Statement Written By Mary-Tamar For Newcastle Family Court After Her 7 Children Were Legally Stolen From Her By Durham Social Services

Position Statement written on 13 July 2022 after 6 children were illegally removed from parents by Durham Social Services and placed on a court order by Judge Loveridge at Newcastle Court whilst parents were in police custody arrested for child neglect yet never charged. Reasons for putting the children on a court order whilst the parents were in police custody are; dirty dishes in sink, clothes on floor, religious symbols on walls, religious symbols on children’s faces, painting with the children.

To Newcastle Family Court 13 July 2022

Statement Of Prophetess Mary-Tamar of The Free Worshippers, Priestess of
Dreams of The Northern Kingdom, The Mother of Chaka and the Eagle of

My name is Jean Fadzai Gasho as I was born, however I now identify as
Prophetess Mary-Tamar. I am a Priestess of Dreams. I am the Mother of Chaka.
The Eagle of Napolia. I am the Prophetess of my Lord Husband, The Messiah King
Atehene of the Northern Kingdom.
My Lord Husband and I are founders of a NEW RELIGION called Free Worship.
We are Free Worshippers. We have followers all over the world, and this month

we are setting up a new branch in Kumasi Ghana and one is South Africa, we
already have committed followers and members in both these countries. We are
currently building a religious sacred black community in the United Kingdom
which will include an independent black religious school called FADZAI’S
ACADEMY. I have told my daughter Fadzai that this independent school is
inspired by her, a school where no white child will tell her she looks like “poo”
or that she is not a Princess because she is black. Fadzai is very excited about
this school.


I am an artist and an established writer. I write for a number of mainstream
publications including Modern Ghana and the Huffington Posts. My opinions are
extremely important and valuable in this world, I continue to change lives with
my timeless writings. I am a public figure and community leader. My first
exhibition as an artist will be in September where one of my paintings The Holy
Grail is set to be auctioned. Many international bloggers have already written
about this painting. What makes this particular painting very expensive and
unique is that I started it in November 2021 when I was in a TRANCE, I had to
stop this painting because I was wrongfully arrested by the British Police and
wrongfully detained and sectioned against my will by the NHS, which led to my
children being illegally removed from my care by the Local Authorities. However
when I was released from my wrongful sectioning from West Park Hospital in
December 2021, I was able to continue my painting, without my children next
to me, and what I depicted in that painting is now what is considered by artists
and valuators to be the most expensive painting in the world, because of the
story of how the Holy Grail was created.

I am not an ordinary person. I am first and foremost an artist. I paint my face, I
paint my own walls. I have the right to be uniquely me. My gift is not a criminal
offence, my body is not a crime scene and my paintbrush is not a dangerous
weapon. My art, talent and spirituality has never stopped me from being a
mother. In fact because of my spirituality and gifts, I am an exceptional
MOTHER. My own children testify of what a brilliant mother I am, they
compare me to their friends mothers, and they absolutely adore me, and are
proud of me because I am not like the other mothers they see out there. They
see the brilliance in me. My children love me for who I am and will defend me
unto death. What the Local Authority brand as “mental illness” my children

simply see it as the genius in me. They adore my originality and authenticity
and see me as their absolute role model. They admire me for my strength, how
I continue to stand tall against all odds. I will continue to bring children into
this world until my biological clock stops, the Local Authorities will not stop me
from being the awesome mother that I am.

My Latest Book, Letters To My 7 Children

During the 8months my children have been in captivity, I have written letters
them, and these letters are being turned into a publicized book/memoir. The
book will be released in print shortly and will be available on our website and
social media platforms. My 7 children will have a copy each of this printed book
wherever they are, for it is their heritage and inheritance. My boys especially are
looking forward to this book and sharing it with their friends at school.

