Why Zimbabwean Men In UK Top Gruesome Wife Murders

Following up from my essay yesterday, I had to write this second article because I couldn’t put all I wanted to say on the matter in one essay. Yesterday I was expressing my gratitude that United Kingdom had deported a pedophile who was after me and my children at some point in my life. Today I am expressing my gratitude that among the Zimbabwean criminal deportees was also a dangerous unrepentant murderer Shepard Masvanhise who brutally killed his Zimbabwean wife because she “wronged” him. I believe that the main reason why the United Kingdom is cracking down on deporting Zimbabweans is because there are a lot of them in UK jails, and most of them are jailed for the same crimes which are the rape of children and gruesome murders.

Just yesterday I came across this article in the mirror of a UK Zimbabwean ex-footballer who has been found guilty of raping children.
Besides raping children, Zimbabwean men are well known for ruthlessly killing their women in the UK.
Criminal Deportee Shepard Masvanhise blamed White people for his murder of his own wife.

Again I find it truly shocking when I see Zimbabweans especially the main Zimbabwean media houses sympathising with these evil criminals who are a danger to women and children in any society. I believe that the reason why the mainstream Zimbabwean media is sympathising with these deported criminals is because they trivialise evil. As a nation, I find Zimbabweans to be a people who call good evil and evil good.

UK Zimbabwe Media Houses which are known for supporting evil people are choosing to sympathise with the evil criminals who were deported from the UK.

As a journalist I do read a lot of news, especially social issues affecting black communities in the UK and USA. I also have a Ghanaian husband and I write for a mainstream Ghanaian paper Modern Ghana as a columnist. I am very much aware of what happens in the Ghanaian community especially in the UK because my husband is well connected to Ghanaian community leaders. I do not believe that there are any men out there of any nationality who are as violent and unpredictable as Zimbabwean men. They commit horrific crimes against women in a very similar pattern. For such a small African country with a very small population, Zimbabwean men seem to dominate the British mainstream news for gruesome murders of their wives, ex-wives or ex-girlfriends. What’s really strange is that it’s always the same script in each case. The murders are always provoked by rejection of the Zimbabwean men by their wives for other men, preferably West Africans, then they flip and murder their wives. They always use axes, knives or hacksaws. These Zimbabwean men ruthlessly kill their wives like they are killing wild animals.

Earlier this year Zimbabwean beauty and popular UK Midwife Simbiso Aretha Moula was murdered by her husband Garikayi Moula before he killed himself.
Simbiso was a loved and hardworking midwife at London’s Queens Hospital.

Simbiso was murdered by her abusive Zimbabwean husband because he suspected that she was about to leave him for another man.

There has been so many murder cases of Zimbabwean women in the UK in the hands of their spouses/former spouses, including a shocking murder case where the Zimbabwean husband took out the liver of his wife after he had ruthlessly killed her, it is alleged he ate her liver, then he chopped off her finger to remove her wedding ring.

In 2017 one Zimbabwean woman Gillian Nyasha Kahari was violently struck by an axe 40 times in the head by her husband after he suspected her of having an affair with a West African man. It was later confirmed that Gillian was indeed murdered by her husband because she had cheated on him. What really disturbed me with this case was that Zimbabwean men on social media defended cold blooded violent murderer Norbert Chikerema, saying he was provoked by the wife because she cheated.

Zimbabwean men on social media often sympathise with wife murderers

Men in the Zimbabwean community have sayings like, “Chihure chinourayisa”, meaning a cheating wife deserves to be murdered. That’s her reward for cheating, they claim. I have seen Zimbabwean men constantly justifying brutally murdering their women because they believe that the reward for cheating is death. It’s in their system and culture, hence they always murder their women so easily.

Pretty Zimbabwean wife Gillian Nyasha Kahari was axed over 40 times in the head by her husband because she “cheated.”
Evil Norbert Chikerema murdered his own wife with an axe in the UK is a crime that shocked the Nation.
A crime that also shocked the world.

