Atehehe’s Response To Durham County Council For The Final Hearing Case Number NE21C50256 At Newcastle Family Court

To my 2 Million readers, below is the Statement of my Lord Husband Atehene in response to the Local Authorities who legally kidnapped our 7 children on 29 November 2021. Our oldest children Nakai, Shingai and Kunashe were kidnapped from Nakai’s flat in Stockton and our youngest children Fadzai, Charo, Chaka and baby Chaniya were kidnapped from our holiday cottage in Seaham.

“In practice, parents do not have the right to put effective arguments to the Court and this should be another matter of great concern. Their solicitors advise them to co-operate, not to contradict unlawful professional statements and that there will be a fair hearing. In other words a Court grants those professionals credit which it does not grant to parents thus cases depend totally on the integrity of professionals. Where it is lacking there cannot be any justice for children and it is surely lacking when procedures are not followed strictly.”


I am not surprised to read the negativity in this welfare findings since I have not trusted the Police, Social Services and the NHS from the time I was unlawfully arrested and detained for no reason according to the body footage video camera and videos of the state of the property which has been exaggerated and altered to fit the narrative of the Police and the Social Workers. The shocking thing is that the Local Authorities are not sorry for destroying my family but rather perpetuate lies to make themselves feel happy knowing that they have the Judge Andrew Loveridge and the Guardian Rachael Laybourn on their side.

I am requesting a fair trial where parents are allowed to respond to the concerns or allegations of Durham Social Services as they clearly lack insight into our family set-up and spirituality, hence write lies and wrong analyses. I am requesting for a new care plan written after an assessment from a spiritual or religious leader preferably Jewish/Hebrew and a Southern African Spiritualist. This care plan must be written by an independent social worker who has insight into Black Spirituality and not racist as Lynne Weatherspoon is not competent. She is racist and should not be our Social Worker.

It is racist and discriminatory for even Local Authority to write that I lack capacity into my mental health. There comes a point where someone must hold the Local Authorities accountable for uttering insults to Black People who have suffered so much in this country because they are trying hard to fit in. Black People in Britain are forced to put away their spirituality, lifestyle, way of dressing because of the white standard which is deemed as normal.

When I was put in Roseberry Park Hospital, Dr Chauhan had to convince me to tell the Judge that, I took medication so that I shall be able to go home, whilst in her report, she had written that because I was taking medication, I must go on Section 3. I was discharged without medication or diagnosis, yet Local Authorities still call me mentally unwell. I do not succumb to any form of racism or abuse from people who think they have power. I need an apology from the Local Authorities for insulting my integrity and wisdom throughout this care proceedings. In a broader perspective, the Local authorities must be assessed if they are mentally fit for the job which demands them to be culturally tolerant and spiritually sensitive. Local Authorities cannot tell a Muslim that because they perform certain rituals or pray to Allah and circumcise their Children, marry 6 wives, they are mentally unwell or unfit to be parents. Then why am I being racially discriminated because I am a black man.

The breach of our Equality Rights is evident in this welfare findings of the Local Authority and for this to be even allowed in court exposes how the true family court system is racist against Black People in the UK.

  1. They continue to minimise their mental health issues and deny that they suffered a psychotic episode in November 2021 [C443; E65].

The Local Authority continues to force us to admit that we suffered a psychotic episode so that they will feel justified for removing our children. Although there is no accurate evidence for a psychotic episode from professionals, this narrative remains part of the reasons why I am deemed “unfit” to be a parent to my beautiful children. One’s spirituality can not be mistaken as Psychosis. It is wrong for Local Authorities to translate our Spirituality as psychosis because they lack insight to our spirituality. My wife Mary Tamar has said over and over that, she awakened the spirit of her dead father, Chief Never Gasho as she was grieving him, and he possessed her. My wife is a daughter of a Sprit Meduim, She has every right to grieve her father using her spirituality. Bira is a common practice from Zimbabwe where the dead spirit speaks through a Monduro or a chosen person.

Spirituality is not psychology.


Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in each context.

Spirituality is a sacred or transcendentor simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness to a divine source.

Christina Puchalski, MD, Director of the George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health, contends that “spirituality is the aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature, and to the significant or sacred.”

According to Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary, researchers and authors of The Spiritual Brain, “spirituality means any experience that is thought to bring the experiencer into contact with the divine (in other words, not just any experience that feels meaningful).”

Nurses Ruth Beckmann Murray and Judith Proctor Zenter write that “the spiritual dimension tries to be in harmony with the universe and nature.

A Psychologist cannot understand Spirituality, but a Spiritualist can read the mind and its functions.

Today, many religions are birthed from Black Hebrew Israelites Spirituality. None of these religions have been deemed as mental illness but we are discriminated because of our practices and faith.

I was told by the Local Authority that calling myself Messiah and my wife calling herself Prophetess is mental illness. We were told to define Kingdom and justify why we call ourselves King and Queen because “apparently” there’s only one royal family accepted in Britain.

I request any of the local Authority Psychologist to interpret this Spiritual passage in the Bible. If no one can interpret it, I demand an apology for being labelled as Mentally unwell because I am a Black spiritualist.

Rev 13.

The dragon[a] stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”

John wrote this message when he was in a spiritual trance just as my wife. If one takes these works literal, he or she would get it all wrong.

Remarks, I do know that today if I am to say this to the Local Authority, they shall label me mentally unwell because they do not understand spiritual words and symbols. The bible remains the symbol of hope for most religions, does one classify these believers as mentally unwell?

  • They deny that their relationship has featured domestic abuse. [C444; E135]

Our relationship has not featured domestic abuse. It is very concerning that the Local authority without evidence continue to push this ‘domestic abuse’ agenda on us. My wife and I love each other, and we are soulmates. Through thick and thin, we have stood for each other. There is no evidence of domestic abuse since we have a lot in common. Chipo Kambanje passed all risk assessment and parenting assessment done by Katie Grammar although he has a police report for physically assaulting the mother of his child. He has been reported for raping my wife where Fadzai was conceived, as he is friends with rapists and convicted paedophiles including Jenatry Chihota from Leicester and Fredreck Moyo from Milton Keynes. Why would Chipo Kambanje pass all risk assessments when there is evidence in police reports, but I am being denied of having my children back in my care when I do not have a single criminal record.  Please provide me with recorded evidence for this domestic abuse you accuse me of.

  • They deny that they neglected the children’s care needs.

 Parents have at no given point neglected our children’s care needs. All our children were registered at the Local GP. Chaka had a dental surgery prior to his illegal removal. All our children were home schooled and private tuition was in place. Their educational needs were met. The children’s physiological needs were met as we used to go to the park with them. We used to exercise with them. We danced almost every day to African and Hebrew music which kept them healthy and happy. We provided children with home cooked meals. We bathed the children once or twice every day. On the Sabbath day, the girls enjoyed purification bath session with their mother. The Girls Charo, Fadzai, Chaniya enjoyed going out to see horses and collect flowers. The Childrens were encouraged to brush their teeth every day.  I used to brush Chaka and Charo’s teeth and monitor Fadzai brush her teeth.

