Why Zimbabwean Women Are The Concubines Of West African Men

This is a rather long read…I couldn’t have possibly made it shorter…

So today as I was reflecting on the life of my President Robert Mugabe, God rest his soul, and his late wife Sally Mugabe, I could not help but ponder on why God allowed this man to marry a Ghanaian woman. It is a rare thing, for a Ghanaian woman to marry a Southern African man, especially a Zimbabwean man, even though Zimbabwean women are always being taken by Ghanaian men. Mugabe must have been chosen, I thought.

One thing I know, there is a deep connection between Zimbabwe and Ghana, but the connection only lies between Ghanaian men and Zimbabwean women.

But the interesting thing is Zimbabwean women are loud and rowdy compared to Ghanaian women. Ghanaian women are calm, and have the sweetest temperament about them. One has to look at Mugabe’s two wives Sally and Grace, to prove this point. Sally was  quiet and calm, and Grace was almost mad.  The calm one was a Ghanaian, and the loud one was a Zimbabwean.

Well funny enough among the Zimbabweans, Sally was loved and always known as the real wife and mother of Zimbabwe, whilst  Grace was disrespected and known as the side chick, (concubine) of the president.

Well, since I shared my journey of Boaz  searching for a second wife, over the past weeks, I have had  so much angry reactions from Zimbabwean women. “We told you so Jean. It was all too good to be true..” They say. “West African men are like that, so many Zimbabwean women have been used and dumped by Ghanaian and Nigerians, only to be replaced by their proper wives from their countries” These are the confessions of angry Zimbabwean women who follow me. “There is no way a West African man will marry a Zimbabwean woman, especially one with children, they prefer their own women.” They say to me with so much conviction and anger. They do not know their anger is coming from somewhere.

They think they are laughing at me, but they do not realize that with their own mouths, they are confessing to something which is very deep,  especially in the spiritual realm.

There is no easier way for me to say this, but yes, Zimbabwean women are right, many of them have lived to testify, especially in the Diaspora. Many of them have been left holding babies whilst the West African they dated blissfully go and marry their own Ghanaian and Nigerian women. Its a well known secret. West African men will discuss that if they want their lives sorted, they have to find a Zimbabwean woman, they will talk about how Zimbabwean women are always ready. In fact, they will go as far as to snatch Zimbabwean married women, sleep with them and just leave them. I have heard enough horror stories about the plight of Zimbabwean women in the hands of West African men in the UK.

Zimbabwean women are even known to Nigerians especially, as being lose. They are known to provide “free pussies” to West Africans. Its not hard to get Zim women into bed, they say.

So when I met my Ghanaian Boaz, Zimbabweans were talking, especially my family. “Oh he’s just using her, lets see where it will all end. West African men can not be trusted.”

Now let me be totally honest with ya’ll. The reason why West African men can take any Zimbabwean woman they wish, (married or not) in most cases, is because Zimbabwean women are concubines by nature. They are trained from a young age to be sexual toys of men. They are trained on the art of seduction and how to please men in bed. Their vaginas are modified for this sole purpose. They are trained to be the delight of men, which is another definition of concubine.

West African men, especially Ghanaian and Nigerians are Kings. That is why these men stand out from all Africans. These men dominate Africa. Globally they remain the most talented of all Africans. Go to Kenya or even Tanzania, the women love West African men, sometimes even over their own men. These women, subconsciously naturally submit to Nigerians and Ghanaians. Basically, Nigerians and Ghanaians can take any women they want on the continent, they command that power, but other African men are not able to do that, unless you are Robert Mugabe of course, you can marry a Ghanaian.

It is rare for Ghanaian women to marry outside Ghana, but Ghanaian men do take women from other African countries, especially Southern Africa, and these women will bow to them over their own men.

Now this brings me to my point, over the past weeks, I have seen Zimbabwean women confess this with their own mouths, many who would have obviously slept with West Africans.

