Jacob’s Trouble: Chapter 3, FAITH

Behold my dear readers, happy Sunday and New week. I feel extremely positive, and as promised here is the 3rd Chapter of my upcoming Erotic Polygamy novel Jacob’s Trouble. The Novel captures the stories of 7 women, all from different walks of life, who all fall in love with the irresistible Jacob Moor. The third woman FAITH featured in this Chapter 3 is my absolute favourite character, because I see myself a lot in FAITH, in fact her character was inspired by my relationship with my Lord Husband Nino. Faith lives in her own little perfect world with her perfect husband Jacob, like me and Nino, lol, but her world is about to change when she gets to know the kind of man Jacob really is.

If you missed the first and second Chapters of this polygamy Thriller, you can read them here…CHAPTER ONE, and CHAPTER TWO.

Remember this book will NOT be published digitally, after I release the first five Chapters here on my blog to give you all the feel of the book, you will have to wait for Jacob’s Trouble IN PRINT this spring, you will read this book the old fashioned way, as a literal book, not online…because I believe the world is returning to innocence…and I want to redefine Book Publishing.

So enjoy the 3rd Chapter, I hope my readers fall in love with Faith like I did. She’s really special…

Faith Moor reminds me of myself, I see myself in her hence she’s my favourite character in Jacob’s Trouble.

Chapter 3. Faith 

“I don’t know Jacob. I just feel nervous about this.” I told my husband as he held my hand tightly, sitting in the armchair opposite to me. He looked at me, his dark eyes so intense yet full of kindness.

“Stop being nervous. You are not going to lose this baby. This time it’s different, God has remembered you.” Jacob whispered to me, caressing my hand.

“Is your wife ready?” Deborah asked Jacob, sitting herself down next to us. A number of cameras were being set before me from all angles. I felt uncomfortable with the whole setup, how a camera and production crew of over fifteen people had moved into our new home. I just wanted peace and quiet. It had only been six months since we had moved into the house. I hated how my favourite room in the house had been turned into some filming studio.

Before the camera crew from the biggest Television network in the world had moved in, I had been coming into the drawing room every morning to pray and meditate. Sometimes the girls would join me and we would have coffee. I missed that. Then suddenly,  everything happened so fast. Our life had become a public spectacle. I wasn’t sure anymore if the interest was positive or negative. But I had learnt to trust my husband, he said this was for our future, for our children, and the ten million US dollars CCB was paying was worth it. So I was ready to obey my husband and tell my story.

“I am.” I smiled at Deborah, as my husband Jacob kissed my hand, and left the room.

“You really are the Queen, you are the only wife I’ve seen him escort in here.”

My heart smiled at what Deborah had said to me, but I didn’t show it. She didn’t know I was with child, well no one did.  I was taken back to the weekend where my life suddenly changed, a weekend where I felt a force usher me into an era I had never knew was possible.

I put my hand over my belly, and said a little prayer in my heart, and with that I began to tell my story.

It was the weekend after I had told Jacob that we were expecting our fourth baby. I had told him that I could feel it in my spirit that I was carrying a boy, he had been ecstatic. In one week I had seen such a  big change in him. It was like he wanted to spend as much time as he could with me. He had always gone  to the gym at 6am almost every morning, then he would go straight to work from the gym, and would come home late after 7pm sometimes after 8pm. Even though we would sleep together in bed every night, sometimes I felt like I didn’t really know him, he would come back home and not really want to talk, he would say he was tired, especially in the last year he had gotten very busy at work after he got promoted to be the regional Marketing and Sales Director of one of the major telecommunications companies in the country, Abara Groups. Following his promotion, his gym routine had changed, such that he would leave so early and I would see him after the day was gone. Sometimes I felt somehow unfulfilled, like I was missing something from our marriage I couldn’t put my finger on. 

