Why They Want Chaka As The Blood Sacrifice For “King” Charles

My dear 2 million blog readers, I can not keep quiet, I have reached the crossroads. Ndasvika kumagumo. Mudzimu yababa vangu, chindibvumbamiraiwo. If you do not act Chaka will die in May 7 days before the Coronation of “King” Charles III. Ndimi munoona zvandisingaone. Ndateketera, ndapfugama. Ndakanda hakata, muka Never muka.

I have to speak up for my son Chaka, I can not keep this to myself anymore. If I die, I die, but my words as the Mother of Chaka will live forever.

My son Chaka was legally kidnapped by Durham Social Services on 29 November 2021 when I was in a spiritual trance grieving my father. Police broke into our cottage at 32 Woods Terrace, Seaham, SR7 9AG at midnight and arrested my husband and I, then took our children. We were arrested for having dirty dishes in the sink and clothes on the living room floor. Since the arrest that happened to us and how our children were stolen at that property, the house is now possesed by the Ngozi avenging spirit of my father Chief Never Gasho, that no one can sleep in the house as fire will consume it.

Durham Social Services through Molly Foster, Inhouse Solicitor at Durham Country Council then put my children under a care order, approved by Judge Loveridge at Newcastle Family Court whilst my husband and I were in police custody. The reasons why our children were put on a care order was because I chose to mourn my Father in front of them, going into a trance, I painted my children’s faces, and painted religious symbols on my walls. These are the reasons why according to Durham County Council my children were taken from me.

At this time, whilst in police custody, we had no idea what had become of our children, only to find out two weeks later that our children were placed in long term Foster care. Durham County Council made it clear that they had no intention of ever returning the children to us. Our home-schooled children were forcibly placed in schools were they faced brutal racism, and when they tried to speak up, Social Worker Katie Grammer accused our children of lying. The Foster carers were extremely abusive to our children , when we would try to speak up, we simply got ignored. The Foster Carers who are atheists refused to pray with the children, and refused to read them bible bed time stories. Each time we would reach out to the Judge about the welfare of our children, he would simply ignore us. He kept postponing the final hearing for no reason at all, as our children were languishing in Foster care.

But this is not the worst of it yet, the horror that unfolded before our very eyes was unbelievable. Everyday, things got worse and worse. Katie Grammer the Social Worker wrote the final care plans, that my four year old son Chaka was going to be put up for adoption and my daughter Fadzai was to be given to the man who raped me, Chipo Kambanje.

My husband and I fought them back on this, we sacked our solicitors, or rather they quit, because we called them out that they are all alter egos of the Local Authorities. The Judges, the Legal Guardians, The Solicitors, the Social Workers are all in it together. Its a powerful protected child trafficking system that is sanctioned by the British Law.

I used to think the stories about Social Services are just stories, how people say they steal children for the elite, until December 2022, when Durham Local Authorities decided to employ a white South African born Independent Social Worker Leslie Gibson to work on our case, because we had demanded a social worker who understands our African and Hebrew Culture.

When Leslie came to my house, we got on like a house on fire, it was like we were old friends. She even reminded me of my mother, or rather just a mother figure. She would commend me of my strength during this storm. She said I was a very brave and strong woman, because most women in my situation simply don’t survive. She would commend me for my art and talent. She told me to trust her, and said she was going to do everything in her power to bring all my children back to me. She told me all the mistakes the Local Authorities made, how they were never supposed to take my children in the first place. She started to make things better for us, and my little children absolutely loved her, especially Fadzai.

My 6 year old daughter Charo had a dream, that she had a big party in a Manor house. I told Leslie I wanted to make this dream for Charo come true. She did everything in her power to make sure the party came to pass, where my Lord husband paid over £2k for his Princess. To thank her, I drew Leslie her first portrait, that’s how close we had become.

However according to professional practice, as a Social Worker Leslie Ann Gibson was not allowed to accept gifts from me. But because she loved the portrait so much she accepted it. At the party, she then took me aside and told me something that horrified me. She told me that the Durham Social Services had planned to sell Chaka in the name of adoption to an elite gay couple in London, who are related to King Charles. Leslie, who is a devoted Christian told me that the gay couple are just a cover up, Chaka was actually being adopted for King Charles, and it was likely he would be used as a sacrifice before the Coronation in May. Leslie said Charles’ visit to Bishop Auckland (where Chaka is being kept) on Tuesday 5 April 2022 pretending to be opening a Spanish gallery with the Queen of Spain was actually a visit to see Chaka in person, and approve the “adoption” sacrifice.

We found out that this was the reason why Judge Loveridge kept postponing the case for no reason. He moved the final hearing from September 2022 to May 2023, just before Charles’ Coronation. Leslie told me that each time before a royal coronation happens in the United Kingdom, a black child is sacrificed 7 days before the coronation. She said the child will be a black “forced adoption” child provided by UK Social Services.

