Sex Pervert Walter Masocha Now Living In A Small Council House Whilst His Estranged Wife Judith Is Homeless In Zimbabwe

Today is a Sabbath, and on Sabbath I normally testify. Forgive me my readers, I know the UK is mourning the death of the Duke, but I also know that the Duke had a wicked sense of humour, so he would have definitely not minded me jumping with such great joy on this day. I am a black British woman who has been greatly vindicated.

I took this picture 7 years ago in Scotland.

I want to testify that today, like David, I have lived to see my desire on my enemies in the land of the living. 7 years ago, as a young mother of three young children, whilst pregnant, I was made homeless and put away by my ex-husband at the instruction of Walter Masocha, a self styled Prophet who lived in Scotland. The members of Masocha’s church, all the elders and Pastors stood with Masocha, all my friends forsook me, and I was left completely alone, suicide was my only option, but because of the love I have for my children, I had to go on.

Today this morning, as I was penning my tribute to Prince Philip, I was so emotional, and I said to my husband, “His death is a new dawn for me, because he has so inspired me, I feel it. The Duke, as powerful as he was, was just like us, he too was homeless, he too came here to UK for a breakthrough, and served his country. I don’t know why but I feel like something big is about to happen for us.”

Well as soon as I had published my tribute, I started preparing for Sabbath, and was dancing before the Lord, then lo and behold, I received a call from Scotland.

“Jean, do you know what God has done for you. Look how God has fought for you.” A sister from Scotland called me with news from the Holy Land.

My dear readers, it is with great joy and jubilation that I update you about what became of Walter Masocha, a pedophile whose guilty convictions were squashed by the High Court after he was represented by Barrister John Scullion QC, who has a history of helping the most notorious criminals, rapists and murderers walk free from the Scottish Justice System. Many victims of heinous crimes have cried tears of blood because of this man John Scullion QC, who appeared for Alexander Pacteau when he was jailed for life for the murder of Irish student Karen Buckley. This was the man who represented Walter Masocha during my high profile case in Scotland and made his convictions to be squashed even when a jury had found him guilty and the evidence against him was compelling.

When the convictions were squashed, I went into shock. But I got up, dusted myself, and refused to live in Walter Masocha’s shadows so I started this blog, because I wanted to be a writer in my own right. I prayed and waited on the Lord, believing that one day he would avenge me. Even a few months before Masocha fell hard, my husband and I met his ally Fancis Aturia in the streets of Milton Keynes and challenged him and told him that Masocha was about to fall.

People ask me, “Jean, what became of Walter Masocha, where is he today?”

Well, my readers, today I can confirm that Walter Masocha has fallen. He is now living in Stirling in a small council house with the handmaid who used to work for his wife Judith, RUTH, the woman he cheated with. Walter, who is jobless and on benefits, is always seen walking in the streets of Stirling, and before lockdown he spent much of his time eating chicken in KFC. He was recently spotted in Poundland buying a pair of socks. This is a man who claimed to be a man of God and only ate a certain God given strict luxury diet and only wore tailor made clothes. This is a man who moved with an entourage of security, cooks, personal assistants and drivers in the UK. This is a man who lived like a King once, a man we all feared like he was God, and he made us all, small and great to bow before him. Today, he now lives with a mistress, who used to serve his wife, in a tiny house in Scotland. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Because of his past scandals and sexual convictions, he can no longer work as a University professor, his job before he turned himself into a prophet.

Masocha now lives with his mistress Ruth in her council house.

Oh how the mighty have fallen! The God of Mary-Tamar.

Some ask me, “So what became of the prophet’s sons?”

Masocha’s two sons, adopted and biological.

Well his biological son is now an alcoholic in Scotland, and lives with his other brother and his partner. These sons of Masocha once lived like royalty, driving expensive cars and living in luxury.

Some ask me, “Jean what became of Masocha’s step daughters, the one who lived like royalty, feeding off the backsides of the church peasants.”

Masocha’s family/daughters and sons who lived like royalty in the church.

Oh well, the step-daughters and the rest of the church members, all of them, now do pyramids schemes. They just can’t work like everyone else and make an honest living. I always have people calling me asking me to expose his daughters, because they now allegedly make a living by conning people. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

And some ask me, “Jean, what became of your ex-husband?”

He is now married to a woman who used to follow me everywhere, a woman who imitated everything I did and even copied my dressing. My ex-husband now also spends his time stalking me on social media posing as a woman on Facebook called Ruvimbo Sanhu. He now dedicates his time running a Facebook Group Page called Exposing Jean Gasho, where he introduces himself saying, “I am not Jean’s ex-husband.” How sad.

My ex-husbands runs a Facebook group page about me.

Oh, and some ask me, “Jean, what became of Judith Masocha, Walter’s wife?”

