All Ships Lead To Ghana In 2019, The 400 Years Of Slavery Are Over

Ever since my Ghanaian Boaz took my hand and told me to come home 4 years ago, I denounced my birth country Zimbabwe and followed him, never looking back. People say you should be proud of where you come from,  that can be true for everyone else but not me. I refuse to be proud of where I was born. To be proud of where I was born is to deny myself and continue to be a slave. I can’t possibly be proud of the country which abused me so much that if it wasn’t for my inner strength, I would not be here.

I am glad I took that decision to disown my past and follow my Boaz. Because he comes from a country that I have always longed for deep in my heart. A country that is emerging as the horn of Africa. The country that is at the heart of the history of humanity.

I am not surprised that Ghana has started off the year being the most talked about African country. Our ancestors were captured from Ghana, and as we mark 400 years of captivity coming to an end, all roads ships lead back to Ghana in 2019.

2019 marks 400 years since the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade, the horrific voyage that transported Africans against their will to work as slaves in the West. For 400 years black people have not had an identity, neither do they understand why they were enslaved by white people.

Prince Charles visited Ghana in October last year where he apologized for Britain’s role in slavery

Then the LORD said to Abraham, “Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there.” Genesis 15:13

I am excited that the President of Ghana Nana Addo is so much aware of this prophecy, and he has invited all the descendants of Abraham to come back home where they belong.


The 400 years of slavery for the Hebrews are officially over. Power is being handed back where it belongs.

American Hollywood stars heeded the President’s call and went to Ghana to celebrate Christmas and New year there, organized by German Ghanaian Actor Boris Kodjoe and Bozoma Saint John which they dubbed the #FullCircleFestival. 

Boris Kodjoe and Bozama Saint John organized the #FullCircleFestival in Ghana this year

To mark the historic 400 year anniversary, actor Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell and other A-listers travelled to Ghana to visit Akwamuhene Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III at the Bogyawe Palace, Akwamufie where he has conferred a citation for “leading our kinsmen home.”

From left to right: Michael Jai White, Djimon Hounsou, Boris Kodjoe, Anthony Anderson and Jidenna in Ghana
naomi-1546439061116 (1)
The President Nana Addo with A-list stars in Ghana this year
Idris Elba and Michael Jai White who was crowned a King in Ghana this year
A list Hollywood stars travelled to Ghana to celebrate the 400 years of slavery ending
The Full Circle Festival at the Cape Coast in Ghana 2019

Social media is buzzing with the hashtag #FullCircleFestival trending as this was truly a historical event that marked 2019 being a year set apart to celebrate the identity and history of what it means to be Ghanaian.

I believe Ghanaians are extremely talented and special people, and I feel so privileged to be part of this historic nation. They are politically and spiritually woke people, they have an economy that is fully functioning and this recent visit by Hollywood’s finest will be a big boost to the tourism and economy of the country. I am excited that 2019 will be a great year for Ghana.

I love Ghana with my heart and soul

For me personally, growing up in Zimbabwe was my own slavery and captivity. I was abused by the culture and my ‘mother.’ Not a single relative from Zimbabwe has ever wanted to help me or felt my pain. I was made to bear the responsibility of the abuse.  I was condemned by the country for speaking about my Zimbabwean abusers, especially my ‘mother’ and the prophet Walter Masocha.

However, my reason for leaving Zimbabwe was deeper than I knew at the time. I always had a longing for the freedom of Israelites, slavery was an issue so close to my heart.  I was always attracted to people who are very dark skinned. I later discovered that Zimbabwe has always been a pagan country, enemies of the Hebrew God and Ghana especially the Ashanti’s are among the lost tribes of Israel.

Like Ruth, I left my own pagan Moab and followed the God of my husband, who is now my God, and his people are now my people. I am excited about the return of Israel.

I’m looking forward to meeting Boaz’s young brother, Kwaku Nuslam who is the director of the Luxury Brand JN Kings Brothers

This year, my children and I will be visiting Ghana for the first time. It’s going to be very emotional for me, because I will be going home, where I belong, leaving my captors behind.

I will end this article by one of my favourite songs which always makes me excited about the return of Isreal, By The Rivers Of Babylon by Bonnie M.

