Dear Black People, Sorry But Baby Archie Is Not Black

So Meghan Markle unveiled her son Archie to the world in South Africa last week. The world had been eagerly waiting for this baby, especially black people. They were anticipating his Afro and blackness, lol. I remember when Meghan gave birth to Archie, black people across the world, especially in Britain celebrated the birth of Archie as “the first black baby in the British Royal Family.”

I cringed in utter embarrassment as I watched the celebrations from black people. It’s in times like this I feel embarrassed to be black,  the level of inferiority complex in black people is just beyond pathetic really.

I am so glad that Meghan’s baby came out more Caucasian than black people expected. There is no way you can point at that baby and say that’s a black baby. The reason is simple really, none of Archie’s parents are black. Prince Harry is a white man, and so is his wife. Meghan is the seed of a white man.

The only black person in this picture is Desmond Tutu

Then you have black people getting all upset when this truth is told. Like they get so emotional when you tell them that Meghan Markle is a white woman, and her baby is also white.

“But there is the one drop rule! It doesn’t matter if your father is white, as long as there is black blood in you, you are BLACK! White people will see you as black, period! That’s what matters.” A lot of black people will aggressively shout this from rooftops as they claim Meghan Markle and Archie as their own.

Do you black people even realize how racist and ridiculous the “one drop rule” is? Why should white people be the ones to tell you who is black and who is not? Why should they say for anyone to be white, they have to be undiluted, 100% Caucasian, and that same rule can not apply to black people?

Maybe its true that black people have a lower IQ than white people, because I can not fully understand how an entire race accepts the most demeaning racists assertions about themselves, and then take it as some sort of pride. What else explains the level of depravity in the minds of black people?

For any black person to celebrate Meghan Markle and her son as black people, there must be something wrong with your IQ surely. Have a little bit of pride black people. Please. Have just an ounce of integrity, and stop claiming anyone and anything that is rejected by white people.

This is not a black family

Baby Archie is not black.

Meghan Markle is not black.

And for the record, Prince Harry ain’t black either, I have read a few articles by black people also claiming him.

There is nothing amazing about having a “black woman and child” in the British Royal Family. Even if Meghan Markle was actually black, marrying Prince Harry is not a breakthrough for black people.

One black girl actually wrote on social media that when Meghan Markle was walking down the aisle, she was doing it for every black girl out there. Like seriously, no wonder we are a laughing stock to other races.

What has Meghan Markle done for black people since she married Harry? Name just one thing she has changed for the black race?

If anything, because of her black mother Doria, Meghan Markle’s presence in the British Royal family has brought nothing but reproach and scorn if truth be told.  I have never seen a woman so disliked by an entire nation and race since I was born. This woman is without a doubt the most hated woman on planet earth. And I thought I was hated by Zimbabweans.

A woman is not supposed to be hated by her husband’s family and people. If anything, when a foreign woman marries a man, and leaves her country and people for her man, the people should embrace her and love her, not hate her. I left my country and people to be with my Boaz, and Ghanaians love me and embrace me.  The same with Ruth, Esther or even Rehab the prostitute. Even Ghanaian Sally Mugabe was loved by Zimbabweans when she left her people for Robert Mugabe. But for Meghan Markle it’s been the exact opposite.  British people absolutely loath this woman.

Then you have black people saying, “But she is like Princess Diana, that’s why they hate her.”

Ummm, no she is not, Princess Diana was loved and adored by white people, the ruling race, that’s where the difference is with Meghan. Princess Diana was the people’s Princess, literally.

Off course black people adore Meghan, but according to white people, their opinions are irrelevant anyway, and can you blame white people, since black people have such a low pathetic opinion of themselves anyway.

Black people will argue that Meghan Markle is hated because she is black. Thats not entirely true. Meghan Markle is hated for many reasons actually. English people are not particularly kind to foreigners, that’s why they conquered the world. That’s why immigrants are treated so cruelly in the UK.  The English see themselves as the superior Nation to all nations in the world, hence their monarchy is the most powerful in the world, despite their brutal history.  Meghan Markle is mostly hated because she is an AMERICAN.

