Why I’m Writing A BOOK On Meghan’s Racial Appropriation Of Black Women

A lot is written about Cultural Appropriation, and it provokes so much anger, especially within black communities, yet nothing is ever written about people who steal racial identities in order to benefit from certain privileges of certain races that the actual racial groups never benefit from. I have now embarked on a journey to be the FIRST black woman to write a book about how the world sat back and rewarded and applauded a powerful white woman who never identified as BLACK throughout her life for suddenly becoming black when it suited her.

Before my Daddy died, I had started working on my own memoir, then his death made me pause everything as grief took me on a journey of pain I had never walked before.

Since my Father’s death , I’ve gone through major heart transformations.

Just before Papa died in May, I was writing so many articles about the wickedness of Meghan, comparing her lies as a privileged white looking woman, to my life and the actual struggles I’ve had to face not only as a black woman, but as a woman in general. One of the main essays I wrote which went viral was how I spoke about me watching Meghan’s royal wedding when I was pregnant and homeless, a struggle faced by black women and women of other races that Meghan will never ever experience despite falsely claiming she’s faced racism in the royal family when she was actually the one who mercilessly BULLIED white people, using her half black side as her defence weapon.

My other viral articles which attracted over 300 000 views per essay, were the ones I wrote about Meghan lying that she was pregnant and suicidal, yet she had so much help at the tip of her fingernails, when women like me, blue black with nappy hair can never afford to claim we are suicidal when carrying a child, as that would be used against us and we lose everything, including our children. Women like me can’t even tell our fellow Black people that “Guess what, I’m pregnant and suicidal,” as not only would we be stigmatised by our own fellow black brethren , but we would face serious consequences in society as a result.

Then along came Meghan, a woman who has lived all her life as a very privileged White woman, telling a black billionaire in front of the entire world that “she was pregnant and suicidal” and instead of being questioned and put to account for such “behaviour” as some of us have been questioned by the system, behold the entire black race bows at her feet, and calls her “brave and courageous.” It’s the most ironic and hypocritical historical moment I’ve ever seen in black history. What has driven my pen is the fact that Meghan actually makes a mockery of the pain and struggles of ordinary women, instead of using her privilege and position of power to help ordinary women, she mimics and mocks them instead.

If anything Black people have also given Meghan Markle the power to be ironically black. Before she married Harry, she saw herself as white, then as soon as her engagement was announced, black people were ecstatic, claiming her as the first black woman to marry a white Prince. Deep down, most Black people wish they looked like Meghan, because to them Meghan is a more refined better version of black, she’s very light skinned and according to them has better hair, so to them she’s the perfect picture of being black. So when they claim a woman like Meghan as black, it gives them a false sense of power and achievement over white people.

Most black people wish they looked like Meghan, to them she’s a better version of black.

So Meghan being a narcissist and naturally evil, she obviously used the power she was given to be black by black people, handed to her on a silver platter, to her own advantage. That’s why she could blatantly lie that the royal family were racist to her and had black people applaud her and worship her for her lies. She gave black people a false sense of vindication against white people.

Because her foundation is based on lies, all her attempts have not achieved any results in changing the society, so much that now she’s resorted to naming her own adopted daughter after the woman she claimed runs a racist institution that made her want to end her life when she was pregnant. Her lies have not brought any change to black people either, so now all black people can do is watch their Master Harry, whom they thought was about to bring down the royal family go back to the same royal family, trying so hard that even Prince William kept ignoring him at the unveiling of Diana’s statue, it was truly embarrassing to watch. It was obvious Harry was the one trying so hard to give a picture that he is in good books with William.

Yet not long ago black people were celebrating that apparently Harry was about to bring down the British Royal Family. Today Harry is the one going back to them, licking their shoes. Black people even branded Harry as a black man trapped in a white body and worshipped him for supposedly marrying a “Black” woman.

Well William called that so called Black woman a “BLOODY” woman, and I strongly agree with William on that one. She’s not only a bloody woman, she’s a bloody evil woman. Talking about Meghan being bloody, I liken her to the scarlet woman described in the book of Revelations.