The Genesis of the Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean



34 thoughts on “All Ships Lead To Ghana In 2019, The 400 Years Of Slavery Are Over

  1. Enda. I don’t think you will be missed. Everyone around you thinks you are mad and I now agree. Those who wanted you to get a mental evaluation did so out of concern not hatred. You are just a bitter woman and bitterness eats people until they are actually crazy. I like commitment but yours isn’t commitment but madness. Eventually this guy will also get tired of you and we will see what will happen next. Enjoy whatever Ghana offers


  2. Great Piece.Thank you Jean/Mary for loving us, we appreciate your works in Ghana. We look forward to having you home


  3. Jean please stop conflating what your family did to you as the whole of Zimbabwe doing it. That’s just plain wrong.

    Also there is nothing special about Ghana. If you read history it will tell that these west Africans willingly sold each other into slavery for a few trinkets. Now they want to act brand new like slavery was something that was done to them. What a disgrace. Until they acknowledge their own complicity in the mess that was the transatlantic slave “trade” I am afraid you will find on your visit that they are just as “cursed” as all other Africans and that on fact the people of Zimbabwe might actually be better than them. Anyway all the best on your visit.


    1. You speak like a fool and jealousy has overtaken you. Read your history again and you will find out that it was mostly the Asanti tribe from Ghana who were sold into slavery along with other tribes from Nigeria etc. You can’t make a statement like ‘theres nothing special about Ghana’ when you know that Ghana remains the most significant African country where history of black people happened. Your bitterness and jealousy has taken over your brain.

      The writer is exposing your people, who are you to tell her that she wasn’t abused by the system that runs your country. Slow down on the ssdza eating, what is Zimbabwe known for, name just one thing apart from abusing women? In ‘Akan’, we say, ‘ebubor ba’!


      1. Slow down on that akweteshi. Are the Ashanti not Ghanaians and were they not sold by their brethren? Even right now if you work with a Ghanaian you know who the white man will use to get black people, they are Judas Iscariots. What is Ghana known for apart from witch craft?


      2. “Ghana remains the most significant African country where history of black people happened.”
        By what yatdstick is Ghana most significant? I know it was first African country to be granted independence but that is probably because the British just wanted to get out. They had no reason to stay any longer. In any event there other countries that are significantly for having never been colonized such as Liberia and of course Ethiopia which heroically resisted colonizers. Did Ghana do that??

        I do know my history and yes the people of west Africa sold their own into slavery now they want to act brand new.


      3. “Read your history again and you will find out that it was mostly the Asanti tribe from Ghana who were sold into slavery along with other tribes from Nigeria etc.”

        So the ashanti and other tribes from Nigeria etc were “sold into slavery” by who exactly if not by their fellow black people.


  4. Jean you are crazy u need to be sectioned in a mental institution? Boaz run 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ You are dealing with a woman who is so bitter & disillusioned, if you find her behaviour normal then you Boaz is also as crazy as she is if not more crazy.


  5. I have no time to argue with you bitter Zimbabwens. For now it’s all about Ghana and there’s nothing positive which can be said about Zimbabwe, the last we heard from your country you were removing Mugabe and the rest is history. No one cares about Zimbabwe.

    Ghana is going through a bit of a rebirth as a destination. Last year, The New York Times Magazine named Accra the coolest city in Africa, each August thousands of creatives and artists flock there for Chale Wote, the biggest street art festival in West Africa, and this past December all your favorite celebs (Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell, and Jidenna to name a few) descended on Ghana to connect with home and turn all the way up. From afrobeats in the club to special events like The Garden Party, to one of the fastest growing festivals on the continent Afrochella, there is no shortage of things to do and vibes to find.

    Says it all


    1. Take a chill and take a seat.
      Noone in Zim is bitter about Ghana and noone in Zim cares about some b-list celebs visiting Ghana either.
      “According to UNICEF Ghana [in 2018] ranked second after Sudan, in open defecation in Africa with 19% of the population resorting to sanitation practices deemed the unhealthiest and most dangerous’.

      Those celebs clearly have nothing to do with their time.