Judith is now homeless living in Zimbabwe, Karoi

Oh well, I think her story is the most tragic of them all. I almost feel sorry for Judith, but I can’t, because she knew that her husband was a monster, and like Serena in The Handmaid’s Tale, she took women, weak vulnerable women and girls, and brought them before her pervert husband, and caused them to strip before Walter Masocha whilst they massaged his naked body, whilst she sat there and watched. When I told my story of how her husband abused me, she went to court and falsely testified that I was lying. So no, I can not feel sorry for her downfall, as tragic as it is, she deserves it.

Judith Masocha is now homeless, living in the rural areas of Karoi, Zimbabwe in poverty. How did she come to such a place you may ask? Well, it all started on Christmas Day 2018 when Judith somehow ended up reading explosive sex texts and more on “the prophet’s phone” sent by many married women in the church. She then flipped and exposed the fallen prophet to the church.

She kicked Masocha out of the mansion, and he went and moved into the council house of Ruth, one of Judith’s assistants he was having an affair with. Their state of the art Stirling luxury 8 bedroom mansion was put on sale, and sold for less than 200k, and God knows what happened, but somehow Judith ended up homeless in the UK, living in the matrimonial house of one of her adopted daughters. She then got depressed and ill, and the adopted daughter could not house her anymore, for she has a husband and children. Judith’s own biological daughters could not help her because of a family moral issue which includes the ‘prophet’. So after being homeless in the UK for a year after she split up with her pervert husband, Judith had no choice but to go back to Zimbabwe, where she had no house of her own, so she lived with relatives here and there, and was finally forced to go to the village, where she is currently wallowing in self pity and poverty, and is currently seeking employment from neighbouring South Africa so she can escape poverty in Zimbabwe.

This is a woman who used to wear expensive clothes and had women kneeling before her, calling her “Prophetess”.

Oh my readers, I need to put this pen down and go into Sabbath, my husband, my 7 children, and my puppy North wait for me.

But I leave you with one question, who then is the true God, is it the God of Mary-Tamar, or the God of Agape…

I will let my readers be the judge of that…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

4 thoughts on “Sex Pervert Walter Masocha Now Living In A Small Council House Whilst His Estranged Wife Judith Is Homeless In Zimbabwe

  1. Your Highness.
    Mary Tamar, please forgive me as I don’t know how to properl address you. You will always be my kindred sister of the soil! I am so encouraged by you and how the very people who mocked and jeered you are now under your feet and doing worse than before. God will never be.mocked and His judgment might take a.little time is always just. You have been sister and I am so happy for you!

    You are free now and everything that was held from you shall be yours a hundred fold. All the suffering you went through was not in vain, as painful as it was.

    Keep being blessed and thank you for sharing your gifts with us..sorry for all the typos on my phone but I could not contain my joy for you and had to comment! Stay blessed my dear..your destiny for.greatness is starting to unravel and the world.will know you!