The Spiritual needs of my children were met. My children were taught of the good deeds of the Hebrew men, women and children in the Bible. We used to have Sabbath lessons every Saturday. The children observed the holy feasts of the Hebrew Israelites. This includes the Passover, Feast of tabernacles and more. The children were made to recite what they learnt in the week and give testimony to our God Yahowa.

Emotional Needs: I understand the nature of our blended family, so I paid attention to each child’s emotional needs. This includes how each child responds to affection and how to manage their frustration without having to cause problems or throw tantrums.  I am a friend to all the children as they all call me Nino not Dad to avoid some children feeling left out. My wife Mary-Tamar is very loving and protective over the children and adheres to each child’s needs. She encourages them and impact in them the essence of knowing themselves as Black Children in Britain. The Children are made to play with Black Dolls, Doll house, Chaka loves his scooter ride and playing hide and seek. Chaniya loves to dance.

Psychological needs: The Children are all well brought up in a respectful manner. They are taught of Black Culture and heroes. They are encouraged to love their natural beauty as they wear their own hair.

d. They do not consider that their previous behaviour has caused the children any harm

None of my children were at risk or suffered any harm until the Police attended the property. Chaniya cried and suffered when she was taken off her mothers breast into a foster home. Chaniya was hospitalized and was sick for several months since she was removed from our care. She was at some point hospitalized and I was informed by Katie Grammar. I pleaded for an opportunity for Chaniya to receive breast milk from her mother but I was told by Katie Grammar that it is not possible. Charo has been racially abused in the foster care system and this has been acknowledged by the school authorities. Charo was called Poo and no child wanted to play with her. She said to me that she hates going to school and always must wait to play with Fadzai when school closes. The happiness of Charo having to go back home and play with Fadzai was deemed as no concerns in school by the Local Authority Katie Grammar and Foster Carer Ine Deprez.  Charo was called a liar and a manipulator according to the reports of Katie Grammar. Chainya was bitten in nursery and was rushed to hospital and this plan of taking her to nursery was not communicated to us parents until the incident of the bite.

Chaniya, Fadzai, Chaka and Charo were part of the spiritual experience of my wife prior to the day of arrest. The children enjoyed playing in the living room, we did some family painting together. None of the children was physically harmed, spiritually harmed or psychologically harmed. The incident at the door which was witnessed by Fadzai and Charo was about me stopping my wife from going outside the property naked. It will be extremely unacceptable to say that my children suffered harm when there is no physical evidence to support the Local Authorities claim.

We were told that the reason for the children’s removal was because our dishes were not washed, there were no clean plates, there were no bedding, there were clothes in the living room and spiritual symbols on their faces and walls. There is also a lie from the local authority which says that I said I was going to sacrifice a child and the children were shouting “we shall die”. This is false. We were chanting that we shall not die. I had called the fire service to come, and we waited inside until the authorities arrived. It wouldn’t make sense if we were going to harm our children and call authorities for help. Upon arrival, the children were on their tablets in the living room with no sign of distraught until the police illegally arrested me and arrested my wife.

Katie Grammar worked on Fadzai and Charo to hate me, but my daughters will forever love me. They told Katie Grammar that they wanted to see me although Katie had told me on the phone that both girls did not want to see me.

  • Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh have been unwilling to work constructively with the Local

Authority in addressing the concerns as to their parenting. They are unlikely to engage

openly in any future work with the Local Authority or any safety planning. [C439-


Firstly, there were no reasons for removing my children to start with.  All reasons in reports are made-up lies to fit a narrative that parents are at risk to children.

My wife and I have worked efficiently and effectively with all the professional Local Authorities we have encountered and have been working with the community. My wife worked with Katie Grammar until she was told of the things Katie had said about her to Nakai. When Nakai was in hospital and reached out to Katie Grammar concerning an incident in the hospital which her mother had a beating motivated by racism, Katie Grammar told Nakai that “your mother is a drama queen. She fakes seizures and loves to play the race card”. It was unprofessional for a social worker to say these words to a daughter who was sick and genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of her mother. My wife and her friends wrote to Durham Council for a change of social worker which was refused. My wife ceased effective communication with Katie Grammar as she had to put her sanity and well being first.

I was in touch with Katie Grammar from the day I came out from the Hospital until she called my daughter a Liar for reporting her racial experience to me. What annoyed me most was the fact that both Foster Carer and Social worker accused my daughter as a liar in her face. I know my daughter doesn’t lie but to hear a local authority who wouldn’t listen to my daughter without prejudice was unacceptable. I can not sit and watch my daughter be emotionally and racially abused by the Foster Carer and Katie Grammer.

I told Katie Grammar about the children’s dietary requirements, the songs they love to listen to, what are needed for their personal grooming etc. I cannot work constructively with a local authority who undermines the suffering of my children and calls them of names in their faces.

My wife and I worked efficiently and constructively with Analiesa Young when she intervened in the case. She offered us a 1hr contact session in a flexible environment which was not intimidating like the experience with Katie Grammar. Our horrific experience with the contact supervisors under Katie Grammar was shared in Court. The contact supervisors laughed at our food and passed racial statements like “your parents behave the way they do because they are from Africa”. This was after Fadzai asked them about their behavior. This was said in front of all the children and caused so much upset to our boys Kunashe and Shingai.

Katie Grammar wrote a report for our children to be adopted and long-term foster care because we challenged her wrong doings, racism and incompetence. As a professional working with a responsibility of care to the public, you must remove personal feelings or sentiments when it is about the future of a child. Katie Grammar was very paranoid and would be stalking my wife’s WhatsApp statuses which I found very concerning.  She once called herself a “white female dog” when my wife had not mentioned any name to her posts and was talking about getting a female dog for our dog North. This behavior influenced her wrong judgement on parents hence wrote a report for us to lose our children.


My wife and I worked efficiently and constructively with Analiesa Young when she intervened in the case. She offered us a 1hr contact session in a flexible environment which was not intimidating like the experience with Katie Grammar. Our horrific experience with the contact supervisors under Katie Grammar was shared in Court. The contact supervisors laughed at our food and passed racial statements like “your parents behave the way they do because they are from Africa”. This was after Fadzai asked them about their behavior. This was said in front of all the children and caused so much upset to our boys Kunashe and Shingai.

We requested a change of Social Worker and Analiesa Young intervened. I shall request the court to access the report written by Contact supervisors during the time with Analiesa Young. This will prove how parents work efficiently and constructively with professional Local Authority who are culturally sensitive and tolerant of our spirituality.

Analiesa Young, although had not read the full report, admitted that we are very good parents who are misunderstood by many who do not want to work with us. She mentioned that she was going to do everything in her power to help our children return to us. She told us that the reason she supervised our contact sessions was to see things for herself outside what she has been told. So, she transferred us to Paula and Sally. She also admitted to us that our children who were black and spiritual being put in foster homes of white atheists was wrong and confusing to our children. She spoke of how Chaniya and Chaka were very close to me. And she watched Charo say that she missed her favorite food which is okra.


