White People Celebrated Robert Mugabe’s Death, But Black People Can’t Celebrate Elizabeth’s Death

I vividly remember when Robert Mugabe passed on 6 September 2019. I was so saddened by his death, because Mugabe was actually a hero to me. Firstly Robert Mugabe was not just a nobody to me, he was closely acquainted with my father, Chief Never Gasho, known as Chief Mutota a direct descendant of the Mutapa Empire, one of the greatest royal civilizations of Africa. When Bona Mugabe the daughter of Robert Mugabe wed, it was my father who composed their nationally recognized song.

I am not just anybody, I am a royal daughter of a chief. I was educated in some of the best schools of Zimbabwe. My father owned an empire, and on top of that he was given not one, but three farms by the late president Robert Mugabe.

I am not just anybody, I am a direct descendant of the Mutota bloodline of Zimbabwe, so is my eldest daughter Nakai Tamara.

Even though 90% of Zimbabweans are fools beyond redemption who were made to hate their own liberator by the West, I would be a reprobate to hate Robert Mugabe, because he was a true son of the soil of Africa, the only African President who ever had the guts to face the people who enslaved Africa. He fought for the independence of Zimbabwe from colonialism and white brutality, he was imprisoned for rebelling against the British Empire and spent 10 years in prison.

Robert Mugabe spent 10 years in prison in the hands of the white government of Ian Smith. Yet to White people he was the evil one.

At his death, it was okay for the West to celebrate his demise. It was seen as normal for white people to mock the death of Africa’s greatest Hero and Liberator. They openly laughed on social media and in their press, from New York Times to the UK Daily Mail. They called the death of Mugabe a “relief”. Piers Morgan even went as far as to attack South African Politician Julius Malema for mourning the death his hero Robert Mugabe. It was somehow okay and justified for white people to attack the black people who were mourning the death of their hero. I did not see any white people on social media condemning the celebration of Robert Mugabe’s death in the name of respecting the dead.

White Supremists like Piers Morgan celebrated the death of Robert Mugabe claiming that he was a dictator.

Piers Morgan bullied Julius Malema and told him to stop mourning his black hero.

Now fast-forward 3 years later at the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 08 September 2022, suddenly the same rules don’t apply anymore. Suddenly the tables have turned, it’s now somehow morally wrong to celebrate the death of another human being apparently, because this time it’s not some black “rebellious” leader who has died, now it is Elizabeth, a reverenced white Queen. So now the rules of celebrating death if you don’t like the person has suddenly been halted.

Isn’t it ironic that when it comes to democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of speech, somehow it can not apply to Elizabeth’s death. Somehow there is now a moral compass when it comes to Elizabeth, a moral compass that did not exist 3 years ago when Robert Mugabe died. A moral compass that did not exist even when Saddam Hussein was executed.

There was no moral compass when the West killed Saddam Hussein

A beautiful honest white woman Jacki Pickett who rightfully celebrated the death of Elizabeth yesterday was almost stoned to death in the Scottish Highlands, the police had to escort her off her own premises as crowds gathered to stone her for opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate that “Lizard Liz Is Dead” which I do personally agree with. Lizard Liz is indeed dead.

As many people who are being silenced and threatened, Jackie Pickett believed this was the true image of Elizabeth.

Yesterday Piers Morgan and Jeff Bezos were quick to condemn Nigerian Professor Uju Anya who wished Queen Elizabeth “excruciating pain” hours before her death was announced. This woman has valid reasons to celebrate the death of Elizabeth, half of her family were massacred through the actions of Elizabeth. Twitter went as far as to take her Tweets down.

Brave beautiful professor Uju Anya has spoken out about what her family went through in the hands of Elizabeth.

In a turn of events today, black talk show host Trevor Sinclair has been suspended from his job for saying that Black and Brown people should not mourn the Queen.

All these brave people who have valid moral reasons of not mourning the Queen are being condemned and silenced.

It seems more clearer than ever the West remain the moral compass of the world. They are the only ones who can celebrate the deaths of other black leaders whom they deem unfit, and even kill them, yet when their heroine has fallen, they condemn anyone who dares celebrate the death of their heroes.