Secondly Meghan is disliked by white people because she has black blood in her,  that cant be denied, the one drop rule has made white people angry. According to them, why should a woman diluted by black blood marry their white Prince?  But that’s different from being hated because she is a black woman. Diane Abbot is hated because she is black. Michelle Obama is hated because she is black. Winnie Mandela was hated because she was  black. These women know what it means to be black, and having to fight for their right to succeed in a white ruled world.

Meghan Markle on the other hand, has had mixed race privilege all her life. If anything the reason why she married the English “Prince” is because she has the white privilege through her father. If Meghan was a black woman like us, she would not be with Prince Harry. This is a FACT.

The difference between Meghan Markle and real black women

So it makes me cringe when I see black people celebrate Meghan as one of their own people. The level of desperation to be accepted and to belong is just pathetic. What an insult to the true daughters of Zion.

If being part of the British Royal Family is such a big breath-through for black people, at least celebrate the right person. The only “breakthrough” to celebrate here if there is any, should be Doria Ragland. She is the only black person connected to the royal family as far as the truth is concerned.

The only black person in this picture is Doria Ragland

But then again, Doria is a black woman who wants nothing to do with her own people. That’s why at her daughter’s wedding, no single black person was invited from her side. That’s why she had to have her daughter by a white man. This woman is black in color, but she would rather be identified with white people. It also explains why her daughter Meghan has only ever dated white men.

So I dont know what it is that Black people celebrate when it comes to Meghan and her mother. It’s all very sad really. We are desperate to belong to white people.

Anyway, claim royal baby Archie all you want black folks, the struggle of belonging is real I get it, but please do not mention black and Archie in the same sentence, its embarrassing and insulting to some of us, the few who take pride in our undiluted melanin and who do not need white people to validate our royalty.

This is what a black baby looks like…oh how I miss my Charo, she was such an adorable little thing as a baby. She still is super cute, but I miss the chubby melanin baby she was.

This is a Black Shemite baby, Charo Desitiny Offeh
This is a Caucasian Edomite baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

So dear black people, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is not black, and will never be black. He will never know, feel or experience what it is like to be born with a skin that has melanin pigmentation.  And no, I do not hate his mother Meghan, I do like her very much, I think she is different, and I do relate to her to some degree, but not because she is black. And its okay for Archie to be white too, there is no need to get all upset about it.

The genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean



26 thoughts on “Dear Black People, Sorry But Baby Archie Is Not Black

  1. As he gets older, Archie will probably develop freckles from the sunlight. Not that it matters to me one way or the other. The little guy is “mixed”, which is MORE genetics & qualities & is a “plus”.


    1. You are such a wise and beautiful woman! As a mixed-race woman myself who feels a spiritual connection to black women, I am appauled at what is going on. Meghan is a beautiful mixed woman, but should not represent real/actual black women or people. Mixed is the new black now, and it needs to be stopped because it puts real/actual black people (especially women) at the bottom, which is how the One Drop Rule works.

      Mixed people as a whole are better off having their own identity anyway, with race the police keeping off our backs (those people that demand that we identify as black), because most of us will never ever be white and will never ever be black, but must find peace with our own unique makeup.


    2. Ms. Mary-Tamar,
      Sounds like you’re pretty upset about it. If Meghan Markle had the benefit of her father’s race then why is she being harassed by the British people? Why has the Queen Mother not held her close to her bosom. Just because she is mixed does not mean she isn’t also a daughter of Zion. A “True daughter of Zion”. All you need is a cape and a pointy hood. You’d fit in just fine over here with the Aryan Brotherhood. You are two sides of a shortsighted and prideful coin. We are all mixed and continually mixing races whether we see it or not. We can’t always choose who we love. The world will never be better place if we don’t allow people to love without being accused of betraying our race. Live and let live. You, my dear, is the one who shouldn’t be making a big deal about.


