Disgraced Prophet Walter Masocha Used Britain’s Most Prolific Nigerian Fraudster To Lure Women To His Church

Mary-Tamar was Jean can reveal that sex-crazed prophet Walter Masocha formed his church in 2007 using a well known notorious Nigerian convicted Fraudster Oluesyi Adeyemi, to lure single vulnerable women into the church. Walter Masocha, who was a University lecture at that time, had a close Nigerian con artist friend who worked for a mortgage company in Scotland.

The Nigerian crook, who also used other names and was identified in the British Press as David Peters was deported back to Nigeria in 2002, but he managed to creep back in the UK using identity fraud where he formed some sort of partnership with Walter Masocha who was a University Lecturer. The friend of Masocha had been jailed in the UK for £1 million fraud and is known to be one of the most prolific fraudsters in the United Kingdom.

Convicted Nigerian Fraudster helped Walter Masocha start Church  

Daily Mail UK described Masocha’s crook ally as, “Britain’s most prolific identity fraudsters, who used identities to trick banks, mortgage lenders, and government agencies into giving him money.”

The Nigerian fraudster is the one who helped Walter Masocha start his church as he was able to get mortgages for women who had no legal stay in the United Kingdom using loopholes in Scottish Law. Walter Masocha then gave himself credit that he had ‘power from God’, promising single women that he was able to get them houses.

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Sex prophet Walter Masocha attracted ‘young’ black women to his church 

Word began to travel fast in the black African community in the UK, especially among Zimbabweans that there was a ‘Man Of God’ in Scotland who could get anyone to get a mortgage, despite their legal statuses in the UK.

Some of the single mothers of Agape church who love Walter Masocha 


Walter Masocha also used his position and power at a Stirling University to get women without legal stay in the UK to enrol for courses using a loophole in the system.

The sex prophet used a Nigerian Fraudster and lied he had ‘power from God to give miraculous mortgages’ 

This made ”Prophet’ Walter Masocha popular, as he was seen as God’s gift to the problems of Africans in the UK. Word got around, and many people started inviting more people to join Masocha’s church.

Two young women testify of the ‘Power of Masocha’ holding the sex prophet’s books during an Agape church service 

As he started Agape For All Nations Ministries International, his congregants were mostly single mothers and single women who were extremely vulnerable in the UK, most of them had no legal stay in the UK.

During Masocha’s reign, a lot of women gave testimonies thanking the ‘God of Walter Masocha,’ who was also referred to as the ‘God of Agape’ for doing miracles in the UK like getting them houses….just like that.

Masocha was also able to get a mortgage for Edna Guveya and her husband Gift Guveya in Scotland when they had no legal stay in the UK.  Edna Guveya is reported to be among the married women that the sex-crazed prophet was having ‘anal sex’ with.

Edna Mutoti Guveya was a right-hand woman for Walter Masocha in Agape Church, she is seen testifying below about Masocha getting her a ‘miraculous mortgage.’

This is how Walter Masocha moved to Scotland from England in early 2006. Masocha had a master plan to form a church in Scotland because he knew that Scotland had many loopholes in the system. Scotland is also known to have a corrupt legal system, including corrupt lawyers and judges who helped Prophet Masocha get his sex convictions squashed in 2016.

Meanwhile, shamed Walter Masocha remains in hiding at his Cosyneuk mansion in Scotland Stirling, after his second spectacular fall from grace on Christmas Day 2018. His wife is reported to be divorcing him. Masocha’s first fall from grace was in 2014 when he hit international headlines for sexually assaulting members of his church.

More to come, including how a husband almost killed his wife on Christmas Day after discovering that she was sleeping with the ‘prophet’.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean







10 thoughts on “Disgraced Prophet Walter Masocha Used Britain’s Most Prolific Nigerian Fraudster To Lure Women To His Church

  1. This is awesome! I was trying to figure out how he amassed such a huge following, there had to be a gimmick somewhere along the lines. Something to draw people in, especially those in a vulnerable situation. You are definitely a journalist and are very thorough with your research. Thank you for providing this information, for the life of me I couldn’t understand what Masocha had to offer, clever man. But not too clever to cover his tracks, using God’s name.
    Keep on reporting, let everyone hear the story of this disgraced man, but the man story of your redemption. How you overcame all the things that you had to go through emotionally, mentally and physically, the mocking and the jeering. God, kept his promise to you my dear, and because of that I have renewed faith in him as well. Thank you, fellow sister of the soil, may you continue to walk in goodness, mercy, prosperity all the days of your life.


    1. Unless you have never been to University how did Masocha manage to get people into the University without papers? Was Masocha responsible for enrolment? What of the funding, how would he determine things like that?


  2. What a conning man. Jean you should do a blog about how Judish took masocha from his first wife and her old tricks of sleeping with married men. What goes around surely does come back round.


    1. She is no saint either. We all know Sandra and Sharon have different fathers and aihura Judith with married men kukambuzuma and her brother teddy once beat her up for chihure chake. Problem is that vakasangana namasocha she thought Sheila’s tears ( masochas first wife) will go unnoticed. The same way she slept with all those married men zvamuwanawo


  3. Apa wamamira because this will only make things harder for Africans and blacks in general and all based on lies. Even people doing everything by the book will face unnecessary checks and delays in getting anything done and that includes you whether you are British or not. You don’t shit where you eat simple as. Besides most people here have nothing against you and there was no need to say unnecessary things. You might have been fighting your war with Masocha but ziva pekugumira. Zvamava kuti the Scottish are corrupt can you prove those allegations? Even the people you claim had degrees at Stirling you are mistaken because Masocha had nothing to do with enrolment. I was on your side until you said things I personally know are not true and I foresee a humiliation on your part. Just deal with your bitterness and move on if you claim to be saved. It’s increasingly looking like those who said you had mental health issues were not lying


    1. “I was on your side:, bruh you funny. Let me break it down for you im a way even you can understand. When Jean wasngoing through this drama, where were you? When we all ridiculed her and thought she was insane, where were you? When she was mocked and cast out , you were on her side abi? Nah, none of us were on her side. She didnt need us then or now, at the end of the day if we all had some sense we would see the redemptive theme of this whole saga. One person had the courage to stand up and refused to be a sheep. She had the unpopular opinion by herself and now she has a testimony for the world, God heard her and did not forsake her. That is the real story here, but we are missing it because we have the nerve to question her version of events? Thats very narrow minded and such a small way of thinking. You personally know huh? Okay so tell us your version, but nah probably wouldnt be interested in your calculated guesses anyway. So please you can keep your side to yourself its not even needed at the end of the day.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. TP Nyakasha shut up and go back to your cave. This is jeans blog and she will write what she wants, it’s her story. If you don’t like reading her post’s just unfollow her blog. It’s not like you are being forced to read. She has everything right to tell this story the way she sees fit considering she had to fight this Masocha animal alone! Get lost with your nonsense.


  4. It’s plain to see that jean is mentally unstable, she seems to write her stories adding a lot of unnecessary drama to get more hits on her blog. We are only interested in masochas shananigans as you jean have the time to invest in investigating his evil deeds, l feel sorry for the victims of masocha but l can’t help but say some of the events are nothing short of mind boggling and an interesting insight into a man mind who claims to walk with God.

    Jean just write facts not to try to dramatisee things, masocha a life is enough drama on its own don’t feel the edge to spice up with your own sick thoughts, stick to the story please.


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