Suing The Police and The NHS.
I am in the process of suing the Police for wrongfully arresting me during a racial
assault of what they considered “child neglect”. During my arrest, I had not
neglected any of my black children, in fact my daughter Chaniya was cruelly
snatched from my breast where she was safe, asleep and breastfeeding. She
always slept whilst sucking my breast. There is no evidence that any of my
children were neglected during my racially motivated arrest, in fact I was
handcuffed and led into the police car as my children wept and were frightened,
not knowing where their mother was being taken or what was about to happen
to them. I was never even told that my children were about to be placed in long
term foster care with strange white people who hates God. I was never asked if
there was anyone BLACK who could look after my children whilst I was being
arrested. I was never even told that I was being arrested, I knew not where I was
being taken. I was just handcuffed in front of my children and taken away,
without shoes or a coat. For that I have sought legal advice and have serious
grounds to sue the police.

I am not mentally ill and have never been. It is my right to practice my culture and
religion and use my gifts.

I will sue the Local Authorities for trying so hard to turn my children against
me, my two older boys Shingai and Kunashe who have been resilient and have
refused to be turned against me are ready to testify against the Local
Authorities and have written lengthy testimonies of their suffering and racial
abuse in the hands of both the Local Authorities and the Foster carers. Even
though Named Social Worker Katie Grammer continues to try to brainwash my
boys, telling them that it’s not the Local Authorities who are keeping them
away from their parents but rather it’s the Judge.

Katie Grammer continues to tell my two boys that, I quote, “It’s not Social
Services who is stopping you from going home, it’s not us, we want you to go
home, it’s the Judge. He has the power to release you, if he wanted you to go
home you would have gone home a long time ago. He is the one who doesn’t
want you to go home.”
Katie Grammer has gone as far as to tell my 7 year old daughter Fadzai and my
5 year old daughter Charo that “The Judge is the one who doesn’t want them
to go home and is keeping them in Foster Care,” in an attempt to keep my
children from blaming the Local Authorities from destroying their lives and
subjecting them to psychological trauma.
I do continue to tell all my children especially my older boys that it is indeed
the Local Authorities who placed them in long term foster care for no
legitimate reason and that in the fullness of time they will get compensation
for the unnecessary suffering they have been subjected to. My boys keep

strong knowing that somehow, there will be justice at the end of this ordeal
and trauma.
I have written to Diane Abbott and many key politicians in this country about
this case, as well as many media houses and journalists and in the fullness of
time I will bring to attention this case to the media. This is a story the world
needs to hear and see, and my two older boys and my daughter Nakai are
ready to tell the world what they have been subjected to, especially by the
foster carers and Katie Grammer.

The Local Authorities’ Support Of Rapist Mr Chipo Kambanje

The Local Authorities feel angry that I accused Mr Chipo Kambanje of raping
me to conceive Fadzai. So evil is their intentions that they would rather
support a rapist because of their hatred for me. No one can tell me that I was
not raped by Chipo Kambanje. When Fadzai was being conceived, Katie
Grammer was not there. When Mr Chipo Kambanje came into my house after
he was paid to sleep with me and record it by Mr Fredrick Moyo, Katie
Grammer was not there. There is a reason why Fadzai does not know who Mr
Chipo Kambabje is. After Mr Chipo Kambanje forced his seed in me he fought
so hard for me to kill Fadzai. He hated me for keeping her. He never wanted
her to be born. He is the enemy of her soul.
He was extremely abusive to my children Nakai, Kunashe and Shingai “because
they were not his children.” My older children have written testimonies of how
abusive Mr Kambanje was to them, I will be using their testimonies when the
time comes for me to sue the Local Authorities. Mr Kambabje could not even
take my children out to the park “because they were not his.” He made that
distinction very clear. As he wrote in his own statement, that he had a “problem”
caring for my children because they were not his biological children, yet his own
child Fadzai, a product of rape by him, was looked after and raised by another
man who is not her biological father. Fadzai does not even know that my Lord
Husband Atehene is not her biological father, that is how much my Lord
Husband loves her. He treats her no different to Charo, Chaka and Chaniya. Yet
Mr Kambanje could never even treat my children with basic kindness because
he was so bothered by the fact that they were not his children. The irony is that
his own child he forced me to conceive, he hated her. This is the kind of man the
Local Authorities would rather be the carer of Fadzai, a man not fit to even be in
the same room as Fadzai, a man not fit to even look at her face.