Secretly Zimbabwean women love West Africans. They say they are better in bed, last longer and are better endowed in the trousers department. Speaking from experience, I do agree that West Africans are God’s gift to us women. When I was married to a Zimbabwean fool, I was such a damsel in distress, I tried to take my life a number of times. When they are with us, West Africans are ever so charming, they ain’t boring either.

Anyway, when you go back to history, and study who Ghanains and Nigerians actually are, most of them are the descendants of Shem. So these men were actually blessed by God to be Kings and rule over their brethren Ham. Zimbabweans, and South Africans especially are the descendants of Ham, they are naturally born to serve, so how much more their women?  It explains why Southern African women, especially Zimbabweans are obsessed with sex and pleasing men in bed. I was born in Zimbabwe so I know these things to be true.

When you go back in history, these women would have been the concubines of the Shemites, (Nigerians and Ghanaians). West Africans wont know this, but they will find themselves desiring Zimbabweans, wishing they would just have some of that delight, the big bums and round figures. The women are always willingly ready to submit and serve, playing the role of seductresses, not knowing they are simply being concubines.

In Israel’s history, concubines were even believed to be delights of only Kings. King David had 10 of them, probably more. If an Israelite man wanted to fulfill his highest sexual fantasy and desire, they did not go to their wives, they went to their concubines. That was the purpose of concubines. Remember the Levite in the Book of Judges who threw his concubine out for the rapists? A wife was respected, and she would not be expected to do certain things on the marriage bed, the husband made love to the wife instead, and she bore heirs. The concubine serviced the husband and kept him happy.

This is actually a picture of the God of Israel. In the bible God describes Israel as his wife, his beloved and chosen. The other nations have their purpose, they are like the concubines of the Most High. Wives of  a lower status, born to serve.

God does not love everyone the same. Some he favors over others. Israel he loves, Esau he hates.

If one understands this principal, they will understand God, and they will not need to suffer unnecessary pain in life. The world is in such a fallen state right now, everything is upside down, such that women do not even know their places anymore.

Some are meant to be concubines, some are meant to be wives. With this balance the world would be a peaceful place and black women would not be in so much anguish, want and distress.

Funny enough, nowadays there is an epidemic of side chicks especially in the black community. Women who are happy to be side chicks, knowing that their man has his wife at home and would never leave her for them.

The Irony of it all is Zimbabwean women are known for being side-chicks of West African men. They confess it with their own mouths, one just has to visits my Facebook page and read their comments.

Everything we do in the physical begins in the spiritual. Sometimes we do not know why a certain group of people behave a certain way. Most of our behaviors as a group of people or as a nation goes back to our genetics. A lot of people perish for lack of knowledge.

A lot of Zimbabwean women, beautiful ones at that, have been left in distress by West African men who chose their own women over them. These Zimbabwean women simply refused to acknowledge their positions in the lives of these West Africans, that they were concubines. If they accepted and acknowledged that they are not meant to be wives, but concubines of West Africans, who are Kings to them, then they would have been a lot happier. Better than being abandoned and left for a life of spinsterhood, holding a baby too. Most of these Zimbabwean sisters, after West Africans are done with them, their fate is normally worse.

Like I said before, some people are chosen and some are not. Some people are born to be masters, some are born to serve. The world would never function without that dynamic.

Transatlantic slave trade was such an inhuman atrocity in human history because the chosen became the slaves. The Europeans knew this, so they exercised no mercy at all. Its like being given power to do whatsoever you want to your boss at work, if you are a psycho, you will do the most cruel, inhuman thing to your boss. That is exactly what happened with the transatlantic slave trade. Its like what happened to Samson, when Delilah cut his locks and the Philistines captured him, they became inhuman to him.

Sometimes here and there, the roles are reversed, servants rule over their masters, and masters become servants. But through it all, destiny always over rules one way or the other.

For that reason, so many Zimbabwean women can’t help but fall for West African men, and when they do, West African men can not help but treat them as concubines. Nature without reason tells them to.

