‘Seek Professional Counselling’, Agape Cult Tells Members In The Wake Of Prophet Masocha Scandal As They Cancel 2019 Events

SCOTLAND: Agape For All Nations Ministries  has released a statement to the remaining leaders of the church urging members to seek professional help from their local GP’s after their leader Walter Masocha suffered what they called a ‘moral fall.’

The Church/cult says it will not officially disclose the nature of the ‘moral fall’ of Prophet Masocha because of ‘legal grounds’.

Prophet Masocha has terminated his services from Agape Church after confessing to a serious ‘moral fall’.

Agape members are currently undergoing a gruelling 12 Day Prayer and Fasting for the Cult

Mary-Tamar was Jean can reveal that all Agape Church/Cult events for 2019 have been cancelled apart from a ‘trip to Isreal’ and a ‘Leadership Meeting’. All church members are currently going through a gruelling 12-day prayer and fasting for the Church and have been advised not to contact the fallen sex Prophet or his estranged wife Judith Masocha.

Agape Cult Members urged to seek professional help after shock Masocha sex scandal
Cult members advised to go to their local doctors for counselling by new cult leadership 
All Agape Cult worship services for 2019 have been cancelled 
Below is the shocking statement released by the cult leaders of Agape church, Francis Arturia, Hedwig Zunguza and Thuthukule Kumalo. They remain adamant that the cult will continue.

Agape Church Statement Released on 04 January 2019

“To all Board Members, Envoys and Evangelists, 
thank you to all those who attended the meetings on 31st December 2018. We also appreciate the prayers of those who did not make it  and indeed the prayers of all the saints as we had a God filled, Agaped and fantastic Crossover. The God of Agape answered your prayers. God richly bless you. We appreciate you all for your labour of love and for all your support.
Please note the following announcements to the church:
1) The Board of Trustees at their meeting on 28th December 2018 accepted Dr Walter Masocha resignation to step down, and further decided with immediate effect to terminate his services from AGAPE. Because of legal grounds the Ministry cannot comment further on this issue.
2) As Commissioner’s we are carrying out a separate investigation into the issue at hand. Further, we are available to anyone who requires counselling and also recommend that saints can visit their local GP’s for counselling if they feel it’s needed.
3) We have agreed that all proposed mission trips for 2019 be suspended. Further details on any mission trips are to follow.
4) The Purim Festival and Thanksgiving GT proposed for February has been cancelled. 
5) The Leadership Seminar proposed for end of January will proceed. Further details are to follow.
6) The proposed trip to Israel will continue as planned. For further details those interested are to contact Joyce Chiwoniso Ruwona.
7) The Vision of AGAPE continues under the interim leadership of the Commissioner’s. We encourage all of you servants of the Lord to be strong in your Labour (Eph 6:10).
As a result, we have come up with the following operational structure for ease of directing the church:
– *Prayer Affairs* Commissioner June, overseeing And Evang Mary who is Coordinator for this function. They will set up their own team to efficiently run this role.
– *Media / Communication*
Commissioner Ludo, with
*International Liaison Officer*
Snr Envoy Lawrence liaising with Commissioner Ludo 
– *Administration & Safeguarding* 
Commissioner Thuthukile, in liaison with The Administrator BM Anne
– *Spiritual (Pastoral) Care* 
Commissioners Francis & Sarah Aturia
– *To Bless & Love the Church* 
Snr Commissioner Hedwig
8) As a follow up to the previous message that the Commissioners sent out to the church, we request that for now,  there be no direct communication with Dr Walter Masocha,  Dr Judith Masocha and their families. 
9) As Commissioners we are still in the process of looking at ways on how we can continue to move forward as a Ministry.  The Vision of AGAPE is moving on, and shall flourish.
10) We encourage the saints to meet, pray and break bread together during the 12 Days of Prayer and Fasting. 
11) We also recommend that zonal get togethers be planned for Sunday 13th January to celebrate the end of the 12 Days of Prayer & Fasting.
May the LORD strengthen and watch over you. Let His Peace and Healing flow in you.
Francis Aturia and his wife Sarah Aturia who is a medical doctor have taken over Agape Church after the fall of Masocha. The couple is from Uganda and they live in Oxford, England. They are seen below enjoying a fishing boat trip in Morocco that was organised by the sex prophet last year.
Fancis and his wife Sarah Aturia who have taken over the Agape Cult were pictured with Sex Prophet Masocha at an Agape Youth Camp last year 
The second ‘Commissioner’ to take over Agape Church is Thuthukile Khumalo who lives in Scotland, Stirling with his wife Lydia Khumalo. Thuthukile is also Masocha’s bodyguard and he is seen below posing in his Agape bodyguard uniform.
Thuthukile Khumalo posing in his bodyguard uniform is among the Commissioners who have taken over the controversial Agape Church/Cult 
Sex Prophet Masocha pictured with two of his bodyguards, one of them being Thuthukile Khumalo who has taken over the cult

Meanwhile, most of the Agape members have dramatically deleted their social media accounts and are not available to comment on the current scandal.

Mary-Tamar was Jean urges members of the cult who are leaving and are traumatised to write their experiences down, she has found writing to be a very therapeutic method of dealing with the trauma of life-threatening abuse.

The Masocha sex saga continues…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean


6 thoughts on “‘Seek Professional Counselling’, Agape Cult Tells Members In The Wake Of Prophet Masocha Scandal As They Cancel 2019 Events

  1. His whole family is cursed Sharons husband impregnated someone (name withheld) and masocha was aware of it and this poor girl was asked to abort the child. The things that go on I’m this family and the son Tafadzwa was sleeping with this lady called Mona and it was just a hush hush what a mess the whole family is


    1. Hazel Manyati knows the truth of this matter but she was hushed and ridiculed by Wellington when it happened and Sharon with how gullible she is she believed her husband. Not only did he get someone pregnant he is also dating someone right now just father in-law like son chokwadi. Vakangofanana


    2. Tafadzwa was sleeping with Mona for money he was being paid who doesn’t know. He got it from his father as for mukwasha Will l could write a book about his Derby days. If you just mention the name Daphne and Jules to him he will wet his pants as he knows the full story. Mhuri iyi yakatukwa naMwari kare kare and it’s a dysfunctional family. We all know Sharon akarorwa with Jules money ask envoy Larry they know the full story. What a shame


  2. Welly & Sochaz = Same WhatsApp group. As much as he may dislike Masocha, they are very much alike. He is the young version of Masocha


  3. Emmanuel the drummer was also a pedophile he was sexually abusing his cousin I feel sorry for her and wish I had spoke out for her as she made me promise because she told her auntie but the auntie just shut her up F.C


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