#How They Robbed Us, Just Another Pity Party For The Cream Of Zimbabwe

So Zimbabweans on social media have started another hashtag #HowTheyRobbedUs initiated by Phil Chard. They are sharing their stories to the world describing how the government has robbed them. The trending stories are mostly about the political and economical situation of Zimbabwe. Personally I feel like the pity parties by Zimbabweans are rather getting out of hand. Please Zimbabweans just stop it! It’s nauseating. Why do you want to lament to the world about how you have been robbed by your own government? What is the world going to do? Listen people of Zimbabwe, the world doesn’t actually care about the Zimbabwean situation right now. Each country has their own problems to deal with. The UK is dealing with Brexit and the pound losing its value, on top of Scotland threatening to be an independent country. The USA has got the presidential elections to deal with. So please just stop the wailing, will you! If you have got the luxury to go online and tweet how you have been robbed, then you haven’t been robbed at all, the real people who are being robbed in life do not have the energy, time and money to be following trendy hash tags on social media. The fact that you are busy on social media means you are incredibly blessed and living the life, you are probably eating a crunchy chocolate bar whilst you are tweeting how you have been robbed by ‘ROB ert Mugabe’

Why not go to the  Zimbabwean hospitals and volunteer and help these people instead of using them as hashtags for Facebook likes 

Now before I really get into this article, if you want to unfriend me please go ahead. If you want to stop following me, stop immediately. I will not shed a tear drop over you unfriending me.  I haven’t got the time to be going out of my way to write what everyone wants to hear so that I get 5000 likes and 200 comments saying “Well done Jean!” I have enough love in my personal life to be running around on social media looking for likes and comments. I have children and a man who spoils me with so much love and appreciation that I don’t need to scavenge for approval and appreciation on Facebook and Twitter. May I also add that personally I have not been robbed by anyone at all. I am one Zimbabwean who has not been robbed at all, lol maybe I am one in a million. I consider myself very blessed to be where I am today. I left Zimbabwe when I was just a teenager and I would never change that for the world. Yes I miss Zimbabwe but I also love it out here. The bible I read teaches me that wherever I go, whichever land the the Lord has placed me, I will enjoy the fruit of that land and God will give me the best of that land.

I came here in the UK at 17, by the age of 20 I was a home owner, living in one of the best neighborhoods in modern Britain. For 10 years I lived in a brand new home that even when white British people walked in my house, they were in awe of how blessed I was. Yes I had my fair share of serious financial struggles in the UK, but haven’t we all. 10 years later I went through a divorce where I lost that beautiful house and became homeless. I lamented the house for a season, wiped my tears and picked myself up and moved on with my life. Today I live in  a much bigger house, with more love than I had in the nice house. I have gained life experience and I met the love of my life when I was in the valley. Every day of my life I laugh so hard that I fall on the floor and my ribs crack. When I was in the nice house, I don’t even remember one day I laughed to the point of  crying. God showed me the blessing that losing the beautiful house gave me. I learnt that most millionaires and successful people of this world have also been homeless, destitute and penniless at some point of their lives, Simon Cowell, Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey just to mention a few. My point is, stop crying over spilt milk Zimbabweans. Its ridiculous. Its stupid. The Zimbabwe we grew up in is no more, so get over it. I think we have all grieved enough. If you are in the diaspora, please just stop the hash tagging and enjoy your Mcdonalds double cheese burger in peace whilst you are driving your brand new cars.

I am very grateful to Zimbabwe, the government and Robert Mugabe for making me into the woman I am today. I have had a lot of life experience so for me to join the hashtag #HowTheyRobbedUs I will be the biggest hypocrite on planet earth. If truth be told I have been robbed more by white supremacy mentality than by Robert Mugabe. I have a Joseph and Esther mentality, if I am in Persia, I would rather be the Queen. If I am in Egypt I would rather be the Prime Minister. Joseph did not moan that he had been sold by his own brothers into slavery. Instead he said what was meant for evil, God meant it for good. I see so much positivity in the Zimbabweans scattered all over the world today. Some of you have opportunities which you would have never got in Zimbabwe. Instead of turning the whole situation into a pity party and crying for world sympathy, do something positive wherever you damn are. Live life, enjoy it, laugh out loud. Take a walk in the park. You only have one life. The bible says remember your creator in the days of your youth, soon we will be old. One day we will all die. I have no time to waste lamenting over what Zimbabwe was 30 years ago. I live in the UK now, and I don’t plan to waste any hour crying over what was.