Just look into her eyes, do you see what I see?

Well I believe all my valid assessments of this so called black woman Harry married deserves a detailed BOOK. My assessment of the matter has to be recorded in the history of books, not just on my little blog. My thoughts of her has to be picked up on paper, and read in libraries. This book has to be read in the most remote part of the world, so underprivileged women of all races can rise up and realise how they have been deceived by a privileged white looking woman posing as black.

I’m so writing a book about Meghan from my own lenses as a Black woman, I am detailing my journey alongside her lies, and the beauty of my book will be that all my struggles have actual receipts, I can prove every struggle and pain I’ve ever endured, including actually being pregnant and suicidal, and having to deny and prove that I wasn’t suicidal because a black female judge was threatening to take my children away from me was that the case. Meghan on the other hand has never proved even one accusation she claimed to Oprah, just one accusation she doesn’t have any proof. My book will be a light, and it will show Meghan for the fake woman she is, and what a danger she is to modern society, especially to women of all races and colours.

My book will expose Meghan as the most privileged woman in the world today, even more privileged than the most famous talented wealthy WHITE WOMEN, one example is Britney Spears. Imagine if Britney had some black blood in her, her case would have sparked outrage based on her skin colour, yes the world would have claimed Britney is being treated that way especially by the system because she’s black. But that privilege is currently reserved for a woman like Meghan, who can use mental illness to her advantage, when in reality most women, black or white, can never use mental illness to their advantage, especially where motherhood and children are involved.

My book will talk about how Meghan has even single handedly debunked “White Privilege” because she benefits from using both her white and black side whenever it suits her. So she enjoys the best of being white and the best of being black that full white or full Black people have no access to.

My book will expose her true colours, and my own life experiences parallel to hers will be the Sword I will use to expose her. My book will be a double edged sword the world has been waiting for, because the spirit of my father is leading my PEN, there is a reason I had to pause my biography because my Daddy died.

It was actually my Papa who encouraged and inspired all the Meghan Markle series I ever wrote, that’s why I wrote about him so much in his last months, as I compared how ungrateful and unforgiving Meghan was to her own father Sir Thomas Markle to how grateful I was to Sir Never Gasho. So how much more will the spirit of the Great Never Gasho inspire the pen of his most beloved daughter as she pens the lies of the most talked about woman on earth, the most deceptive woman the world has ever seen since EVE was created.

Lord, I will be damned if I never write this book. I will dedicate this book to my Papa. If anyone has ever been to Zimbabwe, they know that Zimbabwe is actually a spiritual sacred land, a land where the ancestors live on and manifest. Nyika ye Mhondoro as they call it, marred with so much superstition and mystery, so much the legendary Black British Filmmaker Menelik Shabazz died in Zimbabwe this month, whilst filming a documentary on the return of the spirits, power and mystery of Zimbabwe/Ophir.

Menelik Shabazz recently died in Zimbabwe, whilst filming a documentary about the spiritual history and power of the landlocked tiny Kingdom.
The documentary that never was.

My Daddy was a chief of the land, he spoke mysteriously and had a certain type of Wisdom no one possesses in Zimbabwe today. At some point in his life spirits of the ancestors of the Rozvi Empire manifested in him, so much he advised President Robert Mugabe because he was the son of the soil.

Now that my Papa is gone, and he told me over and over that I was his heir spiritually and that his blessing was on me, I’m so gonna embrace every blessing Daddy bestowed on me, now on my own terms of course, and I’m using that blessing to write this book. And because Daddy always blessed all my essays, and said I was a global writer, I know his spirit is so blessing my golden pen as I write this book.

My Papa was a book worm, and his dream was for me to make it as a writer, so he gave me the BEST education Zimbabwe had to offer.

Daddy wanted me to make it as a writer.

I’m so not ready to write my life story yet, I’m still climbing my mountain. I’m not standing on my mountain top yet.

Yes before Daddy died I had started writing my autobiography, but I realised that my story can’t be in a book yet, because I’m not even halfway into achieving what I want to achieve in life. Even though I’ve suffered so much, and have overcame so much, I’m way too young to have an autobiography yet. My story is just unfolding, it has way too many layers to it.