  2. Truthfully, there is much to dislike about her and it has nothing to do with one drop or her entire bloody supply. She is not a good person, full stop. Just because she has one drop she should be excused for her shitty behaviour? I think that is racist. People of any colour can be shitty human beings and not calling them out for it because of their bloodline is absolutely racist.

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    1. I do agree to some degree, I think she is a little calculating, but it doesn’t warrant the hatred she receives. The hatred is quite deep, so there is more to it than her not being a good person.
      So who is a good person in the British Royal Family? Are you saying the rest of them are more purer in heart than Meghan?


      1. Dear author, you’re writing is articulate and thoughtful and it has its humorous moments. Don’t listen to your critics and thank you for your honesty something in short order nowadays.

        ‘Black people’ dont have lower intelligence per se but have been kept from civilization and education for so long that this is the effect perhaps. I know thats changing rapidly now due to technology. The problem is with African peoples being manipulated to an unbelievable degree that their beliefs and opinions often go against their best interests and common sense as you pointed out.

        I’ve lived among the community in the northeast for decades and the changes now seem prosperous but I feel as if black people are less real, more separatist and less down to earth. Its all about material gain and status. Black peoole have more emotional intelligence and thats being manipulated and sadly transformed into militancy. We older people remember blacks as soulful and that gave many whites hope. White people are very sick due to the way the Church in Europe converted us from paganism and tore us from a more nature based existence.
        Many of us consider this to be our enslavement. White people themselves are enslaved as our many peoples.
        African peoples have an innocence that other races cannot help but want to exploit. Perhaps understanding that is what is part of the new militarization of the culture which will lead to success and status but guarantee losing soul.

        People dislike Megan because of the way the entire situation seems like its manipulation. Its a set up. Its a con. Only after Harry got in trouble for those naked photos in Vegas and was sent away did he start seeking out Obamas company and he is the one Harry asked about Megan’s appropriateness as a mate.
        The whole thing seems..contrived and forced and yes, there is something about Megan that’s unsettling and the obsession over her race also.
        It fits right in with the obvious agenda of racial politics as diversion.

        Black people may think they know how this all works but white folk who still retain ethnic connections have been dealing with the house or castle on the hill for millenia. Every emperor, every king and invader. Its suspect its calculated and that’s why people hate it. Its not being used to bring peoples together. Just the opposite and for those of us that 25 years ago had a very different more peaceful vision of what PC meant and would change in this world its very unsettling and endlessly sad.

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  3. 1. I hope you’re addressing Africans because people from the Caribbean know he’s mixed. We call them mixed (Anglo islands) or mulatto (French/Spanish) islands. Looks like Africans are confused about what’s what.

    2. “If anything, because of her black mother Doria, Meghan Markle’s presence in the British Royal family has brought nothing but reproach and scorn if truth be told. ” What about her other side, you know…the trashy, “Sure, I’d love to be interviewed and talk smack” side that refuses to shut up?

    3. The kid is white, more than anything. 100% white + 50% or more white = WHITE. He’ll be surrounded by Brits, educated by whites, marry white, and erase any trace of Afrocoid in his lifetime.

    You should seriously revise your title and address Africans, not all blacks.


    1. Actually Africans know both Meghan and Archie are not black. The whole of Southern Africa calls Meghan ‘coloured’ which is what Trevor Noah and Barack Obama also are. If they were Zimbabwean or South African, their ID would state ”coloured”.

      Archie is white with African heritage.

      Sasha and Malia Obama are black with European heritage.

      The problem is Americans who call Meghan black or African American because they listen to white supremacists’ racist ideologies.

      Meghan is not black.

      Archie is not black.


  4. Why you are so obsessed by the race..You seems nazi..I’m White and I really don’t care if the prince is black or white..This post is stupid!


  5. There is only but ONE race Black is more than colour, it is a social construct of control and classification. People of African descent did not create racism, so it is not for us to argue what is black from what is white. We only give power to White Supremacy when we entertain the issue of race. The reality is that Meghan has a white father and a black mother, but where would she be had we still lived in slavery? She would be a slave! Therefore, by the standard set by White Supremacy, Meghan is black! Unless she gave Archie to a white family, or he went about concealing his black mother, he too would be seen as a negro, mulatto, coloured or whichever term to say, you are not white!