Today the world is now being told that it is morally wrong to celebrate Elizabeth’s death. The hypocrisy of white people and the West is beyond shocking! It’s unbelievable that black people are being denied the freedom to express how they feel about a woman whose British troops killed black freedom fighters and raped black women all over Africa. Even the diamond on her crown was literally stolen from Africa in 1905. The atrocities which were done to Africa under Elizabeth’s reign were not only barbaric but inhumane.

The diamond on her crown was stolen from Africa yet today everyone turns a blind eye on stolen property.

I want to put it out there that Robert Mugabe was never a dictator in Zimbabwe. No Zimbabwean was ever at risk of Robert Mugabe killing them. It was an agenda created in the mainstream media by the West so that they could open a window for thousands of Zimbabweans to flee to the United Kingdom to be recruited as Nurses and Social Workers. Today Zimbabweans hold the NHS by their fingers. Zimbabweans were needed in the United Kingdom, they were allowed in their thousands to lie and claim asylum as they pretended that their lives were at risk by Robert Mugabe, and were granted asylum status by a system that well knew that the asylum claims were lies. Mugabe as a loving father to his reprobate traitor Zimbabwean children would even welcome with open arms any returning asylum seekers, even those who had lied about him to the UK Home Office.

The same Zimbabweans who were granted asylum status would sneak back to Zimbabwe for holidays as soon as they got their British Passports. My own brother Lloyd Gasho claimed asylum in the UK under false pretences, he ended up going to University in Southampton with a fake GCSE certificate, and sneaked back to Zimbabwe several times to holiday, yet on paper in the UK he is an asylum seeker who fled the “Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe regime”. Zimbabweans who claim Mugabe was an evil tyrant are liars who had to do and say what they had to in order to come and work as Nurses and Social Workers in the UK. Mugabe was never a dictator to his people. This is a proven fact.

Yet Elizabeth was actually a dictator to the African people. This is a proven fact. When Kwame Nkrumah attempting to turn the Gold Coast into the Republic of Ghana, she tried to stop it. She stopped Kwame Nkrumah from coming out of the Commonwealth. In fact when her father died, she was on a tour of the colonies attempting to discourage independence movements. She literally forced South Africa to come back into the Commonwealth after it had pulled out because of the brutality of apartheid. Is this not the true definition and behaviour of a true dictator?

What was the crime that Robert Mugabe did to cause the West to brand him an evil tyrant and dictator? He tried to give his people their soil back, their land which was stolen under their nose by white people. That is the crime of Robert Mugabe, he was demonized for refusing to bow to white supremacy. He was demonized for trying to give power back to his own people. Yet Elizabeth who died wearing stolen African jewels is branded the most amazing human being who has ever walked this earth.

Is Elizabeth then not the ultimate symbol of white supremacy? The double standards of what reaction is allowed at her death in comparison to when Robert Mugabe died is proof of white supremacy.

I do not believe it’s normal behaviour for black or brown people to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth, I do agree with Trevor Sinclair that black people should not mourn Elizabeth, any black person who finds themselves sad that their greatest oppressor on earth has died is in need of some mental help. Black people who are normal are supposed to celebrate the death of Elizabeth, because her death marks the end of an era, the end of white supremacy, the end of black exploitation and colonization. It was truly not a myth that change was coming after the 400 year prophecy. We have entered a new dispensation indeed.

Yet today, Zimbabweans more than any black people on earth are mourning the death of Elizabeth the most, when they danced at the death of their own liberator Robert Mugabe. Talk about Stocholm Syndrome at its worst or rather its best.

A Zimbabwean asking their fellow countrymen why they are at the forefront of crying for Elizabeth despite her history and atrocities.

I Mary-Tamar was Jean, a blue black nappy haired black woman can not in any way mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I would be a traitor to my soul if I shed a tear for Elizabeth. I will be a hypocrite if I pretend I am not celebrating. Yesterday I went out into the streets with my Lord Husband and celebrated the death of Elizabeth. There was a full moon, a sign from the God of Jacob that truly freedom had come to his people.