But for now, bear with me my dear readers, I’ve slowed down a little on the Meghan Markle essays, but I’m working on something that is of more worth and value, something more detailed that I believe has the power to CHANGE society. Meghan Markle and her appropriation of the black woman’s struggle has to be in print, and only yours truly can tell this story in the most dramatic colour and splendour it so deserves…

I’ve taken a step back, but I’m writing ✍🏽

I know I have enough fan base out there to make this forthcoming book a bestseller…Meghan is after all the gift that keeps on giving…

The Genesis of the Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

37 thoughts on “Why I’m Writing A BOOK On Meghan’s Racial Appropriation Of Black Women

  1. I agree with you and happy your writing a book. I think Megain deserves some karma, she is a rude, selfish, self serving, lying, crying, hypocrite and only reason she is known is because she married a rich, spoiled, entitled, absorbed crying prince. He is not a man, he is a boy who sickens me. They both do and deserve each other a 100%. By the way Jean your writing puts Megain’s to shame, not to mention you are a million times the woman she is. I think your book will put her to shame re: her plagiarized children’s book that is the biggest laugh of all.

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    1. Mary-Tamar,a few points: you are convinced that a biracial hardworking lady who had earned substantial achievements, but who married a prince should be your personal punching bag because you have faced some misfortunes; you believe that Meghan did not have the right to feel the pain of the thrashing she was taken through in the press for 5 years because she is superhuman and successful…and you are not ? The same experience for which some celebrities have committed suicide? You need to personally cash in by bashing Meghan because it is the road to fame and wealth ,currently. But,your complexion is not much darker than Meghan’s yet she must suffer. T
      Be aware that the rule now is that the squad or whoever you expect to boost the book via the expected outrage will not engage with you. You will not get the clout or the pecuniary returns,trust me.

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      1. I think you are wrong, and misinformed. Meghan has told many lies and exaggerated other stories of her “hardship”. Her very used “victim” platform is getting extremely dog-eared, and she has used her bi-racial heritage ruthlessly. It is so sad that she does not acknowledge the very privileged upbringing, education and reception from the Royal Family that she should have enjoyed. Her greed and jealousy and entitlement know no bounds, and she has and will continue to use anyone she can as a stepping stone for her own ambitions, while she helps no-one and gives nothing of substance to the world.

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      2. She may have been hardworking but she is a great deal more privilaged than the average black Amercian child, yet she has hijacked the ‘stuggle’ narrative.
        Meghan had a wealthy background with a private school education, dance lessons, boating, horse riding trips abroad. A father who paid for her college tutution. An unlce who arranged for her to do an intership at the US Embassy in a South American country (who she did not invite to the wedding, but nevertheless, ‘mourned deeply’ this week).
        Yet she claims she’s a difficult upbringing and had to struggle to make it own her own. Meghan had more help than most folks.

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      3. Oh do shut up Meghan. This lady is worth 10 of you! And you are no more black than I am. Mary Tamar keep at it & well done to you. x


      4. Agreed with most of what you said but disagree on her ability to cash in. Books that are self published rarely do well. SM used a self publishing company and her book was a dismal failure. Currently ranked #384,704 on Amazon, ranked #299,347 in Kindle Stores. According to Quora 99.9% of self-published books fail to make a profit.Traditional publishers reject over 98% of the manuscripts they receive from unknown authors. Good luck!


      5. Agreed with most of what you said but disagree on her ability to cash in. Books that are self published rarely do well. SM used a self publishing company and her book was a dismal failure. Currently ranked #384,704 on Amazon, ranked #299,347 in Kindle Stores. According to Quora 99.9% of self-published books fail to make a profit.Traditional publishers reject over 98% of the manuscripts they receive from unknown authors. Good luck!


    2. Dear Jean,
      Everything l read about you and your own written words l trust you to write a truthful book. I am so affected by what l am seeing and hearing l feel the UK and even the wider world needs you. God bless and protect you. Be brave l think you need and have courage. Xxx

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  2. Hi

    Love Zimbabwe and have friends there! Tell me as I am interested how you managed despite all your trials and Zimbabwe has had many, to grow up so logical, well orientated and non-racial because it truly is amazing how unbiased you are and treat all people the same. I try to tell people all the time we are all descendant from the same original parents so are in fact related! So if you hate blacks you hate your brothers and sisters and if you hate whites you hate your brothers and sisters.