Whether Mr Kambanje is convicted of rape or not, as he is currently being
investigated, it does not negate the fact that he did rape me for Fadzai to be
conceived. I stopped all communications with him when I was 4 months
pregnant with Fadzai after he kicked off that I had refused to abort a child he
never wanted. He said I could not force him to be a father. I was then to continue
the pregnancy on my own without any sort of support from anyone in this world.
I was completely alone and all support I had was my community midwife Bev,
who was thankfully black and spiritual, so I confided in her that I was raped. I
then gave birth alone without a birth partner at Milton Kenyes hospital where I
was abused as I gave birth, alone and vulnerable. I have a letter from Milton
Keynes hospital offering their sincere apologies for the traumatic experience I
had delivering Fadzai. The ward manager came to see me in person to apologize
for what she considered as unacceptable and wrong. I went through all this
trauma alone as a single mother after Mr Chipo Kambanje raped and abandoned
me at my most vulnerable time in my life. Mr Kambanje is a dangerous man who should
never be allowed near any child, biological or not.

The Local Authorities’ Support for Mr Shingai Musuka, A Child Abuser.

In regards to Mr Shingai Musuka the biological Father of my oldest children,
even though the Local Authorities have tried so hard to force contact with this
child abuser, completely ignoring the fact that Mr Shingai Musuka sexually
assaulted his own daughter Nakai, yet they still tried to force this paedophile on
my boys, I am glad that my boys refused this dangerous social services instigated
contact. The fact that the Local Authorities can not blink an eyelid that my three
children are terrified of Mr Musuka and want nothing to do with him tells me
that they do not love my children and have never had their best interests at
Because of how the Local Authorities support a rapist Mr Chipo Kambanje and a
paedophile Mr Shingai Musuka, if they had their way my children would be in
the care of these two very evil men, I have no trust of the Local Authorities and
I see them as enemies of my children. In this particular case, they have proven
to me that they are drawn to evil people, and hate me so much they would
rather place my children with paedophiles and rapists than with me, their
mother and their father my Lord Husband.

I understand that it is in the best interest of any child to be in the care of their
mother, and that Foster Care should be the last resort. The fact that the Local
Authorities have no wishes to EVER return the children to my care and want
them permanently looked after by strange white people who share nothing in
common with them when their mother is alive is proof to me that the Local
Authorities do not love my children and have never had their best interest at
None of my children want to be in long term foster care, none of my children
want to live with strange white people who share nothing in common with them.
All my children want to come back home to their mother and father, the only
source of love and security they have ever known.
All my four older children love my Lord Husband “Nino”, as they call him. He has
taken each one of them, and loved them with a fathers love they have never
received from their biological fathers. To Mr Kambanje, Fadzai is an unwanted
child he regretted violently forcing into my womb. To my Lord Husband, Fadzai
is a blessing who brought me and him together. To Mr Shingai Musuka, Nakai,
Kunashe and Shingai are children he chose to abandon in support of a sex
offender Walter Masocha. He chose Walter Masocha over his own children. To
my Lord Husband, Nakai is the apple of his eye, and the boys are his army. My
Lord Husband is extremely protective of Fadzai, Kunashe, Nakai and Shingai,
how can he not, these are his children, he is their rightful father, not Chipo
Kambanje or Shingai Musuka.

In Regards To Contact
I am not safe to attend contact. My children are not safe to attend contact,
especially my older boys who are beyond disgusted and traumatised by the
behaviours of the contact supervisors. My boys on numerous times overhead
the contact supervisors laughing at me and my Lord husband, calling us African
Born and primitive. I have suffered racial abuse in the hands of contact
supervisors. The only time I can resume contact is in my own home where my
children and I will be safe.
In conclusion, because of the serious inconsistencies in reports from the NHS,
Local Authorities and the Police, I am fully convinced that my black children were
suddenly stolen from me and this should not be tolerated in Great Britain, I will
never stop fighting for my black children, but more importantly, my black

children know who they are and they will never stop fighting to be free and come
back to their mother’s bosom.

Prophetess Mary-Tamar

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