  6. In Australia, people with any Aboriginal heritage are entitled to call themselves ‘black’. White Australians have historically committed attempted genocide against Black Australians (as have Europeans in relation to many indigenous people the world over), and any attempt to eliminate reference to a person’s Aboriginality just perpetuates this genocide. Consequently, many Australians who outwardly appear caucasian may identify as Aboriginal, or black, because they were raised in Aboriginal families, grew up amongst Aboriginal cultural traditions, and/or with the common Aboriginal experience of prejudice and disadvantage. It is possible to experience all these things while looking white. Reducing someone’s identity to the colour of their skin has the capacity to obliterate their culture/history and heritage, and is inherently racist.



    Firstly- it’s “Of” course black people adore Meghan”… Not “Off course…”.
    I sincerely hope that writing isn’t your main occupation!

    Secondly- how dare you say that “Maybe its true that black people have a lower IQ than white people…”?!?! Even thinking that sort of rubbish, let alone putting it down in writing, is totally prejudice!!

    I think that you clearly aren’t proud of your own colour and to compensate for your own self hatred, you’re trying to pass it off as a fault in other black people.
    The absolute blatant generalising stereotypes that you’ve put down as reasons are so ignorant I can’t believe anyone of colour would write this!

    It shows, big time, with the “Do you black people even realize how racist and ridiculous the “one drop rule” is?”.
    “Do YOU black people…”?!?! When I got to the end of reading this piece of rubbish, I had to go back and look at that statement. I don’t even think you realise how racist that remark is!

    I’m half black and I’m half white.
    My children are pure white in skin colour, with green eyes. They have flyaway hair. They know exactly what they are and they’re not in any denial that they’re part black. And they would NEVER deny being mixed. Just because their skin colour is white, they would NEVER just pass themselves off as white! Because they know that would be to deny their grandmother, their aunts and uncles, their cousins and me, their mother. And I would consider it a failure as a parent and as a mixed race person if that was their attitude.

    Through this whole piece, you contradict yourself. Generalising every black person and saying how we are all disillusioned that Meghan is black, and you saying that she’s white.


    Her mother is black!! It is a scientific fact that she is NOT white!! A black person cannot have a totally white child. The child is mixed and is part black! Because she’s lighter skinned, it doesn’t make her white! She straightens her hair, but her natural hair is hair of a black/ white mixed race person. Straightening your hair does not make you white!!

    And then you go on to say “Doria is a black woman who wants nothing to do with her own people. That’s why at her daughter’s wedding, no single black person was invited from her side. THAT’S WHY SHE HAD TO HAVE HER DAUGHTER BY A WHITE MAN . This woman is black in color, but she would rather be identified with white people. It also explains why her daughter Meghan has only ever dated white men.

    OMG do you personally know either of them?! Do you share their thoughts?! NO, u don’t!! So to state this like its fact, when it’s just your own, messed up thoughts about them, is so wrong!!

    I am married to a white man. We have children together. Just because that is my case, it doesn’t mean I want nothing to do with my “own people”. The fact is just that I happened to have fallen in love with a man who is white. This doesn’t mean that I’m not attracted to black men. Or mixed race men. Or Indian men. Or Korean men. Or any other race. He’s also got green eyes… Does that mean I hate all races with predominantly brown eyed people?!?

    You don’t speak for an entire race. You don’t even speak for half of a race.

    Even tho they look white, my children proudly point out to people that they are mixed. So what gives you the right to assume that because Meghan also has fair skin colouring, that she denies that she’s part black. Or that any one race is “claiming” her?? You don’t know that she isn’t proud to be mixed race. You also seem to think that being mixed race is a weakening of a person. Or that ALL black people dislike themselves for being black and are trying to say that Meghan is black is some sort of way of validation or getting acceptance.
    At the same time as you’re trying to distance yourself from other black people, and making out like you’re not as low as them. Like you’re not black too! And then totally flipping it and bigging up that you’re proud to be black skinned?!? All sorts of contradictions going on!