But for the entire week since he knew I was potentially carrying his son, he  had suddenly changed his routine, and had been coming back home in the morning after gym. I had made him breakfast, full English, then he would shower and set off for work.  For the whole week he had come back home from work a lot earlier than he normally did, and the girls had enjoyed having dinner with him. He had helped with their homework, and tucked them in bed. He had even put Hannah to bed for me all week. And baby Hannah wasn’t the easiest to put to bed.

This pregnancy had changed my husband. I prayed even harder that it would definitely be the boy he always wanted.  He was always a good husband, a decent husband I would say, better than most men I knew. I was envied among my friends because of the man Jacob was. At church I had recently been made a deaconess. The Pastor and his wife wanted both Jacob and I to be deacons, but Jacob was never regular at church so he declined the position and gave me his blessing to take it. I was in charge of organizing weekly mother and toddler activities at church. As a stay at home mother it meant so much to me that I had something positive I did outside the home, especially for my community.

Jacob had made me give up my job as a hotel receptionist when we had our first baby. He could afford to have me stay at home, more so after his promotion.  He paid the mortgage and bills without fail, in fact I didn’t even know what day of the month the mortgage was paid, or how much it was exactly. I didn’t know how much the gas or water bill was, Jacob handled everything and would tell me my job was to look after the girls, cook and keep the home clean. He had bought me my dream car, and made sure every year we went on holiday abroad. Spain and Dubai were my favourite, the girls preferred Florida Disneyland.

But even though my husband had given me a fairly good life, I had my own dreams and ambitions. I wanted to be a Fashion designer. But it was one of those dreams I felt could never come to pass. I had so many ideas in my head but I couldn’t make them a reality. Part of me had given up ever becoming a Fashion designer and I focused on counting my blessings.  I had a man who ticked the box of the perfect husband. More so over the past week he had been exceptionally incredible. It was like I had suddenly became his universe. I felt his presence in the home like I had never felt. He didn’t even want to leave me and go to work.  It made me more convinced that I was carrying his son. The signs were everywhere. 

This weekend was very special because Jacob had just received a call from his boss, inviting him to his daughter’s 21st birthday party which was to be held the next day on the Sunday at his countryside mansion in Formby. Jacob was looking forward to the party because it was the first time his boss, who was a well known multimillionaire,  had reached out to my husband and invited him to something so private and personal.

“He said I could bring my wife if I wanted. And I want to. How about I get you a very nice dress, and heels, and earrings, and make you the prettiest girl at the party.” Jacob walked to me in the kitchen as I stood watching him end the call to his boss. He dug his hand into my buttock and started kissing me.

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“Sorry babe. Remember I told you about tomorrow. It’s a big Sunday at Church. Marriage Pastor George will be speaking, he has come all the way from America, his talks on marriage are so powerful, I told you I wanted you to come.” Jacob pulled from me, and slammed his hand against the white and black marble Kitchen counter.

“Don’t start this church talk Faith. I don’t give a fuck about your stupid American Pastor. As your husband I should be more important to you than him! My boss has just invited me to his house, where one of the richest man in the world will be there. He promoted me last year to the biggest position in his company, bypassing people who have worked for him for years. Do you not realise how big this opportunity is for me. I want you to come with me Faith, and meet my boss, and just support me, for working so damn hard and this life I have given you! Is that too much for a man to ask?”

“Baby stop making a big deal out of this. I can’t go with you. Besides, Hannah has been so clingy lately.” I hesitantly told my husband. I walked to him and rubbed his back, he didn’t move, he stood there, his hands on the kitchen worktop shaking his head. “Take Andrew instead, I think it will even be better that way. Ask him tonight when he comes.” I suggested to him.

“No, you are my wife, so you should come with me. I am not talking another man to such an event.”

“Umm, it’s just a birthday party, not the Oscars Jacob.” I laughed. He looked at me, his mouth opened in shock that I was making a joke of the situation. Well I wasn’t going to let my own husband stop me from going to church, it was a big Sunday the next day and I wasn’t going to miss it for a stupid birthday party. I quietly rebuked the devil in Jacob in Jesus Christ’s name.  