As I mentioned that Zimbabweans normally love to defend evil by calling good evil and evil good. Gillian Kahari’s own Aunty Tandi Kahari Ariberito, a defender of Zimbabwean UK based peodophile Walter Masocha, then went on Zimbo Live TV and defended murderer Norbert Chikerema, before he was even tried, pleading with God to bless the murderer of her niece and do good to him, because only God knows what happened between them. She showed no outrage or pain that her own niece had been violently murdered, but chose to “preach” the gospel by saying everything was well because God had already blessed murderer Norbert.

Gillian Nyasha Kahari’s aunty spoke to Zimbo Live TV showing no emotion over the death of her niece as she pleaded with God to bless the killer.
Thandi Kahari Ariberito is heard pleading with God for him to bless the cold blooded murderer of her niece
Tandi Kahari Ariberito publicly celebrated that UK based Zimbabwean pedophile Walter Masocha got off the hook for his heinous crimes.

It really baffles my mind how Zimbabweans think. As I mentioned that one of the Zimbabwean monsters who was deported to Zimbabwe a few days ago murdered his own wife and left his children motherless. The monster shows no remorse whatsoever for killing his wife, he justified his crime as a “mistake” and blamed White British people for killing more black people during slavery and colonisation, so apparently that justified the fact that “he only killed one person”, in his own words. In a recent video he posted online yesterday, he even goes on to say that his wife wronged him, that’s why he killed her.

My husband always says to me,“It’s the way Zimbabwean men kill their wives, it’s bad enough they murder their women so much but why do they do it in such a barbaric way, they butcher women to the point of removing the body parts when the woman is already dead? Why are the murders so gruesome?”

As a woman who was once married to a Zimbabwean man, who lived in the Zimbabwean community for over 10 years in the UK, I can safely say that Zimbabwean men do not handle rejection very well, especially for West African men who are better financial providers and better lovers compared to Zimbabwean men, I talk from experience on this matter. They also get cheated on a lot by their Zimbabwean wives in the UK hence so many Zimbabwean women have sadly died in the hands of their ex-husbands/partners. And the reasons they are cheated on are always the same, they are ungrateful to their wives and they do not financially provide, and most are lacking in meeting the intimate needs of their women hence the women end up choosing West Africans, again I speak from personal experience on this matter.

I hope these deportations of Zimbabwean criminals shed a light and reflection on Zimbabweans living in the UK. Things are obviously different here in England than they are in Zimbabwe. It’s not okay to love, pray and support Zimbabwean pedophiles. In their spirit of calling good evil and evil good, Zimbabweans in their thousands, especially women pray and support rapists like Walter Masocha and Jenatry Chihota and persecute the victims. The Zimbabwean men justify murder by claiming that the wages of cheating is death.

Zimbabwean men, If you catch your wife cheating on you, simply walk away, you have no right to kill her, you do not own her body or soul. The “chihure chinourayisa” Zimbabwean slogan does not work here in the Promised Land, you will go to jail, then you will be deported straight back to Zimbabwe if you make it out.

My West African Lord Husband treats me like the Queen that I am.

If you are a Zimbabwean man in the UK and you are reading this, and you are in a situation where your wife or woman is leaving you for a West African man, no it’s not okay to murder your wife with an axe because she is even cheating on you. Your Zimbabwean women cheat on you so much because most of you do not meet their needs, Nigerian and Ghanaian men do better in that department, maybe it’s about time you learn from them on how to treat a woman, a good place to start is my own Ashanti Lord Husband who worships the ground I walk on and treats me like the Queen that I am. Of course not all West African men are gold, but they certainly don’t go around murdering their wives with axes and hacksaws each time they are rejected, which is not often, but still…it is not their culture to butcher women.

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Mary-Tamar was Jean

3 thoughts on “Why Zimbabwean Men In UK Top Gruesome Wife Murders

  1. Mary I am sorry you get embarrassed to be black when black people ask or assume something right or wrong. I usually don’t comment about petty statements. But guess what I love my black and it is beautiful!!! I am never ashamed of who God created me to be regardless of what people think or say. Wow really, that’s how you feel?! Sad!!!!


  2. Mmmmh I am happy us younger guys have accepted this, Zimbabwean women just want to get married to tick a box so you have to just have a child with her and maintain minimal investment.

    For me fortunately I have a great career plus I am tall and good looking so I will be dating white women, I don’t want my sons to have to deal with this rubbish at least if they are mixed they won’t be limited to black women or vekumba.


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