For those of you who want to lament, maybe stop doing it on twitter and just pack your bags and go to Zimbabwe! Be like Nehemiah who instead of lamenting, he packed his bags and went to build the walls of Jerusalem. Please do not waste our time by organizing concerts in the UK or USA so you can lecture us on how bad Zimbabwe is. We already know. No wonder why some of you are being denied visas to come here for pointless demonstrations. There is nothing stopping anyone from boarding a flight to Zimbabwe. And when you go there, you do not need to put your life in danger so you can be hailed as an “activist”, we have enough of those on social media. Sorry to be so brutally honest but for those who feel so strongly about how they have been robbed by Mugabe, please for crying out loud, go and be the change! By being the change I don’t mean doing what Patson Dzamara, Evan Mawarire, Linda Masarira and the rest of them are doing. I  mean be the real change, not just by saying “Fuck You” to Robert Mugabe or by posting countless videos on Facebook. I also don’t mean protesting in the streets then deliberately getting yourself arrested so you can take a selfie and say “ABDUCTION ALERT!” so you can get 5000 likes and “you are so brave” comments.. Be the real change, go and help the sick and poor. Go and volunteer in the hospitals, set up charities like what white people do in your own country. Feed the orphans. Change even one life. Take all your clothes and give to the poor. Fill a drum with food, choose an orphanage of your choice and spend just two days feeding the children. Buy some pain killers from here and go home and distribute them to the people in need. Do you know that love can heal? If just 10 000 Zimbabweans in the diaspora did this, Zimbabwe will never be the same again.

How have you been robbed if you are living the life abroad? We are the people who have benefited from the negative situation of Zimbabwe. I personally never claimed asylum to get stay in the UK but I know hundreds of people who blatantly lied that Mugabe was going to kill them. They got asylum in the UK through lies with fake MDC cards. To prove their lies they go to Zimbabwe soon after they get their asylum so they can celebrate their papers. So don’t be hypocrites ya’ll. Mugabe has actually helped you all, you falsely used his name to claim papers, making up stories for personal gain so you could enjoy the benefits of UK. Other people from Africa actually wish they were from Zimbabwe so they can claim asylum in the UK. They see Zimbabweans as blessed people because they can easily get papers through lies. Some South Africans have even changed their identity to Zimbabwean just to get asylum. Is Evan Mawarire not living a better life in the USA today? How on earth has he been robbed? Instead he has used the Zimbabwe  situation for personal gain. The real people suffering in Zimbabwe will never follow such useless trendy hashtags. The hashtags are for the upper class and cream of Zimbabwe who are trying to quench their guilt and flatter their egos. Maybe this is the reason why the rest of Africa see Robert Mugabe as a hero whilst we see him as evil because we are the biggest hypocrites and no better than him.  Why not learn something from Strive Musiyiwa and be a blessing not just to Zimbabwe but the world. There is a lot of good that always comes from a bad situation.

I remember Morgan Tsvangirai coming to London and asking Zimbabweans to go back home to build the country, and he was almost stoned to death. These are the same people hash tagging how they were robbed yet they don’t want to go back home to build Zimbabwe because they are enjoying the luxuries of diaspora. These are the same people who lied to get asylum. How hypocritical. I saw a video yesterday where Acie Lumumba was shouting at people who criticize Evan Mawarire, Patson Dzamara and company.  Isn’t it ironic that these are the same people who claim to want a democratic Zimbabwe, yet no opposing views are allowed. For Lumumba to say these activists are doing this for us….please count me out of that”us”. How can any person who thrusts themselves in the public eye not be criticized? Is that even normal? You claim to hate Mugabe yet you are all worse than him. Why should Evan Mawarire not be criticized? Is he a god? Why on earth is he stopping investors from investing in Zimbabwe? Is that not daylight wickedness. He has to be criticized. Here in the UK, people are actually paid to criticize political parties and their policies. That is democracy. Patson Dzamara can not be loved by everyone, otherwise that is the very dictatorship you are claiming to fight.

Zimbabwe will never be one big happy family. No country is. People should be allowed to criticize whoever they want. A lot of people out there feel these current activists are attention seeking time wasters, doing more harm for Zimbabwe than good. As for Linda Masarira, I supported this woman once upon a time, but not anymore. If she was in the UK today, all I can say is her 5 children would have been taken into care by now and she would have been deemed an unfit mother, probably taken to court a few times. At least 100 calls would have been made to social services by now by people who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of her children. Now if you want a perfect example of children who are genuinely being robbed, Linda’s 5 children are. They are being robbed in broad daylight by their own mother in the name of “activism”. But you know what, they don’t even know there is a trend on twitter that says #HowTheyRobbedUs. I will just leave it there.

