I Will Never Wear Braids, They Are From Pagan Egyptians And Represent Serpents

Dear World

Since discovering who I really am, my true identity, I came to understand that braids, weaves and wigs are not to be worn by a true black woman who knows her identity. Boaz always hated me wearing braids, he always told me to stick to my natural hair as he found me more beautiful without any artificial hair. Now I understand why.

Egyptian History Of Braids And Snake Worship

I won’t beat around the bush, I will just say it as it is. Braids are originally from the ancient Egyptian Dynasty. They were created to cover the Black woman’s shame after the fall by the serpent. She lost her hair and it stopped growing. Before the fall the black woman’s hair was her glory, it was a long long soft curly afro, big and bouncy. After the fall it shrunk and became like a scab. The black woman’s glory was taken from her also because of her pride.  So the Egyptian goddess had to improvise. When you are wearing braids or cornrows, you are simply wearing serpents on your head, as that is what braids and cornrows represent.

Egyptian Royalty 

Ancient Egyptians loved snakes, it was their religion. For them, the snake was the symbol of LIFE. They believe it was the first creation. Pharaoh wore a crown of snakes. Black Egyptian princesses wore snake crowns, braids and wigs. They worshipped snakes, remember the story of Moses and Pharoah, it was all about snakes. According to the bible, Egyptians are also enemies of the Hebrew God. The Hebrew God had to deliver his people from the snake-worshipping pagan Egyptians.


Apostle Paul did warn the black woman about braids and cornrows, he said, “Likewise, I want the women to adorn themselves with respectable apparel, with modesty, and with self-control, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes.” 1 Timothy 2:9

White Woman’s depiction of  Black Egyptians 

Zimbabwean Women And Egyptian Braids

Zimbabwean women love braids and cornrows. That’s why I was obsessed with braids and cornrows when I was Jean, before I became Lady Mary-Tamar. Boaz didn’t like me in the braids. He said he wanted to touch, smell my hair, massage my scalp and all, the braids got in the way. He said when he was hugging me, the braids were all over the place. Well, I am happy that I have put this Zimbabwean culture of braids behind me.

But how is Zimbabwe connected with the Egyptian culture of braids? One may ask.

Great Zimbabwe, Snake Patterns And Braid Patterns


The answer is, Zimbabwe itself was built by the inspiration of the snake, serpent, dragon, lizard, crocodile. That is why Great Zimbabwe literally snake shapes and patterns. The mysterious Great Zimbabwe has snake patterns and braids patterns on its walls, should I say more? It remains one of the greatest mysteries of this world, like the Pyramids.


Who built the Great Zimbabwe? Who inspired it? What sacred spirit is in Great Zimbabwe?

Can you not see the snake patterns on the walls?


Can I tell you something, the people of the Shona Kingdom came from Egypt before they settled in the small Kingdom of Geshur.

IMG-20181006-WA0014 (1)
I used to be obsessed with clothes with snake patterns and cornrows, I called it Zimbabwean culture 

Black Women Wearing Wigs And Weaves


Again, this is from ancient Egyptians. The women and even men wore wigs and weaves. It became fashionable to wear a wig. But it was mainly to cover the black woman’s glory which was gone. It’s sad really.

Asians And Selling Of Braids, Wigs, And Weaves To Black Women

Because of the curse, the only people who benefit financially from the selling of hair extensions and weaves for black people are Asians. They are the ones who were chosen to make money from the fall of the black woman. That’s why black people who try to go into the industry of selling hair products to black people are normally outdone by Asians.

Also black women who do hair, like braids, weaves and cornrows are not able to become millionaires from this profession. Doing black hair is a cursed profession.

Personally, I have never liked weaves and wigs, they just look strange on a black woman. I was forced to wear a wig at the first Black British Entertainment Awards and sadly I looked like a clown. By the end of the event, I had taken off the wig and binned it.

That’s why I will never wear braids, wigs, cornrows or weaves again. My hair is enough. My glory is enough, it shall never be covered or distorted. I am not a pagan Egyptian Goddess, I am Lady Mary-Tamar.

My hair is enough 


The Genesis Of The Revalation

By Mary-Tamar


17 thoughts on “I Will Never Wear Braids, They Are From Pagan Egyptians And Represent Serpents

  1. Samson wore locks? So you were there? No? You saw photos? Get real. Samson was a fable from a book of stories, each stolen from an earlier story. This isn’t even up for debate, we know the origins of all biblical mythology. That’s why it’s called “faith”- because you’re believing even tho it’s not true. Have fun with that.


    1. Umm…braids have been traced back 30,000 in Austria. Seriously…you truly sound like a religious nut to think braided hair is in any way pagan.


  2. Lololol, this moronic nonsense is why more and more people are leaving the circus of ignorance that is religion…keep it up!


  3. You do know braids are a protective style right? They help protect our hair from breakage and help it grow. If they’re so bad then why do they help our hair grow? Lmao


  4. Peace. Braiding is beautiful art form – when they are done properly and without pain. Braiding has been used to transport seeds to plant crops. It has also been used to create maps to help persons get from one location to the other – like a GPS. We Africans are beautiful in all of our glory. Yes, our hair is enough and braids are a useful tool.

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  5. Apostle Paul did warn the black woman about braids and cornrows, he said, “Likewise, I want the women to adorn themselves with respectable apparel, with modesty, and with self-control,( not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes.” 1 Timothy 2:9)

    You nolonger wear braids and cornrows but you still wear gold rings,,,pearls and expensive clothes?

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  6. Sorry to brake it or you but Africa is in general the most diverse continent in the world with many genetic variations… that’s a fact.. being North African, we are all a mixture of colours. Genetically it’s just the way our genes work – we could have a black brother and a white sister from a brown mum and a pale dad who’s mum was black. That’s our genetic makeup. Always has been. Same for ancient Egypt. This takes away heavily from our culture basically saying we don’t exist. I believe Nubian culture is being heavily confused by a lot of Americans (and only Americans might I add) with that of North African culture. We are considered North Africans/ nomads / moorish / amazigh / Berber and in a very small genetic percentage some have Arab genetics … all of those are races – we are not the same genetic makeup as that of sub Saharan Africa though many people may have some mix down the line – we are our own race and it’s disrespectful to say because we are not all black that it is not ours. Not all of Africa is black. And the natives of North Africa are not all black. Yes natives – those native to Africa. If you truely believe we all came from Africa then stop denying some of us that were always here!


    1. Don’t mistake ancient Egyptians with black race it’s completely different and it’s so disrespectful to claim someone else’s culture as yours


  7. You need to look up real Kemetic history and not white washed Egyptology. The people Kemet (Egyptians) were actually Monotheistic and the majority of Christianity’s theology if based off Kemetic Spritually! But you don’t have believe me, just research it. Read “The Book of the Dead” it’s translated scripts. Don’t let these white folks brainwash you and make you hate your culture!!!


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