Why Black People Are More Racist Than White People

As black people, especially black Americans, descend on my Twitter like a pack of hyenas, uttering all sorts of vulgar, mocking my nappy hair, and telling me that I am of Zimbabwean origin so I am unworthy to make an opinion on the late American rapper DMX, I can not help but notice the sharp contrast in the their behaviour compared to the white people who follow me. The white people who follow me are ever so gracious and calm, and do put their arguments forth without being obnoxious. The black people who are attacking me are rowdy. As they post freely, the most racist and offensive memes in the name of fighting “white supremacy and racism”, they have no idea that they are only showing themselves for who they are.

Isn’t it ironic, that black people can be openly racist, but can never be challenged on their racist language because they are “black”. Isn’t it ironic that we are now in the time in history were reverse racism is acceptable. Black people can say things white people can never say in public without being held accountable.

Black people are so angry all the time, especially the Black Americans because they refuse to grow up. They wanna be victims for life, yet the slave trade happened centuries ago. Never mind the “race card” all they are left with now is the “slavery card.” Honestly, trying so hard to milk the slave trade, like 400 years later. Desperately hanging on to the slave master’s names, because they sound way more cooler to them than African names, whilst in the same breath claiming to be woke people who hate white people. Yet they are the loudest in crying when white people do not validate them. The sense of entitlement is pathetic, no wonder Meghan Markle is their HERO. When all is said and done…

Lewis Hamilton still needs a Knighthood from the Queen.

Naomi Campbell will still WEEP when white people give her an award that is normally given to white people.

Naomi Campbell wept after she became the first black woman to win the fashion icon award.

Black people will go on to create their own BET Awards and what not yet they still cry when they don’t get an Oscar.

Idris Elba will gladly receive a career push start from Prince Charles and will celebrate himself and his black wife being the first black couple to be put on the cover of Vogue yet he supports Meghan Markle in branding the UK as racist.

Beyonce who never knew Meghan Markle and was not invited to her wedding will now bow down to her because she married a white Prince.

The only reason why you black people all love Meghan so much is because she is mixed race, and you see her as an upgrade and a refined better version of blue black, and because she married a white Prince. Was Meghan a black woman like me, you wouldn’t even support her.

You all claim to hate what white people did to you, but your women will never see themselves as beautiful untill they have a white woman’s crown on their head. What famous black woman does not wear a WIG, from Beyonce, to Michelle Obama, from Gayle king to Oprah they are all ashamed of the texture of their God given crown. Talk about self-hatred, your women are the mothers of it. The most powerful black women on earth are so ashamed of their own glory they have to hide it under horrible odd looking wigs.

Then you, as a people, have the audacity to descend on my Twitter and call me a coon, sell out and worse more racist names, when I am way more black than any of you can ever dream of. For starters I do not need a white woman’s glory to feel beautiful. None of you are even worthy to be my servants. None of you are worthy to even look upon my black glory in real life.

I am a rare black woman because I actually love being black.
I am being mocked by Black Americans for having nappy hair
I am being mocked by Black Americans for not having a huge following.
I have had threats of assault for paying tribute to Prince Philip.

You think I need your validation? You think your sad reflection of your insults to me bothers me? I am an Eagle, I have always walked alone from back in Zimbabwe when I was a child, I soar higher when the tide goes against me. So all your racism towards me on Twitter and Facebook does not shake me, rather it lifts me higher.

Ya’ll telling me that rapper DMX had a rough childhood and was abused by his mother, that’s why he turned into a hardcore criminal, a dead beat father and a grown man who was cruel to animals. Well I had a far more difficult childhood than that of DMX, my mother was way more abusive than his, yet I love my children to death, and I love animals too. Yes, as a child I was sexually abused, I was beaten physically, spiritually and emotionally, I was forced to slaughter animals whilst having panic attacks, all this happened in the hands of my own mother, yet today I love animals so much.

So can any of you black people kindly tell me why DMX was cruel to animals? Was it because of racism? Was is because of his mother?

Listen, I don’t want to speak ill of the departed, but you have pushed me to it, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. You are such hypocrites, oh black people, so much you have to defend the wrong of DMX and twist it to suit your agenda to the extent of blaming his mother, when some of us had far worse mothers. Even Prince Philip’s mother was a troubled soul, yet he didn’t torture animals because of it.

Yesterday I even had a Zimbabwean come on my Facebook and justify DMX fathering 15 children by 9 different woman by calling him a polygamist, like his African forefathers apparently. The same Zimbabwean who was now using polygamy to justify the mad behaviour of DMX is the same Zimbabwean who will mock me and insult me for having a polygamist husband. I really can not get over the hypocrisy of black people.

DMX was not a polygamist, he was a whoremonger, two different things. Polygamists do not go around planting seeds they have no intention of raising in multiple women. Polygamists do not go around sleeping with women they have no intention of keeping, loving and looking after. Woman who consent to polygamy don’t go around taking their husbands to court for child support. So please do not insult the institution of polygamy, which was the backbone of African civilisation and black culture, the institution which kept black women from the epidemic of being single mothers, and black children from the epidemic of being fatherless.

