End Of Masocha’s Sexual Reign! Disgraced Prophet Was Forced To Resign By His Own Brothers As He Wept On Christmas Eve

SCOTLAND, STIRLING. Mary-Tamar was Jean can now reveal how Sex Crazed Tyrant, Prophet Walter Masocha was forced to write a resignation later by his own older brother and his nephew on Christmas Eve 2018.

The dramatic showdown happened at Masocha’s 8 bedroom mansion ‘Cosyneuk’ in Stirling Scotland, in front of a hysterical Judith Masocha and his family.

Walter Masocha’s Scotland Mansion, Cosyneuk where Christmas drama took place

No one saw it coming, not even the Agape church members who have always stood by their Daddy.

However on 24 December on a quiet evening in Stirling, Scotland, as the Masocha family was getting ready for a jolly Agape Christmas, the wife of the prophet Judith Masocha found herself holding her husband’s phone after an alleged tip-off.

Judith discovered her husband the Bishop was a pervert on Christmas Eve

In a twist of events, within a short time, Judith had found a lot more on her husband’s phone, naked pictures of several married women in the church, as well as explicit messages the Bishop sent to his lovers/concubines.

Upon the shocking discoveries, Judith called Walter Masocha’s family, both in Zimbabwe and in the UK.

The family in the UK, shocked by what they were hearing, then got in the car and drove from England to Scotland to confront the pervert. Walter Masocha’s brother John, and his nephew Shadreck are named among the relatives who travelled to Scotland for the showdown.

Judith also called her only son Tafadzwa who was in South Africa on holiday at the time the crises broke. Tafadzwa then got on the first flight to the UK, cutting his holiday short to be with his ‘distraught’ mother Judith.

Unfortunate: Tafadzwa had to cut short his holiday to be with his distraught mother Judith

Judith also called her stepson and Masocha’s firstborn son Tinashe from a previous marriage, who was raised by Judith after Walter took him from his birth mother.  Tinashe immediately went to Cosynuek mansion for the family crisis showdown involving his father.

The older brother of Walter Masocha, John and his nephew Shadrack are reported to have been livid with the disgraced prophet.

Shadreck who is a member of Agape church, took it into his own hands to ‘deal’ with Masocha. Masocha sees Shadrack as his own son, though he is his older’s brother’s son.

‘If it wasn’t for the UK law, Shadreck and John would have beat the demons out of Masocha’, a source close to the family told Mary-Tamar was Jean.

Shadreck is reported to have said to his Uncle, “You are a disgrace to our family! We had to put up with you dragging the family name down with Jean’s case, now this again! Step down now!” Shadreck demanded, in front of the whole family.

SHAME, Masocha was forced to write a resignation letter by his own family

Lost for words and humiliated, it is reported that after confessing to his grave sins which included incest, Walter Masocha was FORCED to write a resignation letter to the elders of his own Church, stating that he had suffered a ‘moral fall’ of sleeping with countless married women.

Masocha is reported to have cried whilst he penned the letter. Well, he has always been a weeper to be fair, he used to cry a lot during his time on the pulpit as Prophet of Agape, so the tears were probably crocodile tears of regret that he had just lost his power.

ministry 3 , page 13
Masocha wept as he penned the resignation letter in front of family

The whole Masocha family, in UK and Zimbabwe, are reported to be in turmoil over the humiliating scandal caused by  Walter Masocha yet again.

Their ‘Masocha’ name hit worldwide headlines in 2015 when Masocha was accused of various sex offences in his Church.

The sex prophet Masocha has not been seen in public since the Scandal broke on Christmas Eve.

What an end of the year for the shamed prophet and his loyal church members. Most of the cult members and loyal defenders of Walter Masocha have deleted their social media accounts and are nowhere to be seen.

The Masocha Saga continues…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean

4 thoughts on “End Of Masocha’s Sexual Reign! Disgraced Prophet Was Forced To Resign By His Own Brothers As He Wept On Christmas Eve

  1. Jean Gosho lm on your side here but don’t filter people’s comments to drive your agenda, please delete my last comment because that is not the true version you edited it to fit your narative. I think pawaisvirwa (when masocha was fucking you) na masocha akanganisa Brain yako.


    1. Wow @ water sochaz_ I would hate to see what you are like when you are not on someone’s side. How dare you even address another person’s wife in such a manner, like really? Let alone you posted such vulgarity towards a woman. You are a mere boy and coward, shame on you. But let me guess, you are probably the fake prophet himself or one of his devoted brainwashed members, either way, the owner of this blog can edit it, in any manner, she sees fit so what is your problem?


    2. Walter Sochaz,why even pick a name like that. You sound like Walter Masocha himself. You are on Jeans side??? Jean doesn’t need your stinky side, I can smell you from just reading the vulgar you wrote. Shame on you, Zimbabwean men really have a problem, I can’t imagine how you are in real life. It’s people like you who caused her to disown her country and go to Ghana where men respect women. Shame on you!


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