We had a very productive and effective plan of contact and working relationship with Paula and Sally when we were given to them. Both seemed to be culturally sensitive and more professional with plans of working with parents for the return of our children.

Our children had not been allowed to see their family dog North for over a year, it was Sally who allowed the children to start seeing their dog again, saying it was wrong to ban children from having contact with their pets which are their family. Sally told parents that we could bring animals to contact, hence my wife brought Fadzai’s bird Lola to contact, only to be told by Lynne Weatherspoon that our children are not allowed to have any contact with their pets. Lynne Weatherspoon also told us we are not allowed to buy Charo a horse. This contradicts everything previous social worker Sally had told us.

When I watched the police body worn footage with Paula and Sally, they admitted to being shocked that the Police treated my wife and children in such an inhumane way. We have all their conversations recorded.

From the body worn video footage, these were some of the remarks from Paula and Sally.

“The Police were not supposed to have arrested you (Atehene). The reason for their arrest may be since a lot of things was happening, and they made a mistake.”

In the report, the Police said you (Atehene) assaulted an officer, but it isn’t shown in the video footage, and I don’t know why they did not charge you if that was true.

How the baby (Chaniya) was removed from Mary is very cruel. There was a better way of doing things as it stressed the children.”

Kofi, if you are willing to work with us, we shall write our plan for the children to return to you. Do you best to trust us and get a solicitor who shall represent you in court?

The Boys Shingai and Kunashe were not supposed to be removed from their apartment and we shall put plans in place for them to come home during the weekends and possibly work for them to discharge the care order.

Sally: “It wouldn’t be a problem to plan to have the children come home for the Christmas session as it also marks your Hebrew festivity. I shall discuss it with Paula, but I don’t think it will be a problem. The only problem may be the 4 little ones. It will be upsetting for them if they must return to their foster placements.”

My wife and I had no problems with Paula and Sally until one day we received an email from Paula that, the case is being transferred to an Independent Social Worker who is from South Africa. Although we had doubts, we agreed to work with the new Independent Social Worker named Leslie Gibson.

According to Paula and Sally, the Children were not supposed to be removed from their homes and they accepted that the removal may be due to misunderstanding of our culture with the authorities who attended the property, and they were going to write a report to have our children return. “Hopefully the Guardian will also do same, and you shall reunite with the children” says Paula.

We were told that the new Independent Local Authority asked that she would only take the job if it is the plan of the Local Authority to return children back to parents if there is no evidence of SIGNIFICANT harm.


Leslie Gibson was introduced to us as an independent Social Worker who would be working with us and would be writing the Final Care plan for the children.  

Leslie Gibson from the beginning thought that she was contracted to work as independent without any influence from a team Manager or Durham County Council. This wasn’t the case as time progressed when she was later told that, although she is independent, she shall be doing her findings and report according to the demands of Durham Council.  

She mentioned to us that, this wasn’t the initial agreement with Durham Council but for the sake of our children, she was going to help bring our children. 

Leslie told us to trust her even though we have not trusted anyone during this care proceedings.  Leslie added that she must argue in court what spiritual trance means and challenge the court that since there is no proof of Significant harm to our children, they should be returned. 

Leslie told us to be thankful for Analiesa who could see through the case that our voices have not been heard throughout the case. Leslie added that, things were much easier and better having to work with Paula than the new Team Manager Lynne Weatherspoon. She said, Paula and Analiesa are fighting behind the scenes for the return of our Children.

Leslie mentioned that she had spotted several inconsistencies in the report of Ms Nabieu and would like to question her about her outcomes and recommendation because it sounded like, she was manipulated to write such a report. For instance, Nabieu mentions that Parent have their own spirituality and culture which must be respected and at the same breath, she recommends that Parents need mental health assessment. 

Leslie made us know that she fights several people in authority including Paul Cooke who was convinced by Katie Grammer that we were bad Parents. She added that, Paul Cooke asked her on the phone “Who are you to come into this case which I have already approved the adoption plan?”  

Leslie said, we wouldn’t be able to fight the system because there are other top players in the system who do not want the return of your children and this job would either make her or break her. 

Leslie helped to establish a 3hrs contact session and community contact session which she attended. Due to her desire to help the family, we saw her as a family and welcomed her at our Daughter Charos party. We were very pleased to finally have a social worker who understands our language and tries to understand our Spirituality.  

Because of how indepth her report was going to be, she requested for more time in Court. 

Leslie Gibson and Paul Cooke had told us during a meeting that, our children shall be returning to our care and the plan of Adoption is not going ahead any longer. Both Leslie and Paul Cooke including the other Foster carers and authorities in the meeting discussed the possible return of Kunashe and Shingai to their sister Nakai. 

They added that, the plan of Shingai and Kunashes return would be brought before the next court date and plans would be activated.  

Paul Cooke and Leslie added that it will be left with the Guardian to write their recommendation, but they must be willing to prove beyond doubt that the children suffered SIGNIFICANT harm before they were taken. They both said, the Guardian wouldn’t be able to do that so it means it is highly possible that the children shall be returning in May. 

We thanked them and Leslie came to say to us that, it was good we attended the meeting in person so that Paul would see us face to face to make his own judgement outside of the influence of the Local Authorities. 

At the next Court Hearing, The Case of Kunashe and Shingai returning home, was not brought up. After the Court, I asked Jack Cotrell, and he told me that Leslie Grammer misinformed us. It is never the plan of Local Authorities to return Kunashe and Shingai to their sister. 

We felt very betrayed by the Local Authorities and the Independent Reviewing Officer.  I did know that, the Team Managers and other had opposed this plan agreed during the meeting with Paul Cooke. 

Leslie Gibson elected Scot to be doing some parental work with us. Scot was coming once every week and he was welcomed into our home. 

I am requesting the court to review the Report of Scot. 

According to Scot, what he has seen with us and our children, he told us he believes we are good parents, and our children were not supposed to be taken. 

We had worked with Scot until he went for holidays. 

During the time he was gone, Leslie Gibson suddenly went silent. We had emailed her for updates but no response. We thought maybe she was busy with the final report just to be told during a Pre-Hearing meeting that, Leslie Gibson was now dismissed as Lynne Weatherspoon found her incompetent so was no more working on our case. 

This message was communicated to us by Jack Cotrell, and it came as a shock to us. Our only hope to get our voice heard is no more. Shingai and Kunashe were no more coming home to Nakai. 

This meant to us to go on our social media to share our experiences. We have written to several MPs and NGOs as we felt helpless. 

One day during contact session, we attended with Lady Safi who had come to support the family from the USA, we were told that wasn’t allowed and contact session was cancelled. 

When we had come home with Kunashe and Shingai, then we were told that someone called Elly Mitchell had replaced Leslie Gibson.  

The boys were removed by Police officers when I had called the Local authority to confirm that, the Team Manager Lynne Weatherspoon is the one who had instructed a woman named Elly Mitchell to come for my children. 

