Why Fadzai Is The Bridge Which Holds The Northern Kingdom of KUBALA

See the tears in Fadzai’s eyes, see the tears in my eyes, this pictures were taken in March 2022 at a Contact Portal of Durham social services in Bishop Auckland. After the police had raided our cottage in Seaham on November 29 2021 and arrested my husband and I , taking our children. My Fadzai had not seen me for over three months.

The day I finally got to see her, being supervised by two Edomite women who were so hostile, Fadzai wept at my sight. The Edomite supervisors enjoyed every minute of the tears of my baby, you could almost see the glee in their eyes. The sight of a mother and her child crying is what gives them satisfaction in their job.

So I told Fadzai to stop crying and hold her head up and smile. 

“But this is not fair Mummy, I miss you, I want to come home with you” She wept. 

She was dressed so unkept by her Edomite Foster carer, Ine Deprez, her skin was dry and unoiled. I always paid attention to detail in how I dress my children, every dress is carefully picked and colour coordinated. They only wear certain brands, It was painful to see my Princess dressed in such a manner. Her hair and locks were a mess. 

I always paid attention to detail of every dress I put on my girls.
It was painful to see the type and quality of clothes my children were being dressed in.

It was not just the way she was dressed, it was her demeanor, she wasn’t my bubbly Fadzai anymore, my chatter box, she was beyond broken. I felt so helpless, I couldn’t take my baby home to comfort her. 

I couldn’t take my baby home to comfort her

I wept, and I told her that in the Northern Kingdom, we rise up and do what we always do, we dry our tears and take loads of pictures. 

I told Fadzai to dry her tears and smile.

She told me she had bought me candles. She said “I know you love to burn candles in summer”. She had also bought me a mug which read, “Magnificent Mum”.

I hugged her so tight, and I told her God still loved her, and had a reason for all this, even though right now we may never understand. 

Today Durham County Council Social Services are planning of giving Fadzai to the Chipo Kambanje, the man who raped me. But they do not know who Fadzai is.

She carries my name FADZAI. She is a sacred child. Her name came from the Chief Never Gasho, who named me Fadzai.

In excruciating pain I conceived her, yet in unimaginable painful joy I brought her into this world.  

She came into my life to help me crossover to the other side. Before FADZAI all I knew was a man called Shingai. A man who could never love me. A man who would gather his whole family to abuse me. YAHOWA saw my tears and allowed Fadzai to come into my womb, to shut the old world away. The moment she was born, she led me to my Boaz, my Lord husband who would never put me away, my Nino.

When she was only 3 weeks Fadzai led me to meet my husband Nino

Without Fadzai there wouldn’t be Nino. She is at the centre of how I met the Messiah. My love story is incomplete without Fadzai.  Without Nino there wouldn’t be the Northern Kingdom. So Fadzai is the Northern Kingdom of KUBALA, she carries the vision in the palm of her hands…

She is the bridge between my old life and my new life.

Fadzai became the bridge that shut my old life away
Fadzai led me to my new world

Fadzai separated the past and the present.

Fadzai separated my old life from my new life.
Fadzai made way for a new life for her mother

Fadzai separated the old Jean and the New Mary-Tamar.

Fadzai helped me say goodbye to the old Jean
And I became Mary-Tamar

She is the Fadzai between Jean and Mary-Tamar. She carries my most sacred name, my middle name I was called by my Father. It was the name my Daddy always wanted me to have, the name he wished I was called the moment I was born…I hated the name Jean, I wished I had been called Fadzai, only Fadzai, so my daughter Fadzai became me…what I always wanted to be like…

Because I birthed her alone in Milton Keynes Hospital, without anyone by my side, the moment she was born I called my Daddy, and he was the first to know…

“Daddy, she’s here, and she’s perfect. My Fadzai is here…” I told the Chief, and he was so happy…

And since that day, I never stopped smiling, because she lived up to her name, and became my JOY, the bridge of the Northern Kingdom, the Eagle of Napolia…

My Fadzai, my JOY, Chipo Changu, I live in her, because she carries my very soul and spirit…

My little Lioness Fadzai

So Durham County Council, Lynne Weatherspoon, Katie Grammer, Judge Liveridge, Paul Cooke, Lawrence Garside, give my daughter to my rapist Chipo Kambanje, and see what will happen, see how it will all end…

As the Chief always said, Fadzai mwana weropa, she is the Bridge of the Northern Kingdom of Kubala, and giving her to the rapist will only burn down the core of your entire system…

Giving my Fadzai to my rapist will burn down your entire system

I am FADZAI, and I have spoken…


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