    I will for one place an order now for your book on The Traitor Meghan Markle because she is a traitor to whites and blacks. She uses whatever colour suits her on any given day. She is white when it suits and black when it suits. Her lie on the Royals being racist was totally false and she only said that to get black people to worship and follow her! She thinks black people are stupid and don’t see her for what she is. Fake, lying evil person! I am so disappointed we welcomed her to the United Kingdon and paid millions for her wedding to have it thrown back in our faces! What an enormous hypocrite she is. On her documents when asked race she puts Caucasian after her wedding to get sympathy and play her victim card she is suddenly changing it to biracial!

    Start immediately we are waiting on reading it!

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  3. Thank you for the inspiration…..As an aspiring writer who always live in a hypocritical country…..I kept my opinions in my head…..but now I m ready to take them out…..Thank u

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  4. Would like to start a debate on how some Africans view those who survived slavery in the Western world. Descendants of slaves have a different perspective of “what it means to be Black” than your views.

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    1. Elaine, I am African and we have had horrific struggles much more recently and still have. You can just switch on the news to see what is happening. Genocide, modern day slavery etc. All still exist today in many parts. Not taking away your struggles. It is just painful to watch how someone like Meghan almost commercializes the black experience, while she literally has zero of it.

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  5. Thank you! And Elaine: There shouldn’t be a debate. Slavery is wrong. It was a long time ago. We are here in the now as people who live the best they can. There is racism on all sides that need to be corrected. It is heartbreaking. And Markle’s use of the struggles of Black People to further herself is wrong. Don’t start hating on black people from another country to have a war of views. There were slaves in the bible too. white people, jewish people etc It is over now. Kids of all races are being stolen for sale in sex trades. This is the now. Live in the now. Things can change and not with violence. Awareness, true awareness and not what markle pulls, can help! News reports should have been coming out about this a long time ago. Movies that addressed this, I am still impressed with the Umbrella Academy putting scenes in of the black fight of which I hadn’t known. The Help. Awareness and living in the now. It will change ❤

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  6. I love that your Papa has been such an inspiration to you in your life and now for your future! I can see you have so many rich memories of him. Your book will be amazing, and I hope to read it.

    I totally agree that Meghan Markle is a cynical user of everyone she comes across – regardless of colour. She is a selfish and greedy woman who has used people as stepping stones all her (now nearly middle aged) life.

    She presented herself as Caucasian when it suited her, as an actress. But now with BLM having many supporters, she uses her partly Black heritage as the main plank of her Victim card, and uses it to blame people like the Royal Family who did not cave in to her demands when she was outraged she could not elevate Harry above his brother, the actual heir to the throne in UK. Her behaviour has been outrageous, inciting Harry to attack his older brother William. We have to go back hundreds of years to find a younger brother of the heir to the throne who was so jealous they made it their goal to attack their older brother publicly. Meghan is like the evil wife in Sahkespeare’s play Macbeth.

    You are right – Meghan has totally appropriated Black culture for her own benefit. And if BLM goes out of fashion, she will move on to do the same to another Victim group for her own benefit.

    I am sorry that BLM people appear to see themselves first as Black and second as members of the democracy that is USA. This seems to lead them to support ANYONE with a Black heritage – no matter what the behaviour of that person is, and their track record. The fact is that no-one is left alive of the Black slaves in USA or the people who enslaved them and benefitted from their misery. This includes the Black rival tribespeople in Africa who originally captured them and then sold them to the slave ships owners. Meanwhile, children and women, in particular, are still enslaved today in many places where there is tyranny by religious or terrorist extremists, or in the underworld of paedophilia. This is still happening and is ignored by BLM. They still present themselves as Victims in 2021 – which is ridiculous.

