The Problem Is Not Robert Mugabe But The Zimbabwean Men

I do not believe Robert Mugabe is today’s Zimbabwean problem. Yes I said it! Robert Mugabe is not the major problem, but the Zimbabweans are, especially the men. You have allowed him to rule you, oppress you or whatever you call it. Part of me also think he wins the elections fairly. He has the millions of rural folks voting for him. No opposition party can pull millions of people at rallies like the way Mugabe does.  If you do not want him in power, get him off power, it is as simple as that. Why is it taking 36 years? And by the looks of it considering the strategies of the activists, it will take only death to cease his presidency term. Strategies like #ThisFlag, #HowHeRobbedUs #Tajamuka have all proven to be a laugh for Mugabe. The fact that he is still sitting on that throne,  making him the oldest President in Africa simply means God has allowed him to rule. Maybe its a judgement for the people of Zimbabwe.

I think its disgraceful that the first people raising their heads to condemn me, with so much anger and passion are Zimbabwean men. It’s more disgraceful that men are on the forefront of defending Linda, calling her their hero. What does that make you? If you care so much about Linda, you should allow her to go home and nurse her little 2 year old baby whilst you take over the struggle!

So Linda is now your hero is she? Are you not even ashamed that a woman with young children had to spend 3 months in jail because you the men are not able to remove Mugabe from power? Linda feels so compelled to go out there leaving her children because the country is full of cowards. Good for fighting and shouting at women online yet you can not do a single thing about Mugabe apart from using #Hashtags. If you love Zimbabwe as much as you claim, do something so that a young mother would not be on streets fighting your president. Research shows that 73% of Zimbabbwe men has fled the country as asylum seekers.

A country full of confused hypocrites. Oh I can’t stand hypocrites. Was it not the men who even used Linda’s name to finance themselves whilst she was locked up in prison. Was it not men, who set up accounts claiming to be raising money for her children, even visiting her in prison lying to her that her children’s school fees had been paid.  People donated money that never reached Linda or her children because of MEN yes men not women who took her imprisonment as an opportunity to make money. It’s sickening.  The very same people of the #TeamLinda are the ones claiming that Mugabe’s regime is corrupt. How about robbing a single mother who was in prison? Is that not worse? Should we also start a hash tag #HowTheyRobbedLinda whilst she was in prison so we can put to account the men who wickedly used her imprisonment to their advantage?

So don’t you all tell me to leave Linda alone pretending as if you really care. You need her because she covers your cowardliness as a people.  At least I have her children’s welfare at heart. You want a democratic Zimbabwe don’t you? Well let me school you. The Zimbabwe you seem to be crying for will actually have people like me. The democratic Zimbabwe you are wailing for will have Children’s Social Services that will put the needs of any child first, no matter what. The Zimbabwe you want will have children’s barristers whose only role is to make sure children are safe for that day, not only for the future. There would be professionals protecting Linda’s children from vultures like yourselves who will use their suffering for personal gain. The democratic Zimbabwe you are screaming for will have accountability. Every penny of money donated to Linda would have been accounted for. Whether you are fighting the ruling party or not, there will be accountability. You can not have it both ways.

When it comes to fighting women like Maureen Makushe, the whole country will be in uproar because a woman didn’t wear panties at a private party. In Shona there is a saying “kungwarira paduri sehuku”. When it comes to fighting Jean Gasho, a blogger who is just expressing her opinion the whole nation will come out with spears spewing nothing but vulgar offensive language. If you want to be real men, fight the person whom you say is causing all this upset, I am not going to do that for you. Linda Masarira should not have to do it for you either, she has young children for crying out loud.

When a woman feels so compelled to raise up to fight a regime by herself, it simply means the men have totally failed and are cowards. I am not talking about women in politics. There is nothing wrong with a woman running for president. I would run for Zimbabwe President if I did not have very young children. There is nothing wrong with a woman leading a nation, but when a woman has to put her life in danger to fight a regime then it simply means the men are too afraid to do so. I want a better Zimbabwe as much as you do. Zimbabwe men, yes the men have to physically do something  that will positively create a change to the country. You say Linda is showing tough love to her children, well I am showing tough love to you all Zimbabwe, especially the men.

Right now Linda is all you have because the man who pretended to have a citizen solution Evan Mawarire  fled the scene. Now all your hopes are on a single mother, a widow for that matter, risking her life and that of her children just to change your Zimbabwe.

The whole thing is like a freaking circus, no wonder why the world can’t take you seriously. You congratulated Mawarire for putting his children first, and now you also congratulate Linda for leaving her children to fight the Mugabe regime. Mawarire is a hero to you for being with his children, even though he was never in danger nor his children. Linda is also a hero to you for not being with her children and putting herself in real danger. Why are you so confused? Are you guys on steroids or something? Cowards!

Now I will end with this, Ghana liberation from colonial rule took a woman to tell the men that they were cowards. She had to be honest with them first. The King of the Ashanti Kingdom was captured by the British colonialists. The men became very afraid and went into hiding (Asylum seeking in other words). There was not a single man who could stand up to fight for their country, so a woman called Yaa Asantewaa told the people, “I must say this, if you the men of Ashanti will not go forward, then we the women will.” Her only reason to stand up and fight was because the men could not do it for the Ashante men were cowards. So Yaa Asantewaa became the Ghanaian heroine who delivered the nation.

That is the very reason Linda is on the battlefield today. A slow battle that is taking so long to achieve the goal. She may not come out like Yaa Asantewaa and call you out as cowards. But I will. You the men of Zimbabwe are cowards so much that your hope is in a single mother to fight for you whilst you eat sadza and mazondo at home. If she is your heroine, that is fair enough, but with every clap you applaud to her, applaud yourselves for being probably the most cowardly nation in Africa today. Because it is now taking a woman, vulnerable in some way, to be the heroine of Zimbabwe, whilst Mugabe is sitting on the iron throne. He is clearly not the problem.

5 thoughts on “The Problem Is Not Robert Mugabe But The Zimbabwean Men

  1. Yes very well put jean
    I agree in total
    zimbo man inini I condemned them a long time
    hapana zviriPO mumvuri wenyoka except for may be 2%
    Ipapa uchazoona kuhukura kwavachaita on this blog because wanyatsotaura chokwadi.
    Havadi kuudzwa chokwadi varume vezimbabwe except for may be 2%
    Varume vakuru kwatookumirira Linda kuti abvise mugabe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hollup now ma sisters you should also take a stand, just coz your zim negros are “pussy” doesn’t mean you my sisters can’t grow a pair of BIG HANGING AND DANGLING SAGGY NUDS and stand up to fight for YOUR country, if you keep waitinft for the men to rise up to the occasion you going to be waiting for s minute, Equal rights remember my sisters… Actually an all female uprising would actually be more successful coz if there was an attack on UNARMED FEMALES the world would go crazy…… The man have failed, shiii personally I ain’t leaving the crib if I c one of those blue helmets, I don’t give a fuck I ain’t built for jail or totur and I like breathing REALLY LIKE IT…. SO WOMEN THIS IS YOUR STRUGGLE NOW THE MEN HAVE UNFORTUNATELY FAILED…….


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