The Curse Of Zimbabwean Celebrities


I have always understood a celebrity to be a person whose talent has attained them some amount of fame and fortune especially when it comes to music. But it seems in Zimbabwe the word “celebrity” simply has another meaning altogether. It looks like a celebrity in Zimbabwe is a celebrity on Facebook and Social media but in real life these “celebrities” are living a life which is a far cry from their online personas. They are becoming more like a laughing stock to Zimbabwe and probably Africa. Every month there is some embarrassing viral story about Zimbabwe celebrities, that in all fairness you don’t see with other nations. I can’t help but think that the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe has reduced the talented people of Zimbabwe into a laughing stock and probably beggars.  I’m not writing this article to laugh at these celebrities, but something is clearly amiss and is worth mentioning. In counties like Nigeria and Ghana or even South Africa, artists actually make money from music, ie Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, Sarkodie, R2Bees and many more. They make millions from their music, and on top of that, they have proper celebrity status where they are respected and esteemed by their people. No way would you see a celebrity in Ghana or Nigeria being mercilessly beaten by a dirty street thug and the mob is cheering on the beating.

Trevor Dongo
Urban grooves Zimbabwean musician Trevor Dongo is the latest artist from Zimbabwe to suffer a public humiliation that has exposed his weaker physical stature and his financial  situation. Yesterday a video of him being mercilessly head butted and choked in the street went viral. What was rather disturbing about the video was that the people who were watching were laughing and encouraging the beating. The guy beating Trevor Dongo was an unkempt thug wearing dirty clothes whom in normal circumstances should not be anywhere near someone who is regarded a “Zimbabwean celebrity”. It’s like Justin Bieber being beaten mercilessly by a homeless thug. I mean, come on. I thought celebrities walk around with body guards to prevent these situations. What was Trevor even thinking getting into a fight with a person whom he’s supposed to be donating his change/money to? When I thought it could not get any worse, the reason for the fight was more shocking than the actual fight. Trevor said in a statement that the guy had grabbed his “tomatoes” or “food” or something. The fight was about food. Tomatoes to be precise? Trevor could not let the guy just have the food. He could not even walk away for his dignity’s sake. I can’t help but wonder maybe he fought for the food because he actually could not afford to buy himself some more groceries. What does that tell us about the music industry of Zimbabwe. The “celebrities” are probably worse off than the average people. And that is truly sad, because these musicians are making music as hobbies to just entertain people but are getting nothing for it.  For a top musician to fight a thug for tomatoes, that is truly sad and embarrassing not just for Trevor, but for the whole country Zimbabwe.

Stunner (Desmond Chideme)
Only last week Zimbabwean rapper Stunner was making headlines after he was found guilty of a criminal offence which included driving without a licence and reckless driving. These charges came after Stunner was involved in a fatal car accident in his brand new Lexus that injured two pedestrians and damaged cars and properties. This is a man who has made such a reputation on social media boasting about how rich he is, sleeping in chinchilla blankets and how he is making money through his music. I remember about two weeks ago he was trending on Facebook after he made fun of single mothers (despite being married to one). Soon after that he recorded a live video in which he openly mocked poor people and those struggling in the diaspora saying he was ready to give them jobs as care assistants. He went on to boast that he has already made money from his latest album because he already sold it to some company explaining why his album was free. He was obviously lying about this, no company bought his album, and even if it was bought, he would still not be giving it out for free.  After all the bragging on social media, the real Stunner revealed himself in court when he begged for mercy at the hands of the magistrate. He said he doesn’t make any money from music and life was indeed very difficult for him financially. The car which he had the accident in had been bought on higher purchase. How sad is that.

Rapper Stunner 

Nox Guni
Singer Nox Guni has been trending on social media over the past few months. Every month nude pictures of him in disgraceful sleeping positions in run down houses and hotels are being leaked online.   Allegedly this is involving a love gone bad conflict with an Amai Gamu aka Amai Guru according to her  Facebook page,  who all along was masquerading as Nox’s publicity officer yet she was his girlfriend . The singer is alleged to have been using the older Amai Gamu as his source of money, despite portraying a successful music career on social media.  I can believe this because the pictures of the rooms Nox is pictured in are a far cry from the flamboyant celebrity he appears to be on social media.