    From a country far from USA, UK and Africa I think it is sad that some Black people in USA today and elsewhere waste their time on hating and judging others who are not Black. They are closing off a world of appreciating every individual based on who they are and whether they make the world a happier place for all/or NOT – as in the case of Meghan Markle.

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  7. This is brilliantly written, you truly have a special flair for penning thoughts that resonate completely with your audience, you have more than a sufficient, you have a mass following, I like many others, love reading your articles & so looking forward to your book. You are absolutely spot on with everything you say about this ‘bloody woman’ I have never witnessed such toxicity across SM platforms since the arrival of MM & her S Squad, her fanbase are unable to differentiate between expressing an opinion & hate, instead calling anybody that calls out MMs inappropriate behaviours as racism, anything said about MM, justified criticism, disagreeing with her viewpoints, is all deemed as hate and racism. They are defending a woman who has snubbed her black side all her life, morphing fully into her white side, even removing all features representing her ethnicity through surgery, she identified as white, attended an all-white sorority & only dated white privileged men. Unfortunately for her, people could see through MMs true nature so now, she is fully utilising her black side as a defence mechanism against criticism, manipulating the race card while basking in unimaginable wealth & luxury and exhausting her titles for profit, all gained on the back of the so called white privileged institution she is now attacking .Her hypocrisy is screaming out more than ever given her new born daughter ( although I do feel something is amiss with actually birthing her 2 children) named after the monarch she is accusing of racism & dismissing her mental health. MM was welcomed by the UK, millions were out to celebrate their wedding, excited to see Meghan become a member of our RF, her colour did not register with anyone but her transparency, lies and agenda did and that’s why she has received a lot of criticism and why a lot of people have turned against her. I just can’t understand why some of the black community are unable to see this, instead lashing out with toxic abuse and weaponizing the race card against anyone that exercises their right to freedom of speech to call Meghan out for what she is & what she is doing. I despise racism, I see people for their soul regardless of colour, religion etc, being part of a more evolved society this is how all us humans should live our lives but sadly racism still exists, NOT in the case of Meghan Markle, I think it’s appalling that she’s been given a platform to promote this false victimhood at the hands of racism when there are people out there being devastated and destroyed by real racism, perhaps her fans should do a little more research & start investing the amount of energy they put into defending this liar, into defending the real victims subjected to racism and hate. I am so so sorry to hear about your farther, god bless you and can’t wait for your book.

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  8. I have read your articles…you write in a most brilliant manner. I am a white woman, raised by a loving black woman…I see all sides in racial discussions, and yes, there is work to be accomplished. Meghan Markle is the worst of both races…she has NO intention of helping any disadvantaged black person…just using her partial race as a shield to monetize the race issue, for personal gain.
    I applaud your efforts and will buy the book…and Thank you for trying to correctly document this matter. Meghan Markle is a blight on Society…I am hopeful, that you will educate, and continue your writing. Your father passed his knowledge and spiritually to you…you are indeed, honoring a great man. I enjoyed his video, and am sure he continues blessing you, from a far kinder place…Thank You for your essays…All the best on the book…I await that enrichment…Cheers from N.York !

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  9. Your writing is so powerful, and I hear your voice strong, measured, and sure. I need to read this book you will write with clear eyes and a determination to tell the truth. More people will know your name and your new book, because you leave such a deep impression in the reader. I look forward to it.

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  10. Lovely girl, please write this book. I beg you to write it and finish it, I beg you to find a publisher right now who will give you an advance on your book. Your pen moves with conviction. Please, put your thoughts to paper, have a publisher help you. I will definitely buy this book; but more importantly, your voice needs to be heard.

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  11. Well said Mary.
    You’ve said exactly what I’ve said many times. The privileged Megs is using her new found ‘ black’ identity as her everyday high paying currency.
    She knows by using racism as her banner she will attract a large woke following. A following who don’t seem to study her track record: never formerly identifying as black! Stating Caucasian on all her CV’s and never dating (or marrying) a black man.
    Megs is a highly privileged fraud purely playing the race card for her own selfish benefit!

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  12. I thought this was a really intelligent and vital article, thank you.

