‘We Have Suspended Masocha’, Agape Church Finally Release Official Statement Over Disgraced Sex Prophet

SCOTLAND. The church of Agape For All Nations Ministries International has been forced to release an official statement about the ‘moral fall’ of shamed prophet Walter Masocha.

The controversial church has now removed all picture galleries from the official website.

All other social media platforms have since been deleted.

As I, Mary-Tamar was Jean was the only journalist officially reporting on the ‘moral fall’ of sex pest Prophet Walter Masocha, I can now reveal that the shamed church has now officially released a statement about the fall of the man they highly esteemed as ‘Daddy’ despite his previous sex assault convictions and allegations. .

Earlier this week, Agape had released a statement through WhatsApp Messenger which stated that Walter Masocha had stepped down and admitted that he was not fit to lead the controversial cult.

However, in a recent twist today, Agape has now officially released a statement that the disgraced prophet was rather suspended by the church/cult.


Interestingly, the shamed church has also removed their photo galleries after church members have been reported to be pleading to have their pictures removed from the website after Walter Masocha had allegedly admitted to having sex with his daughter/daughters and a number of married women in the church.

Judith Masocha

His daughters Sharon Masocha Shamba, Sandra Masocha Chihuri and son-in-law William Shamba have all deleted their social media accounts.

Walter Masocha and wife at a church event earlier this year

The church/cult is now under the leadership of Commissioner Francis Aturia, whom my loving husband confronted a few months ago in Milton Keynes and told him that his Spiritual Daddy Walter Masocha was going down. Francis Aturia had boasted to my husband that Masocha was a man of God, cleared of all sex charges, and he said I (Mary-Tamar was Jean) was an architect of the accusers, used by the devil to try and bring a man of God down.

Anyway, below is the full statement on the church website penned by the man who just a few weeks ago was defending the sex pest.

“To Whom It May Concern:
Following recent development in which the Visionary, Dr Walter Masocha, with his own volition admitted that in his private life, he had a moral fall; he has been suspended with immediate effect as leader of the church Agape For All Nations Ministries International (AFANMI/Agape). The Vision of AFANMI whose goal is to find the lost and equip the found, continues under the leadership of the Commissioners.
A full investigation will be conducted and appropriate action taken for the reputational damage to his wife Dr Judith and the wider community of believers especially in Agape. In the current state of affairs, we have a duty of care to offer spiritual, moral and emotional support to the wider member of the church who are affected, Dr Judith & family and also to Dr Walter Masocha.
As Christian believers, the AFANMI Mission is:
To reach out through the love of God, and communicate the message of the Christian Gospel and way of life to all people regardless of their age, racial, social, religious or sexual background. To demonstrate by integrating and actively involving all such people in the life of our church the working of a truly inclusive community of believers. To bring real and demonstrable help ad relief to such people suffering spiritual, emotional or physical need. Finding the lost, equipping the found.
AFANMI by faith is a Bible believing church which strives to uphold the doctrine and teachings of our LORD Jesus Christ. To this regard, in Agape we openly acknowledge that we are sinners saved by Grace. The LORD Jesus Christ himself declared that He came to save sinners! Equally, scripture states that “for all have sinned, and have come short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:23). And sin to us is defined as missing the mark of God’s instruction or not obeying God’s command.
As Agape saints, let us pray and incline our lives to the key teachings of true unconditional love and total forgiveness. Let us refrain wholly from any gossip, lies and untruths that shall arise in this current situation.
Finally, “Let us hear the conclusion of the matter: Fear God, keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) .
May the Grace and Peace of the LORD God be with you in this Threshing Floor season.
AFANMI Commissioners”
Earlier this year, Walter Masocha was seen enjoying himself on a fishing boat trip in Morocco, during couples retreat that he hosted with his now-estranged wife Judith Masocha.
Sex Pest Walter Masocha enjoyed worship from female congregants
Masocha’s wife is now divorcing the pervert Prophet

More is to come, including the married women Walter Masocha has been sleeping with.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean

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  2. Only fools will continue in this so called church,it’s the devil cult,they will use the forgiveness scapegoat nd he wil be back in the underworld bussiness,Livelong the devil,poor followers he will roast u in the fire of hell.


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