At that very moment, the doorbell had rang. I thanked my God because the door bell saved the night, I knew Jacob was about to have a go at me and tell me what an ungrateful wife I was. I rushed to the front door. It was the Obinas, Andrew and Celeste, and their two boys. We had dinner dates or play dates with our children with them probably once every month, and they always came over to ours. Celeste always opposed each time Jacob and I suggested we go to theirs for a change. I would tell Jacob that Celeste wasn’t  happy with her life, I felt like she was embarrassed by who she was, and envied my life. I knew she envied our house, our cars, and the holidays we took. Jacob would disagree and say his wife’s friend probably didn’t like the idea of entertaining at her house, and it made more sense to always entertain at ours because we had a bigger house. “Yeah right”, I would roll my eyes at Jacob each time he excused Celeste’s cagey behaviour.

Ours was a 4 bedroom house in the outskirts of Liverpool, in Woolton Village. We had a large conservatory which we had turned into the children’s playroom, and two reception rooms as well as a large kitchen diner. The girls had their own bedrooms each, Hannah was still in our bedroom so we used the 4th bedroom as a guest bedroom. Andrew and Celeste on the other hand rented a tiny two bedroom terraced house in Toxteth, one of the roughest parts of Liverpool. 

Our life was very different to the Obinas, yet Andrew was Jacob’s closest friend despite their differences in social status. Andrew was a health care assistant and a part time photographer. Celeste was also a part time receptionist at the hospital her husband worked, that’s how they had met. She also ran an allotment and had a vision of growing her own food and being self sufficient one day. She would talk about owning a farm someday. I always told Jacob that she was such a dreamer, they couldn’t even afford to buy a house, let alone own a farm. Celeste and I had met through our husbands, so we had been forced to become friends despite living very different lives. 

Our children were similar ages. The Obinas had two boys who were seven and four. Our girls Sara and Rebekah were six and four. Celeste and I becoming friends was the most logical and beneficial thing for both of us. Sometimes she babysat my girls when I needed to go out with Jacob. I saw her more as a convenient friend, sometimes I felt like she didn’t even like me, it’s the little things she said here and there which would upset me so much, but Jacob would tell me to stop taking everything so seriously. Sometimes I wished I had friends whom I truly connected with.

Jacob spoke highly of Andrew, and Andrew would call Jacob ‘boss’, maybe because my husband had more money than him. Sometimes I felt like their friendship was very imbalanced. Jacob would normally send Andrew around to do things for him, like buy DIY stuff for the house, things like that. He even made Andrew paint the house for us. Andrew could never say no to Jacob.

Andrew and Celeste’s boys were always ecstatic each time they came over, they would wildly run around the house, whist our girls would complain about everything the “boys” were touching and doing. Celeste and I always ended up watching the children whilst our husbands talked about politics and football. Sometimes rarely when the children were good we watched a movie with our husbands after dinner.  I did always look forward to our dinner dates even though I didn’t like Celeste very much, actually it was her who didn’t like me.

This Saturday evening I had gone out of my way and made a three course meal for the dinner date, I had spent almost all day in the kitchen. I had even bought a new dress, a red jumpsuit rather. I had picked a movie just in case, and had bought two tubs of ice cream for Celeste and I. Jacob had almost ruined the mood for me by asking me to attend his boss’s daughter’s 21st birthday party, when I had a special Sunday planned at church the next day. The Obinas had saved the moment by coming just before Jacob was about to rip into me for refusing to go with him to the party. 

The dinner date had gone so perfectly, the best we had ever had with the Obinas, my food had been such a hit, both my husband and Andrew had requested second portions of the main dish, my lemon  roast chicken and squash casserole. The children had loved it too. I could tell Jacob was proud of me, and he chose not to be angry with me about the party, at least not in front of Andrew and Celeste. The children, especially the Obina boys had been so well behaved. I had suggested the movie night, so Jacob and Andrew decided to put all the children to bed upstairs. 

“You are acting different Faith, you didn’t drink wine tonight.” Celeste said to me as soon as the men took the children up. 