Another Zimbabwe celebrity Jah Prayzah made headlines in the last few weeks after he was unable to pay one of his employees their salary, as well as allegations of sexual harassment.

I could go on and on about the scandals of Zimbabwean celebrities living a high life on Facebook when the reality is a different story. I could also go on about celebrities in Zimbabwe indulging is disgraceful behavior which makes them laughing stocks on social media. Is this because of the political situation and the poverty in Zimbabwe? It looks like the celebrities are not immune to the Zimbabwe situation. Only a few months ago Lady Squanda mercilessly beat up comedian Skimbo and made him lick her foot. She went on to record the abuse on video. What on earth would cause a woman who is supposed to be a celebrity to resort to such behavior. Is it not the frustration of the industry itself? In fact the real reason Lady Squanda assaulted Skimbo was because she had been accused of stealing underwear from a lodge, that just about says it all.

At the beginning of the year another female celebrity former actress Tinopona Katsande suffered a public humiliation after she split up with her husband/boyfriend Virimai Chigariro. He then went to the press and exposed the poverty Tinopona was living in, despite the contrast she had tried to portray on social media. It then came to public attention that Tinopona was living in a rented one room house despite being a “successful celebrity” who is constantly featured in the tabloids.

I will conclude with the two music legends of Zimbabwe, Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi. The political situation of Zimbabwe led Thomas Mapfumo to flee Zimbabwe and seek aslymn in the USA, which has affected his music career. It was very sad to see Thomas Mapfumo among the other 8 people who were protesting against Mugabe at the UN Headquarters in New York last month organised by Evan Mawarire. There was nothing wrong with the protest itself, but it was sad to watch because of how unsuccessful it was.  I could not believe the videos I was watching that it was actually the great Thomas Mapfumo. This is a man I grew up listening to in the background. His music was everywhere.  He was a household name. But to see him now in exile in USA looking lost and participating in a demonstration that was such a flop was sad. He could not even pull the 100 people to the demonstrations against Mugabe. This is a man who is supposed to be honored considering his music contribution to Zimbabwe and Africa, but there he was standing in the streets of New York, with no one even noticing him or acknowledging the legend he once was.

Thomas Mapfumo in the streets of New York with activist Patson Dzamara

As for Oliver Mtukudzi, he is one of the best musicians Zimbabwe has ever had. Like Thomas Mapfumo one would assume these two men are multi millionaires. I remember a few years ago when Mtukudzi purchased a Land Rover Discovery. I remember the headlines “Oliver Mtukudzi shows off new wheels”. There were pictures of the car everywhere, even fans surrounding the car taking pictures. However only last month, Mtukudzi was being sued by a car dealer over failure to pay the monthly installments of the car. The local car dealer Premier Auto Services took him to High Court seeking to recover over $43 000 for a Land Rover Discovery 3 vehicle he bought some time ago. So if a Zimbabwean superstar like Oliver Mtukudzi can not afford to buy a Land Rover Discovery, what hope is there for artists like Stunner, Trevor Dongo and Lady Squanda. Does Zimbabwe even have millionaire celebrities at all?  I am talking of people who have made a fortune because of their talent in the music and entertainment industry.

I have learnt that the people of Zimbabwe love to brag about wealth and statuses on social media. Our celebrities are no different. In fact its worse for the celebrities because people expect them to be living the high life so they go out of their way to show the public that indeed their talent is paying them, when that is far from the reality. Its truly sad how being a Zimbabwean celebrity in the music and entertainment industry is almost like a curse. I feel like the economic situation has made these “celebrities” vulnerable and  a national laughing stock.  Will anything good ever come out of Zimbabwe? I am not talking about artists like Tinashe who may have a Zimbabwean name but are American, I mean real Zimbabweans. Other African countries are able to produce world class musicians who where born and raised in Africa. What about Zimbabwe?  It does look like a nation cursed starting with the celebrities. Where are the blessings, talent and wealth of Zimbabwe?

The Solution 

The purpose of this article is to highlight a problem in hope for a solution. Its unfortunate to see Zimbabwean celebrities being a laughing stock on social media week after week. How will the world respect them if they are a butt of jokes in their own country. In one of his videos, I recall Stunner mentioning that maybe Zim celebrities need to have some sort of committee or advisory board where they are represented and advised on how to conduct themselves in public. Something positive that Stunner has ever said. Public relations is something these celebrities seriously lack. They may be suffering financially and economically due to the Zim situation but that is no excuse for barbaric behavior. They also need to be advised that they do not need to portray an online persona of something they are not just to please people as it always comes back to haunt them. A solution needs to be reached as a matter of emergency for we can’t afford to have yet another celebrity next week being made into a laughing stock for the embarrassment of Zimbabwe.

