Former Agape Church Leaders (Edina Guveya) Now Begging For Leadership Positions In Other Churches After The Fall Of Walter Masocha

Yesterday I received an email from an English lady who is extremely concerned that ex members of Agape Cult have flooded their church, and are behaving in a disturbing manner. Apparently they are not giving full information about their involvement with Agape church. Her main concern was that the former Agape members, mainly Edina and Gift Guveya, and Lawrence and Joyce Ruwona are seeking leadership positions in the church claiming that they are ordained pastors when in fact they were ordained by a sex pervert Walter Masocha. The lady said their church members are also concerned because they have children, and there is so much disturbing information about the Agape church online. She said she had been directed to my blog after googling Agape church to try and gather information about the ex members, and wanted me to give them any information I have regarding the Ruwona’s and the Guveya’s and any Agape former church members who are flocking to their church near where the AGAPE SUPER  MIRACLE RAIN CENTER was based in Derby. After my reply to her, the lady notified me that she will contact Local Safeguarding Officers and will get these former Agape Church members out of their church. I have copied the reply I sent to her, exactly as I sent it, without adding or removing anything.

Thank you for your email, words can not even begin to express the horrendous abuses I suffered in Agape church at the hands of Walter Masocha and his leaders, including Edina and Gift Guveya. Walter Masocha the founder of the church stepped down at the beginning of this year, after he admitted to sleeping with a number of married women in the church, as well as his own daughters. But prior to the Church closing down and before Walter Masocha stepped down, I reported Walter Masocha to the police for sexual abuse, he had a habit of touching women inappropriately when praying for them privately in his office. He also targeted young underage girls, and used to strip naked and make the young girls massage him.

It was people like Lawrence and Joyce Ruwona, Gift and Edina Guveya who groomed young girls and facilitated them to be sexually assaulted by Walter Masocha. Moreover, it was those in leadership, who persecuted me the most, abused me the most when I was in the process of reporting the abuse to the police. They called me a witch, demon possessed and many names, and threatened to burn down my house and kill me. At one point I was given alarms and protection by the police because the Agape church members were threatening my life.

They started a blog, called (Children of Daddy Masocha) facilitated by my ex-husband, which was later taken down, where they wrote that I was going to commit suicide and was a mental case, their aim was to drive me to suicide as my ex-husband Shingai Musuka, who was also a member of the Agape church, was now taking me to court to try to take my children away. This church, and the members almost drove me to suicide, but I had to stay strong for the sake of my children, and I survived and my ex-husband was banned from ever contacting the children because of his involvement with Walter Masocha and Agape church. Some women were not as blessed as me, this church had a few women who took their lives and some were driven to despair.

Also, Agape church held “Youth Conferences” where children as young as 10 to 12 would engage in sexual activities and the leadership did nothing about it.

The leadership itself had registered sexual offenders, one example is Maxwell Nyakutya, a convicted pedophile ordained by Walter Masocha as a Board Member and Pastor, yet he constantly worked with children unsupervised in the church. Most of the leaders whom Masocha ordained, were the ones who supported him even when the courts found him guilty of sexual abuse. These people may come into your church, they are obsessed with leadership, and believe that Walter Masocha truly ordained them as Ministers, even though Walter Masocha himself was a self proclaimed Prophet.

These are the list of the names of the “leaders” of Walter Masocha, who defended his abuse and pedophilia, and yet still insist of being Pastors today in other churches, or taking leadership roles, Yvonne and Julius Gayakaya, Gertrude Musuka and Langton Mburayi, Gift and Edina Guveya, Lawrence and Joyce Ruwona, Noriya and Young Chokuda, Lenity and Maxmum Madume, Ruvimbo and Odingo Matorera, Shingai Musuka, Patience Musuka, Felistas Mudzingwa Mapfumo, Roy Mapfumo, Calisto Misi, Lydia and Thuthukile Khumalo, Muchengeti and Tinashe Hove, Tabetha Enock, Aimee Asante, Kuziva Wooldridge, Thandi Kahari Ariberito, Francis Aturia  the list is way longer, but these are some of the names of the people who worked hard to prevent Walter Masocha from getting justice, and silenced his victims through threats, yet today, they will seek leadership positions and various churches. Some of them groomed children to sexually massage Walter Masocha.

A lot of dark things happened in their cult, including giving false testimonies. Walter Masocha used to tell his leaders what testimonies to give in Church, Edina Guveya especially was always giving false testimonies so that people would believe that Walter Masocha was a powerful prophet and fear him. I have included some videos of the false testimonies, you may recognize some of the Agape church members who may be trying to join your church.
 Edina Guveya giving false testimony to make Walter Masocha look powerful
More Agape false testimonies to instill fear in people
More false testimonies

I will also include links of Agape disturbing stories, included one of convicted pedophile Maxwell Nyakutya  featured in the mainstream papers

My advice is please do not allow these people who come from Agape to work with children, no matter how genuine they may seem, especially Lawrence and the Guveya’s. Do not allow them leadership positions, they have no training or official ordination. They were very abusive to vulnerable people in Agape church and wants leadership positions so they can continue their dark behavior whilst they hide behind Jesus.  Sooner or later, these former Agape church members will bring your church into disrepute, and children may be hurt in the processes, so I advice caution in dealing with them.

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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