Buckingham Palace Ordered My Arrest: I Was Charged With Trying To Overthrow Charles And Stop The Coronation

Last week on Wednesday night, 26 April 2023 at around 11pm as I was about to go to bed with my Lord Husband Atehene and sister wife Lady Safi as my daughter slept upstairs in her flat, Middlesbrough police stormed our block of flats in Stockton unannounced to arrest me on the instruction of Buckingham Palace. Northern Echo published a lot of lies about the version of events that transpired on 26 April 2023. My Lord Husband and I did not at any point attempt to flee the building, we went on the balcony to protest against the police brutality and blatant racism and discrimination against us as black parents fighting for our 7 offspring who were legally kidnapped by Durham County Council.

The moment it happened I was literally naked, tucked in bed. But somehow I felt uneasy, I had this gut feeling. We had spent the day in the Library. I had finished editing my book “Letters To My 7 Children,” and somehow felt positive. Then we drove to Darlington to my son’s school, were he is currently being schooled against my will. I wanted to see my son Chaka, I haven’t seen him in over two months, and I know he is very distressed, but then I thought they will arrest me. We then drove back to Stockton, and I went on my favorite bridge were I do most of my Free Chaka protests. I also pray a lot on that bridge. I dream of it a lot too. The bridge takes you over to River Tees. I love this bridge because Solomon’s words are engraved on the footbridge, ” All rivers run to the see, yet the sea is not full” Ecclesiastes 1:7.

My favorite footbridge

Across this footbridge, I do most of my running along River Tees. I do a lot of my prayers there as well. My Lord husband and I come here at night, especially full moon nights to do our sacred rituals. When my 7 children were with me, I used to cross this bridge with them, and go to the water with them. Chaka and Charo would running around, chasing each other laughing. I used to bring my girls Fadzai and Charo here on sabbath with their baskets to pick flowers. My daughter always brings our dog North here for walks.

Over the Bridge, my girls Charo and Fadzai loved running and playing here.
My little Prince Chaka running along River Tees
Crossing the Bridge in Stockton holding my baby girl Fadzai
Along the River Tees, Nakai and I dotting on Chaka whilst I was pregnant with Chaniya
My Lord Husband sitting on the grass with my 6 children
Chaka running with his ball
With my 6 children before they were all legally kidnapped

So last Wednesday, just before everything happened, I came at the bridge around 4pm. The next day my Lord Husband and I had a court hearing of contempt of court, where the Judge was threatening to sentence us to two years in jail for speaking publicly about the racial abuse and suffering of our children in the care of Durham Social Services. In much fear and pain, I recorded this video, for my son Chaka unaware of what was about to happen to me.

After I finished recording this video, I posted it on my Social media platforms and my Lord Husband suggested he cooks me my favorite food, palm nut soup and rice balls to make me feel better. Holding hands we went to the African shop and bought beef, palm nut oil and rice. We got to the apartment, and headed up to my daughter’s flat which is at the very top of the building. We love to cook in my daughter’s kitchen, because it has so much natural light and is facing the front.

Inside my daughter’s flat, where I normally do my paintings, my husband cooked me palm but soup

My daughter was still in college, my husband’s second wife Lady Safi was in the downstairs flat watching Netfilx. My Lord Husband and I started playing our favorite song Khanyisa by Sdala B and Paige as he cooked. We danced together, singing the song for Chaka. “He lit a candle, hold on don’t cry. He is the child of the Creator. We will Succeed.”

We played the song on repeat until my husband had finished cooking. Then Nakai came back from College and we all prayed together about the court hearing. Lady Safi came up to eat. I became very anxious and couldn’t eat. I went to lie in Nakai’s bed for a while, trying to distract myself by watching TV but I couldn’t concentrate.

At around 8pm, we went downstairs to our apartment, and I sat in the Kitchen with my bird, rather my daughter Fadzai’s bird, Lola. I lit a candle for Chaka, and took down his painting, “Run Chaka Run” and put it on the kitchen floor. I knelt on the kitchen floor and started crying for my son. I prayed and prayed for him to my God YAHOWA. “Is Chaka not your child my God Yahowa?” My Lord Husband came in the kitchen and sat on the window bench, and comforted me. He told me Chaka was coming home, and instead of crying we should dance. “Oh Mary, do not cry, Yahowa will bring Chaka back into your arms, and you shall dance with him.” I wiped my tears and listened to the comforting words of my husband. We danced to Khanyisa.