    While using ‘black’ and ‘white’ as a focus it seems to me that you have transcended the issues of colour, creed, culture, gender, nationality, community, family etc by pointing out the dreadful ways we can all behave towards one another, whatever our circumstances. It happens so often out of ignorance but also from deliberate intent and we need to be able to put things into better perspective – which I think you have done. I liked that you referred to facts and not opinions, the only opinion coming from a perspective of revulsion at the selfish, disrespectful, lying, arrogant and entitled behaviour embodied by the couple from Montecito.

    Part of the fascination with MM for me is that she has risen to global prominence (is she on the way to notoriety?) for all kinds of gross and hypocritical behaviour, aping celebrity but riding on the entitlement of her husband as she claims special royal status while at the same time rejecting it! Amazing! Yet some people seem unable to recognise the superficiality and ignorance of her claims that ironically are supported by JH’s crass and ungrateful public expressions of hatred towards his family, royal or not. In fact, growing up, his ‘bad’ behaviour was supported by the monarchy too, as he was indulged by family and public alike when efforts in the UK were made to minimise his attitude in an attempt to promote him as a ‘really good chap’. Was he? He has capitalised I think, on the affection people had for the poor little boy who lost his mother so tragically – but there’s a time when the growing up needs to begin in earnest.

    His personal journey now that he has married and become a father has all the making of a modern fictional tragedy – the glorious hero brought down by his tragic flaws where the only way up is to acknowledge some humility and authenticity. Can JH do it? As an actress does MM understand anything about tragedy in theatre if not in real life?

    Despite his royal background, we should remember that neither he nor his wife, who had been given roles to represent the Commonwealth, seemed to be able to distinguish between Empire and Commonwealth which were a world apart in values. Their gaffe was minimised but it was a big one, and a very ignorant one, especially given the nurturing warmth and effort put into the Commonwealth by the Queen. Did he not know? How I wonder could anyone call her, as head of the Commonwealth, racist? How could the couple not understand?

    To me MM and JH epitomise the most extreme ignorance, selfishness, entitlement, vindictiveness, louche and disrespectful behaviour that it’s possible to imagine. Both in their own ways have rejected the hands that have fed them: both in my opinion deserve each other, having jointly lost the goodwill of so many people in the UK who were delighted at what many thought was a breath of fresh air for the royal family. How easy it is to be wrong though, deceived by those who choose not to tell the truth and those who perpetuate the lies by not challenging the facts. How infinitely sad to be such a disappointment. How dignified other members of the royal family have shown themselves to be.

    Please write your book – I’m sure your father would think that you are ready to do so – how could he not be enormously proud of you for such insightful writing?

    It’s sad that the pattern of parenting these two have so far publicly expressed for their two children – if in fact they really exist – is so lacking in joy or enthusiasm, going so far as to tell lies about their son’s first words and attempting to capitalise on their daughter’s existence through marketing a special name that belongs to the grandmother they have so maligned. (Didn’t JH say something in the James Corden interview about the ‘special’ nickname his wife ‘Haz’ for him? Ugh. They understand about special names then?)

    If only half the stories about them are true this is a picture of what’s wrong with today’s materialistic society, a modern allegory that requires the kind of perspective you seem uniquely able to share. If your book is as insightful as your article – and I have yet to read what else you have written – then your book could easily become a modern myth that might really be able to change the world.

    I hope you decide to go into print sooner rather than later because I believe you have a powerful message that today’s world needs to acknowledge. I send you every good wish for its success.

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  13. Yes!! Please do write your book! I cannot wait to buy it! As usual, I love reading your posts! I have always said this….every time I leave a silly &gushing fan-girling message here! I hope you&your beautiful family are well! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers ❤


  14. I love you! I fear for you, this is akin to David and his slingshot agains the giant Goliath. I will buy your book, I’ll even pre-order it!!! Upper middle class white chick.


  15. Thanks for your views – I found it really interesting. As a white woman I’ve often been puzzled as to why black people seem so keen to embrace Meghan as one of their own, when it’s clear to me she had none of the struggles many African Americans face – yet Meghan has appropiated them and crafted a story of victimhood for herself and a ‘struggletown’ childhood narrative. I’ve wondered what black people thought of all this.

