “You speak as a foolish woman speaks. Should we accept from God only good and not adversity?” In all this, Job did not sin against God. Job: 9-10.

Millions of Christians claim to love their Christian god Jehovah, yet today there is not a single Christian man on earth with the integrity of Job. Millions of “Jews” claim to love their god Yahweh, yet there is no single “Jew” on this earth with the integrity of Job. Millions of Muslims claim to love their god Allah, yet today there is no single Muslim with the integrity of Job. A lot of Black Hebrew Israelites claim to love their god Yahuah, yet there is no single black Israelite man in this world with the integrity like that of Job. During Job’s time, on the whole earth he was the only man of integrity living, so much that the God of Israel YAHOWA made a bet with Satan.

Today there is only one man on this earth who has put all religions and their gods to shame, and that man is Atehene, my Lord Husband. He is the definition of integrity. Today my Lord Husband has been disowned by his own family, from his sister to his brothers, because he refuses to leave his God YAHOWA in the midst of adversity. He was raised Seventh Day Adventist, which Atehene has proven with facts SDA was built on the lies of Ellen G White who was a Freemason. Sadly my Lord Husband’s family have chosen Seventh Day Adventist over their own son. I guess in a twisted way, my Lord Husband’s family has chosen their god over their son. They have chosen not to support my Lord Husband during the calamity that befell him, where his 7 children were taken into captivity by Durham County Council.

The only man of integrity I know is my Lord Husband King Atehene

“You are not the Messiah! You are Nana, the son of Monica! You are cursed, hence all this calamity has befell you! You are now a laughing stock in Kumasi, even the most backward villagers do not behave like this!” His older brother BB shouted at him.

My husband’s older brother BB cursed him for saying he’s the Messiah

“You can’t preach, you have not gone to preaching school! This religion of Free Worship and Kubala is nonsense. You were raised SDA!” His Father scolded him.

“Why don’t you put this “religion” aside, and continue when your children are back from captivity!” his other brothers said to him.

My husband’s brothers have disowned him
My Lord Husband ahs lost all his family because of his integrity

All my Lord Husband’s friends who grew up with him have also disowned him, his closest friend, who was his best friend from childhood, Michael has disowned my Lord Husband. He said to him, “It is your fault that your children were captured by UK Social Services. Leave this new religion of yours and come back to Seventh Day Adventist.”

My Lord Husband’s closest friend Michael (left) has disowned him.

Does this not sound like the exact story of Job. Didn’t Job’s own friends accuse him of sinning against God hence was being punished. Instead of comforting him, they accused him, when he was at his lowest. Yet through it all, Job did not forsake his integrity, he still clung to his faith in his GOD.

My Lord Husband’s family and friends do accuse me of bewitching my Lord Husband. In the Ghanaian Community, I am called the “witch” who caused everything to happen. They do not sympathize with me that I am the mother whose children has been legally kidnapped.

My husband’s family and the Ghanaian community accuse me of bewitching my Lord Husband

As the First wife and Queen of my Lord Husband Atehene, I refuse to behave like the wife of Job. I will not advise my husband to leave his God, curse Him and die. Rather I am the one to encourage my Lord Husband when he is weak, I encourage him to hold on to his integrity.

I am the one who encourages my Lord Husband to hold onto his integrity.

On Monday 15th May, last week as the trial of my children’s legal abduction by Durham County Council began in Newcastle, we could not attend because the Judge and the Security at Newcastle Family Court denies us entry because of our religion.

However something interesting happened on Monday, the Judge sent one of the Family Support Workers we have previously had sessions with in our home to come to us and negotiate some sort of agreement so we could enter court. The family worker suggested that we bring my Lord Husband’s second wife Lady Safi to court, and let her stay outside with our holy relics, which is my Lord Husband’s stick/staff, our menorah, and my sacred branches and spiritual leaves.

The Courts and Social Services suggested my Lord Husband’s second wife Lady Safi stay outside Court with our holy relics.

As he stood outside our front door, we asked the Family Support Worker to give us a moment to talk as a family.

“Lets go inside with our relics, and tell them we will put them aside inside the court room, on a corner. That would be our terms,” my Lord Husband said.

“No my Lord,” I said to my husband. “If that is the case, then we have compromised our faith in our God Yahowa. Our relics are our power, every Hebrew man of God has his staff. Did David not say, ‘Your rod and staff, they comfort me.’ Did Moses not have his stick always when he was going to Pharaoh. How do we enter the gates of our enemies and put our spiritual weapons down, when our children were captured because of our spirituality. Without our relics, we have no POWER.”

“A wise woman you truly are my Queen.” My Lord Husband said to me.

So we told the Family Support Worker, ” Go and tell the Judge, that without our holy relics, we are nothing. Our faith is our weapon, we can not enter a spiritual warfare without our spiritual elements. Our children were taken because of our religion so we need our religion to fight for our children.”

“That’s fair enough,” The Family Support Worker said, ” Because we shouldn’t be telling you to put away your religion.”

We can not enter court to fight for our children without our holy relics

Yet the very next day in Court, the Solicitor for the Guardian asked my daughter, “Why can’t you parents put aside their religion for the sake of their children? I just saw your father Atehene dancing outside the court. Why can’t he come into court without the stick?”

Yes we were seen dancing outside court, as artists, our dance is how we express ourselves, be it sadness or joy, we dance according to our culture and religion.

There is nothing more powerful than the integrity of a man. Having integrity means you live in accordance to your deepest values, and you are not moved by circumstances. Having integrity means you are a man of your word. Integrity is the highest valued trait of a true leader.

Even in his household, my Lord husband is a man of such high integrity, and that is how he governs his wives and children. He has taught our three sons the principles of always being consistent in your faith and beliefs. He has taught our boys that integrity comes with a price to pay. He has raised our 4 girls to be obedient and chaste, teaching them the importance of preserving their natural black beauty and self worth in a world where black girls are taught that white beauty is the only standard of beauty. He has taught me the importance of staying true to my faith and word, especially when it comes to natural beauty. He is a man who will not take a wife who wears wigs, false nails or distorts their facial features with make-up.

My Lord husband has taught me and his wife Lady Safi the importance of black natural beauty

For all these principals he has, his children were kidnapped by Social Services and he was told he cant be a father in United Kingdom, because they say he is teaching children black supremacy. My Lord Husband is being punished by Durham Social Services because of his faith in YAHOWA, yet through it all, he refuses to give up on his integrity.

He is the world’s best father, being punished by Durham County Council for his faith in Yahowa.

That is my Lord Husband, the Messiah of the Free Worshippers, the founder of the religion of KUBALA.

I am truly honoured to be his Queen, and I know without a shadow of doubt, that today on this earth there is no man like him, hence he truly is the Messiah…

Hence we live in Faith that YAHOWA will restore Atehene’s 7 children back in his bosom.

The Genesis of the Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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