“I don’t feel like drinking. I’ve been feeling tired of late, anyway I got you your cookie dough ice cream for the movie, and I have picked this movie that I know you will…”

“Faith, stop changing the subject. What are you hiding? Why were you not drinking tonight?” She followed me to the sink where I was loading the dishwasher and gave me that serious look, for a minute she looked angry with me. 

“Okay okay, you don’t miss a thing do you. I’m pregnant Celeste. And I’m convinced it’s a little boy, Jacob is over the moon.” I gushed, stroking my belly, unable to hide my excitement. 

“Wow.” Celeste turned and looked up, shaking her head. She walked towards the dinning table and picked the rest of the dishes. Her soft pretty face had almost turned ugly, she was biting her bottom lip as she almost smashed one of my best china into the sink. I was taller than her, she was quite short, and a lot chubbier than me. I wanted to see her eyes, to make sure I wasn’t imagining what I thought was happening to her. Jacob always told me I was too sensitive, especially with Celeste. 

“Wow. Is that all you can say Celeste? Just ‘wow’. ” I asked her, holding her arm and stopping her from storming off from the sink. 

“I’m happy for you Faith, I really am. But you have a one year old baby, are you sure you are going to cope?” She was looking up at me, for that minute she reminded me of my mother, even though at thirty-three, Celeste was three years younger than me.

“I’m looking out for you babe. Don’t forget Jacob hasn’t given you any security yet, you can play happy families all you want but on paper you are not his wife Faith. You should consider getting that marriage certificate before you commit to being a baby making machine for him. The traditional marriage is not good enough. And besides I didn’t know you guys were trying so I’m shocked.” 

“It wasn’t planned, but we are happy. It doesn’t matter that we are not legally married. Jacob is happy. I am his wife. And yes I will surely cope with 4 children, if not Jacob will get me an Ope, it’s not like money is a problem.” There was an awkward silence. The dinner date had suddenly gone wrong, the energy had changed, and we hadn’t even watched the movie. 

“I don’t want Jacob to know I’ve told you, so don’t say anything because it’s still early days and Jacob…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Andrew if that’s what you are worried about. Now where’s my cookie dough ice cream, and what movie did you pick this time?” She smiled at me with a sly awkward smile, then she walked towards the fridge freezer, swinging her big hips knowing I was watching her. She always used to brag to me how she was blessed with a big backside and big hips. She looked at me and paused, then she opened the freezer. 

“Why have gone so quiet? Oh Babe cheer up, I asked you what movie you picked?  You were just about to tell me all about it a few minutes ago.” She was looking at me, holding two tubs of ice cream, my vanilla and her cookie dough. 

“All five of them are sleeping, what are the chances of that hey, you were so right to suggest the movie night sweetheart, but the change of plan is Andrew and I have already picked a movie, the new James bond.” Jacob said as he walked into the kitchen. He looked at me and smiled, then continued walking to fridge where Celeste was standing. As she tried to open the fridge door for him, she dropped one of the ice cream tubs. She quickly tried to pick it, and as she bent over giving her back to my husband, I thought I saw her large hips and buttocks rub against his legs. And it didn’t help that she was wearing a short tight black dress. Jacob gave me a quick awkward glance as he moved back avoiding Celeste’s bending body rubbing against him.

The ice cream tub rolled away from Celeste’s grip as she tried to grab it with one hand, it was probably because she was still holding the other ice cream tub in her other hand, whilst also bending over. She awkwardly tried to grab it still. I heard Jacob say something like, “It’s okay don’t…” 

But it was too late, Celeste let out a weird shriek as she fell over from her bending over position in front of my husband and found herself lying flat on her stomach. Jacob glanced at me again and shook his head as he moved back to give Celeste more room for her legs on the floor. 

“Celeste!” I was more embarrassed for her than I felt sorry for her. I was angry with her for putting my husband in such an awkward position. She quickly turned herself around and lifted one of her legs, bending it to stand up. Her tight dress had moved up her hips. From where I was standing I could see her thighs, and I knew Jacob could see more than her exposed thighs. 

