Judith Masocha Fled Matrimonial Mansion On Christmas Eve, As Her Sex Crazed Prophet Husband Spent Christmas Alone.

SCOTLAND, STIRLING. Mary-Tamar was Jean can reveal that on Christmas Eve 2018, Judith Masocha fled her matrimonial mansion she shared with disgraced prophet Walter Masocha.

Walter Masocha eat his Christmas turkey alone in his Cosyneuk Mansion

Judith is humiliated because most of the women involved with the Prophet were more of her ‘maidservants’.

Judith’s only son had to cut short his holiday in South Africa to be with his distraught mother

Judith is reported to have been driven away from her home by her only son Tafadzwa, who comforted his mother after the shock revelation of incest and infidelity by the shamed Prophet came to light.

Judith is reported to have fled to the house of her adoptive daughter ‘Joy’.

SCOTLAND. Mary-Tamar was Jean can reveal that the estranged wife of disgraced Prophet Walter Masocha, Judith fled her matrimonial home on Christmas Eve, seeking refuge at her adoptive daughter Joy’s matrimonial house instead of her own biological daughters. Judith is reported to be in ‘pieces’ after the shock revelations came to light on Christmas Eve.

Judith was driven away by her only son Tafadzwa, who had to cut short his holiday in South Africa to be with his mother.

Judith was driven away from her matrimonial home by supportive son Tafadzwa
The only woman Judith can trust: Adoptive daughter Joy currently consoling Judith




Judith and Walter adopted Joy Mahachi as their own daughter when they started Agape church in 2007.  Joy was already a grown woman in her late teens when she was taken in by the church leaders, but the couple treated her as their own daughter and moved her into their mansion, giving her her own bedroom.

“Joy is the only woman not tainted in this Masocha sex scandal. Masocha for some reason miraculously never slept with Joy…”, a source close to the Family told Mary-Tamar was Jean.

Judith is reported to have spent Christmas at Joy’s house without her husband. She did not see any of her two daughters over Christmas.

Judith sought comfort from her only son Tafadzwa as she can’t trust her two daughters anymore, it’s been reported


According to sources close to the Masocha Family, Judith is not able to trust any woman in the church, including her own two daughters.

Judith’s own daughter has been caught up in the scandal of her husband’s illicit sexual escapades


Wedding, caption, (Proud Archbishop and the Prophetess with their new son-in-law nd daughter)
Judith did not spend Christmas with her first daughter Sandra
Judith can’t trust any woman from the church

“Judith feels like the whole church women slept with her husband the Prophet and she is very humiliated. Some of the women were more like her maidservants. She was shocked to find that a lot of married and unmarried, including her own daughter had been having sexual intercourse with her husband. She feels like there are even more women than what has come to light. She wants nothing to do with her ‘pervert husband’. ” A source close to the Masocha family said.

“Judith feels very humiliated and hurt, some of the women Masocha slept with where like her maidservants, especially Ruth who used to run errands for her.” The source continued.

Judith feels betrayed by Ruth, who was like her own ‘maidservant’.
Judith and Walter during happier times earlier this year at an Agape Youth Conference


Prophet Masocha spent Christmas alone in his mansion as wife fled

Whether Judith Masocha goes back to her shamed sex craved husband is yet to be known as in the past she has forgiven the Prophet for allegedly beating her up, giving her black eyes. What is known at the moment is Judith is distraught, has left her matrimonial ‘mansion’ and does not want to have anything to do with her husband.

In 2015, amid the Masocha sex trial, Judith controversially and famously stood by her husband, giving evidence in court that her husband was a ‘good man’ who would never abuse any woman.

Below are some of the married women of Agape who stood by Walter Masocha during his sex trial in 2015, giving court witness statements and ‘moral and emotional’ support to the pervert.

Married Agape women who calls themselves ‘Daddy’s Squad’ stood by pervert Masocha  seen here posing in Agape t-shirts this year
Married Agape women and my ex-sisters in law Patience Musuka, Gertrude Musuka and Patricia Musuka always stood by sex pervert Walter Masocha
Married woman Lenity Mupazi Madume stood by Walter Masocha during his sex trial. She is pictured posing at an Agape Church event this year

However, today at least Judith has now admitted that her husband is not a ‘good man’, whether the rest of the women who famously stood by Masocha will ever publicly denounce him is yet to be seen…

Meanwhile, it has been reported that yesterday most members of Agape cult failed to turn up for ‘church’ as they are still in shame over their ‘beloved Daddy’.

The Masocha saga continues…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar Was Jean

7 thoughts on “Judith Masocha Fled Matrimonial Mansion On Christmas Eve, As Her Sex Crazed Prophet Husband Spent Christmas Alone.

  1. Just out of curiosity, is there any way you can take the reader through how one discovered this church, how newcomers were mentored and how people were assigned to what roles within the church? Was this all done by Masocha or did he have a recruiter to select who did what, or were people just volunteering themselves to certain roles? What was it about Masocha that drew people to him, was he performing “miracles”, did he “prophesied” over people? Was he good with the word, and an orator? Because he’s not a good looking man at all or was he just a predator who preyed on vulnerable individuals in some way?
    If you have already written such a piece please point me in the right direction, where I can read it. Thank you!


  2. He is a crowd puller he knows how to make people happy. In the beginning the WORD was powerful but he lost it at some point. He knows people like singing and dancing so these were the main go to things when people went to Scotland. He appointed leadership. He said God would tell him who to appoint. So you could have 0 knowledge of God, come into church and within 2 months appointed deacon, elder or even pastor. I sometimes think your pocket determined your position. I was made a deacon (steward) in the church but i was not ready for all that and when i told him he said are you arguing with God??? God appointed you I was just a voice. Hmmmmmmm


  3. Guys have you ever seen an “angry man”? Yes I do confirm surely that I saw “The Angry Shadreck Masocha” on the day, indeed he was devastated, shattered by the deeds of his own uncle/father yet alone someone he trusted as his Prophet/Spiritual Father, Up to now Shadreck is still in a state of shock and disbelief as to the unfolding news of Walter Masocha v his own mother as well as the Sharon (daughter) plus more 18 nude ladies pics who were on Walter’s phone. It’s a very sad ending of 2018 for the Masocha family.


  4. Judith achinyanya kuda zvinhu, airega murume wake achikwiira vakadzi vevanhu nhasi zvamuwana akwirirwa vans vake. Joy anogona akakwirwa futi kikiki


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