  6. Ghana is doing very well, give credit where it’s due. Can’t even be compared to Zimbabwe, we call you KwereKwere in South Africa. You people smell & don’t bath, don’t let me shame you here just stop. The writer has every logical reason to disown Zim no normal person wants to be associated with it, lol


    1. judging by your writing ive no doubt you are an aging harridan who is probably menopausal and foolish. If you had any brain at all you would know Zimbabweans have taken most of the lucrative jobs under your noses which probably swells this anger and bitterness that we see. We are educated, ask your folks and they will educate you. Give us names and more names but that wont make you any better. Is it not astonishing that you love your oppressors more than you love your skin colour? Get a life old lady!


  7. so do you really think we Zimbabweans care what South Africans think about us??
    South Africans are not God that any Zimbawean should care about their opinion.
    A country which is the rape capital of the world, where children (and women) are routinely raped and murdered and thrown away like trash almost every day.
    a country where peoples houses are called ‘shacks’. where peoples are driven to kill their tik addicted children. do you seriously think we care what such people think about us? Are you for real?
    Before you look at the speck in the eye of Zimbabwe look at the log in your own South African eyes. your country is NOT paradise.
    take a seat somewhere and sort yourselves out.


    1. Says a kwerekwere who will risk his sorry life crossing Limpopo river with crocodiles to get to South Africa. You are probably writing from SA, go back to your shit hole country Zimbabweans you stink, thank God Jean, your own is exposing you no one wants to be kwerekwere would rather go to Ghana, Mama Africa.


      1. Your heart skipped when you read my comment, right? You will not admit it but you can tell im educated. Yes Im in South Africa but I flew there business class, all paid for by a South African company and I have a good job and a good house and a good life. I also married a Zulu woman. Does that bother you? I didnt get this far through charity and benevolence, not at all old lady. I worked hard and was head hunted. I also know more than a thousand guys who were head hunted from Zimbabwe and are on good salaries. What about you, who head hunted you in your country? You may hate us for taking your jobs but look at yourself closely in the mirror and ask why your grand children cannot compete with us.


      1. You don’t believe me, will take a pic tomorrow of your kwerekwere sista scrubbing my floors, she’s very ugly and smelly and I keep teling her to go and bath I only keep her because she’s good at cleaning toilets.

        You say you are educated yet all your people hate they’re country and are doing shitty jobs in our country. Is that your education, cleaning toilets, that’s what Mugabe taught you, he forgot to teach u shonaz to bath, smell too much.


  8. Brothers and sisters from Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa, we should come together and celebrate this feat. It shouldn’t divide us. We are one!!! Long live mama Africa…,


  9. Very sad reading the comments from African brothers and sisters fighting and calling each other names. Where is the Ubuntu spirit? More sad that Jean suffered so much trauma in her own country and never found healing within her own people, judging by the comments she continues to be abused by her fellow Zimbabwens over her choice to go to Ghana and leave Zim.

    Africans learn to treat your own with love and respect, especially your children, that is the moral lesson of Jeans story.


    1. ‘More sad that Jean suffered so much trauma in her own country and never found healing within her own people, judging by the comments she continues to be abused by her fellow Zimbabwens over her choice to go to Ghana and leave Zim.
      Not true.
      Jean suffered so much trauna in HER OWN FAMILY not COUNTRY.
      Dont conflate the two. Jean’s family is clearly disfunctional.
      Even a blind man can see that.
      And disfunctional families are found in every society even In Ghana.
      Jean is free to become Ghanaian or anything else she chooses.
      But she should not badmouht ALL Zimbabweans because she had a disfunctional family. The reality is Ghana is not heaven or paradise and Ghananians are not saints. They also have abusive families amd systems there.
      Trokosi anyone??


      1. @Sam Moyo your responses are proof of what Jean says about Zimbabweans. You lot sounds more dysfunctional than her family. The sad thing about being dysfunctional is that you yourself won’t see it but everyone else will. Outside of Zimbabwe we see what Jean is saying,she’s doing a good job at exposing the country with your help.