The LA Emergency service did not get back to me so we were worried about what was to happen to our children Shingai and Kunashe. Later I was told by the LA Emergency service that, it could be under the instructions of the Team Manager Lynne Weatherspoon who called the police for the boys to be arrested. 

I would have expected Lynne Weatherspoon to send us an Email or call us that she has authorised an unknown woman called Elly Mitchell to come and do safety checks or whatsoever but that was not communicated to us. 

We have demanded for a change of Team Manager as we wish to progress contact. We have sent a letter to the Durham Council Complaint team but we get ignored.

We have requested for racist Team Manager Lynne Weatherspoon to be dismissed from our case.

Few weeks ago, I had a call from another man called Laurence Garside who told me that he’s been instructed by Lynne Weatherspoon to come and complete the Care plan which was being done by Leslie. This was very shocking to me that, he wanted to write a full plan about us without having to know who we are but rather carries a preconceived agenda of writing a false narrative.  Laurence spent less than 1hr with us on the phone and went to write a detailed Care plan. He was very angry during the phone conversation, and we knew he was going to write lies to punish us, which he did. Although Laurence Garside was very racist and even asking me if I have a “threesome” with my wives, I tolerated him on the call until he had finished. I still wonder today, why a Team Managers will ask me if I have “Threesomes” with my wives. 

Why would the court allow a care plan writer who asked me that “Do I have “threesome” with my wife Mary-Tamar and Lady Safi. This behaviour made my wife question him if he is a Paedophile. It is totally nasty and unprofessional for a Local Authority to enquire about how Parents have sex in the privacy of their bedroom. How does our sex life influence our responsibility as loving parents to our children.

All Laurence Garside cared to know was whether I have “threesomes” with my wives

He also called me racist and that I promote white violence. This is wrong because he lacks the discernment to understand what I preach about. I am a Spiritualist, and my words come straight from the biblical prophecies about the destruction of EDOM.  

Laurence told us he was going to call us the next week so he can begin his report but chose not to call. I would like to ask him why?

Few days after, he called me that he wants our children adopted and the rest in long term foster care. He emailed me and I was shocked. 

Today, this is the care plan that the Guardian and Independent Reviewing Officer support and it is indeed concerning. 

Laurence Garside is racist, and I do not agree to his report. For fairness, I demand another social worker (Independent) and a Spiritualist to assess us. Based on their findings, a care plan can be deduced from it. 

From the above, it is clear that each social worker or Team Manager have different perspectives about parents. It is not progressive or consistent. The Court would be biased to accept the report of Lynne Weatherspoon who Leslie has described as someone who is difficult to work with regarding our children and we have had a nasty experience with her. 

And from the above, which Authority haven’t we worked with “Constructively”. 

  • Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh manipulate information to suit their own purposes and present a distorted narrative of proceedings. This indicates both a lack of understanding regarding the Local Authority’s concerns and an inability to work openly with services to address these issues [C442].

The Local Authorities have failed to be culturally, spiritually sensitive to our concerns but rather push the white standard of normality on us. Although we are all humans, that doesn’t mean that the White Civilisation is supposed to be upheld as supreme. For example, a Zulu Princess travelled to the UK and had  Children. Before she travelled, her father told her that, the UK tolerates people of different cultures and believes so far as it doesn’t cause harm to one’s self or to others. The Father gave her his blessings

This Princess in the UK decided to celebrate her Reed-giving ceremony. This ceremony is always led by Zulu princesses, the young women make a sea of colour in intricately beaded outfits as they each collect a cut reed. Zulu men also participate in this part of the ceremony, singing and mock fighting. During this ceremony, the Girls walk in the streets topless and chant.

Should Social Services be called after concerns about her “mental wellbeing”, should her children be put for adoption and long term Foster care?  The answer is no.

It is the Princess culture and beliefs.  The same as the White British Culture of Halloween and other barbaric rituals. It is racist and discriminatory to take her children because Local Authorities do not understand her culture or even her language. 

A Chinese father living in Britain decides to teach his boy child Kunfu. During the training, the boy is made to stand on hot clay pots. This action could be deemed in the eyes of White Social Workers as abuse but in the Culture of the Chinese, they classify that as their custom or practice.

Local Authorities cannot use one ruler to measure us and how we worship or raise our Children. We are a spiritual Black Family with our culture which promotes self confidence and awareness as a Black Child. Chaka and Chaniya know their parents and they are in tune with their spirituality as they were raised with it. Local Authority cannot push for adoption when Chaka and Chaniya always wake up each day waiting for the time to return to Nino and Mum. Chaka and Chaniya have a strong sense of their identity and would never settle in any placement as evidence today. According to the Foster carer, Chaka and Chaniya wake up in the night calling for Mum and Nino. How do you put our Children for adoption?

 This is cruelty and should not be allowed in anyway in Great Britain.

Local Authority are Manipulative and presents a white perspective to our situation or family structure which is wrong.

  • Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh’s continued social media posts (publicly naming social workers, accusing them of being paedophiles, alcoholics etc.) make it extremely challenging for professionals to maintain a working relationship with them and indicate an inability to put the children’s needs above their own feelings towards the Local Authority [C442].

My wife and I live for our Children. We have sacrificed everything in our power to reunite with our Children. We have spoken online for our voices to be heard. We are currently not allowed to even enter the gates of the Court for our voices to be heard. We have gone to the Police. We have protested even on a busy bridge. We have been speaking about the case although we have been threatened with “Contempt”. We have been arrested and detained in Hospital because we wanted the attention of your King Charles. We have screamed for fairness and for the return of our Children. If this is not what the Local Authorities sees regarding our social media posts, then it is very concerning.  At what point did we go on social media? After our Community contact was cancelled by Lynne, after Leslie Gibson (Saviour) was removed from the case, after Kunashe and Shingai were stopped from coming home etc.

The return of our Children is above our existence, and we would only work with culturally and Spiritually sensitive professionals from Durham Council. 

  • Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh do not have an effective support network in the United Kingdom to help safeguard the children [C312]. 

We have lot of loved ones, Black Royalties, Friends and a community of followers who are part of our support network.  Lady Safi travelled from the USA to join our established Kingdom. We have several Black Celebrities who we do events with. We have other Black Influential people like past Mayor and deputy major of Luton in our support network. They are present at our events and also visits us. We are not isolated in this world, but we have a community of people in the Kingdom of KUBALA.  Local Authority even gets friends and loved ones who wants to apply for Guardianship, and we had to warn the local authorities not to disclose information to anyone we have not approved.  This includes a Princess from Zimbabwe known as Princess Eugene who contacted Elly Mitchell regarding Guardianship. I have several God Mothers figures who are part of my UK support network. Leslie Gibson even spoke to Jonathan Fagan who was present at our Children’s party. We command over 1560 Black British people who are part of our Kingdom. Should local authorities want me to bring my support network to their offices, the building shall shut down. I would say to the LA, assumptions are not Revelations. That message is a Katie Grammer’s assumption and you must move on from this lie.