If Zimbabwean women especially in the diaspora knew that they are only the concubines of West Africans, and accepted their fate, which is their blessing, none of the thousands of Zimbabweans would have been spinsters today, their lords would have gladly taken them as concubines, whilst they marry their own women. And even though the West Africans will have their own women as wives, they will still treat their concubines way better than their Zimbabwean husbands will ever do.

So am I a concubine of my Boaz, one may ask, since I was born in Zimbabwe and my husband is a Ghanaian? Well, if I wasn’t chosen, of course I would have been. I wouldn’t have been bitter one, or try to be what I am not, lest I become a damsel in distress forever.  Better be a concubine of a Ghanaian than a wife of a Zimbabwean I was married to.  There is nothing more satisfying than living in your realm of your destiny.

Ruth did…

Esther did…

Rahab did…

And so did Tamar…well almost when she slept with Judah

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean


14 thoughts on “Why Zimbabwean Women Are The Concubines Of West African Men

  1. Lol your mind amazes me. When do you have time to analyse all these things?

    Personally, I think southern African men have a problem with respecting women. We (me not included) are very oppress towards our women. We treat them like glorified maids. That’s where all our problems lie.

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  2. This is the most stupidest thing I have read all my life, you need help my sister otherwise in few years you might be in a mental institution, your previous relationship damaged you and no longer value yourself . Seek help while u can , yu are still writing meaning your illness is too not that bad, I feel pained really


    1. She makes so much sense actually. I am a victim of a Nigerian man who left me for his wife so I can relate. It’s just hard truth to swallow


  3. I don’t know about Zimbabwean women being concubines because even when these men (West African or Southern African) leave us we seem do to better on our own does that mean concubines are a blessed breed then? Without a man who doesn’t treat them wrong Zimbabwean women focus more on improving their lives and situations and excel at it. Well with the exception of you Jean who when hurt by a man will jump onto the next in search of a Saviour. Now before you go into defensive mode I am not attacking you at all just analysing with my so called concubine mind. Jean you were married to a Zimbabwean man who obviously did not treat you right, soon after you left him ,did you not conceive a girl child with God Knows whom? Then immediately u met your , “Boaz” and true to Zimbabwean concubine style you shelled out two kids in succession like a breeding rabbit. Zimbabwe’s problem lies in our culture that treats women as nothing but child bearing maids. There is nothing wrong with what we are taught as young girls. That is to respect our bodies and not let anyone enter them until we find a man who wants to marry us and grow old together. Even in the bible the virgins 10 were waiting for the groom to arrive. We are also taught to work very hard to provide for our families why do all your posts about the preparation of young girls for womanhood always ignore this fact and you always jump to the sexual part. It is you Jean who is obsessed with sex talk not Zimbabwean women in general we discuss such issues on certain occasions when it is necessary not ALL the time like you do because there is more to life than sex for Zimbabwean women.

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    1. But Ntomby, you know Zimbabwean women love sex, they are known for it…by the West Africans, and yes, in the UK they say Zim womem give out free pussies to Nigerians. Its not that easy to get into the pants of a Ghanaian I tell you. Zim women dont value their bodies as you claim, most of them sleep with Nigerians at the twinkling of an eyelid if they are charmed. Come on, you know this is true my sister. Secondly yes Zimbabwean women are very hard working, thats why West Africans use them, will use that point in one of my upcoming blogs actually. The hard working bit is true to their concubine spirit.

      Thirdly, yes concubines have their own annointing and blessings, if they only accept they are, they will be truly blessed, like the biblical concubines were blessed Hagar and the concubines of Jacob. These women enjoyed and had it good.

      Being a concubine is not a curse, like what the modern mind tells us.

      As for me, of course I am not defensive. I always say I need a man, I’m not an independent woman I don’t want to be, I need a Boaz to save me. I’m vulnerable, and I love it, it’s the best part of being a woman.

      Good day my sister.


      1. But Jean have you ever visited west Africa?? Once you do your mindset will change. It is not a paradise that you think it is. The women there have issues with their men who can also be abusive and unfaithful and unloving just like men anywhere else including Zimbabwe.

