Why Samantha Markle Is A More Credible Author Than Pushy Plagiarizer Meghan

In the wake of Meghan’s shock announcement that she’s releasing a so called children’s book, and talking about books, funny enough a few days before her shocking announcement, I had actually purchased Meghan’s sister’s book, ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s sister’ by Samantha Markle.

The crazy thing is, Sam’s book actually arrived the same day Meghan made her shameful announcement of her “children’s book.” It’s really strange isn’t it, because I feel like I am living in such a surreal time, almost like the fantasy land I always imagined living in. When I bought Sam’s book, I actually told her and I did promise her that I was going to read it and review it.

Contrary to how the media and the black community at large has painted Samantha Markle, she is actually a very modest and humble lady, very honest as well, and she explained to me what her intentions were with her debut book. I found myself thinking “I have also been guilty of misunderstanding Samantha.”

Now with Meghan shamelessly trying to launch herself as an author of some kind, which is an insult to any honest writer out there. The woman can’t even honestly write a flipping child’s book for goodness sake, she even has to copy that as well. Honestly was she born with the word LIAR engraved on her heart or what? I don’t care that the author of the plagiarized book is defending her, that’s nothing new under the sun, I grew up defending my mother, I defended my ex-husband and called him a good husband at some point in my life, I even defended Walter Masocha in a written letter. Corrinne Averiss can defend Meghan all she wants for whatever reasons we may not know, maybe she is thanking her gods for the free marketing, but the truth remains, Meghan plagiarized her book, and everyone with eyes to see can see it.

And it’s also refreshing to see bloggers and vloggers calling out Meghan for her hypocrisy of not only stealing someones work, but using the title of Duchess after she left UK, shamed the royal family and claimed she wanted to live a normal life.

As you all now know my dear readers, the issue of children’s books is a very emotional subject for me, so after my very heavy last blog about Meghan’s publishing privilege over writers like myself, I felt compelled to neutralise my last essay with something rather calm. And that’s exactly how I feel about Sam’s memoir, it’s calm. And since I promised Sam a review, I felt like now is the perfect time for it, I can’t really wait till I finish the book, that’s gonna take me a while because I only get to read it early in the morning after my morning jog, before the children wake up, and I have a lot of things on my schedule. Yeah, my routine is really crazy, I literally have to catch a few minutes of me time. So I am only on Chapter 5 of the book, but I feel I have enough for a quick review and this is the perfect timing, especially with Princess Pushy’s plagiarised book being all over the news.

As a mother of 7, I get to catch a few minutes of me time early morning before my children wake up.
By then I would have had my morning jog and showered, then I put a bit of lippy on to look pretty for my husband.

On a side note, I always try to look pretty in the house for my Lord husband, the beauty of being married to a polygamist is that you have to always be on point physically, you can’t just let yourself go lest other wives outshine you. Contrary to popular belief, women who choose to be with polygamous men are strong mentally and emotionally, not weak. I can even say that about my husband’s second wife, she’s a strong woman I really admire. She’s currently in Ghana, and I miss her so much and we are always chatting. As her spiritual mentor, she reads my blogs about Meghan and she asks me spiritual things and I explain to her. No Sabbath goes by without us wishing each other a blessed Shabbat, then talking about the lessons later till early hours of the morning. Talking about sisterhood, my husband’s second wife is literally the sister I never had, but yet with so much respect for me because she refers to me as, “My Lady.”

Anyway, now back to Sam’s book, I only started reading it two days ago, but I am finding her memoir so relaxing. As I drink my coffee reading her book, I feel like I am sitting with her having a chat about our childhoods. Samantha is actually the opposite of Meghan, she’s honest, for starters, and you feel it through writing. I don’t want to give too much of her book, because I want my readers to buy it.

But when the book came, as I opened it, I loved loved loved this picture of Sam and Meg, Sam looked like a teenager, and Meg as she called her was a wee little girl. The picture was taken by their father.

I showed my husband the picture, and said, “How does Meghan say she doesn’t really know Samantha? Look at this picture? Look how proud Sam is of her little sister.”

And my husband was like, “Wow, pictures don’t lie. That looks like the same bond Nakai has with Charo. How can Charo now grow up and say she doesn’t really know who Nakai is, when Nakai literally looked after Charo.”

Samantha is like 16 years older than Meghan, if I am not mistaken. And that’s exactly the same age difference between my Nakai and Chaniya.

I captured this picture of Nakai looking into the mirror with newborn Chaniya, who was only a few weeks old.
My younger daughters can never grow up to disown the older sister who looked after them like what Meghan did to Samantha.

Like Samantha and Meghan, my daughters are HALF sisters by blood, but they are in every way FULL sisters because of the incredible bond they share. They bath together, and eat in the same plate. Sometimes it’s not even about blood, it’s about the bond and the relationship. To call Sammantha Meghan’s half sister is really an insult to their childhood and their father Thomas Markle. Meghan and Sammantha as as full sisters as my my daughters are full sisters. From the little I have gathered, Samantha had a way closer bond with Meghan than I ever had with my only full blood sister, a younger sister who came out of my so called “mother’s” womb. I was never close to her growing up, I never played with her, in fact she didn’t even talk to me.

Now if you want to talk about a sister I don’t really know, unlike Meghan who lies about not really knowing her only sister Samantha, I can boldly say and my Lord God is my witness, that I do not really know my only so called sister Kundai. By the time I left Zimbabwe at 17, and my “sister” was 13, we were not even on speaking terms at all. I did not speak to her at all, she was my younger sister yet she and her twin brother tormented me because my mother treated me like a stepchild. I lived in the same house with my “sister” raised by the same mother and father, yet I did not have any sister relationship with her, I have no moments or memories with her to ever remember.