Mental Health

  • The cause of Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh’s psychotic episodes in November 2021 is unclear [E67; E96]. 

If the cause of the allegations that my wife and I suffered a Psychotic episode is unclear, why does it keep coming up? We have explained to the Local Authority over and over that my wife experienced a spiritual trance. I was arrested unlawfully, and the plan of my arrest was not an afterthought. The Police unlawfully arrested me and manufactured fake reasons including Biting an officer’s ear etc. I wasn’t charged for assaulting an officer so why was I arrested? Child neglect because dishes were not washed. Come on… There was no communication of the reason of my arrest in any of the police body worn camera and that is illegal. Not to even include the Doctor who said he didn’t want his name to be in my record and the two police officers who told me that they will be paid £3M for arresting me. This was to be in the threshold of facts finding not Facebook posts. Unless the Local Authorities are trying to protect the Police for their unlawful action. For fairness, I request that we go back to the evidence of my arrest. If it was legal or illegal.

Local Authority must stop making a joke of “mental illness”, because lack of someone’s spirituality isn’t mental health problem.

  • Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh do not accept that they suffered a psychotic episode in November 2021. As a result, they have not effectively engaged with support to address their mental health.  Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh would be unlikely to seek support in future if their mental health deteriorated again [E69; E115]

I was discharged from Roseberry Park hospital without medication or diagnosis, and I was not recommended to see any Crises Team or community team. Local Authority asking me to engage with who? I do remember every activity from the very beginning of the Police attendance, the cells which includes the people I encountered. The description of everyone and every element. The Food “one meal”. The name of the shields of the Special Forces Police “Armagido”. How many policemen came to my house and their faces. I remember my experience in the Hospital Detention and in the Hands of Dr Chauhan who almost manipulated me to lie in court that I took medication etc. I remember all my conversations with Katie Grammer, the Contact Supervisors, the Court activities yet Local Authorities want to label me as Mentally unwell. It is actually pathetic that the LA lacks a reason of wrongfully removing my children and they are now making things up to suit their narration.

My Wife Mary-Tamar did not suffer from any psychotic episode. She was in a spiritual trance and the spirit possessed her. Although she was possessed, she took care of the children’s needs which we have already provided proof to court. None of our children were harmed during the period of her trance. After the trance was over, she resumed back to herself and continued to be the love of my life.

  • If Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh suffered a relapse in their mental health, there is a risk that the children would be exposed to further erratic behaviour, violent behaviour, neglect of their care needs, poor routines and boundaries, and unstable living arrangements [E66-9].

First we have not suffered any mental health illness. Our children have always been saved and have not experienced erratic behaviour.  What Local Authority call Erratic,  our children see it as an art of expression. There is no evidence of any child experiencing a violent behaviour.  This was cooked up by Katie Grammer. We have never neglected the children’s care needs.

Does Local Authority take the children of Gypsys or Travellers because their Lifestyle is travelling?  Through out our journey to the North, none of our children have been deprived of health care, educational needs, psychological needs or emotional needs.

Parental Relationship

  • Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh’s relationship has continued to feature instability, domestic abuse and controlling behaviour, in that:
  1. In c. December 2021 – January 2022, Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh separated and were no longer living together. [C310; E20]

My wife and I have never been separated. I did know that Katie Grammer was happy when we made her believe that we were not together, but we were together. Social media posts are not a reality to people’s lives. Mary and I were in Avison Street all that time, but I was attending contact with only Nakai. Even the day someone from court was tracing my wife to give her a letter, we were together in Newcastle Avison Street until I had to come to Stockton on tees. She joined me I’m Stockton after that incident with those people.

During that time, we attended SDA Church together which we shared on social media. I directed all her Facebook video contents and pictures which I shall attach to this email as proof. This is why I keep telling Durham Social Workers that you cannot judge our parenting with our social media contents. The Local Authority must understand that my wife is a social media personality which she’s been awarded for. She’s been a blogger for decades.  She creates content for reaction.

In conclusion, Nakai and Mary-Tamar were with me either in Gateshead or Newcastle during that time which many thought we had broken up.

Please find attachment and check the dates.

I was discharged from hospital 23rd December 2021 and since then, my wife and I have been together so it’s untrue that we were separated and I had hammer etc. The day Mary posted that video we had shot together, I was even in Gateshead, and she asked me before posting. We are actors, and we have numerous videos online of our acting. How can Local Authorities take their evidence from Social Media skits?

Mary Tamar told the Police about my brothers calling her a witch because at that time, I had plans to bring my younger brother to the UK. My younger brother had accused her of witchcraft, and she told the police about my plan of bringing my brother who’s accused her of witchcraft, because had I brought my brother to the UK my wife would feel at risk, for this reason I have kept my brothers away from my wife because of how much I love her.

  • Whilst the parents were separated, Ms Gasho alleged to police officers that Mr Offeh had threatened her and Nakai with a hammer and that he was accusing her of being a witch.

This information is untrue. In the Video Nakai and I were taking, and Mary was filming. There was no involvement of Hammer in my hand and Mary has never told Police Officers that I threatened her and Nakai with hammer.

  • Mr Offeh’s position in the household is such that his behaviours go unchallenged by Ms Gasho

I am the Head of my household and I govern my household with my wives as we build our kingdom together. I respect my wives and treat them with utmost love. I believe in the power of the feminine Energy and how it helps a man. I protect my wives and give them the love and support they need to thrive. This is evident from all our appearance in every space. We work together and share ideas. Being a King of the household doesn’t mean your decision goes unchallenged.  This is one of the wrong perceptions about who I am and my family set up. Local Authority cannot look from outside and assume what they have no idea about.

Mary-Tamar’s book “Letters to my Seven Children” is a project I have been working along with her.

Lady Safi is launching her product line and Esty shop which I am handling all the branding and product launch. The Local Authority wants to paint me as a tyrant or a control freak, yet all my children adore me and my wives love me. How is that possible knowing that Children do not gravitate towards evil controlling parents.

I was even accused by the Local Authority that I have said that I will marry my daughter when she turns 18. She’s 19 now, and a virgin. Have I married her? The plan of the local authority trying to destroy me is pathetic. 

  1. Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh have not engaged in any preventative work in respect of domestic abuse. As such, the children would continue to be at risk of exposure to domestic abuse if they were returned to the parents’ care.

The Local Authority should not force us to admit to what is untrue. The Local Authority is trying so hard to say there was domestic abuse in our relationship without proof. My Kambanje although has a domestic abuse police record, was deemed fit as a parent who could live with Fadzai. For me, although it’s an assumption, I am unfit to be a father. The bias in this case is very concerning. 

Nakai, Shingai and Kunashe are teenagers and if I was involved in domestic violence to their mother, would you think they would choose me to be their biological father? This is common sense that teenagers will dislike a stepfather who abuses their mother. In this case, my stepchildren love me to the max and I know this is what hurts Laurence Garside according to his interview with Shingai and Kunashe.  Both my boys said to me, “ It seems like Laurence Garside hates you with passion. He just doesn’t like you.”

