Zimbawean Celebrities And Abuse


He is Zimbabwe’s male equivalent to Adele, a little overrated of course though greatly talented. He’s a young rising contemporary musician who goes by the stage name Jah Prayzah, real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe. He recently celebrated a million views on You Tube. Yes in Zimbabwe a million hits on You Tube is historical and epic. Zimbabwe being a very small country with only a population of 14 million, it is very difficult for musicians to get a million views on You Tube. The first Zimbabwean to ever got a million hits was Taps Mugadza who is now based in USA. He only managed to achieve over a million hits when he did a stunning cover of Adele’s Hello. The second person in Zimbabwaen history to get more than a million hits on a musical video was Ammara Brown with her hit song with Tytan, Mukoko. The third Zimbabwean musician to hit a million views is now of course the rising Jah Prayzah. Simply unstoppable. He recently hit the million milestone with a collaboration he did with one of the highest selling Tanzanian  recording artists, Diamond Platnumz. There is no denying that because of his recent success, Jah Prayzah is without a doubt the most popular musician in Zimbabwe at the moment.

Jah Prayzah is currently at the height of his musical career

Personally am not a fan of him, not because I think his a bad musician, I just don’t connect with the type of music he sings. All I know is he is currently at the height of his career. I understand and respect that he is a public figure, successful, and adored by thousands. Unlike his fans, I have no connection to this man, spiritually, emotionally or musically  hence I can make a rational clear judgement on what has been recently reported in the Zimbabwean papers about him.

Over the last few days, a Zimbabwean single mother of two who likes to be called Gonyeti, though her real name is Pamela Zulu has suddenly came forward with claims that she was sexually abused by  Jah Prayzah. In her own words she said she used to have sexual intercourse with the married father of three in order to secure and keep her job as his dancer. Gonyeti who was sacked by Jah Prayer in Augast feels extremely hurt by her former employer and believes what she endured under his leadership was nothing but sexual exploitation. On top of the sensational claims of sexual abuse, Gonyeti also claims that Jah Prayzah also financially abused her , making her work for him without full pay. He currently owes her ‘outstanding’ fees for studio works among other performances, a claim which Jah Prayzah himself allegedly agrees.

Dancer Gonyeti claims she was sexually and financially exploited by Jah Prayzah

However yesterday, Gonyeti faced a fierce backlash on social media as she faced the wrath of Jah’s fans, mostly middle aged Zimbabwean women, calling her a whore among other derogatory names. Its very tragic because these are the women who aid and help men to sexually abuse and exploit women in our society. Their argument is that she willingly slept with Jah so she should not cry abuse just because she has now been sacked/dumped. The fact that Jah Prayzah is a married man does not faze them one bit. The fact that this married father sleeps around with his employers in order for them to keep their jobs does not faze them at all. It’s just what men do, they say with their heads and faces high. “Men sleep with anything that opens its legs to them” a shocking comment from a woman read. It doesn’t bother them that he is a high profile celebrity, a public figure who is supposed to be an example to the young generation. Just because they are mesmerized by his music, all moral ethics has gone out of the window and now all their energy is directed at demonizing the woman that their idol allegedly abused.

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Pregnant And Alone


The bible says we should give thanks to God and testify of His good deeds. The bible also says we go through trials so we can encourage others one day.  As my baby is about to turn two, I am compelled to share my journey of one of the most painful times of my life, when unprepared, I found myself pregnant and alone. I want to encourage any pregnant single mother out there who has been abandoned by her boyfriend/husband , that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Keep your baby, it has been given to you by God for a reason. 

My baby Fadzai will be two in exactly 2 weeks time. Every morning she comes onto my bed and jumps on me which normally hurts. She is a very strong little girl. But it’s difficult to be angry with her because she is so adorable. Everyone who sees her cannot help but fall in love with her. She is funny, clever, mischievous and incredibly intelligent. There is never a dull moment with Fadzai. And as I was saying, she doesn’t like to see me sleeping. Yesterday  when she woke me up, she looked so grown up. I was taken back to when I was pregnant with her and the day I gave birth to her. She is the only child I have ever carried alone, without a husband or partner by my side. She is the only child I carried during a time where I cried almost everyday. How she came out a healthy baby is always a mystery to me. I guess she was a fighter from the day she was conceived.

She fought her way into this world, and there is never a dull moment with Fadzai

I remember tears just streaming down my cheeks during a midwife visit. I was already a mother to three children who had just lost their father, not through death but through the father’s choosing.  I was facing a painful child custody where my ex husband was fighting me for my children to be taken into care as he claimed I was going to kill myself pretty soon. Unbelievable but true. He had just made me homeless by making sure I was evicted from my own home. On top of that, I had an ongoing abuse case with an entire church and their pastor. My life at that time seemed like hell on earth.  I was still in shock that my marriage had ended, and that the man who had promised me the moon was now the man who hated me so much that he wanted me dead. He would constantly prophecy falsely to the courts that I was about to commit suicide. And he would tell them they would all read about me in the papers one day after I had killed myself. Nothing made sense to me, it seemed all the evil in the world had been unleashed on me. And here I was pregnant with my fourth baby.

