The Spiritual Power Behind My Husband’s Stick

This morning I woke up to screenshots and comments on my Facebook about my King using his “walking stick” as they call it for juju purposes. I have to say, I find it flattering that women, so-called modern black women seem to think that my Lord husband has some sort of magic he is using to charm women. When he was a small schoolboy in Ghana, teachers used to beat him so bad because they accused him of using his eyes to charm girls. Well today, I find it a compliment of the highest order, that women say he has some charm power.  In other words, my readers have categorically testified that my King has POWER. They do not know where his power is coming from, they do not know how he got it, but POWER they acknowledge my King has.



My King walks around with his “stick”

And now they have put all that POWER they see in him in a “stick.”


Nino 36


Well, somehow my modern readers are right. There is something about my King’s “stick.”

Men of Israel had sticks too, especially the leaders. The famous sticks we read about are those of Judah, Moses and King David. Christians will know nothing about the significance of the “stick” because they know nothing about the God of Israel.

DSC_0414 (2)

King David wrote about that “stick” in his most famous Psalm, “His rod and ‘staff’ comfort me…Psalm 23…”

When young David faced Goliath, he had a staff in his hand. Today you call it a walking stick with juju,  David called it the Lord’s staff.

Though it was used by shepherds, the staff was used in Ancient Israel as a symbol of leadership. It represented the spirit of YAHWEH. It was used to guide sheep as they moved along because sheep tend to just wander off, but the staff kept them safe. The staff indicates gentle guidance, it was a powerful symbol of Yah’s love.  The Israelite tribe leaders would use their “staffs’ to communicate with each other. Moses used his staff a lot to signal to the Israelites and perform miracles. He parted the red sea using his staff.

Moses parted the red sea with his staff

Since you, Christians know nothing, and I mean nothing about the God of Israel, the God of Kofi Nino, you have no idea that to Israelites the staff was the ultimate symbol of POWER. Every Israelite prominent leader, be it King or Judge had a staff, or a “walking stick” as you call it today.

It was a long stick with a curve at the top, just like how a walking stick looks like.


The Ancient Staff used by Israelite Leaders

You claim to worship the God of the Bible, but you hate him really, with a passion, and you can’t recognise him, so you say that my husband is using juju which he put in his “staff”. Yet my husband is actually holding the staff of David, following his forefather. What you see in my King is POWER, and because you have never seen such power before, it has confused you, and you say its witchcraft power, and curse a man chosen and loved by God.

That power on my King that you can not recognise is called ANOINTING, and because you have never seen it before, it makes you feel so uncomfortable because probably in this generation, you have never seen that anointing before.

The pastors at your church and the spiritual Daddys tell you that they have the anointing, some even go as far as to use Satan’s counterfeit anointing. Everything that God has, Satan has a counterfeit, that includes power and anointing.

I used to know a man who walked around with satan’s power,  he used “towels” on people with his dirty sweat and called it “anointing.”

During Moses’s time, Egypt had its own pagan staffs they used powerfully.

Today, Zimbabwe as a pagan country has its own version of pagan staffs, made with the Zambezi water god Nyami Nyami. Zimbabweans often use these Nyami Nyami sticks as a source of power. Zimbabwe is a pagan country. The people practise necromancy yet claim Christianity as their main religion. They practice religious syncretism and necromancy and they are very defensive of their pagan gods especially the worship of animal spirits through totems.

The pagan walking sticks of Zimbabwe


The water snake/god of Zimbabwe

With all the paganism and necromancy in Zimbabwe, I am not surprised Zimbabweans think my husband’s stick is a pagan satanic symbol.

It is rather, a God of Isreal symbol. Women fall at his feet because of his anointing. People love my King because of his aura. He finds favour wherever he goes. When he speaks, men and women obey him. It is called  ANOINTING. The God of Isreal places such anointing on his Kings, they are born with it as a sign. All the Kings of Isreal had it, but Saul lost his because God rejected him over his disobedience.

Here Solomon describes the power bestowed upon an anointed King of Israel. Solomon is not talking about YAHWEH, he is talking about earthly Kings, nothing spiritual or symbolic about these verses, though Christians will claim Solomon was talking about God.

“I counsel thee to keep the king’s commandment, and that in regard of the oath of God.

Be not hasty to go out of his sight: stand not in an evil thing; for he doeth whatsoever pleaseth him.

Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?

Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing: and a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment,” Ecclesiastes 8 vs 2-5

The keyword above is POWER, according to Solomon when a King speaks there is power. I have seen this to be true, my King commands people wherever he goes, he does it so naturally, and they all obey him. He always has the final say.

My husband has so much favour with women because he is carrying the spirit of King David.

And my King never sings to his God without his “staff”.





The staff is the symbol of his power and anointing. Like I said, this goes back to ancient Isreal, but of course, Christians will know nothing about this because of their hatred for the God of King Kofi who is the God of Israel.


Because of my King’s Davidic anointing,  women want to be his concubines. They even apply to be one of his women. The women who see him in his true form know that his love is the most beautiful.  They dream of being in his arms. They envy me because I am the King’s Queen. For now, he has me, his Queen, and two beautiful concubines who know their place and delight my husband whenever he lifts a finger. I teach his concubines how to make the King happy, and they listen to me and obey me. They ask me what he likes and what he doesn’t like. This type of privilege is only reserved for Kings. Isreal Kings.

Even Shulamite testified in Songs Of Solomon that an Israelite King will be loved and adored by many women…because the love of an anointed King is the most beautiful sweet love…better than wine

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. 

Because of the savour of thy good ointments, thy name is as ointment poured forth

Therefore virgins love thee.”

Of course, because Christians are not capable of understanding the God of Isreal, they tend to spiritualize anything they refuse to accept in a literal sense. They even spiritualize verses about Polygamy. Yet the whole bible condones and regulates polygamy, and almost all holy men of God had multiple wives, and none of them are in hell for it.

That said, once upon a time King David warned the people who harmed or touched the anointed Kings and Prophets of the God of Isreal.

Once again, I say, my husband does not have a juju stick, he has the staff of David, a symbol of his anointing and power. And, yes because of his sweet anointing, just like King David was called the sweet psalmist of Isreal, women can not help but fall in love with a KING, it is his birthright to have women at his feet, and they will all forever bow before King Kofi.

The first weekend I spent with the King after I invited him to the UK, he gave me his staff to hold and said I was now his forever.  He never lets any other women or his concubines take his staff…or take pictures with it.

79959287_2697259253668189_3930771189038841856_n (1)
During our first weekend together, the King gave me his staff as a token of his commitment to me

Judah also had a staff, and he gave it to TAMAR, my biggest role model ever, and she became the mother of his twins and heir…

To my King, I am not only his Prophetess or Priestess of dreams, but I am also his Tamar…When he travels, the King leaves me his staff, and he says when I feel lonely and miss him, I should hold his staff. Every time I hold it,  the King’s rod and staff do comfort me…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean





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