    To be honest I had no idea she is half black until I was told. I think I vaguley assummed distant Latina hertitage? – and didn’t really give it too much thought as Americans are such a mixed bunch – but I certainly saw her as ‘white’.

    She’s a replusive human being – and people can be that, wether they are white, black, whatever. All people are capable of being trash, just as all people are capable of being models of grace and class, like Michelle Obama.
    Thanks anyway a very interesting blog!


  16. My name is lynda and I live in Scotland I really look forward to reading any of your posts. I also will be extreamely thankful when your book comes out and I can buy a copy


  17. You said what is in my mind perfectly. Women have to struggle with every fraction of an inch to gain success and maintain success. To be acknowledged, accepted and recognized that we have skills and abilities. To my knowledge markle has not succeeded at anything based on her OWN skills. Markle has always had a male starting with her father then moved on to other males to achieve what she has. This woman has used every arsenal she possesses to manipulate men and situations. This woman uses her sexuality. her sex, her whiteness, her blackness, her privileged white upbringing than to her struggles as a BLACK WOMAN!!!! ( what struggles she never says). She has changed her BLACKNESS into whiteness then presents this as beauty this is shame in herself. She has zero experience of what it means to struggle as a person. In my opinion markle represents what women have been struggling against that is to be seen as EQUALS to be RESPECTED. Im a mature woman that entered a totally dominated male industry there was( and still is) an unspoke assumption that women do not succeed based on their skills BUT BY OPENING THEIR LEGS. My knowledge of markle this is how she has succeeded. She openly puts herself as a feminist,a struggling black women she is a lair. manipulator will do whatever will bring her acknowledgement and money. What concerns me is young women are looking at markle not only as a role model to be looked up to but a successful woman. Women do not have to manipulate lie or use their sexuality. skin colour ,nationality, rich or poor to progress in life goals. This is good we are talking about this crass, vulgar broad ( hope you know what I mean by broad) the message will get out.

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    1. Love it all jeangasho. I love all your words. Please friend me. Please forgive me from being from the white side, but passionate about Australian Indigenous. Same problem! i have their history and creative genius, but I’m from the white side, and despite my amazingdreamtime trilogy, I am from the wrong colour, and will never lie or deny my true origins!


  18. Excellent points! I really liked reading this. The imagery evoked when you referred to Prince Harry as “Master Harry” was a wonderful imagery that evoked slave history in the reader’s mind. Combined with perceived action of Meghan “calling Queen Elizabeth out of her name” by naming her daughter ‘Lilibet’ and stealing the Queen’s personal nickname – I will never look at the way Meghan fawns over Harry the same way again. Or the way Harry seems to ignore other people’s boundaries. Thanks for writing!


  19. I cannot wait for your book to be released. I just know it will be a bestseller! You have an amazing talent, a wonderful way with words and being able see what others do not. I wish you every success with you writing. Blessings, love and eternal light to guide you my friend.


  20. I read appreciatively this, your post.
    It’s obvious your a writer of stature.

    For us and for you, like some commentaries said. YOU must get a Publisher. This will enable you to educate closer to global. You should’ve rewarded monetarily as well for your abilities as for your true perspectives. Journey on…for you and for us.


  21. Dear Mary-Tamar,

    Reading this post, I could feel the tension moving from my body. I didn’t even know how tense I was until I was reading your words.

    You are well suited to be the author of this topic. Your father, your ancestors, and all who read your blog support and praise you for the truth you tell.

    I am happy and grateful that I have found your blog.

    Take care ~


  22. Most of the intense hatred of MM is driven by jealousy. A beautiful self-made millionaire, UN ambassador for the clean water campaign in Africa, global ambassador for World Vision, International Women’s Day speaker at the UN in 2015. According to Forbes, MM made $50,000 per episode of Suits and completed 108 episodes of the long running series, net worth of 4 million,making her the only self-made millionaire in the RF. Her net income placed her in the top 1% of all American in 2018. All prior to her marriage in the RF. I’m no fan of MM, but this is the resume of a very successful women.


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