“Oh God, are you okay?” My husband asked her, helping her up. 

“I’m so sorry.” Celeste said, the shame in her voice was so loud as she fixed her dress, pulling it down her hips avoiding to look at my husband who was now holding her. 

Andrew walked in, and looked confused at the sight of Jacob’s hands on Celeste’s shoulders, and how he was trying to secure her balance. Andrew looked at his wife, literally in Jacob’s arms as she tried to gather herself, fiddling with her dress looking quiet flushed. 

“What’s happened?” Andrew asked, as Jacob let go off Celeste. I was standing there in utter shock and couldn’t believe how the dinner date night had suddenly turned. 

“She fell… she lost her balance…Jacob…umm was helping her up.” My stammering to Andrew trying to explain what had just happened didn’t help the situation. It was the most awkward and embarrassing experience for the four of us, and looking at everyone in the room, I knew they all felt exactly the same. 

“I think I’ve hurt my knee. I have to go home.” Celeste finally spoke, after a  long silence.

“Are you sure love?” Andrew asked her. 

“Yes Andrew! I am bloody sure!” She snapped at her husband. 

“Okay, calm down. I can take us home now. It’s not a problem.” Andrew tried to calm her down. 

I took the ice-cream tub from her hands, which she was still clutching onto her chest like it was some comfort cuddly toy. She was avoiding to look at me. None of us said anything to each other. Jacob helped to carry Andrew’s boys, who were sleeping  into his car. Andrew then helped Celeste to the car, who had suddenly started to limp. And that had been the end to our Saturday dinner movie date night with the Obinas. 

As the Obinas had drove out of our driveway, Jacob picked me up and carried me into the house, shutting the door behind us. He threw me on the velvet corner sofa and I screamed, sinking into it, laughing. 

“Careful Jacob. You could hurt the baby.” I giggled. 

“No. The baby is happy that Daddy has his Mama all to himself!” He was kissing my tummy through my jumpsuit. 

“Do you think she really hurt her knee?” I asked him. He paused kissing me and looked at me. 

“Maybe she did. Maybe she didn’t, but even if she didn’t it doesn’t matter. She was embarrassed, she did the right thing going home.” 

“Why do you have to defend her all the flipping time Jacob. She literally flashed legs and her knickers to you!” 

“And that’s supposed to be my fault that I saw her yellow underwear?” Jacob said. “She had a very embarrassing accident in front of me, and she’s gone home. Why do you want to let that ruin our night. Why not make the most of it and have the movie night to ourselves, you pick the movie and I know you are dying to tuck into both of the ice creams. Come on, you know you want to…” He was fondling my breasts. 

“So you are not angry with me that I am not coming to your boss’s daughters birthday tomorrow?” I sat up to look at my husband.

“Well if my wife doesn’t want to go with me. I can always take someone else, even Celeste would die for such an opportunity. Getting dressed up. Dining with the rich sipping on champagne.” I didn’t know whether Jacob was joking or not, he was smiling but he looked serious. I felt angry with Celeste, more that my husband had just mentioned her. I was angry with everything from the way she had taken my pregnancy news, to the way she had blatantly reminded me that I wasn’t legally married to Jacob. Then her fall, flashing herself to my husband. Now he had just mentioned her, joking or not it felt inappropriate. 

He started touching my breasts again. I stopped him, pushing his hands away, giving him the signs that I wasn’t happy.

“Come on Faith, stop ruining the damn night. What is it now?”

“I’m not in the mood Jacob, maybe it’s because I’m not exactly your wife am I? I don’t even have the security of a marriage certificate.”

“Oh God, not this again. Not tonight” Jacob sank his face into his hands.

“Well since you mentioned taking Celeste to your party, I can’t help but think of her bending for you tonight, then flashing her bloody yellow cheap knickers to you. Since you speak so highly of her she actually said something to me tonight, and she was right. She said I am your baby making machine, without the security of a marriage.  Every time I bring it up you just brush it off. It’s been ten years Jacob. Ten years and now I’m about to have your forth child, yet I’m not Mrs Moor and have no ring on my finger.” 