Sisterhood is nothing to do with having the same father or mother, or having different fathers or different mothers, sisterhood is about the bond and life experiences shared together. And I believe in their early years Samantha and Meghan had that.

I haven’t read much of Sam’s book, I am only in the first chapters, and Meghan hasn’t even been mentioned in the book yet, but in Samantha I already see an older sister who truly dotted on her baby sister. So I truly understand the pain of Samantha, and why she went public when Meghan got engaged to Harry. I believe somewhere along the years, as Meghan started to gain fame and fortune through the opportunities her father gave her, she started to despise her only sister Samantha, and ghosted her, yet once upon a time, Samantha had looked after Meghan, and probably changed her diapers. How sad is that.

Samantha has beautiful personal pictures of Meghan in her book.

I really don’t know how Meghan sleeps at night, or how she lives with herself. The way she has publicly disowned her only sister is absolutely shocking to say the least.

Oh God bless Sam, without giving too much away, I love how she portrays Thomas Markle as the sacrificial father he was to all his children. I actually wish she had not titled the book after Meghan. I wish she had titled the book “Markle” something. I feel like Samantha’s book does so much justice to her family name, history and legacy, something Meghan has tried to tarnish.

But in a way, I am happy that Samantha has been vindicated against Meghan, because slowly but surely the world now sees Meghan exactly as how Samantha described to us years ago, but we thought she was jealous. Time is the best revealer of truth.

As much as Meghan feels she’s the real deal and her family are all worthless, I feel it’s actually the other way round. Meghan is not worthy to be a Markle, she is not even worthy to be Thomas Markle’s daughter. He is and was such a good father, he did not deserve Meghan.

I told my husband that when we finally have our very British Jewish Ashanti royal wedding when the plague is over, I will so invite Samantha to our wedding, and she will sit among the honoured guests. Meghan may have shunned her family at her royal wedding, but at ours, her family will be honoured guests.

I always speak about how Meghan repaid the British Royal Family with evil, but we forget about how she has repaid her own blood family with evil, when they did nothing but love her and give her a stable and loving upbringing.

She should simply be called, Meghan, Harry’s Wife, as I can see a lot of truth seekers calling her. That is the only title she’s worthy of. She’s so not even worthy to be a MARKLE, neither is she worthy of a British royal title.

If my readers want anything Markle to read, instead of buying Finding Freedom, which is so corny and has Megan’s handwriting all over it, or this plagiarised book she’s about to release which in all honesty, looks like a grammar disaster already with the snippets she’s released, I suggest my readers buy Samantha’s memoir instead. It’s a charming honest account of the Markles’s legacy. I love her writing style too, so simple.

At least Samantha has one thing Meghan will never have, and that is honesty. What Meghan doesn’t realise is by shaming and disowning the family who raised her and gave her nothing but stability and opportunities, she has robbed herself of her own story. She already lies that she was paying for her own college education, when it was her father who did. She can never write a book about her childhood, not honestly anyway. Yet Samantha can and already has, for that she has my uttermost respect…

Honest writer, Samantha Markle
Pushy Plagiarizer, Harry’s wife.

One thing I agree with Sam’s book cover is that Meghan really is a Pushy, because she has no talent of her own, she even pushes in plagiarizing other people’s hard work…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

8 thoughts on “Why Samantha Markle Is A More Credible Author Than Pushy Plagiarizer Meghan

  1. I’m curious why, if you are in communication with Samantha Markel, and essentially giving her a review here. why couldn’t she give you a comp book…


  2. Your comments are so true, I thought all along’Meghan Markle ‘had ulterior motives, she has hunted down’ Harry’reeled him in Hook, line and sinker!! Treat her father abominably, he is a broken man, because of her acid tongue. To go on and accuse the Royal family of being ‘racist’ takes the biscuit, she is so much a diva

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  3. The Bench is now in its 3rd week on the NY Times best sellers lists. Ranked #2 in picture books, rising from lasts weeks ranking of #4. Samantha’s book ranked #405,325 in top 100 books on Amazon best sellers list. Huge difference.


    1. Just google the Bench in the UK and see what a failure the book is. The reviews especially from acclaimed critics are beyond embarrassing. The book sits idle in shops. In my local shop Morrison’s there are two books on display which no one has touched for weeks. I can take a picture tomorrow and do a blog about it, I asked the staff and they told me that no one is touching the book. This New York best seller narrative is a complete joke because it was going to be so humiliating for her, and already is. Here in England, the book is beyond a FLOP no wonder she’s donating it to schools and it sits in libraries because frankly children don’t want to read it, the illustrations and the grammar is so bad and the story is way too boring for any normal child. Meghan clearly flopped and google is proof she can claim NYT best seller bla bla bla all she wants, but good old google don’t lie 😃


  4. My figures were for the US only. Currently ranked #14 for US Amazon new releases in children’s books. #2 on the NYT for picture books. According to google your weekly sales must be between 5000-10,000. According to EPJ Data Science study, “less than 0.5% of hardcover books make it on the list. The list doesn’t measure sales in the UK, reviews in the UK, personal opinions of writers in the UK. The UK population is 66 million, the US is 267 million. MM is a NYT best seller in the US. A huge achievement for any first time author.


    1. Well this is England , the land of milk and honey. The land of royalty, the land which gave Markle the title she desperately wants to keep, of which she is NOTHING without. In this glorious LAND, small it may be but powerful it is, because it is the COUNTRY of Mary-Tamar, in that country Meghan Markle is no best seller, she’s a total failure no one buys her book it has dust in libraries. The fact that she flopped here speaks volumes, despite the strange NYT Bestseller claim, we all know the book was never good enough. In the UK, Meghan flopped as a writer, hope that clarifies everything lol.


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