    There is also a genetic chance that if Harry and Meghan have other children, they could have darker skin. What then? Would you write an article saying how that child isn’t white?? And if Archie has children, there’s a chance they could have darker skin! And what?!?!

    It’s 2020 ffs! If the Royal Family has a mixed race member through Harry and Meghan, then why wouldn’t people rejoice?! That is called “progression”! If it was the 40s, it might be a big deal to a lot of people. But it shouldn’t still be made into a big deal. Because there’s f*ck all wrong with advancement in the world! The Royal Family is pretty inbred to begin with. And the majority of the rest of the members are related in some way. So it’s a great thing that they’re going outside of the bloodline!

    Your wording of “… but please do not mention black and Archie in the same sentence, its embarrassing and insulting to some of us, the few who take pride in our undiluted melanin and who do not need white people to validate our royalty.”.
    Well if this isn’t the attitude of a racist!! If you were a white person saying the same thing and wording it as “the few who take pride in our undiluted white blood… ” you would get called out for being racist. So how is this any different?!?!
    If you replace the majority of your wording with “white” instead of “black”, it clearly stands out as racial hatred!

    And THAT is insulting to anyone of mixed race!!

    And concluding with “…And its okay for Archie to be white too, there is no need to get all upset about it.”.
    It’s also OK for Archie to be part black. But that’s not what you’re saying.

    It is people like you, saying the same thing about one race, basically making segregation still a thing, and having a negative attitude towards the mixing of races, that stops the world advancing!

    If black people are happy to think of a member of the Royal Family finally being non white, then why does anyone need to point out that she isn’t technically full black. Part of her is black. It’s a way of putting it that is easier than saying “there’s a member of the Royal Family who has a black mother, but she’s quite fair herself”. If Prince Harry had married a Chinese woman, I’m assuming black people would’ve rejoiced just as hard. Because it’s finally a positive step by any member of the Royal Family towards bringing them into this century!

    So why you feel the need to be negative towards other black people and say that “The level of desperation to be accepted and to belong is just pathetic. What an insult to the true daughters of Zion.” is what is actual patheticness!

    Why compare a picture of, who I’m assuming is your child, with any other child and label and compare them with a type of “my child is a true example of a black child. Archie isn’t black”.
    If anyone posted a picture of Archie, with a picture of a white baby and said “This is a true white baby. Archie isn’t white”. Anybody who saw that would point out that it comes across as racist.
    So how it’s OK for you to do that, because you’re black, baffles me?!
    You don’t get some sort of pass as racist if you’re black or any other race!

    I haven’t read all the comments on this piece, but the only one that I did read, that is in any way the opposite to your awful, prejudiced writing, and makes any real sense, is the last one. By ‘Maggie’.

    Be proud of your colour and your heritage, but don’t judge or disrespect others by them choosing to see beyond colour or rejoicing in a mixing of races.


    1. I am also biracial, African American/ European American. I think you might be a little confused. Race as we have been educated under white supremacy is not a biological reality, but a political reality. Saying that Meghan is biologically African American is just feeding white supremacist fodder. I recognize that under white supremacy we must label people with a certain amount of melanin and a certain hair texture as being a separate race from white people. I do hope you aren’t under the false assumption that your children are a certain percent white and a certain percent black. People are not percentages white supremacy has sought to make them so.

      If I have children with a person who identifies as being of European American descent I will teach my children not to partake in any forms of racism including believing that physical characteristics makes us different races. In my case I grew up without my biological family and was adopted by white people. So in my case my children will have no black relatives to meet. However that does not remove the political reality of the racism I experienced as a child growing up in a white community. I can teach my children the truth of African history as well as educate them about the true history of African people but in my case I would be at a loss to educate them on black culture in the United States. If my children appear European American, I will teach them that their political gait in this American society will be different from African Americans because we live in a country that simply just identifies people on sight. I did not grow up in African American culture but I identify with their struggle under the white man’s gaze. The most I could hope to impart to my children is a philosophical understanding of racial politics not their roots or African heritage.