“Since when do you take advice from Celeste? Who is she to advise or dictate our marriage?”

“Stop calling it that! This is not a marriage. She was just stating the obvious. At least she is a married woman.”

“She had a cheap wedding in a community hall, which you said was a joke. Does she have the life you have? Does she have the house you have? Haven’t I just bought you your dream car for your birthday? We are happy, you are happy. I’m not doing a wedding or whatever, I’ve told you this over and over. You are my wife in every sense and you don’t need a wedding or a ring to prove it.” 

“I just want security Jacob. Okay I accept you don’t want a wedding. At least meet me halfway, and let’s get married at the registrar. Andrew and Celeste will be our witnesses.  I won’t make a fuss, I promise. I just want to legally be Mrs Moor before our son is born.” I was pleading with him.

He was quiet for a while, then he took my hand and sighed, “Okay. I will meet you half way. We will do the marriage thing at the registrar but only on condition that you will never bring up the white wedding.” He leaned over and kissed me. 

“Okay…I accept that.” I couldn’t believe it. This pregnancy had changed Jacob. For him to agree to do the marriage even at the registrar just like that was something I had never seen coming. He was always against anything it. I thanked God Celeste had provoked me. I couldn’t wait to text her and tell her. In fact I wanted to see the look on her face rather. 

I hugged my husband so tight I was almost chocking him. He started unzipping my jumpsuit at the back. He pulled it off my shoulders as it slipped down my body. He turned me over, bending me on the sofa as he ripped my underwear off.  

“Can I tell Celeste?” I couldn’t believe it myself, my husband was about to make love to me, but all I could think of was how Celeste was going to react when I was to tell her that Jacob was finally going to give me the legal title of being his wife. 

“Tell the world if you want baby.” My husband was caressing my buttocks as he took his bottoms off. Without warning me he entered me, and I felt a sharp pain. I never liked him taking me from the back. He knew how I liked it, romantic with him on top of me, looking at me, kissing my neck then sucking my nipples as he entered me from the side. He always did it my way, at least for the past year, he had not asked me to bend over.  


“Just this once Faith, I’ve missed this baby, it’s been like forever since you did this for me…” 

It was uncomfortable and painful. He thrust in deeper. I clenched my teeth, clutching the sofa cushions for some sort of comfort. I felt a sharp pain as my husband pushed himself deeper in me. My mind went to Celeste, maybe when she had bent in front of him, she had given him ideas. What had suddenly made him want this position, after such a long time?  

Maybe Celeste had actually tried to seduce my husband right in front of me. Maybe her fall was not an accident. She had always told me that Jacob was the ideal husband, and sometimes complained that Andrew was useless in bed when I would tell her how good Jacob was in bed.  I remembered the words of Mama G at the women’s group at church, “If you don’t do your job as a wife, if you don’t submit especially in the bedroom, you are giving the devil a room in your marriage, your husband will go and find a side-chick who will satisfy him.” I knew Jacob wasn’t like that, he could never cheat on me of-course. He could not, but I didn’t want to give the devil a chance.

I told Jacob to stop and stood up. 

Trying to look sexy, I licked my tongue and lubricated myself. I bent over and put my hand on the arm of the sofa. I lifted my right leg up and placed it on the edge of the corner sofa, and with my other hand I grabbed hold of my husband’s long thick hard manhood and gently slid him into me. It felt a lot better that I was in control. I almost enjoyed him as he entered me again. I heard my husband groan. I could see his legs standing tall behind me as pillars of iron. He leaned over and grabbed both my breasts and started pulling and playing with my hard nipples. I screamed his name and begged him to start fucking me. He did. Very slowly.

I could feel his pleasure and it felt good that I had been able to satisfy my husband like this, the way he always wanted it. He could have it every night like this but I never wanted to. Once he had even called me lazy in bed and I couldn’t disagree. He was a good husband and I was about to be officially Mrs Moor. I pushed my buttocks into him, and opened my legs wider I almost fell into the sofa. He let go off my breasts and grabbed me by the shoulders, giving me a firm support as I held onto the sofa arm. He started thrusting faster and deeper.