Yesterday I celebrated the death of Elizabeth.
Thanking God last night for the End of the reign of Elizabeth.
Today as I was out jogging God showed me a sign after my prayer of Elizabeth was answered. A dead bird is the beginning of the apocalypse.
A sign that Elizabeth has fallen.
After a 7 day ritual, on the 7th of September 2022 my Lord Husband and I went to the sea to do rituals for the fall of Elizabeth.

Yes I am one of those who have been praying and wishing for Elizabeth’s death, the same way Piers Morgan was praying for Robert Mugabe to die. Over the last year, I have been tortured by the outdated barbaric brutal system of Queen Elizabeth, and my children have suffered in her BEAST system and satanic web, a system that legally steals and kidnaps black children from their mothers and puts them with child abusers known as “foster carers.” I would be a fool to mourn Elizabeth for I and my children are direct victims of her satanism.

Elizabeth was heavily involved in the formation of the UK cruel system of removing children, especially black children from their mothers. In 2014 Queen Elizabeth II was found guilty in missing children case by six judges in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

After nearly a year of litigation, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip, were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964. Yet nothing was ever done to Elizabeth and Phillip over the missing children because they have always been above the law. It is a very open secret that Elizabeth has always been heavily involved in the blood of black children.

To call Elizabeth a dictator is an understatement really, she was a lot more than that. Robert Mugabe was never convicted of kidnapping children yet he spent 10 years in prison in the hands of white brutality, yet Elizabeth was convicted of child kidnaping and never spent a minute in jail.

Why then is it morally acceptable for white people to celebrate the death of Mugabe, but for black people to celebrate the death of Elizabeth is forbidden and considered immoral?

How is he a dictator?
And she is a world Heroine?

How on earth can Queen Elizabeth II be seen as more righteous than Robert Mugabe? How was she a better human being than Mugabe? How is Mugabe labelled a dictator and Elizabeth a heroine?

I need someone who is mourning the death of Elizabeth to answer that question for me…

Wait I guess no one can…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS: In the meantime, my Lord Husband Atehene of the North is rightfully the next King of United Kingdom, not Charles, he’s an old man who was never fit for the throne, it has already been prophesied and written. One can not kill prophecy, especially if one is dead.

One thought on “White People Celebrated Robert Mugabe’s Death, But Black People Can’t Celebrate Elizabeth’s Death

  1. So sick of this race biting B.S. So it is okay if was or is a wealthy black king which there was a lot of black Royalty in history and they were not saints. I care for black people like any other race, just like I like white people. I get it I would be sad too re: the slave trade if were my ancestors. I can’t even barely handle watching a movie about it and think how sick and gross that anyone could be to do that another human. Although black people were not the only people, look at the Jewish, the natives, etc. through out history. I am part native and some of my ancestors were treated horribly. Many white people were born to abusive families that did not care, abused, etc.. Black people sold their own people as well so we need to all start just calling spades a spade and move on. Time we put all the past behind us and join forces. We all have criminal politicians, both black, white, brown, what ever colour you want to call people. The RF in UK are not the only Royal family so why are they only ones picked on and they did no worse than other Royalty that come in every colour, shade, race. Sad it comes down to colour re: one’s skin this day and age. I don’t think of people as black, white, brown, etc. I think of them as people and if we don’t all stick together and try harder to get along and help each other than I don’t know what to say. I can’t say Royalty does much for me and I personally think it is so old and a joke this day and age. Although I can’t just dislike the Royals today because of their ancestors or because they born lucky and rich. Yes I think time for big changes but by pointing fingers and saying nasty things it is not a good thing. People should educate themselves re: what Queen Elizabeth did as well and I read a very good article today as well re: how her time was different vs past Royalty. STOP WITH THE RACE B.S. BECUASE THE ONLY ONE’S THAT WILL BE LEFT BEHIND AND WON’T TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ANYTHING ARE THE PEOPLE THAT USE THE RACE CARDS. RISE ABOVE FOR F SAKES.


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