May Your Lion Spirit Rise In Ghana, My President Robert Mugabe

Rest In Power my only President Robert Mugabe. You were the only good thing that ever came from the damned Kingdom of Dzimba Dzamabwe. The Kingdom that rejected and killed their own prophet. You tried to fight for your people, but instead they threw stones at you and mocked your crown.

They hated you and blamed you for their suffering, yet they were suffering because you had dared to fight their oppressor.

I woke up today with the mainstream media reporting that a “Former Dictator and Tyrant has died.” Surely such a headline can only fit someone who stole the land of Africa and enslaved black people, but for some reason the headline was given to you, a hero. But that doesn’t matter, for what its worth I would rather be called a tyrant and dictator by the people who oppressed me, if I dared fight them back, I would wear that as a crown of honor. Yes, today a certain people of a certain land say I am worse than what they say of you, because I refused to be oppressed by them.

You fought a good fight. You were a true African King. You had the heart of a Lion. You looked the serpent in the eye. You bruised the head of the serpent. You lived to see the fear in your enemies’s eyes.

So they saw your threat, and removed you, and sat a puppet and fool on your throne.

A fool and puppet now sits on your throne

You must have been discouraged in your final years, to hear that the puppet and fool who  now sits on your throne has gone back to them and has given them compensation, undoing everything you ever did. Yet not a single black person person has ever been compensated by them. But this fool gave them a reward for their wickedness and evil. It must have grieved your heart, O lion of Africa.

But it shouldn’t have, because the puppet Mnangagwa is only but a judgement for the people of Dzimba Dzamabwe. He is a judgement for Zimbabwe for rejecting you, that is why the country is worse off than it ever was with you on the throne. I have no sympathy for a people who stoned their own prophet.

I hope you are given a crown or two, Lion of Africa, for being the only black president who looked evil in the eye, and refused to bend the knee to an oppressor.

May you rest in glory with your first wife, our Ghanaian mother Sally Mugabe, who died at your feet, serving you. A faithful wife who left her people and her land to come into a land she never knew, and sat next to you in grace and submission.

The founding parents of Zimbabwe, The Late Robert And Sally Mugabe

Sally Mugabe remains my heroine. I learnt so much from her, she was a true Queen. I too left Zimbabwe to be with my Ghanaian King, and have never looked back.

When my time comes, hopefully when I am advanced in age and glory, and I have seen all my grandchildren, my wish is to rest in Ghana. Like you, I pray to have a long life of health and prosperity, and I too desire to see the reward of the wicked in the land of the living.   I do not wish to ever return to Zimbabwe, alive or resting.

I pray the people of Dzimba Dzamabwe grant you your wish too not to be buried at the Zimbabwe’s Heroes Acre. As reprobate as they are, I pray they still have a conscience towards you and grant you your resting wish.  They rejected you, they rejected your spirit, you were not a hero to them. So as your wish, may you rest with your fathers at your rural homestead instead.

I have so much admiration for  Mugabe’s first wife the late Sally Mugabe

As a priestess of dreams, and a teller of times, I have but one desire as I hold my pen, the only sword I have ever known, as I pay my last tribute to the only true African King. As you rest in peace as the Lion Of Africa, may your spirit live on President Robert Mugabe. You were one of a kind, a true son of the soil, the Lion King of Africa.

I was listening to Coldplay as I wrote this, I think they are enlightened, for they sing prophetic songs. I listened to Viva La Vida and thought the lyrics somehow could match your story, though they may not have been for you.

“I used to roll the dice, feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes. Listen as the crowd would sing, now the old King is dead, long live the King.”

O does that not almost sound like you…

Long Live President Mugabe.

My wise husband and Lord, always tells me that there is nothing new under the sun, people’s spirits live on, especially the called and elected, and their anointing is passed on to another era and generation for fulfillment of prophecy, as we see similar characters in different generations in history. I saw this to be true.

The Spirit of Jonah was on John the Baptist…and so on, and so on.

For your sake, and that of Mama Sally Mugabe, may your anointing be removed from the damned land that rejected you and be given to a land which is more deserving. I know your death with bless and curse at the same time.  My people of Ghana only had love and admiration for you, they saw your anointing and power. They understood your vision. They gave you a virtuous wife from among their noble daughters. You were a son-in-law to this great nation. Your in-laws appreciated you more than your people ever did. May your spirit live on in Ghana, my President, as there is a deep awakening in that land.

This is indeed a special year for Ghana, it is the Year of the Return

May you return where you have always belonged, for indeed the 400 years have come to an end.

The Genesis of the Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean







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