Behind Every Public Paedophile Are Loyal Female Supporters Who Help Them Get Away With It

I just finished watching the much talked about Surviving R Kelly documentary. What stood out for me apart from how sick R Kelly is was that during his child pornography trial, R Kelly still had a host of women who stood by him, with all the damning evidence against him.

R Kelly had grown women who threw themselves at him 

Society always seems to ignore these women and men too, yet they will be the fuel that drives men like R Kelly. In everything that R Kelly did, sleeping with underage girls, forcing women to do unnatural sex acts, and every other sickening thing he did, he had a team around him who covered up what he was doing and also helped him do it. People like R Kelly would not be able to carry out their mass abuses against so many victims was it not for the people around them, who also carry some sort of power over the real victims.

49763643_10157071444772722_4732586929743200256_n (1)

In R Kelly’s sex cult, he obviously had powerful facilitators who helped him achieve his sick goals, which always include women. Such women are normally there to groom the younger victims, well knowing that the younger women will be abused by their master.

These are the women who will go to court and support such paedophiles. I find these women equally sick and should not be spared when naming and shaming the paedophiles.


This is the same thing that happens in modern Pentecostal churches where the Pastors run sex cults.

Last year, the world was glued to the Tim Omotoso Sex Trial in South Africa, where the Sex Pastor and Peodophile would appear in Court accompanied by his loyal female supporters whilst his tearful victim gave evidence.

Paedophile Timothy Omotoso with his female supporters 


In the United Kingdom, paedophile and sex Pastor Walter Masocha was accompanied by his loyal supporters in Court during his 2015 sex trial. Today sex pervert Walter Masocha continues to be supported by loyal women.

Paedophile Walter Masocha accompanied to court by female supporters Aimee Asante and Tinashe Hove
Female worshipping Paedophile Masocha 

Walter Masocha had a number of mature women who were in charge of recruiting younger women and grooming them to be personal massage therapists of pervert Masocha.

Tabetha Enock, fourth from left is the woman who recruits Walter Masocha’s sex victims 

The sad thing about these women who knowingly choose to support famous paedophiles is that they are the ones who intimidate victims and makes it impossible for women and girls to come out about the abuse. The victims even face greater intimidation from the supporters when these paedophiles and sex abusers are miraculously ‘cleared’ in court, which happens a lot.

I hope in future, the women who groom young girls for them to be abused by powerful men, be it celebrities or pastors should be brought to book and face the same sex charges their masters face.


7 thoughts on “Behind Every Public Paedophile Are Loyal Female Supporters Who Help Them Get Away With It

    1. This is totally unkind and unnecessary. You have no right to ask that. The story is so much bigger than her and all those acts destroyed so many homes and lives. Why can’t you get angry about that?????


    2. Human beings think so foul…the best one can do at timez, is ignors some taunts and move What does it matter whether someone had sex with a pedeophile or not?? I mean so long as the story has hekped shape the society to a healthier shape through the truth, why the obssession of whether one woman slept with a pedeophile or not?? Infact unless you are personally obssessed with jean gasho sexually yourself, gou should not be so obszezzev with whether she slept with the pedeophile or not.


  1. Me thinks this Jean lady was in on the heist, she just wasn’t happy with her cut. My suspicion is she wasn’t too happy when she realised she wasn’t a smallhouse but part of a harem.


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