My Open Letter To Febbie

Dear Febbie Yesterday I was made aware of a video going viral on social media about a man called Lameck. He gate-crashed a funeral of a woman who had been a mother in law to his daughter. He stopped the whole funeral and chose to speak ill of the dead, declaring boldly that the dead … Continue reading My Open Letter To Febbie

Micheal, My Gay Angel

I believe Christians are the most judgemental hypocrites on earth, especially when it comes to sexuality. They will look at a person who is gay with disgust and automatically condemn them to hell. Whilst they condemn the gays, they will fail to do the basic thing that is taught by the bible. Thou shalt love … Continue reading Micheal, My Gay Angel

Being A Mother Is Not An Excuse To Let Yourself Go

Today marks exactly 8 weeks (2 months) since Charo was born and I am celebrating because I feel healthy, happy and blessed. Yesterday my 8 year old son Kunashe who is my photographer, took some pictures of me, and some of my followers asked me what my beauty secrets where. Beauty is a natural gift, … Continue reading Being A Mother Is Not An Excuse To Let Yourself Go