        I lived in Ghana and Nigeria and found it interesting that the women would complain that the men treat foreign women better than they treat their own. Word.

        Also are you of zambian or malawian origin. They are ones with a culture of teaching young girls about sex in preparation for marriage. Chinamwali. Shona and ndebele culture doesn’t have that. Maybe that is what you are calling Zimbabwean culture?? It is not.

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      2. Hi Bessie. I haven’t been to Ghana, Lord willing I’m going in December. But I have a lot of Ghanaian friends, yes they complain a lot, they say their men are stingy, and they say Nigerians are better at releasing funds lol, which is kinda true. And yes they envy us to some degree and say we take their men…but on a grand scale, I find these women calm and submissive. I have never had a bad encounter with a Ghanaian woman, even the ones who do my hair, once they know you are with their men, they love and welcome you in fact they honor you.

        My husband has two sisters, if you go on their social media, they are always posting about me, saying I’m their beautiful muroora. His sisters adore me. I never had this experience with my ex-husband sisters, they bullied me instead.

        My husband’s mother actually respects me, she loves me, his father too. My husband’s brothers give me so much love, I honestly have never seen it in Zimbabwe, within my own family.

        Just this past week, one of my husband’s cousins was telling him that I am God sent to him, and he should never treat me bad.

        My ex Zimbabwean in laws were so cruel to me, they treated me worse than an animal. I have experienced both people’s, both in-laws, my Ghanaian family is like my own blood. They have taken my 4 children, and love them like their own.

        Of course there is no Paradise on earth sis, Ghana has so many issues. It’s an African country, but from my eyes I love it because it’s home. The people treat me different to what I have ever known.

        Go on my social media the only people who hate me and insult me are Zimbabweans. As a writer, Ghanaians honour me, and respects my gift of the pen, wether they agree with me or not, they will never curse me like Zimbabweans do.

        Remember sis, all this is my own truth. From my own eyes.

        I’m sure they are so many Zimbabweans who love Zimbabwe and don’t see anything I speak of. But that can’t change my reality. I do hate Zimbabwe, but it’s because they hated me first.

        My Zimbabwean sisters in law, and mother in law treated me so bad I tried to kill myself not once…but a few times. I almost jumped off a bridge once…but my children made me not jump…
        About Chinamwari, it is practised in Zimbabwe. It is the culture. I was taught it….in Zimbabwe. I was even introduced to it by other young girls when I was a child. I could write a book about it. When I was about 12, my father’s sister (tete) taught me Chinamwari. It’s a Southern African culture, from Zambia, Zimbabwe to Malawi…and other southern African cultures too.

        But West African men are not particularly after these other women, their eyes are on Zim women…and there is a reason why.


  4. “About Chinamwari, it is practised in Zimbabwe. It is the culture. I was taught it….in Zimbabwe. I was even introduced to it by other young girls when I was a child. I could write a book about it. When I was about 12, my father’s sister (tete) taught me Chinamwari. It’s a Southern African culture, from Zambia, Zimbabwe to Malawi…and other southern African cultures too.”

    ‘Chinamwali’ is Malawian/Zambian. Definitey not Zimbabwean. I am Zambian born and bred of Zimbabwean orgin. I know that Malawian/Zambian cultures teach young girls about keeping a home, and loving a man and yes the s*x is part of it, BUT dear Jean it is not a Shona culture. Definitey not. The word itself chinamwaLi gives it away, there is no ‘L’ in the shona language. People of zambian origin living in Zimbabawe might incude the ‘r’ to say chinamwari but that doesnt make it ours.

    that is why I asked you if your family is of zambian/malawian origin.

    google will tell you the same thing.

    anyhow as I have said before you married into a disfunctional zimbabwean family. disfunctional families are found everywhere even in Ghana or should I say in west africa. I have lived there. been there. seen that. nothing to write home about. trust me.

    and the script about west african men leaving zim women for their own is sadly a script that you find all over africa especailly when couples meet overseas and then return to the men’s home country to live. the famliy and society pressure will force him to seek his own. that was the Grace and Sally script btw. and it is repeated everywhere on the continent. it is not just zimbabwean womn who are the victims of such.

    the treatment by your husband’s famliy conforms to the script of west african men and their families treating foreign women better than they treat their own.word.


