So Boaz Confronted My Former Spiritual Father

As I am writing this article, Boaz has taken the children swimming. I just have little Chaka in the house, he’s sound asleep. The house is beautifully peaceful. Peace and quiet is a rare thing when you have 6 children including a newborn. I’m listening to one of my favourite worship songs, ‘Mazuva ose makatendeka’, which means everyday you are faithful Lord. I don’t know how I got here, but God always reminds me, and sometimes he reminds me in the weirdest ways…

A few days ago, something really powerful and beautiful happened. I can’t help but testify.

I was walking with Boaz, then boom, we walked past one of the ‘church’ leaders of the the cult I used to go to. In the cult he was referred to as the ‘Commissioner’, he had the highest position after the ‘prophet’. I then told Boaz that we had just passed one of the highest church leaders from the cult. We have met a number the cult members, and each time Boaz never seemed too bothered about them. But with this one, his reaction was very different.

‘Where is he? I am going after him. I want to meet him,’ Boaz said.

I told Nino to just let it go, but he didn’t listen to me, he just took off and started going after the guy.

The ‘Commissioner’ as he’s referred to in the cult, had walked quite a distance, so Boaz had to catch up with him. I was just standing there in awe. I could not believe Boaz was going to confront the man I used to reverence as my sort of spiritual Father. The man I used to bow before, at one point I believed even carrying his bags or his wives’ was some sort of breakthrough.

Boaz came face to face with the cult leader

I had to go after Boaz and say to him, ‘babe just leave it.’ But he wasn’t listening to me.

He told the ‘Commissioner’ of the cult that it’s sad that he worships another man, a man who abuses children and women.

The ‘Commissioner’ argued that his spiritual Father was a man of God. And he was cleared before the courts of justice. And he referred to me as ‘Gasho, the architect of the accusers’. He said I led women and  gathered them to accuse their ‘prophet’. He said I did what I did to destroy their church, but at the end of the day with the few people left in the church, it’s still standing.

It then dawned on me that it was my first time coming face to face with a leader of a cult that almost took me to the grave. The cult that fought hard for my children to be taken away from me. The cult that said I was a mad demon possessed woman. The cult that made me go through a year of a gruelling child custody battle. The cult that knew I had no one to help me, or fight my corner. The cult that told the court that she is a loner and she has no one to help her look after the children.

As I stood there watching my Boaz fight for me, I realised that I was now covered. I was not  exposed anymore. For the first time in my life, I have someone who stands up for me. I  was overwhelmed with admiration for my King.

My Covering

5 years ago, the same cult in the guise of my in-laws called an ambulance on me, whilst my ex-husband watched, saying I was mad and needed to be sectioned. I was alone, not a single person stood up for me to say no! The ambulance came and the paramedics felt sorry for me and apologised for the public humiliation I had just endured.

That day I wished I had a husband who covered me. A husband who protected me.

As Boaz was really giving it to this ‘Commissioner’, telling him what a disgrace their cult was, I thanked God that finally I have that husband I used to long for.

For me, that was my testimony, my husband confronting the people that have hurt me the most in my life. For me it meant the world, because I have never had that. And God wanted me to experience my Boaz fighting for me, literally.

As we walked away, he held my hand, he was so angry, and he said he wishes to  go that cult and confront the so called prophet himself.


I told him, ‘babe, I’m happy, I have you. If it wasn’t for that evil cult we would have never met. We met because I shared my story. And you are without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You are my covering. Let them be, the cult is already destroyed. Thousands fled and it’s left with like 20 people or so, I don’t know. We gained more, we came out of there with something money can never buy.’





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