Why Donald Trump Will Make A Better President Than Hillary Clinton


I have always been drawn to American politics, and yesterday after watching the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate, I was stirred to put my thoughts on paper. I hate hypocrisy in all forms, and I have seen a lot of it during this presidential campaign. As a black woman who is very much against racism, racial inequalities and deeply troubled about what is happening in the US today, I am not ashamed to actually say I hope Donald Trump wins the presidential election this year. The situation for the black community in America seems worse than it has been in a very long time and Barack Obama has done nothing to change that. As a black woman I believe Trump will do a lot more for the black community than Barack Obama has ever done or Hillary Clinton will ever do.

If Barack Obama had put the same energy he put in legalizing same sex marriage on black rights, we would be talking a different story right now for the black American people. He changed history for gay rights but could not change anything for the suffering of the black race. All Obama does is upbraids black people whilst barely mentioning the flaws of white Americans. He does this because he does not want to upset white Americans. Yes Obama looks and sounds good for the black people, but that’s just about it. He is just an inspirational figure for us, but has done nothing for us.  Life for the black community has got worse under the Obama administration. Not to mention his trip to Kenya in July 2016 where he wanted to push for gay rights in Africa. Gay rights is luxury in Africa, the continent has more pressing issues like poverty and exploitation of its resources. It was good Kenyan president put him in his place and told him “gay rights” was a non issue for Africans.

That said I actually do like Donald Trump. I love his straight talk and honesty above everything else. He doesn’t do what all politicians running for presidents do to please everyone and tell them what they all want to hear. I do not agree with a number of Trump’s views neither do I condone the way he spoke about “white women” in his locker room banter 11 years ago. Yes the truth is what he said was utterly unacceptable only because it was white women he was speaking about. Had he been talking about black women, I know it wouldn’t have been much of an issue at all. I like Donald Trump because at least for such a time as this he is offending all peoples, all races. Isn’t that a change for once. At least everyone is feeling what the black race has felt for centuries, being offended and insulted by the people who are rising in power.

Donald Trump is just real. He is not afraid of being politically incorrect. He speaks exactly what hes thinking, something that the human mind has been conditioned against. I actually do not believe he hates black people, Hispanics or women. I tend to judge people by their hearts and how they conduct themselves on a day to day basis, especially privately rather than what they say alone. When it comes to politics, talk is cheap. Donald’s actions do speak way louder than his words, unlike his opponent.  Donald Trump who is supposed to loathe black people gave refuge to Grammy Award winner Jennifer Hudson after three of her family members where murdered. Donald gave her a place to stay and grieve, where he did not charge her a penny and also provided security for her and her family. Even billionaire Oprah Winfrey in all her glory could not do that for her black sister, but”racist” Trump did. He also offered his private his private jet for a very sick boy who could not be accommodated on normal airlines. And again “racist” Donald Trump gave £10 000 to a black man who saved a woman who was about to jump off a bridge to commit suicide. These are just some of the few things that Donald Trump does in his private life to make a difference in peoples lives. Hillary Clinton is very much aware of this side of Donald Trump, yet she could not even give him this honest complement in the debate last night when asked to say one positive thing about Donald. He is not the evil beast that the media tries to portray. And by the way Jennifer Hudson is supporting Donald Trump, as a black woman she has experienced Trump’s kindness face to face.  Why wouldn’t she support him, he has been like a father to her.

Donald Trump, Jennifer Hudson and Melania Trump

On top of the good deeds he does, I respect Donald Trump for being against abortion and for his desire to protect the religious freedom of Christians in America. I do respect him for that. I really hope this man becomes the next president because I believe for once, American people will actually know what they are voting for. No hypocrisy, no lies, no deception, just a real guy who is upfront and apologetically honest. I also don’t think he hates foreigners as much as we are being made to believe, sometimes common sense just has to prevail over what is written in the newspapers. His mother was a Scottish, his first wife was a foreigner, his current wife was an immigrant who got her American citizenship after marrying Donald Trump.  So why would he just randomly throw every immigrant out of the country?

Hillary Clinton Defended A Child Rapist In Court 

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