    1. I couldn’t possibly keep on going round and round in circles about the same points I’ve already explained in the article and to you as well. Like I said girls in Zimbabwe are taught to sexually please men from a young age and are genitally mutilated too, whether it’s called Chinamwari or what is neither here no there sis. Its not even important what its called, that is not the point. World Health Organisation recognizes this cultural epidemic in Zimbabwe and has made measures to try and stop what they consideres abuse of the girl child. Girl child activist Betty Makoni campaigns against it too, (,the sexualizing of young Zimbabwean girls) she’s from Zimbabwe.

      About everything else it’s how YOU see things, from your own eyes, which again is neither true, neither is it false. It’s simply your analysis. It’s neither here nor there. What’s important is I as a writer and teller of times I get to see things from my own experiences and EYES…The eyes of a ready writer, so I write as such. Just like many historians and writers, my work is open to be rebuked, refuted and debunked. Even the bible has been debunked…but the writers of such historical pieces can not change their narrative because many disagree.

      I really appreciate your contributions, but I’m afraid they are not able to make me make a u-turn about the way I see things…or the spiritual revelations I receive.

      On that note I say Shalom. The Lord bless you and keep you.


      1. I am not attacking you Jean. I avidly follow your blog. It is about learning from each other.

        I am not clear on what exactly the WHO has recognized as abusive in Zimbabwe and I would caution against having Betty makoni as an authority on anything. She is a makoni of manicaland. Since when is chinamwali a part of manyika culture??? What exactly is she campaigning against??

        Personally I think chinamwali as practiced by its owners in Zambia and Malawi is a beautiful thing. It is an initiation passage to teach young women about taking care of their own households when they reach a mature age, personal hygiene, taking care of husbands and children. It is NOT about teaching young girls about seduction but about healthy and satisfying intimate relations with their future husbands. The chewa and nsenga people also have parallel training for young men on how to be a man. The closest equivalent i can think of is the xhosa circumcision training for young men.

        A quote I found online says a chinamwali graduate
        “… must give her husband a warm welcome, remove his jacket and shoes and cook him the meals he likes, always speak to him in a soft voice as well as satisfy him in bed.”

        How is that such a bad thing? I follow your blog and you talk about how you live with your husband about being clean and smelling nice for him cooking and serving him. Maybe it came naturally to you but most women have to be taught these things and chinamwali plays that role.

        You also say your ex husband was a fool. He probably is that way because shona culture has no formal initiation training for young men. Hence many don’t know how to be a man.

        Likewise about Zimbabwean women being known for promiscuity and loving s** in the diaspora. That again is because we have no chinamwali to teach us about healthy intimacy and how to be a woman. S** is only whispered about in shona culture. When most got to the UK it was the first time to experience satisfaction in intimacy hence the promiscuity which has hopefully died down now that many are settled in the UK.

        Its a pity that in western eyes our cultures become ugly and dirty and yet in the same western countries people pay thousands to learn the same things from therapists etc.

        Google even has research papers on chinamwali practice. It is a well researched topic.


      2. I know you are not attacking me dear, you write graciously. The debates gets tiresome after a while, that’s all.

        Betty Makoni campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation which is practised in Zimbabwe. (Kudonza matinji) it’s called in Shona.

        I understand your point, but Zimbabwe women are known for being easy to get into bed here in the diaspora, compared to West African women. Anyways…

        I appreciate your points, we learn from each other everyday x


  5. I just discovered your blog.

    “Zimbabweans, and South Africans especially are the descendants of Ham, they are naturally born to serve, so how much more their women?

    Explain this.




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