My Painting “Family Court” Was Stolen Outside Newcastle Family Court

So my painting “Family Court” was stolen outside Newcastle Family Court on Tuesday 16 May 2023. My daughter Nakai was in court, fighting for her little brother and sister Chaka and Chaniya whom Durham Social Services wants to put up for adoption to punish my Lord husband and I for standing up to their racism, cruelty and injustice.

Durham County Council Social Services wants Chaka adopted to punish me for standing up to their racism and cruelty
Durham County Council wants my baby Chaniya adopted to punish me for standing up to their cruelty and racism.

So to protest against the cruelty my children and I continue to endure in the hands of Durham Social Services, I painted “Family Court” which pretty much sums up the corrupt beast system of legally trafficking children to the elite. What they call Family Court in the United Kingdom is literally a ring of child kidnappers who are unquestioned and above the law. They do whatever they wish with people’s children, and no one can question or challenge them. So my painting was my way of expressing myself as a mother and exposing the beast system.

The painting was stolen around 4pm on Tuesday 16 May 2023 at Newcastle Family Court. Nakai had gone into court, accompanied by my Lord Husband’s second wife, Lady Safi.

Nakai was accompanied into court by Lady Safi

My husband and I could not go into court because the Judge and Security does not allow us to enter court with our holy relics which is our menorah, my Lord husband’s walking stick/staff and our spiritual leaves. The main essence of our religion “Kubala” is connecting to nature. Nature fights for us. Nature is our strength and spiritual weapons. For that reason we have to stay outside the court room because we are not going to a spiritual warfare without our spiritual weapons, it will be an abomination to our God Yahowa for us to leave our holy relics outside because our relics connect us to the divine.

So as Nakai and Lady Safi were in the court building, my Lord Husband and I went at the side of the court, in a secluded area where there are trees so we could connect to nature. Before Nakai went into Court at 2:30 pm, the King Atehene prayed for her, and anointed her with oil at the very spot the painting was stolen.

My Lord husband and I prayed and sang for Nakai. After about an hour of praying and singing, I decided to go into Costa for a coffee. Costa is just opposite Newcastle Family Court. We put the painting under a tree, a very bushy tree. It was well hidden.

We went into Costa, and my husband was constantly checking across the road. We did not see anyone go into the bushes. From where we were in Costa, we would have seen if anyone went into the bushes to steal the painting. We would have seen them coming out with the painting. It is a good size painting and already very loud. It catches everyone’s eye so much as I protested with it, people came to take pictures and ask what the painting meant. I can not see anyone stealing such a painting from under a tree, in a bushy place, and walk freely in Newcastle holding it.

We came out of Costa, and behold the painting was gone, just like that. It was like a glitch in the matrix, we did not see anyone go into the bushes.

I believe it was stolen by the security and Newcastle Family Court, who would have been watching us on CCTV. I have reported the theft to the police, who said they are going to get the CCTV and get to the bottom of what happened. One of the security at Newcastle Family court Ivan Burdess stalks me on Facebook and comments on my live feeds. He even came on Facebook to let everyone know that my Lord husband and I were denied access to court because we refused to hand in our “trees”.

My husband and I continue to be denied access to Newcastle Family Court because of our religion

My daughter Nakai was asked by the legal Guardian’s solicitor Jonathan Emery that, “If you can come into court without your holy relics, why cant your parents put their religion aside for the sake of their children?”

How can the system ask us to give up our faith? How can they tell us to put aside our God, YAHOWA? Is that not a breach of human rights and freedom of religion? Our faith is who we are, you can not ask us to leave our God outside the Courts when you stole our children because of our faith and culture. Our God YAHOWA gave us the children, we are the caretakers of His creation. How then do we leave the owner of the children outside the Court, when He gave them the breath of life through my womb.

Chaka came from YAHOWA, as my latest painting is titled “Chaka Uyingane Yomdali” meaning “Is Chaka not a child of the creator”

Our religion is US, so if our God YAHOWA is not allowed in Newcastle Family Court, we will stay outside the Court with our God. Our safety is only found in YAHOWA. Our religion is KUBALA, and everywhere we are, our God commands us to stick to our faith as the Northern Kingdom of Kubala.

That said, whoever has my painting, the painting itself will put the fear of YAHOWA in you. The painting literally has the blood of my 7 kidnapped children. It has all their names engraved on it, it has my name. It has the name of my dead father Never Gasho on it. It has my blood and spirit on it, it has the doll of my baby Chaniya. The painting will haunt you, and you shall see everything going wrong in your life, and fire shall not leave you. For the painting itself is fire.

I told the police that “Family Court” is worth 1 Million pounds.

In the meantime do sign this petition that was started by a beautiful soul called Rosemary Kamure for my offspring to be returned back to my care after they were legally stolen by Durham Social Services.

Until my stolen children and my stolen painting return back to me, none shall sleep…

The Final Hearing of our case is tomorrow Friday 19 November before Judge Andrew Loveridge. We will not be allowed to enter the court because of our religion of KUBALA.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS: On a positive note, despite my painting getting stolen on Tuesday 16 May outside Family Court, we did meet several people who resonated with us and supported our protest. One was a lovely Nigerian Journalist and another was an Edomite Father who had his own baby stolen at birth by Durham Social Services. His wife is now so broken she cant come to court, but he continues to fight for his baby girl.

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