  10. Lets unpack her then. Shes says:
    1) Her father is a witch
    2) Her mother is a witch
    3) Her older brother is a witch
    4) Her younger brother is a witch
    5 Her ex husband is a witch
    6) Her ex mother in law is a witch
    7) Her ex sister in law is a witch
    8) The other 2 sisters in law are witches too
    9) Walter Masocha is a witch
    10) Judith Masocha is a witch
    11) Sandra Masocha is a witch
    12) Sharon Masocha is a witch

    In fact everyone who didnt agree with her is a witch. Truly, Ghana can have her, but be warned very soon, you will all be running away from her.


    1. Dan boy, the above explains why she diswoned Zimbabwe, and you still choose not to understand. Masocha is indeed a wizard/evil. Her family abused her. All these people you mention sounds as evil as you describe them. Jean is a heroin I enjoy reading her accounts of events which she puts out so well.

      The biggest question you should ask is where are the testimonies of the accused? Why do they never come out and say she’s lying?

      Jean has been brave enough to stand against Zimbabwe. Supporting her abusers olny makes Zimbabwe look as bad as Jean is trying to portray. You lot are strange, judging from Jean s posts.

      Personally I think it’s spiritual, your country needs redemption. The people of Israel killed all the prophets sent to them, the nation of Ninevah was evil, the whole country.

      If you think Jeans list of abusers is to big, you haven’t read the Bible yet. All the prophets including John the Baptist, Jesus Christ had a much bigger list than Jean.

      You are praying that it goes wrong in Ghana, but it won’t because Ghanaians are not like you. We won’t castigate a woman for speaking out against a status quo.

      Putting this Masocha on her list reflects on your hatred for this brave woman. You are willing to side with the biggest devil to discredit her testimony.

      Like I said before, all of us can see how disfunctional Zimbabwe is, and Jean is doing a good job exposing you lot.


  11. “Jean has been brave enough to stand against Zimbabwe.”
    “… all of us can see how disfunctional Zimbabwe is, and Jean is doing a good job exposing you lot.”
    Jean stood up against her FAMILY and her ex-CHURCH not Zimbabwe which is not just Shona but Ndebele, Venda, Sotho, Xhosa, Chichewa, etc 99.999% of whom have never even heard of Jean or Masocha and a large majority of whom do not come from disfuctional familiies like she did either either.

    Like I said Ghana is not heaven it has never been.
    From the days of the transatlantic slave trade to the days of being the first country on the continent to have a military coup to the bad governance that saw many of them running away we have seen all your disfuntionality.
    And you still havent explained about trokosi. Please exlain what that is all about in a country that is supposedly superior to Zimbabwe.


  12. To mark 400 years since the anchoring of the first slave ship in Jamestown, Virginia, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo has declared 2019 “The Year of Return”. It is the only public-private initiative by an African nation to commemorate this quarter-centenary.

    As part of this initiative, Ghana is launching a series of programmes that seek to encourage people of African ancestry to ma7ke the “birthright journey home” as part of “the global African family”.

    “In the year 2019, we open our arms even wider to welcome home our brothers and sisters,” President Nana Akufo-Addo said.

    At a launch event in Washington DC, President Akufo-Addo stressed that Ghana’s Pan-African leadership and legacy status was earned by the country’s conscious effort to validate the struggles, strengths and links between African descendants on a Pan-African scale.

    The Ghana Tourism Authority, under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, is coordinating the year-long calendar of activities in “celebration of the resilience of the African spirit”. This is being done in partnership with the Office of Diaspora Affairs in the Office of the President, the Pan-African Historical Theatre Festival (Panafest) Foundation and The Adinkra Group.

    Door to return

    Ghana has for decades made itself the destination of choice for returning African-Americans and Caribbean people. In the 1820s and 1830s, the Tabon people, a group of African slaves in Brazil, returned to Accra after a popular slave rebellion. Their descendants have been fully assimilated into Ghanaian social and political life.

    In fact, Accra has been home to many popular historic figures, such as author Maya Angelou (for three years, with her son, Guy); Sylvia Boone (the first tenured black woman professor at Yale University); actor, director, writer, lecturer and civil rights activist Julian Mayfield; sociologist and historian W.E.B Du Bois; and journalist and author George Padmore. They all lived and worked there, and Du Bois and Padmore are buried in the city. Their homes are now public libraries.