“Nothing last forever Jean”. My midwife tried to comfort me.” It may seem like you are at your worst, but it can only get better. Maybe this will be your best child, this child will love you like no one has ever loved you.”

She took out her bible and read some verses to me. Yes she was my midwife, but at the time she became like an angel to me. I will never forget her and the words she said to me during a time when I was at my lowest point of life.

Four weeks before, I had found myself in an abortion clinic. I know, shocking right. When I was a married woman, I was an advocate against abortion. I called the women murderers. There was never an excuse for abortion, I preached. Yet here I was, now a single mother, sitting painfully and confused in an abortion clinic. Yes I still loved God. Yes I knew abortion was a sin.  But I felt so trapped, I felt I had no way out. I was confused as to where God was in all of this. Surely if He cared about me, He would understand why I was having this abortion. I was a woman despised and abandoned. How could I possibly look after this baby? As I sat in the clinic, I saw many young women, most of them were teenagers and most of them were black. It confused and puzzled me to see the abortion clinic filled with so many black women when they are the minority in the UK. Anyway, that is another topic for another day.

The doctor called me. He asked me why I was having the abortion.  I told him my situation. He asked me if I believed abortion was right and I told him I didn’t, but I had no choice. He told me it was going to be difficult to perform an abortion on a woman who believed she was doing the wrong thing. I had also filled in the paperwork where I wrote that abortion was wrong and it was murder. He was now trying to convince me that it was not wrong.  He told me I had to put myself first, and I had three other children to look after. This baby would complicate my life and it would worsen my situation. “I’m sorry, but I cant lie. I still believe abortion is wrong and its murder though I will go ahead with it because I have no choice.” I told him quietly. He seemed frustrated with me.

My heart was filled with overwhelming love for her…

He went on to do the scan to see how far I had gone. He asked me something I never expected. “Do you want to see it?” I hesitated. Then I knew in my heart I loved this baby so much, so yes I wanted to see it. “Yes I do”. I replied. He turned the scan towards me, and there she was kicking and swimming inside me. I had never seen a baby so active. My heart was filled with overwhelming love for her. I saw her head, legs, arms and it felt as though I saw her soul too. She was saying to me ” Mummy you will not take this away from me. I want my right to live. You are not my creator”

Fadzai spoke inside that abortion clinic. She refused to be killed. That day I knew whoever I was carrying inside me, she was a real fighter. The doctor told me I was far gone, so I had to go to London to a special hospital for the abortion because the baby was now too big. Before I left the clinic, I asked the doctor if the baby was a boy or girl. He told me that he could not disclose that information because if I chose to abort the baby based on gender then that would be a criminal offence and I could be charged. That was the moment the doctor confirmed to me that abortion was murder. He said it with his own mouth.

I went home and I wept, the thought that I had tried to do this upset me more than anything. I touched my tummy and I spoke to my baby for the first time, that was the day I named her. “Please forgive me Fadzai. Yes Fadzai will be your name. You will give me joy. You will not die but live to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. We will pull through this together. I will protect you.”

After  this it did not get any better. As I progressed in my pregnancy, the more harder my life became. I was looking after three children, or rather fighting so hard not to lose them. For my sanity, I chose to get baptized a month before Fadzai was born. I needed to get right with God and I felt I needed some cleansing from all the evil I had suffered in the hands of my previous Pastor and ex husband. As I was about to go home after the baptism, the pastor called me and I told him my story. I told him I was praying for my ex husband to come back to me despite all he had done to me.

“But he is not your husband”. The pastor told me.”If he was your husband, he would not have put you away. He doesn’t love you.”

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Why Black People Should Not Accept The Racism Of Coronation Street


So Coronation Street has issued an apology regarding the racist joke that was made during the bank holiday Monday episode when Eva Price said “I have more roots than Kunta Kinte,” in  a visit to the hair salon to get her roots retouched. Kunta Kinte was a character from the novel  Roots. Based on a real-life ancestor of author Alex Haley, it tells the story of a young man taken from Gambia and sold as a slave. As the majority of white people glee on social media saying, ‘its just a joke, get over it you black people’. I do not believe any black person should be forced to not take offence on something that is clearly very sensitive to them and offensive. The white man is the last person who should tell the black man how to be offended/ or not to be offended about racism. Racism doesn’t affect them in the work place, it doesn’t affect them in the community, it doesn’t affect them in society, they have what is called ‘white privilege’ from birth. So why on earth should the white men be on the fore front in educating black people on how to handle racism?