I did a prayer ritual with my painting, “Run Chaka Run”

After our moment in the kitchen, somehow I felt better, and my husband told me it was time to get some rest. I got undressed and got into bed, and my husband joined me. Lady Safi was still in the living room watching TV.

As I put my head on my husband’s chest, I felt so uneasy again. My Husband was trying to comfort me as Lady Safi burst into the room panicking.

“My Lord, there are flashing lights everywhere and there is someone banging very loudly on the door.” We could hear our dog North going berserk upstairs.

At that moment I just knew it.

We jumped out of bed, and I grabbed my pink dressing gown. 

We rushed into the kitchen, and there were police cars everywhere in the streets, lights were flashing on our kitchen window and people were gathered. The police were shouting telling us to open the door. They were wearing gloves. We demanded the reason they were at our apartment, and to see their search warrant. They were not telling us anything, but that we should just open the door. Terrified I started to livestream everything on my Facebook page to my 21k Followers.

My Lord Husband jumped on the balcony to protest against the racism and police brutality. I joined my Lord Husband on the Balcony and we chanted our slogan “Kubala Kubala Ilizwe!” My Lord husband called on his God YAHOWA. Many Edomites who were watching were laughing at us, mocking us edging the police to just arrest us. Some Asians and a few black people were sympathizing with us. I was shouting that “what crime have I committed, you have taken my children from me, now you want to arrest me, for what?”

My Lord Husband and I did not attempt to jump out of this window, we stood on the balcony and protested

The police then called the fire service, so they could write their falsehoods that we tried to escape.

They broke into the house, and brutally arrested my Lord husband for “obstructing police”. As I was brutally arrested, I was so shocked by the charges being brought before me.

When I got to Middlesbrough Police Station, the charges were read to me…

“Ms Gasho, we are arresting you on suspicion of attempting to overthrow King Charles and stop the Coronation.” I remember my mouth being so wide, I couldn’t even respond.

What followed was even worse…

“A call from Buckingham Palace about the safety of King Charles was made to Middlesbrough Police, commanding the arrest of Ms Jean Gasho under the terrorist act. Ms Jean Gasho has threatened to stop the King’s Coronation and has spread malicious falsehoods on her social media that her son Chaka is about to be sacrificed by King Charles.”

I think most of the charges against me came from this video my Lord Husband posted of me in the spirit possessed by my dead Father Chief Never Gasho whilst prophesying about the future of Great Britain

Whist in Custody I was questioned about the Northern Kingdom. I was asked about the Kingdom of KUBALA. I was asked how many members we have in our religion, Free Worship. I was asked about my Prophecies on King Charles or any dreams I have had regarding his future. I was asked why I call myself the Queen of the North. I was asked why I call my Lord Husband the King. I was told that the Monarchy owns the land and they are finding it offensive that we go around calling ourselves Royalty of Britain. I was asked if we were planning to overthrow King Charles. I was asked why I said Chaka is about to be sacrificed by King Charles.

Whist in custody I was asked about the Kingdom of KUBALA
I was told the land belongs to the Crown, so the British Royal Family are offended by us saying we are the royals of the “Northern Kingdom”
I was asked why I call myself the Queen of the North
I was asked why I call my Lord Husband “King”
I was told we have so much POWER
I was asked about our new religion we have founded
I was asked where the Northern Palace was
I was asked what all our signs and symbols and elements mean
I was asked why we call ourselves “ROYALTY”
I was asked about our polygamy lifestyle and how it clashes with the norm in Great Britain, and why we believe that a New Kingdom is arising in Britain

One man said to me, “Have you told your followers to stop the Coronation? Well, you and your husband have so much power, you have people who follow you and obey you?”

After my Lord Husband and I were arrested, Middlesbrough Police then obtained a search warrant and went and searched our flat, they ceased on of our tablets, and some of our literature and my phone for further investigations…

Some of our literature was ceased

After 6 days I was released on bail, on conditions that I do not threaten King Charles again, which I have never done, or go to London till end of July where the hearing will be heard in Middlesbrough.

About what I went through whilst incasareted, it is a book on its own…

But I never thought I would live to see the day, where I a little black girl who grew up in an unknown small town of Karoi in Zimbabwe, will be arrested and actually charged with trying to overthrow the most “powerful” man on earth, the King of Great Britain…

Well until my Son Chaka is back in my arms, none shall sleep indeed…

And no, I refused to tell them all the dreams and visions I have seen about what will become of their King Charles the third…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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