Obviously his personal sentiments about us are reflected in his care plan. He should separate the job from his personal sentiments because he adheres to a performance bond and expectation.

I help nakai with college work.

  1. Mr Offeh has recently taken a second wife, known as ‘Lady Safi’. Lady Safi has not been subject to any risk assessment and Mr Offeh has disclosed only limited information regarding her [C445]. The strain her presence will place on the parental relationship and the long-term viability of the parents being in a polygamous relationship is untested.

The Local Authority are refusing the benefits of having a second wife and its positive impact in this case. The Local Authority claims we don’t have a support network and also acknowledges Lady Safi as a risk or threat to my household. Since the Local Authorities bases their findings from social media, does Lady Safi look like one who can kill a fly?

The Local Authority has failed my mother, Nakai and also sees Lady Safi as a threat and want to test her impact in our household when none of the Authorities have lived in a polygamous relationship.  This is not the culture of White people. Muslims, Hebrews Israelites and Africans understand the significance or the importance of a Polygamous marriage aside the positive Spiritual impact. 


  1. Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh have failed to prioritise the children’s needs in respect of family time. Their attendance has been inconsistent and at times they have exposed the children to inappropriate conversations and conflict which is likely to have caused the children emotional harm

We have attended all contact sessions with our children. Contact in the Community was as a result of our progressive contact with Children. This was acknowledged in Court by Judge Loveridge during a court session where he praised us for the contact we were having with our children in the community.  Analiesa Young, Paula and Leslie Gibson did well to set up an enabling and comfortable environment to enhance contact.

We paused attending Contact with Katie Grammer and her racist supervisors which in the end, we were right for her change especially concerning her calling my children Lairs even though they were telling her the truth.

After she was changed, we resumed contact with Analiesa Young without a second thought.

We are currently looking to have a face-to-face meeting not Zoom call with Lynne Weatherspoon. She has currently labelled us as somehow “crazy” parents who cannot have a meaningful face to face meeting and quoting what had happened during contact sessions with Lady Safi. We have also requested a change of Team Manager in order to be able to have meaningful contact sessions with our children.  Lynne Weatherspoon wrote to us that our culture should not come in the way of us parenting our children, how can one separate our culture from our parenting. Our culture is who we are. We refuse this blatant racism from Lynne Weatherspoon.

It is toxic to resume contact currently under the influence of someone who does not want to encourage a meaningful and progressive family time. Lynne Weatherspoon wants to literally put us in chains and even mentions that we cannot escort our children to their taxis because apparently we are causing them emotional harm when it is rather the other way round. The removal of children who are loved by parents and they love parents is the cause of emotional trauma for every child on earth. Chaka was promised by his Foster carer that he will be going home in May now he’s told no, you are going to be sold for adoption.  How cruel can the local authority be? Chaka survives on the love of Charo. Charo survives on the shoulders of Chaka. All the Children rests on each other. You cannot separate my children because their siblings are all they have known since birth. Considering the trauma for this to happen to my children when there isn’t any evidence showing that they suffered SIGNIFICANT harm, is cruelty and the plan of Adoption must not go ahead by the Court. Until the Local Authority is willing to prove with physical evidence that the children suffered SIGNIFICANT harm prior to their removal, this plan of Adoption must not go ahead.

  1. During supervised contact on 3 May 2022, Ms Gasho shared with the children a news story she had seen on social media about a foster carer who had murdered a child in their care. When a family time worker advised her to stop, she accused them of trying to prevent the children from learning the ‘truth’. Fadzai told her foster carer that evening that she was scared by what her mother had told her [C60-1]

Warning our Children of the dangers in foster care system according to news we have gathered and some witnesses we have met cannot be deemed as “Emotional Abuse” by Local Authority.  It is not a sin to tell a daughter to be careful of strangers who calls you and want to see your pants. According a white lady we recently interviewed, Courtney was put in Foster care system at the age of 7years and got raped by her Foster Carer 15 times. Her Social worker like Katie Grammer accused her of lying and today, she’s not received the justice she deserves. This is a Foster Carer for Durham Council.

Video link:

There is a saying that, better a warning than saying sorry afterwards.  A loving mother after reading how a Foster carer murdered a baby, had to warn her children. What the local authority must be concerned about is how come a Foster Carer who passed all their risk assessment killed a baby instead of what my wife had said to the Children.

Here is a link to the story:

b.            Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh have at times been verbally abusive to contact supervisors, referred to the children as being “in captivity” in the presence of the children, discussed care planning in front of the children, and encouraged the children to pray for punishment against those who have wronged the family [C317; C406-7]

According to our faith and Spirituality, our children are currently in captivity under oppressive hardship like the time of the Israelites in Egypt. Putting Children forcefully in the care of a White person is captivity.  The Children anticipate for the day they shall return to their borders.  That has been the prayer of all the Children any time we are to meet them. According to our faith, we encourage our Children to believe and manifest words into existence.  We encourage them that, they are coming home and anyone who do not share this common desire with our family is deemed as an enemy According to our faith and Spirituality. Every child deserves to be with his or her mother when there is no cause SIGNIFICANT harm to the child prior to their removal.  This is not emotional harm according to our beliefs and Spirituality but rather faith and manifestation.

The Contact Supervisors are not Gods but humans. Local Authority cannot say that parents told Contact Supervisors the cruelty we have been suffering so we are not fit to be parents. It is like a slave owner who keeps a black slave oppressed for so long under his roof. The slave has been tortured by the slave master and even the children of the Slave have been fed to alligator. One day, the slave says enough is Enough, he speaks up to the slave master then he’s told that,” how dare you speak to your master like that, you are not going to have food tonight for shouting at your master”.

What does the Local Authority expect from parents who have had their children wrongfully taken? Speaking to Contact Supervisors is the least to expect. Obviously, local authorities cannot do this to a Muslim in Britain. The Muslims would not take that lightly at all.

We have made known to Lynne Weatherspoon that we want to have face to-face meeting which is within our right to address her concerns before Contact resumes. We have also applied for a change of Team Manager as the experience with her has been the worse and she is very horrible to the family.

Kunashe and Shingai hate Elly Mitchell. They said she does not even listen to them.

Video link of Kunashe and Shingai:

Nakai Tamara speaks:

Undermining the children’s placements and relationships with professionals

Parents encourage our children to be respectful to those who want their best interest at heart. All our Children especially Fadzai loved the presence of Leslie Gibson and mentioned that, she would rather stay with her. Fadzai does not want to live with her foster carer for a reason. She does not like her foster carer or placement.  Fadzai told Leslie to be on the call whenever she has to be forced to speak to Mr Kambanje.  Fadzai did not ask for her Foster carer to be on the call but rather Leslie Gibson.  Fadzai is traumatized by the introduction of Mr Kambamje in her life, she knows he hurt her mother and is not a good man. Fadzai told Nakai that she is forced to speak to him, but as long as he doesn’t come anywhere near her, she will manage.

