Dear Black People, Stop Crying When You Win ‘First Black Awards’ From White People, It’s Embarrassing

So Naomi Campbell became the first black woman to win the Fashion Icon Prize, whatever that is. Apparently, it is a big award in the Western Fashion Industry and no black person has ever won it, so Naomi scooping this was history being made. Congratulations Naomi, but I was embarrassed watching you weep in thanksgiving.

Honestly, when I see Naomi Campbell weeping because she has become the first black woman to be given this particular award by white people, I cringe. It’s times like this I feel embarrassed to be black. When she starts thanking white people for giving her an important award, I no longer see Naomi the black supermodel, I see Naomi a white puppet.

Naomi was overwhelmed that she was the first black woman to win the Fashion Award

I will never understand why black people are so thirsty for white recognition? Why do we literally weep like crazy lunatics when white people give us the crumbs from their silver table? Why do we even want their awards so bad? When we behave like this, the crying for their awards and all, frankly its quite pathetic in their eyes, and they can’t help but laugh at us.

Naomi cries as she receives her ‘First Black Fashion Award’.

Why would you want to be awarded anything by the people you constantly accuse of hating you? Why would you want to be applauded by people who benefit from what their ancestors did to your ancestors? Why do you want awards from people who keep you in bondage? Do you realize how pathetic it is to celebrate that you are the first black person to be given a “First Black Award” by white people? That makes you a puppet. And as long as black people behave like this, crying for awards from white people,  you will forever be their puppets.

The sad thing is black people do not appreciate awards from their fellow black people. To us, an award is not really an award unless it comes from white people. Naomi will never cry like that if it was a black award ceremony, in fact, she won’t even go because it won’t be good enough or up to her “standard”.

We always feel like we have not made it in life until white people notice us. We will accept awards from our fellow black people here and there, but we really are waiting for the proper awards, the Grammys and the Oscars.

But they will give us these First Black Awards here and there, but boy we will pay for it in a very big way, we sell our integrity for their acceptance. And integrity as a people is the main thing we lack.

Just last month mixed-race author Bernadine Evaristo became the first “black” woman to win the Booker Prize Award in the UK.  I love Bernadine and her work really inspires me, I love that even though her mother is white, she sees herself as a black woman because her father is black. I like her.  She pushes boundaries in her writing and she is one author I identify with.  I love her book about a white girl who becomes a slave in Africa. So I was kind of happy for her when she won the Booker Award this year because of what she said about it, that this “First Black Award’ nonsense has to stop really. She said why should we be celebrating black people being the first winners of such awards in 2019? Her BBC radio interview inspired me.  The 2019 Booker Prize was shared between her and a white woman.  However yesterday BBC News had to apologise after they said the prize was shared between Margaret Atwood and “another author”, they couldn’t even be bothered to mention Bernadine’s name.

BBC called Bernadine Evaristo “another author” and erased her name from the Bookers Award

So why do we weep and cry with joy when we are given these First Black awards, they don’t even want to give us the awards folks, it’s just to keep us happy here and there. But Come on, these awards are not given to us wholeheartedly, at least if they meant well and if they are coming from a pure place it’s better.

I also cringed with embarrassment in 2015 when I watched Viola Davies weep like someone had died as she accepted her First Black Emmy Award. Her acceptance speech was cringeworthy, she literally begged white people to create more roles for black women, and black people thought her speech was heroic. That’s was the saddest part.

In 2015, Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy

Anyway, it’s not all doom and gloom in the black entertainment world, some black people are waking up. Tyler Perry is doing Gods work really with Tyler Perry Studios, he has even created a Black Hall Of Fame. I just hope black people will be satisfied with that, and still not crave for white recognition even after Tyler Perry recognizes them.  I hope Tyler Perry is bringing some change to our mentality.

Also, I have recently been impressed by a young spoken word artist called George The Poet. He recently turned down an MBE Award because he feels that the British Empire’s history is “pure evil”. There are black people who choose integrity over false honour. I am very proud of George.

George the Poet (real name George Mpanga) – who rose to prominence first as a spoken-word poetthen a rapper and, more recently, a podcaster said he wouldn’t be able to accept the honour, which he refused in May 2019, because, he said Britain raped his ancestral country of Uganda. “Your forefathers grabbed my motherland, pinned her down and took turns. They did that every day for a couple hundred years and then left her to treat her own burns.”

George the Poet refused the Queen’s Highest Honor, an MBE

What shocked me with George’s refusal of the Queen’s Award was how the white British people responded to him, they called him names, and said he was ungrateful and should go back to his uncivilized country. They said Africans should be grateful they were enslaved and colonized. They said if the British Empire had not colonized them, they would be still stuck in mud huts in Africa. These were the comments on every article about Geogers refusal of the MBE, especially on Daily Mail.

Then you have women like Viola Davies and Naomi Campbell weeping in thanksgiving that white people have given them a “First Black Award”…how sad.  How do we even move forward as a people?

I also came across another site where white women laugh at women like Viola Davies and Naomi Campbell, who scream black power yet wear straight weaves and cry when white people give them awards. We really are a laughing stock to them and we don’t do anything to regain our pride and integrity as a people.

But I am encouraged that as the 400 Years of slavery come to an end, some black people are awake more than ever. May God raise brave men and women of TRUTH, who choose integrity over false honour from people who have kept us in chains for over 400 years.

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