    Ghana’s Pan-African hegemony

    In 2001, Ghana passed the Right of Abode law, which gives people of African ancestry in the Americas the right to stay in Ghana indefinitely. Then, in 2007, during Ghana’s 50th independence anniversary, the “Joseph Project” was launched to encourage the return of the descendants of enslaved Africans.

    This garnered interest and, in December 2016, then President John Mahama presided over the naturalisation ceremony of 34 returnees. As he presented them with their certificates of naturalisation, he said, “I have only restored to you what rightfully belongs to you and was painfully taken away.”

    Ghana’s policies have been backed by local attitudes towards returnees. Although there is an awareness of “otherness”, returnees have reported feeling welcomed and included.

    There is a need for other African countries to follow in Ghana’s footsteps to benefit from the economic and cultural power that the African diaspora brings. In a recent address to the Pan-African Unity Dialogue in New York, the African Union’s Ambassador to the USA, Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao, called for closer collaboration between the African continent and the growing African Diaspora communities in the Americas.

    She argued that a fully engaged diaspora holds the key to the future development and empowerment of Africa.


  13. Iwe Sam nyarawo mhani. Wakuvenga Ghana because of Jean. Ghana is way superior than Zimbabwe at the moment, we can’t even complete with Zambia

    Ghana also has a very smart policy that makes it very easy for African Americans to get visas and travel. Their economy has benefited from a lot of African American tourism.

    One reason why Zimbabwe will not be able to compete at the Ghanaian level is that a lot of these celebrities consider Ghana and Western Africa to be their ancestral home and DNA ancestry tests have even traced them back to their original tribes. So to a lot of these folks, going to Ghana is going back “home” unlike Zimbabwe which was not affected by slavery and so lots of African Americans don’t trace their lineage to Zim or Southern Africa.

    Bvumao kuti Zimbabwe has nothing to offer on a glabal level. I don’t even like Jean but she’s hang on the money about Ghana.


  14. Damm the reason why africa will never prosper is because we always fighting each other. Iam Zimbabwean but first of all I would really like to say sorry to this jean woman coz it looks like she lived a life of hell. I really hope god gives u joy for ur remaining years. That said I still dont think u should refer to ur stories suggesting that all Zimbabweans are like ur family or that pastor guy coz we are not. Thats y the other zims are getting touch ans attacking u. Well thats y I attacked u at first coz I thought u were being bitter. But after ur story I can tell u went thru a lot. The reason she is disappointed in zim is bcoz these older folks tend to protect older siblings when kids tell them thir beign molested. This happened to my ex and when I questioned her mom about she tried to protect tge silblings and I told her to go fuck herself coz its wrong


  15. What is this nonsense, this self-loathing.

    The real ‘curse’, Gasho, is that those of severely colonized minds are unfortunately unable to see how brainwashed they are.
    The FOREIGN,. mind-weakening and mind-wasting religious rubbish of evil invaders and criminal colonizers have colonized minds in bondage.

    I mean; how of little self-knowledge and of little self-worth must one be, to be lauding foreign religious rubbish that have Africans (The FIRST MAN) as servants and slaves to pale mutant devils and their silly “hebrew god” or the asinine allah?

    Those who would bow down to foreign and idiotic ideologies along with their pathetic pale promoters, who together cast Africans as inferior beings, are too lost.

    Neither Africans nor Zimbabwe are so-called cursed.
    Increasing one’s knowledge IS the way out of ignorance and suffering.
    Not increasing knowledge, while promoting foreign & ignorant religious rubbish, IS the only ‘curse’.

    Ignorance IS the only “curse”.
    And KNOWLEDGE IS the antidote; so start increasing Consciousness-Based Knowledge today, Gasho.
    You are not cursed, unless you choose to embrace the ignorance that has been promoted and brainwashed by evil invaders and criminal colonizers.

    The foreign & biblical bull patties of evil invaders and criminal colonizers need to be flushed in the nearest toilet!


  16. Oh dear! These arguments are really shameful. The histories being quoted are mostly wrong and uninformed. You all need education.


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