Charo does not like to live with her foster carer. She always says “Mum I used to cry myself all the time without Fadzai being there because I don’t like being in the foster home”. Charo has developed a fear of eating now because she’s been warned by her Foster Carer.  Charo on her birthday had cold sours all around her mouth. This is as a result of stress. Charo’s hair is currently destroyed by Foster carer and her skin is always dry because Foster carer does not care about her needs as a black girl.  Charo and Fadzai have shared  disturbing situations with their sister Nakai who confronted the foster carer about the sisters concerns and she was blocked on WhatsApp.

Charo has been described by the Local Authority as manipulative and always seeking attention while Fadzai is not loved by us parents. Both girls are made to fight each other which we were told recently. According to Katie Grammer’s report, Charo is more favored and loved by parents and Fadzai does not want to come back home yet this is untrue. Fadzai even composed a song which said, the world is very cruel, and she just wants to be back home to her parents. She sang this song after the party in Blackwell Grange Hotel. Since the objective of Local Authorities has always been to divide our family, they have created several manipulative plans to confuse our children, but the children still love each other and love their parents.

We cannot keep demanding welfare check just to be told lies by the Police. The Local Authority controls the police officers anyway. Who do we go to if the head of the police after a welfare check is done is the same body who are oppressing our children?

  • On 24th December 2021, Shingai and Kunashe left their Foster Placement to their sister Nakai’s flat. Shingai and Kunashe were seen in Flat 1 26A Yarm Lane. Parents were not involved in their plan of leaving their foster home. Both Shingai and Kunashe have a better insight to this case as they have spoken to even their teachers about it. They know that legally  they were not supposed to be removed from their home and placed  into foster homes.

It is untrue to say that we behaved inappropriately towards Shingai and Kunashe. This is what I mean by manipulative narration.  In all videos, it is clearly seen that parents protects the boys from the Police Officers. We risk everything to ensure that our children are safe including even visiting the Police Station where they were taken recently. Kunashe and Shingai are teenagers who are worried sick of the plans of the Local Authority against their siblings and they are interested in the care proceedings which they know their lives and happiness depend on it.

The Local Authority cannot say that we convinced Kunashe and Shingai about Mr Shingai Musuka having their address. We were told by the boys that; Local Authority Social Worker has given an address for Mr Musuka to send them gifts. This was not communicated by Katie Grammer to us but to Shingai and Kunashe. They felt unsafe and had to leave the foster home. It is a lie to say that parents convinced Shingai and Kunashe without any proof of such allegation.

14 b. Laurence Garside has shared assessment of Parents with Shingai and Kunashe. He mentioned that their parents are racists and should not be allowed to parent a child in the UK. He laughed that “your father believes in vampires and that there’s £3M bounty on his head”. The boys replied him that, it’s okay to believe in whatever you want to believe in and that doesn’t mean “mental illness”.  Sharing of sensitive information of parents with Children is emotional abuse.

Foster carer told Charo and Fadzai that their mother is a LIAR. Charo cried and told her that “my mother is not a liar”. This is the definition of emotional abuse. Local Authority Katie Grammer and Foster carer called me “barking mad” to Nakai and to Charo and Fadzai. Katie Grammer was preparing Nakai to take over my business because she gave her a narration that,  I’m suffering from mental illness and not coming from hospital anytime. This is emotional abuse.

c. My wife has never convinced Shingai and Kunashe to write letters about Katie Grammer. Nakai read about Katie Grammer calling his brothers Liars about the abuse of Mr Musuka. Shingai and Kunashe did not want to trust or work with Katie Grammer again. We demand proof from local Authority about this allegation. Failure to provide proof confirms the lies and false agenda to take our children from us. 

Harmful Views of Parents

15.          Ms Gasho and Mr Offeh hold distorted and extremely negative views about professionals and British society in general. If the children are returned to their care, it is likely they expose the children to these views which is likely to incite hatred in the children by promoting racist concepts [C442], lead the children to fear seeking out support from professionals [C442], lead the children to be afraid to challenge parents’ views [C442], and cause confusion for the children.       

Parents spirituality and Facebook posts has no impact to our parenting skills or abilities. Our views about the future of Great Britain and all other races have no direct impact on our children. All our children relate well with professionals and people of other races. If this narrative of the Local Authority is true, then by now Shingai, Kunashe, Nakai and all younger children would not work with any professionals or have friends of other races. We don’t preach hatred among our people. Hate speeches are even prohibited on all social media platforms so this allegation is untrue. Lack of Spiritual understanding of our messages could be perceived as “Hate speech” this is why you do not take our posts literally. Every statement needs spiritual insight and decoding. For example, my wife was arrested for tourism or treason against your King Charles. She was released from jail because Buckingham Palace translated her message literally. When a Prophetess says “The Coronation of Charles shall not go ahead until Chaka is returned and that Charles wants to sacrifice Chaka”

This may not mean a physical cutting of Chakas head but for a mother to give birth to a child and loses the child to the system is a sacrifice of the child. The system is under the crown and the crown is Charles. This is the reason why we demand a spiritual assessment by a Jewish or Hebrew Leader to advice the court of any misinterpretation before a judgement can be passed.  Failure to do this means it shall be biased and unfair to understand parents’ culture and Spirituality and how it impacts our parenting.

By the way, are Satanists or Free Masons not allowed to be parents? Like Free masons at level 3 sleeps in Coffin. Are parents at risk to any of their children?

Nakai is 19 years, if we had taught her to hate other races, she wouldn’t have friends from all backgrounds. Nakai is very popular at College and recently all her friends took her out to celebrate her 19th birthday. So how does the Local Authority justify their allegations that our children are taught to hate everyone?

Kunashe and Shingai have friends of all backgrounds.  It is absurd for the Local Authorities who are the ones with the power to be racist towards us and take our children to punish us for our beliefs and culture, to accuse us of racism.

To be racist is to have power, if we were racist, we would have the power to not have our children taken from us, racists do not lose their children. It has never happened in history. Racists do not suffer. How does an all White cast of Local Authorities, A white Guardian, A white judge, white barristers, white solicitors, a white Independent Reviewing Officer, a white support worker, white contact supervisors all claim to be racist victims of two black parents they have taken 6 children from?

How are we now racists to you all? When you have the power to do whatever you want with our children?

How are we racists to you white people, when Jonathan Fagan is white and his family was the only family present at Charos party?

Health needs

The health needs of our Children are very important to parents. I took Nakai for all her appointments in Stockton. I did not miss a single appointment. I encouraged Nakai to take her medication.

I took Chaka to all his GP appointments including his Dental surgery. 

At present, Kunashe wants a Dental appointment and I have been calling around to book him. I have called Hartlepool where he was due an appointment. The Local Authorities continue to ignore the health needs of Kunashe who is due an urgent dental appointment.

Regarding the Children’s tuberculosis text and treatment, we made it clear in court that we are not against texting and treatment, but we would prefer it to be done when the children are back into our care in few months as we projected.