DMX was a whoremonger, not a polygamist.

When all is said and done, you black people are hating me because I am your mirror to the TRUTH. You hate that I am free. You hate that I refuse to be what you have become, an angry, unprogressive, bitter and jealous people.

Your hatred towards white people is so misplaced. The hatred you have for white people profits you nothing. It’s that hatred which is keeping you in bondage and at the very bottom of progression in society. You are refusing to be free. You are refusing to simply grow up. Do you see any other races, the Indians or even the Chinese whine about racism like you do? Asians have no time to mourn about racism, they are way too busy building Empires and Inheritances for their children, buying properties, running businesses, whilst you are too busy playing slavery cards, race cards, victim cards and any other cards you can find over a situation that was abolished centuries ago.

Yes slavery happened, we can’t do nothing about it now, it’s history, but for goodness sake it’s way past time to GET OVER IT. None of you deserve any reparations or compensation for slavery because you are legally FREE.

It’s about time someone calls you out for being the RACISTS that you are. You think you can hide behind the “slave trade” which happened 400 years ago and just hurl insults at anyone who refuses to think like you. Well not under my watch…it’s about time someone held you all accountable for your shameful dangerous behaviour which frankly, right now, makes me feel embarrassed to be black.

The Genesis of the Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

13 thoughts on “Why Black People Are More Racist Than White People

    1. Pick up a dictionary or Google the definition of racism. What you experienced wasn’t racism, it was criticism of your pandering to the real racist. Your last article said it was Africans, more specifically Zimbabweans, who were attacking you for your self loathing. Now it’s Americans who are Black, you just like to play the victim. If most Black people around the globe find you ignorance appalling then it’s not us, it’s you.


    2. You coon ass bitch. You do realize racism happened and continued to happen after slavery right. It went from slavery, to segregation and Jim Crow which involved decades of tortures and senseless murders, to drugs being put into the black community aka the crack epidemic and the war on drugs which criminalized black people specifically, to mass incarceration and police brutality which is still to this day and constantly a threat you bed wench. Get that white ass British dick out your mouth. How dare you come for a legend like DMX, you are a cunt he’s a icon. Next time shit your wide ass mouth and comb through your nigga naps.


      1. Aww the little baby is crying. You’re nothing but a professional victim. You just proved her point with your whining.


  1. I Love your honesty Jeangasho!!! And not because I am white and you are calling out those black persons who truly are so racist. I really don’t look at color…..Only the person. But sometimes I am afraid that I will appear to be racist. Maybe for a simple remark that is turned around. Sometimes it’s like ‘walking on eggshells’ as they say.

    I just wanted to tell you that I respect you and think you are beautiful.




    1. You are one lose soul…stay on that side of the pond, blk folks here would shun you for life for a couple of those sad statements ….smh, no help for you… god bless


  2. You are a breath of fresh air!! This clear something I have wanted to ask you about.
    I don’t like Meghan for her actions. I see truely the narcissist she is, but black people defend her like there is no tomorrow. They attac my view with insults and rude personal comments.
    You are such a beautiful and strong woman 💕


  3. Keep going and write your truth and experiences. Don’t let the twitter mob make you bend, we all have free speech.

    If some black people want to be stuck on slavery so be it, their choice. Like you said, it happened with the participation of our own people, nothing we can do about it.

    Some of us refuse to live our lives as perpetual victims and are more interested in making progress in our lives than looking for why we can’t do this or that because racism will always exist. The world is not going to rid itself of ignorant people ever so you can either do your thing or stay stuck and if you don’t like it, move to a predominantly black country to find peace and progress.

    We are free now, we can move around.


  4. The other mistake I think black people make is to think we all have a shared experience of racism. You are black so you to understand. That’s simply not true.

    I have stated in comments that yes I do believe that racism like Tribalism exists but that is from others experiences.

    I myself have never suffered racism in the UK, I have a good life, at work I have got promotions etc. I know a lot of Africans who moved to America and are doing extremely well, I’m talking about Directors in companies so when we meet, we may discuss things on the news about racism but we don’t go around being suspicious and distrustful of white people because it simply doesn’t reflect in our lives.

    I mentioned my mum in an earlier post and the way she was treated in her job back in the late 50’s, 60’s in the UK. Nothing but love. Like you my mum went through hell as a child. She lost both parents by the age of 10, sent to live with relatives who treated her like a slave, she had to even steal food because her portions where so small. That was done to her by her own BLOOD in Africa.

    The white people at her workplace in the UK treated her better than her own blood and that’s why she taught us to see people and not colour.


  5. You are clearly blessed by God and it flows through your writing. Your pain is evident but you can at the same time point out hypocrites and bullies without sounding jaded. You have a very unique voice and I believe our Lord has meant you for great things. You will be in my prayers.


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