Once a child is put up for forced adoption, the parents will be completely cut off from the child and will never know what became of the child. So the parents will be told the child was adopted, when in fact the child would have been killed and sacrificed.

Leslie told me that she was told the plans for Chaka by Durham Team Leader Annaliese Young, whom she said had a conscience and fought for Chaka, until she managed to get the social worker Katie Grammer changed and put Leslie Gibson to work on the case to stop the Chaka “adoption”. Leslie told me to trust her, and told me not to panic, because the adoption order had been reversed. She assured me that everything was under control, and Chaka was not going to put up for adoption or sacrificed, that’s why she took the case. She also arranged a meeting for us to meet Independent Reviewing Officer for the first time in the case, who reassured us that Chaka was not going to be put up for adoption.

My husband and I were besides ourselves because the thought of what they were about to do to our son was it not for Annaliese Young who fought for us was beyond evil and sickening. Everything started to make sense. Our instinct and our God Yahowa had always told us that the removal of our children from our care was a premediated event by the British Authorities, yet the Local Authorities through Katie Grammer had made us to feel that what we were saying was “mental illness” and it was all in our head. Because Leslie had also told us a lot of things about what the Social Workers were saying about us, like laughing at our food, saying we pretend to be royalty and that I am always putting Chaka on my back like a primitive monkey, we got angry and confronted them on the racist insults the social workers and contact supervisors were saying behind our backs.

Things then quickly got very ugly, and the New Team Manager Lynne Weatherspoon suspected that Leslie had told us about their plans for Chaka. Leslie was then told to start being mean to us or she would be fired. She said a number of things to hurt me, and I retaliated. We could feel something was off, her language was changing. Then we stopped hearing from her. The Local Authorities then started threatening us that if we take this story to the public domain, we were going to get arrested.

Then in a sudden twist of events, my husband and I only found out two weeks ago by accident that Leslie Gibson had indeed been fired by the Team Manager Lynne Weatherspoon, and that Katie Grammer had been reinstated on the case to give evidence in court as to why Chaka should be adopted, and that the plans to get Chaka adopted were fully back on. We also found out that Leslie is now planning of leaving the country and going back to South Africa.

Attempts to reach Leslie Gibson for the past two weeks has been unsuccessful.

This is when my Lord Husband Atehene said enough is enough, took his position as the father of Chaka and decided to go public with our story. He informed the Local Authorities who threatened him that Judge Loveridge would just get him arrested. But to save the life of our son, my Lord husband was ready to even die for Chaka. Once the adoption order is sealed, Chaka will be sacrificed 7 days before the coronation of Charles, and no one will ever know. Once a child is allegedly adopted, their identity is changed so the parents will never find them. So if the child dies the birth parents will never know.

As a mother, I will die for my son. If they arrest me, let them arrest me and kill me, but at least the truth will be out. Maybe this will save Chaka.

Why They Want Chaka As The Blood Sacrifice For “King” Charles.

Because Charles is not true royalty, none of the house of Windsor are, they need the blood of a true royal to rule, especially the blood of a black royal child as Black People are the original inhabitants of Great Britain. Chaka is the first born son and heir of Atehene who is a direct descendant of Mary-Magdalene and Yesu Kristu. Chaka is the Holy Grail. Chaka is also the grandson of Chief Never Gasho through me his mother. Chief Never Gasho was a direct descendant of Chief Mutota, the founding fathers of the Great Zimbabwe Royal Empire from where the Queen of Sheba came from. Chaka is carrying the two royal bloodlines that the British Royal Family has been looking for 400 years. He is a child they knew he would be born, at this very time in history. They want to stop prophecy, and sacrifice my son.

The sacrifice would be absolutely ruthless and painful, they would have to frighten and torture him so they can harvest his adrenochrome before they kill him.

For this reason, I have nothing to lose now, if I die, I die,. But I will do anything to save my son from dying a painful death where no one will ever know, maybe my voice crying out in the wilderness will save my son…

If the so called adoption order goes ahead, of which Judge Loveridge is likely to facilitate this week, I will do everything in my power to make sure that the Coronation of King Charles will not go ahead, they would have to kill me first…

I am the MOTHER of CHAKA…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho

3 thoughts on “Why They Want Chaka As The Blood Sacrifice For “King” Charles

  1. Much as I have followed you and believe much of what you have said when others have not – I do not believe that there is truth to this ‘sacrifice’.
    The House of Windsor carry Royal blood that stems from Africa. They have no need of such an abomination.

    I am incensed at the injustice done you, your Lord Husband, and your children.
    You will prevail; you will recover your son Chaka.


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