Jacob’s Trouble: Chapter 3, FAITH

Behold my dear readers, happy Sunday and New week. I feel extremely positive, and as promised here is the 3rd Chapter of my upcoming Erotic Polygamy novel Jacob's Trouble. The Novel captures the stories of 7 women, all from different walks of life, who all fall in love with the irresistible Jacob Moor. The third … Continue reading Jacob’s Trouble: Chapter 3, FAITH

Jacob’s Trouble: Chapter 2, MERCY

Due to demand from my readers, I will be publishing 4 more chapters of my Polygamy apocalyptic erotic novel Jacob's Trouble here on my blog, before the book goes into print. For those who missed chapter one of this epic erotic polygamy story, where 7 women are on a race to win the heart and … Continue reading Jacob’s Trouble: Chapter 2, MERCY