There is nothing to joke about when it comes to slavery

Ofcom received more than 300 complaints and hundreds more took to social media to express their disgust with what had happened in the Monday episode of the popular soap. Because of the uproar Coronation Street bosses where forced to issue an apology. The insincere apology from Coronation Street and the reaction from the majority of the white people in support of the racist joke has prompted me write this article. I feel there was a malicious motive behind the racist joke. Firstly, dear Coronation Street, if you are going to issue an apology, even if you don’t want to, the rule of apologies is always to make it sound sincere. But sadly, Coronation Street doesn’t seem to understand that rule, so the insults continues even in the supposed apology.

A spokesman for the soap said, “We apologize IF this dialogue has caused offence.”

Its not a matter of IF. The fact is the dialogue has actually caused offence. Great offence. Their “apology” if its to be even called that, has actually proved that the script writers knew exactly what they the were doing when they wrote the racist joke. I thought soaps where supposed to be enlightening and educational, tackling real life issues in the form of drama. You do not joke about issues pertaining to slavery in a soap. This is not something that should not be allowed in 21st Century Britain. Not on a British soap that is watched by millions of people.

Blonde Eva Price made a tasteless joke about Kunta Kinte on Coronation Street

What makes it worse is what Eva Price continues to say after the racist joke, “I have no idea who Kunta Kinte is by the way, its just something my mother used to say.” This is literally implying that this is a popular joke white people are comfortable to say to each other, passed from generation to generation without actually knowing who Kunta Kinte was.  How insulting and disrespectful to the black history.

Ofcom is still deciding whether to launch an investigation or not. I think they should go ahead and launch an investigation. There is nothing really to decide, is there?  What did the script writers intend to achieve with the racist joke? Why do they think it is acceptable in modern day Britain to mock black people? Some of us are raising black children in this country where they face all sorts of obstacles in schools and the community. Now when an influential soap such as Coronation Street think its okay to air racist jokes, they are influencing the general public, and yes a lot of white people are loving this joke. They are literally celebrating on social media. Children in the playground will pick on that and the cycle continues. What are they teaching the children?  Sadly Coronation Street is doing its bit in increasing stereotyping and racism  towards black people in the UK.

I have to say until Monday, Coronation Street was actually my favorite British soap. I watched every episode with my 12 year old dark skinned beautiful daughter who has gorgeous afro hair. Talking of dark skinned girls with beautiful afro hair, I have always had my questions as to why there are no black people on Coronation Street. When I say black, I am not talking about the mixed race who are half black and half white with fair skin and straight hair, I am talking about 100 percent black, dark skinned, afro hair and all, the Kunta Kinte kind of black. I know they have had one or two dark skinned people here and there over the years, but to my understanding they do not have a stable number of dark skinned characters in the soap.

I don’t watch other British soaps, but I am very much aware that they have black families in other soaps. I am under the impression that Coronation Street is probably the only British soap that does not have a Black family in it. Which is very ironic considering the soap is shot in Manchester, which is the third city in England with the largest Ethnic minority community, 8.9% of it being the black community. However according to Coronation Street, dark skinned people do not exist in England. That is the picture they paint. No wonder they feel they can easily mock and insult black people in their “very white” soap. Yes I know there an Asian family in the soap, but Asian people are not black people. We are addressing black people not Asian people.

Like I said, what I found very  disturbing, but not surprising was that most white people commenting on the issue on social media do not find anything wrong with the racist Kunta Kinte joke, especially in the daily mail article. In fact they added more racist jokes to the comments section. “It’s just a joke, its not even racist, get a life”, says the racist white man openly. They are obviously the people behind the ongoing racism today, and they are millions of them in the UK. They are just lacking the platform to be openly racist and mock black people. So when Coronation Street pulls a racist stunt like this, the true picture that racism is rife in modern Britain today comes out. They have all come out of the woodwork, the racist trolls who thrive on moments like this. To them they think mocking black people is just but a big joke. They think black people are overreacting. Of course you don’t see anything offensive; racism and slavery never offended you in the first place. Racism does not affect you in modern Britain.

So please stop telling the black race that they should not be offended by something which is clearly offensive to them. We are working very hard for a racist free Britain for our children, we do not need soaps to promote something we are fighting so hard to eradicate. With everything that is going in the world where black people are being killed for simply being black, this is not the time for a British soap to insult our painful  history. To be fair, there are also a good number of white people who were offended by the joke, not all white people are racist.  There were also a very few black people in the minority who thinks the joke was perfectly okay and very funny indeed. And for the record, the most closest friends I have had in my life have been white, and they too feel the same about racism as I do.

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