Why I Am Happy That Pedophile Jenatry Chihota Was Deported To Zimbabwe

So yesterday was an eventful day in the Zimbabwean community as 14 Zimbabwean criminals where deported from the United Kingdom. Among the deportees was a convicted pedophile called Jenatry “Chihota” Muranganwa. I couldn’t believe it yesterday when I heard that Jenatry had been deported. This man’s name alone scares me, because I was meant to be his prey and victim when I was a single mother. I was so happy that Jenatry was deported because he does not belong here in the United Kingdom. Well in all fairness he doesn’t even belong in Zimbabwe or any country in this world, he is a pedophile.

Jenatry started inboxing me on Facebook during the time I was a single mother and going through the Walter Masocha trial and custody battle with my ex-husband. He was always commenting on my pictures I posted on facebook.

It was during the time of my court case with Walter Masocha that Jenatry Chihota saw me as easy prey to feed his depravity.

He started off by coming across as very charming and caring so he got my attention and I started replying him. He also seemed to be a community champion, he was an active member of the MDC and initially came across as a respectable man. During that time I was getting a lot of attention from Zimbabwean social media public figures as some were offering their sympathies and support during my public ordeal.

Jenatry Chihota second from left at a UK MDC demonstration.

Jenatry then started insisting that he wanted to meet me and wanted my number.

I told him that I had a boyfriend in Ghana, as my relationship with Nino had just taken off. I told Nino about him, (yes I am very open with my Lord Husband there is nothing I hide from him) and Nino was like, “Well, you can give him your number if you want, maybe he will just be your friend.” Not long after I gave him my whatsapp, he then started calling me all the time, especially at night. He would always insist he wanted to come to my house to cook for my children and “look” after me. He started telling me that he was ready to marry me, and had told all his family and friends that he had found the perfect wife.

One day he called me at night saying he had driven to Milton Keynes to see me and wanted my home address. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable to have him in my house as I had children and I didn’t know him. At this point I was now regretting ever giving him my number because he was so persuasive and almost intimidating. In an attempt to woo me he kept sending me these weird pictures of him wearing these white suites posing next to a BMW or something, which to me was not only a put off but rather cheesy. I began to be creeped out by him, because he wouldn’t accept the fact that I was in a relationship with another man and that I had blatantly told him that I did not want to be with him.

Jenatry kept sending me pictures of himself dressed in white suits.

I kept telling him that “Listen I can’t just marry you mate, I don’t even know you. I am not comfortable to have you in my house either because I am not in a relationship with you, I am with Nino.” But he would still insist that he was ready to marry me and told me to stop wasting my time on a West African who is not even in the UK. The last message I sent him on Whatsapp I told him that I was no longer comfortable talking to him and I wanted all communications to cease. Then I went on Facebook and noticed he had unfriended me, but more-so I was more shocked about what he had posted on his feed.

The day that Pedophile Walter Masocha escaped Jail, Jenatry had posted on his Facebook celebrating that Masocha had prevailed against the system. I remember being so hurt that he publicly celebrated that an evil man like Masocha had escaped jail, a man who had tormented me and abused me, who escaped jail on crimes he committed against me, yet this man who was claiming that he loved me and wanted to marry me was publicly celebrating that my abuser had escaped punishment for abusing me.

Jenatry was a big supporter of pedophile Walter Masocha.

Even though I found him creepy, the penny dropped for me when I was to read in the news, soon after his Facebook celebration of Masocha, that Jenatry had been sentenced to 5 years in jail for grooming and raping a 12 year old child of a married woman he was having an affair with. I then understood why he supported Walter Masocha. He thought if Walter Masocha could escape jail for sex crimes on children, he was escaping jail too.

I thought of my daughter Nakai, who was also 12 years old at the time pedophile Jenatry was pursuing me. I remember thanking God for protecting me against this monster of a man. I even felt guilty for chatting with him, I couldn’t stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’. I was a vulnerable single mother, and there was a Zimbabwean man telling me he was ready to marry me, and have a wedding, and look after me and my children, yet he was a pedophile. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had been weak enough to let him into my house, what would have happened to my then 12 year old girl.

What I know is God protected me from Jenatry Chihota, and today I am smiling knowing that the monster is no longer on British soil. The less people like him we have in our country, the safer our community is. I have 4 British daughters who deserve to be protected from monsters who eye vulnerable women and their children.

It makes me really sick when I see Zimbabweans sympathising with these criminals who have been removed from this Promised Land. I see Zimbabweans claiming that the deportees are victims of racism and discrimination. Really Zimbabweans? Two of the biggest problems I have with black people is their lack of critical thinking and their lack of accountability for their actions. Dear black people, not everything is about racism. You can’t just go around committing heinous crimes and expect to go scot free because you are black.

Jenatry is not a victim of any discrimination, he is not a victim of racism either. He is a convicted pedophile who forced his grown body on an innocent little girl. He should be castrated. Just because he is black doesn’t mean he is automatically a victim. He doesn’t deserve any human rights because he breached the human rights of the little girl he rapped. Where is that girl today? Are any of the people worried about Jenatry’s human rights thinking about the girl he damaged for life? I guess not.

A reliable source informed me that after his release from jail a few years ago, Jenatry married a young Zimbabwean woman. The young woman is said to be pregnant with Jenatry’s child at the time of his deportation. I struggle to understand women who marry convicted pedophiles.

Chihota is reported to have married a young woman soon after serving his time in UK prison.

Well, I believe he married the young woman, if its true, to try and secure his stay in the UK as he knew he was due for deportation after he had served his time. So I have no sympathy for his wife, rather I am on the side of the victims of these deportees. Someone has to think about them and say a prayer for them. Today I am thinking about the 12 year old who was raped by Jenatry. May the Most High comfort her and bring her healing. I am also thinking of the mother of the 12 year old girl, who had an affair with Jenatry and exposed her own daughter to a peodophile. I pray she eventually forgives herself and heals from the guilt and consequences of what she did. I am sure she pays everyday for what she did.

As for you Jenatry Chihota, if you are reading this, do rot in Zimbabwe mate, you nasty piece of work.

The photo of deportees yesterday circulating on social media in which speculators are claiming Jenatry Chihota was pictured after his deportation (wearing grey).

Oh well, never mess with the God of Mary-Tamar, you celebrated that Walter Masocha escaped jail, and you really thought that I was your prey, but my God saved me from your clutches Jenatry. Today I thank God that Priti Patel got you sent back to Zimbabwe. Great Britain, the land of milk and honey is definitely safer without you.

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One thought on “Why I Am Happy That Pedophile Jenatry Chihota Was Deported To Zimbabwe

  1. I don’t know who this guy married but how is it your business? So you decided to write a whole blog post on someone you just texted nothing more? Seems like there was more to this, you probably slept with him now you are trying to pretend like a Saint. Wakatsotswa beans wakanakirwa


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