Why We Stopped Giving Awards To Black People

So one of my readers asked me what happened to the BBE Awards we launched in 2017? My Boaz and I hosted the first ever Black British Entertainment (BBE) Awards in 2017. We hosted two events that year, the launch of the awards, and a month later we did the actual awards ceremony. But after 2017, we chose not to do the Awards again. Even though people anticipated for the second season of BBE Awards, we had no choice but to pause the Awards for a season.

We paused the Awards because we realised that no matter how much money we invested in the awards, and even though we made the Awards world standard, the awards were never going to be good enough for black people, because we are not a white establishment. There is no point in honouring or uplifting a people who still need validation from their captors to feel that they have reached their highest level of success.

There are so many Black Awards out there, but these awards are actually useless and serves no purpose because black people do not see these black awards as the ultimate recognition of their success. Even though you give them a black award, what black people want is an Oscar, a Grammy, a Mercury, a Brit Award, just anything that comes from the white establishment. That’s why black people cry tears of blood when white people honour them, when they the get the “first black” this and that award, they are ready to die, basically. They have made it.

Noami Cambell cried tears of blood when she became the first black woman to be given this fashion award.

In fact, black people do not think that they have made it until they receive a recognition and blessing from the Queen of England.

For black people, their highest level of achievement is being honoured by the Queen. So there is no point of black people honouring black people, because the black people you are honouring are on their way to Buckingham Palace, and will not rest until they get that royal recognition from the British Monarchy.

So my husband and I came to that place were we realised that we cannot give people awards they see as a token award or a stepping stone to what they consider the real deal. We realised that black people are happy to receive that Black British Award whilst they are waiting for their real Award from the Queen.

We realised that for Black people, they are still in bondage and our Awards were not Eldorado Awards. These people were still very lost, on their road to Eldorado that was ever so unreachable to them, because even when the Queen of England, honoured them, still they were not complete.

We honoured one woman who had received an OBE from the Queen, yet still today, she is looking for a place to belong. She still writes to my husband, telling him about her researches on a black monarchy that once ruled Scotland.

What black people do not realise is that there was a time in history, before they became servants and slaves, that black people were actually the rulers of this world, and black people had their Kings and Queens. This time was wiped away from history by those who took over. Paintings were painted over and books were hidden. History was changed and rewritten. Europeans as we know them today are not the first civilization. But sadly, today all what black people know is that they are servants to white people (Europeans), physically and spiritually so they long for that white royal approval.

For white people, the Queen’s honour is indeed the highest honour on earth, because she is their Queen, spiritually especially. She is the one who creates that glorious Kingdom for them. So that royal blessing is important to them, because no matter how rich or famous they are, they need the blessing of their mornachy.

Black people, without knowing it long for that Kingdom/Eldorado, and all they know is the Queen is that symbol of Eldorado. So they yearn for that seal of approval too, but its like being an orphan and going to the neighbour’s house and asking the mother of that house to treat you the exact same way she treats her children. Black people are actually orphans on this earth, they are without a King or leader.

As glorious as the BBE awards were, as big the vision was, my husband and I realised that we were doing things upside down, that the people had to first find Eldorado, then when they are in the Golden City, mentally and physically, they will be ready for awards such as Black British Awards.

But God allowed us and gave us the vision of the BBE Awards 2017 because it taught me more about my husband. For the first time, I was able to see my Boaz in the eyes of God and the people. This was the first time I truly realised that this man was truly a born King, anointed to lead and bless, and that royal blood flows in his veins.

I am the one who received the vision of BBE in 2017, and I told my Boaz everything I saw, according to my burden for black people, I saw the Promised land. During this time, my husband and I were living in a rented house that the council had stopped paying for, because they said I was no longer a single mother. My husband was in the process of applying for his residency. The landlord had given us an eviction order, because the council had stopped supporting me. I was also pregnant with Chaka.

But then, lo and behold, I had a vision, I told my husband and he said, “Baby, we will do this”.

I was like, “But we are about to be homeless.”

“But this is going to change our lives baby, this is who we really are”, he told me.

“Where will we get the money to host such a big event?” I asked him.

“Not only will we get the money, but the place will be filled with the creme de la creme of black British people. Only a certain class of people will grace our event.” My husband told me.

Within weeks, I saw my husband sit on the computer and engage people I never thought I will ever rub shoulders with.

When the day of the Launch arrived, I was so shocked as TV stations arrived to film the event. I was shocked to see how much people actually respected my husband. I had no idea that I was with a man who carried so much authority and power.

I remember having a moment at the launch, where everyone was wanting a picture with my husband, giving him so much honour and respect and I was sitting looking at him thinking “What the…, is this actually the man I wake up next to every morning.”

I remember one woman actually coming to me and saying, “Kofi is really a King, he feels it as well,” She said it with so much conviction.”But I knew a man like this can only have a woman behind him, and you are that woman.” she told me.

I was 3 months with child, at the launch.

The Launch was so magical, and it was my husband who made it happen. He has the power and anointing to command a crowd in a way I had never seen before.

After the launch, I saw him seal sponsorship deals with millionaires, the money for the awards was provided for in a way that I never thought was possible. We were literally facing homelessness, but God provided over £20k for us to host the first BBE Awards. And it was so glorious that it had an episode on MTV.

When we came home, back to the reality of our situation, the housing situation and my husband’s residency situation, my Boaz said to me, “Our lives will never be the same again.”

The funny thing was 3 months later after BBE Awards, we were homeless and I was heavily pregnant.

I couldn’t understand anything, but when a man is a prophet, his words will always come to pass, one way or another.

That is why the word says, “Believe in the word of the prophet, that you may be established.”

The homelessness itself was actually the best thing to ever happen to us, it was a real wilderness into the Promised Land. It was a time for growth and laying a foundation for what God had called us to do. We became so driven to build Eldorado, and the BBE Awards were our own stepping stone into Eldorado. It was as though we sowed a seed for our golden city. And the seed was the BBE Awards. Every big door which opened in our lives when we were in the glorious wilderness, opened because of the BBE Awards.

But there is no golden city without a King. Black people are a people with no King, that is why they are lost and have no sense of belonging. So the awards have to return at a time when the Kingdom is established, were the people are awake, and do not still need a white Queen to bless them for them to feel like they have made it in life.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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