Distressed Kweku Adoboli Deported To Ghana

Kweku Adoboli, the former UBS trader convicted of fraud, has been deported to Ghana, despite a long campaign to keep him in Britain. His lawyer confirmed he was flown out of Heathrow Airport this evening after being detained in Scotland on Monday.

Adoboli, aged 38 and who has lived in the UK for 26 years, was said to be in a distressed state before he left.

I can’t imagine the fear Kweku must have been feeling, knowing he can never return to the UK, and he’s now going to start a new life in a country that is foreign to him.

I really feel for Kweku. Injustice reigns at times, sometimes that’s just the way it is. The wicked prosper.

I really pray that Ghana treats this young man well. Africans can sometimes lack empathy for one another, which is the main reason Africans sold each other into slavery.

I pray he doesn’t contemplate suicide. I pray he doesn’t get depressed. I pray he finds that silver lining in this dark cloud.

Kweku deported to Ghana

It’s so sad but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be Kweku. Please please, as hard as it maybe, you have to make Ghanaian lemomade from the lemons that have been thrown at you. Or rather, build a monument from the stones they have thrown at you. Let the world read about you in five years time.

It is well Kweku Adoboli.



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