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“Do you like it Jacob?” I asked him 

“Of course I do baby. This is Jacob’s Kingdom. I wish you could give me this everyday…” 

“Jacob’s kingdom. I like the sound of that. I will give it to you I promise, once I become Mrs Moor.”

He didn’t answer me, he just thrust in faster and faster for what seemed like a good five minutes. I could feel he was climaxing, he couldn’t help it. I felt him release himself, his groan was so loud it almost sounded like a roar of pain, I loved it when he groaned like that. He pulled himself from me and slapped my buttock, then he threw himself on the sofa. I slumped into the cushions next to him, his semen dripping down my thighs. He made himself comfortable as I climbed onto his chest kissing him, locking my wet thighs around his leg. I wanted my husband to tell me how much I had pleased him but he didn’t, instead he reached for his phone on the floor, pushing me gently to the side. 

“Jacob, I’m sorry I can’t come to the party with you tomorrow. You know it’s a special Sunday at church and I have to be there, I can’t do both because by the time I come back I will be exhausted.” I said to him, laying back on his chest and stroking him.

“Don’t worry about it.” He answered me without looking at me, busy typing something on his phone. “Now go get your ice cream and put your movie, and go wipe yourself and bring me some tissue.” He commanded me.

Naked, I stood up and went to the kitchen grinning to myself thinking about the marriage ceremony. As I entered the Kitchen I got distracted with look of the dining table which had still not been fully cleared from the dinner date.  I tidied the table and started the dishwasher, which I had left when Celeste had her spectacular fall. I grabbed some paper towels and wiped off Jacob’s cum which was all over inside me and in between my thighs. I took some tissue for my husband but by the time I came back into the living room, he was snoring, with his phone on his chest in his hand. Even though my marriage was not perfect, even though my husband could never give me the wedding of my dreams, even though he always refused to go to church with me so I could show off to the world how blessed I was to be his wife, I was happy and it felt so good to hear him snore.

I looked at Jacob Moor in all his glory and was thankful that he was all mine, and mine alone. Standing naked before him, with my vanilla ice cream in my hand, my three babies soundly asleep upstairs, and one growing inside of me, I was so happy Celeste had taken her drama with her, and left me with a testimony. I could still feel the after pain of Jacob coming inside me from the back. He had called it something I had never heard, Jacob’s kingdom. I liked the sound of it. It made the pain so worth it.  I was about to become the official Mrs Moor. Gently stroking his sleeping manhood, wiping him clean, I knelt down and said it…

“Thank you heavenly Father for giving me Jacob, help me to be the best wife I can be to him. When he puts that ring on my finger, and signs that marriage certificate, I will take him to Jacob’s Kingdom every night I promise.” 

I heard Jacob’s phone vibrate as I finished my prayer. Curious I carefully took it from his chest, he moved, but turned his head and let out a loud snore. Relieved I pressed the button to see the light screen, and to my shock it was Celeste who had texted him. What business did she have texting my husband? My heart started racing as I read the beginning of the text.

“I am sorry about what happened tonight. I just wanted to…” I couldn’t read the rest of the message, as I didn’t have the pin to Jacob’s phone. 

Written by Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS: All written work on this blog subject to copyright.

Photo credit: Ola Mahmud. Instagram: olaxophoto

One thought on “Jacob’s Trouble: Chapter 3, FAITH

  1. Seven women for one man seems highly Old Testament. I don’t understand how people can believe in the God of Abraham and still practice ways that are contrary to the word of God. He stopped that practice after the Mosaic Law was overturned by the covenant made by Jesus’ sacrifice. One man, and one woman. Not 7 women for one man. I mean even in the Commandments it says “do not covet your neighbour’s wife”, not wives.

    I may be wrong that you believe in the God of the Bible but polygamy is no longer a biblical practice. I feel for those who participate, it is contrary to God’s word.


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