William Shamba, Pedophile Walter Masocha’s Son In-Law Claims His Juju Got My Children To Be Stolen By Durham County Council

So ever since my children were legally kidnapped by Durham County Council on 29 November 2022, William Shamba, the son in-law of disgraced pedophile Walter Masocha, whose wife Sharon Lewis Shamba was allegedly sleeping with her own father Walter Masocha has been harassing me none stop.

William Shamba expresses how happy he is that my children were legally kidnapped and are suffering

William Shamba appears to be very angry with me that his wife Sharon Lewis Shamba went viral in 2018 for allegedly having sex with her father Walter Masocha whilst married to him. He seems to be very angry with me that Agape For All Nations Church finally collapsed for good, and that the reason he had married Sharon for Agape Church fame all came to nothing. Even though I did destroy the cult of Agape, the truth is in the end Masocha tied himself with a rope and nailed his own coffin by allegedly having a full blown sexual affair with Sharon Lewis Shamba.

But instead of being angry with Masocha for allegedly sleeping with his own wife, William seems hell bent on somehow taking this issue of Masocha and his wife with me. When the story broke, I even took some of the articles down as I was hearing that Sharon Lewis Shamba was suicidal over the scandal, every Newspaper was indeed reporting that she had sent nude pictures of herself to her own father Walter Masocha.

I had mercy on Sharon Lewis Shamba, for the sake of her mental health, and stopped reporting on the scandal
Sharon Shamba is seen here in yet another “pregnancy shoot” exposing her body. Sharon has been accused of allegedly sending naked pictures of herself to her father disgraced pedophile prophet Walter Masocha

As a woman whose passionate about the mental and spiritual health of women, I decided to have mercy on Sharon, as I believed she had repented from the alleged abominations, and chose not to report on the scandal anymore, even though it was my right to even celebrate the downfall of my enemies. Sharon’s father Walter Masocha did sexually abuse me during my time in the cult, and all the Agape Cult members persecuted me for reporting the abuse. Yet I still chose to have mercy on Sharon.

Agape Cult members persecuted me for exposing pedophile Walter Masocha

However, it seems troubled William Shamba does not want peace. Since I have been fighting for my legally kidnapped children, I have tried to ignore his comments, sometimes I don’t publish them, but his recent comment were screaming for a response.

William Shamba now claims he went to “Israel” to do juju on me on “Mouth Sinai” so that my children would be legally kidnapped by Durham County Council and suffer. William claims the suffering of Charo in the hands of racist foster carer Ine Deprez is actually a result of his “prayers” because his wife allegedly slept with Walter Masocha.

William Shamba seen posing with wife Sharon, claims his juju on “Mount Sinai” got my children legally kidnapped by Durham County Council

Its almost laughable really, I do not believe in any way that William Shamba has any powers, or that he was involved spiritually in my children being legally kidnapped by Durham County Council. He really is a bitter little man, who is angry that Agape Cult is over, and all the money and cult fame they had went down at the fall of Walter Masocha.

If there is any witchcraft involved which contributed to my 7 children being kidnapped, it is actually my Lord Husband’s older brother BB, who performed rituals because of how jealous he is of my Lord Husband. William is nothing but a sad little man.

William Shamba is angry that I destroyed Agape Cult
William Shamba is angry that Agape is no more
I was used mightily by my God to destroy one of the fastest growing cults in the United Kingdom
Most of the cult members continue to branch off and form their own cults using what Walter Masocha taught them
My children, Chaniya continue to be protected by YAHOWA
The children of the Messiah, Atehene shall return to their boarders
As William Shamba continues to wish evil on my children, these are his children, Nia and Christian

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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