  2. re- Walter Masocha and Agape
    Please do not delete this message it comes from the throne of God from a messanger who saw a lot!
    Heaven speaks!!…scriptures!! of course as we go along….John 8/7 all KJV verses.”He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…We are all unworthy this midnight hour before God!.70x 7 comes to mind!Matt 18/21-22.May we forgive at all times!Whatever this man has allegedly done he is still an anointed man of God CHOSEN yes CHOSEN these end of days!He is goin through the refining fire to come forth as gold! cankard and rusted perhaps?!but gold will come!He has fallen perhaps?! many times over…but the foulest sinner
    can be made clean in repentance..tho our sins may be as scarlet can be made white as snow to a pure heart of enduring faith in Him our master and maker.Job 23/10 and Isaiah 1/18…The Lord chastens whom He loves(agape love)and corrects our failings in the refining fire to OVERCOME.Hebrews12/6-7and Revelation Chap 2 and 3.Walter i believe is still my brother in Jesus Christ AMEN.The Lord knows the heart and reins!May the hoards of darkness that are roaring lions be devoured around this situation Amen and may the lashing tongues of persecution and accusation be stilled and of gossiping talebearers.Proverbs11/13…Again falken perhaps??!!BUT THE LORD KNOWS THE REPENTANT!-WEEPING HEART! in the quiet space and who are we to judge a restored heart and soul!The Lord commands us not to harm his anointed and perhaps also through this THE HOLY SPIRIT is testing us also so we must be watchful we do not grieve the Spirit.But the lofty heartsof pride etc must be swept out and cleansed to become humble.Matt 12/43-48 and James 4/10,Job6/30,Psalm34/3and 52/2,Proverbs6/17andProv 11/13…For wisdom and understanding are difficult GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT to be endowed with in this day we live in with so much churches and peoples looking on .This is a heavy portion /mantle to carry but no matter Walter is endowed with a DOUBLE PORTION lets say as ELISHA!but going through the refining fire to be an end of day singing (prophetically)OVERCOMER REV 2and3…A MINISTER A FLAME OF FIRE!!! being redirected to theSTRAIGHT PATH FOR THE LORDS HOLY PURPOSES.2 Kings2/9.Isaiah11/2(wisdom and understanding)…We all shall be used as HIS PARTICULAR TREASURE IN “THAT DAY!!!”…HIS END OF DAY PLANS SHALL BE FULFILLED IN HIS REPENTANT OVERCOMING BRIDE/CHURCH THESE “END OF DAYS”…A CHOSEN GENERATION must come before the end!but the church must be swept out in many ways to be cleansed of pride and idolatry and love of money the root of all evil.A haughty church no more.Many are called but few are chosen.the story of Mary Magdelene springs to mind who was first to see the risen Christ Jesus Matt20/16 and 22/14..Mary Mag-Mark 16/9 and Luke8/2.Oh the refining to come forth as gold as the “NEW JERUSALEM”……I once sat before Walter many years ago in Scotland and he could have taken advantage if me in that quiet place of his office his office as i asked him to pray for me and my illness at my request.He laud his hand on my thigh and did so as that is where my physical pain lay in my right leg and he did not do anything untoward at all!! in that moment….i have also witnessed to seeing idilatry before my eyes in the Agape church in Scotland all those years ago and did see women worshipping the messenger not the God of all things whi sent him..and this messenger also puffed up with pride at the attention he received from them and not stopping this idolatry .i had seen it once before in another church but i was still surprised in those days.i was young in wisdom and understanding and was goin through my own personal refining in those days…so i saw no humility as many put the man on a pedestal.i did not as i prophesied before him so new to these preceedings .so beware of idol worship we are all guilty of it at times tho it be people or possessions etc.ONLY WORSHIP GOD!!!…The greatest abomination to GOD is SUN WORSHIP taking many forms in the church and world today! Ezekiel 8/15and 16…JEHOVAH EL-SHADDAI is the greater light Genesis1/16..the moon and stars the lesser lights…Malachi 4/2JESUS IS THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS WITH HEALING IN HIS WINGS…many worship the moon a spiritual type of the church and worship the stars the saints also as pastors teachers etc…I urge us all to repent before GOD before HE COMES AGAIN!before the lamb that was slain Revelation 5/12.and seek HIS FACE…Psalm105/4and1 Chronicles16/11…HOLD FAST and read /study Rev 2 and 3 a picture still today of the 7 churches worldwide!…Trust in JEHOVAH EL-SHADDAI THE LORD JESUS CHRIST THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS for HE alone is HOLY! HOLY! HOLY!Revelation4/8…and HOLD FAST!! …Revelation 2/13,25 and 3/3..Let the restorer heal the broken/fallen places and do not judge others amen…Thankyou Father you have heard my plea may your healing balm of Gilead be upon us this day! And restore to each heart of this company of believers what the devil has stolen however far apart they are.we each stand aline before YOU ..THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN..YES!!!FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS!!! Ecclesiastes12/3 let us pray for all these CHOSEN VESSELS these end of days to be faithful and true as they deliver your prophetic word and WARNINGS as the latter rain enpowers them as prophets in days of old…May todays prophets of baal fall as you ignite your Holy Spirit in us!…let us be your LIVING HOUSE OF PRAYER Isaiah56/7 Matthew21/13…even in a small flat in Stirling or in piverty in Zimbabwe..Lord bless this whole family and restore them to be your ministerial heart this day.HELP THEM ! sons and daughters and fellow believers of the former Agape FAN….JEAN AND FAMILY i pray our saviour the Lord and creator of all things may heal your brokeness whatever it is ad he repairs your heart.May you all live a life after Gods heart as David.Seek his face and let him guide you with His eye!psalm 32/8.may your hearts and souls be repaired and sing HIS WORTH amen…JESUS HIM WHOM OUR SOUL LOVETH Song of solomon3/4.May we be the songsters of the Almighty..For JASPER CITY WAITS FOR US!Rev21/11,18,19and may we publish HIS HEART today and denounce doctrines of devils and the antichrist spirit at work in the churchfor it is the Jezebel/Athaliah spirit (daughter of jezebel in scripture) and it resides in todays prophets of causes confusion and trouble for the Lords end of day prophets of hily fire! who are marching to ZIons hill.His army if messengers for this particular day!Abba Father …Daddy Father you are the only daddy/ father to be worshipped not men ,angels, or messengers..Adultery in scripture is a symbolic type of idolatry ie worshipping anyrhing ir person or place that is not GOD.A woman in scripture is typical of the church /bride of Christ…we are all sinners saved by grace.Lord come quickly come (revelation)..May your will be done in all things amen snd amen …Isaiah 11/2…..with thanksgiving and fear if the LORD i lay prostrate before you “JAH” and i sing alleluia amen and amen all the way …go in peace………x


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