How Samantha Markle Was The Trigger Of How I Lost My Children

Have I ever told you my dear readers, that even though I have never been diagnosed with a mental health illness, not even depression or anxiety, Durham County Council are keeping my Son Chaka away from me because they say I am mentally insane, they say I am so deranged my Son can not even be near me because I am such a danger to him. Therefor they are planning of getting him adopted to a white gay couple.

Durham County Council are planning of having my son kWAKU Chaka OFFEH adopted by a gay white couple

One of the main reasons they use to classify me as totally deranged is a famous woman called Samantha Markle and her father Thomas Markle. Samantha is a sister to Meghan Markle, Thomas is the father of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife. When I lost my father on 10 May 2021, Samantha was the closest person I had in my life.

She had a deep understanding of the afterlife and death, and encouraged me to draw/paint my father. She would tell me to stop being hysterical and be calm, saying my Daddy wasn’t going to cross over to the other side until I was okay. Rightly so, the day she wrote me the message, saying Daddy had not crossed over because I was too distressed, I had a visitation from Daddy, 3 days after he had passed.

I then had the courage to draw a portrait of my Daddy, and Samantha even got her father Thomas Markle to write me a condolence letter, which was truly comforting.

I bought Samantha’s book and helped promote it.

She even suggested we co-write a book about Meghan together. I invited her to come to England to my royal wedding, to which she said it was an honour. She would tell me even though she was white and I was black I was the little sister she never had.

When my family would be posting insensitive things online about my Daddy’s death, I turned to Samantha, especially when my fathers grave was posted online. Samantha would tell me not to react, and advice me to allow Karma to deal with my family. She taught me that one day I would understand why my Papa left me suddenly without saying goodbye. Even though I have never met Samantha or Thomas in real life, they both had a major impact on the events that transpired prior to my 7 children being legally abducted on 30 November 2021.

About 4 weeks before I lost my children, I had a major falling out with Samantha, she blocked me on Twitter and cut me out of her life, after I had told her that I do not want to write articles badmouthing Meghan Markle again. I told her that my Lord Husband had told me to stop, saying that I was just a black woman who was being used by white people to promote the British Royal Family, but they did not love me at all.

“All the thousands of white people supporting you will stop the very moment you stop writing about Meghan. They do not love you.” My husband would say to me. I had to listen to my husband, and for that I lost Samantha.

The day Samantha blocked me, it was like a trigger. She then posted the things I had said to her in our private chats, and all these white people who were previously supporting me turned on me. I felt very betrayed and abandoned. My Lord husband was in Newcastle, he was renovating one of his properties and would come back home very late, sometimes before midnight. I was in Seaham alone with the children, I had just finished bathing them, it was around 7pm. I tried to reach my husband, to tell him I had fallen out with Samantha and she had blocked me, and I was getting attacked on Twitter. I wanted to tell him how hurt I was, but I could not get hold of him.

Then at the very same time as I was dealing with being blocked by Samantha, someone told me how my father’s death was not covid related, and said my father was murdered, that’s why they could never bring themselves to tell me that he was dead.

So in much anguish I went in my bedroom, and started doing the rituals of awakening my father’s spirit. I could feel that something had changed. I was hurting, grieving and I felt like I was completely alone. I wanted my father back, I wanted to ask him questions. I wanted to hug him one more time. I wanted him to avenge my enemies. I wanted him to wake up.

And he did…and he possessed me, and I spoke in his voice…my husband found this frightening at first, because he did not know Zimbabwean culture of awakening the dead, he is a Hebrew.

As I am a very transparent person, which is a big part of how God created me, I shared my pain and grief on my Social Media. I shared my spiritual trance on my social media, and this caused an uproar in the Zimbabwean Community. Three Zimbabweans (Olinda Chapel, LLoyd Gasho, and Shingai Musuka) made record calls to the Authorities asking them to remove my children from me.

And as I entered the spiritual trance, within four weeks of Samantha blocking me on Twitter, my children got abducted by the British Police and Social Services and my Lord Husband and I were arrested. I was never given any support by Social Services, I was just punished for being a black woman, a royal black woman at that, who chose to grieve her father using her art and spirituality. Our family was destroyed, never to be the same again. My 7 children were placed in various foster homes, never to live together again. They went through so much trauma and shock.

My children were sent to various Foster Homes, never to live together again

After I lost my children, the white people on my Twitter who used to support me when I was writing about Meghan, telling me what an amazing mother I am, turned on me, and started writing that I was an unfit mother and deserved to have my children taken from me.

White people on my Twitter started t rejoicing that my children were removed from me.

When I tried to explain my trigger to awakening my father’s spirit, how Samantha Markle had blocked me on Twitter, Social Services said I was insane and deluded to think I had ever spoken to Samantha Markle. They said there was no way Samantha or Thomas Markle would know who I am. They said I am mad, and need to get help for believing Samantha knows me. They said the Twitter account was fake, and its all in my head, even though I showed them that the account was verified, and that even in the media when they write about Samantha they use the Twitter account she was sending me messages from.

I was so offended that the British Social Services thinks that Sammantha is too special to know me, because I am a black woman. I told them that I am someone special in own right, just because I am black doesn’t make me less important than Thomas Markle or Samantha. I told them I am way more important than Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, because I am actually a born royal, a daughter of a Chief, a bloodline of the Mutapa Empire, the original bloodline of the black race who is married to the Messiah of the Hebrews. I am an actual Queen.

Through out my ordeal, I never heard from Samantha, until a few months ago when she wrote to me asking about the children. She apologized for what happened between us, that she should have been more understanding as I was grieving my father.

I didn’t reply her for a while as I was so hurt. But the God of Israel gave me peace, and I forgave Samantha and I told her how I have been to hell and back, how my world is not the same anymore…

I never told her though, that she was the trigger of how I awakened my Daddy and lost my children…because I believe in fate and destiny, I believe my path with her was meant to cross, and she was truly there for me when I was grieving my Papa…

Still today Durham Social Services maintains that I do not speak with Samantha Markle, that she exists only in my head, and for that reason they say my Son Chaka will be adopted, because I am so deranged I am a danger to my children…because they say I’m so deluded, not only about Samantha Markle, but about my Daddy possessing me too in November 2021. They also say I am completely deluded in my claim that I am who I say I am, and mock my dead father, and say there is no royalty in Zimbabwe…

It’s the Genesis of the Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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