      I simply want to raise children not constrained by societal nonsense such as race. For instance, I don’t think it would be lost on my children that their mother has darker skin than them or curlier hair but I need for them to know in the deepest part of their humanity that this recognition of difference doesn’t mean anything, it never should have.

      The only thing I don’t agree with the poster about is her apparent lack of knowledge about how mixed race people are seen in white settings. We experience racism too. We have similar interactions with police and bullying etc. I can recognize that full black people have a much more difficult time than I do though.I accept that in some circles I do receive light skin privilege but to white people that’s not worth much. If a white person is worth a dollar then a biracial person to them is probably worth 50 cents but they would always prefer a dollar.


  8. I’m not a big fan of having my childhood experiences with racism erased simply because I am what this corrupt white supremacist system has named as “biracial”. I have African roots through my biological father but I have never met him. I am also aware that every human variation of pigmentation and texture we see alive on earth today came from the African continent. Regardless of this, I still experienced terrible racism as a child and still have countless mental health problems from growing up in an entirely white existence. The list starts with body dysmorphia and ends with dissociative identity disorder. I’m not a big fan of someone all the sudden trying to erase my identity as a black child. I can admit that in adulthood my skin lightened and I am essentially Meghan’s coloring and am no longer immediately racially identifiable. That still doesn’t erase the pain of the child who had much darker skin and was identifiably black. I’m not asking for some pity party. I one hundred percent recognize that people classed as full black have it ten times harder than me and I am outraged by the way full black women are treated in this society and I don’t claim to have experienced that level of racism in adulthood.
    If there is one thing I could impart to all African Americans it is that the Bible is only here to enslave your mind. You cannot take a book that was manipulated by white supremacy and hope to find the African truth in it. To do that you have to go back to Egypt which is still in Africa. To believe you are Hebrews perhaps some are but you were also Egyptians. Don’t you see? All of the world during that time was black and brown so the Egyptians were black and the Semitic Middle Eastern Hebrews were probably also black or brown.
    The New Testament was written by Roman imperialists, not Jewish people. They had Jewish scholars under money contracts to help them but there is nothing Jewish about the New Testament. Which is why to this day the Jews still refuse the New Testament, they are right to do this.
    Your idea of white people being some other worldly evil race is fanciful and bordering on mental illness. White people are simply Indians from the continent of India lacking melanin in their hair skin and eyes. That’s why white people don’t have the thick textured hair (well some white people do) because they came from straight haired Africans not curly haired Africans. The evil they have spread over the world has more to do with inbreeding to keep their colorless genes alive and thriving. It’s the root of the mad kings that litter the history of the British empire. It’s a genetic issue that comes from breeding for genetic mutations such as blonde hair and blue eyes.
    Whatever genes are responsible for keeping their hair red and their skin and eyes colorless also messes with their sanity in some way. I haven’t quite figured out the link but it must have something to do with a chemical imbalance that is created. So many of them thirst for violence or look the other way while it is being committed. So many of them have every mental health issue under the sun. Bipolar, depression, borderline personality disorder, psychopathy along with every allergy in existence millions of intolerances. The genes are sickly and weak and the only healthy Europeans you see either have skin that tans well signaling that the melanin genes still exist in their bodies in healthy amounts or they have thick curly hair also signaling health. It’s also why the Irish and Scottish appear to be on average the healthier type of European they often have curly African textured hair once they hit puberty similar to the Italians. The Swedes tend to have straight hair but have glowing dark tans that are sometimes seen as very healthy. It is due to their melanin African genes in their skin. Of course white supremacy will deny what is plain as day that these people have African genes. To believe in racism is to believe that your melanin-less skin makes you a separate superior race from other black and brown people with more melanin in their skin than you.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I enjoyed reading your comment Elizabeth. I might use it in future for my articles. I love some of your theories and find them interesting though don’t fully agree. I love going for coffee with people with minds like you. Good day.


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