Kunashe and Shingai were given medication and they took them. If we were against it, they would not have taken their medication including Nakai.

We gave our reasons in court and that could be revised by the court.

c. Kunashe and Shingai would have seen the doctor and taken their medication if they were in our care. Nakai was in our care and still saw the doctor and took medication. I took Fadzai for all her GP appointments which her medical record proves.

D. All the family are/were registered to the local GP. My wife and I went to all appointments. Our children went to the GP in Stockton. The health needs our family is important to us. In addition to the GP, we practice holistic healthy living plan with our children. Like drinking water each morning to flash their system. Taking honey and lemon for cough symptoms etc.

Physical chastisement

There is no evidence that parents use physical chastisement on children. None of the children have marks on their skin. There are several ways of promoting a child like taking off their tablet. Chaka didn’t like to sleep in the day so when he’s naughty, he’s told he may go to bed.


Our Children are brought up by very loving parents. We take care of all their needs, and they have never lacked affection. Chaka and Chaniya have a strong sense of identity and know who their parents are. There is no evidence of SIGNIFICANT HARM towards the children prior to their removal and we want them returned home were they belong not sold off to white strangers to be raised as black accessories when they have parents they love and who loves them.

The Authorities who are supporting the plans of the Local Authority must be ready to prove with factual evidence not assumptions of the existence of SIGNIFICANT HARM to children prior to their removal. Failure to proof beyond a doubt that Shingai, Kunashe, Fadzai, Chaka, Charo, Chaniya suffered SIGNIFICANT HARM at home to justify their removal mean, I demand £5000 for each day my children have been in foster care system according to The Children Act 1989 threshold that justifies their plans.

The Adoption and Children Act 2002

When judging what constitutes Significant Harm it is necessary to consider: The family context, including the family’s strengths and supports. The child’s development within the context of the family and within the context of the wider social and cultural environment, spiritual background. How can you plan to sell of Chaniya and Chaka for adoption when Nakai is there. When Lady Safi is there and most importantly when both their parents are capable of loving them and naturing who they are. The evil act of barbarism must be stopped.

Under Section 31(10) of the Children Act 1989


The persistent failure to meet a child’s basic physical and/or psychological needs,

likely to result in the serious impairment of the child’s health or development.

Provide adequate food, clothing and shelter (including exclusion from home or


Protect a child from physical and emotional harm or danger.

Ensure adequate supervision (including the use of inadequate caregivers); or

Ensure access to appropriate medical care or treatment.

It may also include neglect of, or unresponsiveness to, a child’s basic emotional


All these must be proven with factual evidence not assumptions or speculations or

social media posts by the Local Authority, the Guardian and the Independent

Reviewing Officer.

The Local Authority

The Local Authority holds a duty to have an open-minded investigation into what they find and REPORT ACCORDINGLY AS TO FACTS not assumptions or with a pre-conceived mindset about parents. Laurence Garside who wrote the final care plan came into this case with a preconceived narrative about parents. He was very judgmental, and his fist statement was “I would like to know if you have changed since Katie Grammar wrote her report to possibly influence my final plan. He added that, If I am unable to engage on the phone, he is going to write about what he thinks anyway… His report is not based on an open-minded investigation and not facts but assumptions into the world he doesn’t even know. He is not qualified to write a final care plan when he lacks the ability to tolerate Black Spirituality and appreciate other people’s culture. I still find it offensive to be asked if I have threesome with my wives.

I am offended by Laurence Garside asking me if I have “threesomes” with my two wives

The Local authority must be OPEN AND HONEST and disclose factual evidence for children removal.

At present, the report fails to capture the lies given by the police for the arrest of us and why they removed our children backed by the Children Acts.

The Fact findings failed to address the inconsistencies in all reports from the fire services, the police officers, the lies about no food in the house, no bedding etc.

Removal of children from loving parents without facts but Facebook posts leads to serious harm of children and adults involved and cannot be ordered or recommended based on just ‘concerns’, allegations or suspicions. The validity of all those must be investigated without prejudice and facts must be established first.

It is not the duty of any social worker Katie Grammar to decide with Police colleagues whether Parents have the capacity to exercise their Section 21 right or not. A full investigation should have occurred before taking our rights away from us. Actions affecting Civil Liberties should never be forced on us by social workers. S20 Voluntary care agreements, Police involvement and other emergency procedures are not to be used inappropriately prior to ‘in-depth’ investigations as a way of ‘protecting’ children from the natural home. The total integrity of all Professionals involved in this case is questionable to say the least. In practice, parents do not have the right to take effective arguments to court and this should be a matter of concern. We are denied full access to the most vital evidence of these proceedings; Police Body worn video footage. Parents are silenced not to contradict or challenge unlawful professional statements or behavior and that there will be a ‘fair’ hearing. We are threatened with contempt of court and losing our children because we challenge the unprofessional statements by Katie Grammar and Laurence Garside. We know that Judge Loveridge acts according to protocol which directs the court to always accept and accede to the ‘professionals’ opinions of case professionals such as the Guardian decision. In this case, the professional’s integrity and work are questionable and this raises concerns about the plan to which they have agreed from Laurence Garside. The Guardian extracts his or her findings from the Local authority’s report, which he or she takes to be true without having to speak to parents. We were told by the guardian that she was going to meet us to better understand our spirituality and culture, but she never turned up. There isn’t justice and fairness if Court only grants those ‘professionals’ credit and does not want to hear the side of parents. We are currently deprived of access to evidence and even updates from court proceedings.

I request a fair trial and an independent investigation into this case proceedings and for the sake of public interest into this case, this report is a public document.


4 thoughts on “Atehehe’s Response To Durham County Council For The Final Hearing Case Number NE21C50256 At Newcastle Family Court

  1. Oh Jean. What a well written argument your husband has put forward. You leave no stone unturned. You are both warriors, fighting for your 7 children with great dignity and courage.
    I don’t know what will happen next, but I know that a mother’s love is far greater than any British law depriving her of her children. GOOD LUCK TO YOU and your husband and Lady Safi.
    I wonder if you feel confident about the outcome? I feel very confident that you will get justice but in case you do not, do you have a “plan B?” My thoughts are random. I think I would kidnap my children and take them where they will be safe from the interference of the Social Services.
    Anyway I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and wait anxiously for an update.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dearest sister Yankee, my faith in my God remains steadfast, because I know I love my children dearly, and they love me dearly, wherever they are they cry for me daily.

      I’m confident too about the outcome, even though it looks like all odds are against us. My Lord Husband remains my comfort and strength, we are stronger than ever.

      Thank you sis. God bless you for your prayers and support X


  2. Appeal to your right to practice religion. Therein is your strength. Your demonstration in religious fervor was a rare event calling remembrance to the weight of your mourning. Focus on these, the Law, not their motivations. This site, too, is but an allegorical expression of your care for your children in accordance with your religious right, which is your public expression, not an attempt to evangelize or compel belief on your free children. These address the matter at hand. -The Lord Jesus Christ


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