Why Ginimbi Had To Be The November Sacrifice For Zimbabwe

I am just here to narrate the events which transpired in the Kingdom of Offeh over the past few weeks in the wake of (Ginimbi) Genius Kadungure’s sudden death this morning, which has shocked Zimbabwe/Ophir. Ginimbi, as he was popularly known, was a Zimbabwean Social media personality and a businessman who was worth more than 10 Million USD. He was well known for his annual all white parties and living a luxury lifestyle in Zimbabwe, he built a mansion in the rural outskirts of Domboshava.

No one is born destined to die before their time. Yes, death visits us all, but we are meant to die full of age, having fulfilled our calling, surrounded by our grandchildren, at 70, maybe 80, or even 100. We are supposed to die like King David, in our bed full of age. That is the blessing of the Lord.

In the past weeks, Ginimbi has been the most talked about person in the House Of Offeh, casting all spirituality aside, the King and I found him so funny, and we laughed so hard about his video where he was getting a haircut and he was saying “New Look Loading” shaking his head like a Lizard. Growing up in Zimbabwe there was a Lizard called “gumkum” or something like that, sadly when Ginimbi was saying New Look Loading he looked exactly like that gumkum. So each time we got dressed up, we laughed and said “New Look Loading” in his accent, shaking our heads like he had done in the video, my husband is so hilarious so he was able to imitate his actual voice and had me in stitches all the time.

But then in the Northern Palace, Ginimbi suddenly became something much more than a funny character. In fact it was so bad, I started seeing him in his actual spiritual state at night. He was actually in a war with me, because in the Kingdom of Ophir I am a traitor who exposes their deepest secrets. They have tried to sacrifice me a few times because I rejected the Crown of this Kingdom, but the Most High always protects me.

About 3 weeks ago, I was troubled in my spirit about Ginimbi, one night or two, or even three, I could not sleep, because each time I closed my eyes, I saw him. In my dreams, he was trying to attack me in the form of a black serpent. He would be dressed in his all white designer clothes, then he would change into a black serpent. He was angry with me, trying to curse me and attack me for the things I know and say about Zimbabwe/Ophir. During this time, in our house, our 7 children, my husband’s second wife, myself and the King were celebrating the Feast of the Tabernacles and our daughter’s 6th birthday.

During this time, 3 weeks ago, Ginimbi then hosted an all white party at his mansion in the dark Kingdom. The Most High Yah then showed me through a dream, that this “party” was indeed a ritual and sacrifice to honor the gods of Zimbabwe for how he obtained his wealth.

During this time, there was a number of deaths of young boys in the Kingdom. The Most High Yah showed me that it was all connected, the boys were being abducted by the “Mermaids” or rather, the Mhondoro spirits of Zimbabwe of which the boys are sacrificed to. This is how the country thrives and is run. In the months building up-to November, they kill little boys and use their blood. Zimbabwe is a pagan country, and is cursed and God is never going to bless it, that’s why abominations which are never seen anywhere else in the world happen in Zimbabwe.

Three weeks ago in the middle of the night, I woke the King up and told him that it was Ginimbi in the spiritual realm in the form of a serpent, I was seeing a great wizard, and all the mhondoros who dwell in the Zambezi river, yes its all connected, so my husband rebuked him and the fallen Kingdom. So I wrote on Facebook, about his rituals and sacrifices.

The people of this cursed land somehow believe that they worship the biblical God, whom they called Mwari, but Mwari is a pagan Canaanite God. They continue to offer sacrifices to this Mwari god, in the form of animal worship (totems) and their marriage ceremony rituals. They call it culture, but every soul who is born in this land and is called by a totem is automatically a pagan worshiper. They say it is a sacred country, but know not why and how it is sacred.

I do not even expect 20 people out of that Kingdom to understand what I am writing right now, they have eyes but cannot see, they have ears but they cannot ear. That is how it is meant to be, and how the Most high Yah purposes it.

But for those who are called, maybe the untimely death of Ginimbi may serve as a warning about the darkness of this Kingdom. Ginimbi was called by the gods of Ophir, he became the sacrifice. This month of November in the Kingdom of darkness is a sacred month, everyone in that Kingdom, young, old, Christian, atheist is required to honor and sacrifice to the gods of that land, such that not even a marriage ceremony is conducted in this month. Ask any Zimbabwean why they hold this month sacred, they will not be able to give you a full answer, but they can only say “its our culture.”

The culture is satanic and demonic, and you will not know why you observe it because the reasons are kept hidden by the gods of the land, but still you worship and serve them in the guise of Mwari.

I am a prophetess of my Lord Husband, I prophesy under his authority. I prophesy against Zimbabwe, that is my primary calling.

But anyway, even though my husband rebuked Ginimbi in the spirit, he actually liked him and felt sorry for him, and saw him as a lost soul. So much he told me he was going to reach out to him, and try to save him. But he never did, because it was not meant to be, because nothing could save him.

Ginimbi died this morning before his time, in the sacred month of November, a very scary death. He died in his car, one of his many expensive luxury cars.

At 36, Ginimbi died without a legitimate son or even a daughter to inherit his wealth. He left no seed on this earth to carry his name. He came on this earth with nothing and left with nothing. The King had told me that part of his sacrifice to obtain his wealth was that he would not have a seed. I believe once he is buried, his so called family, cousins, or anyone really, will fight for his wealth.

When all is said and done, those of the powers that be, the ones who had given him the powers, saw that he failed to give them the ultimate sacrifice, and because he had already sold his soul, they took him instead…Once you fail in any task in the Kingdom of darkness, you become the sacrifice.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

41 thoughts on “Why Ginimbi Had To Be The November Sacrifice For Zimbabwe

    1. The author is right to say Ginimbi was from the dark side. However, she also is from an even darker side than that of Ginimbi. Whatever she claims to worship is certainly not the true God of the bible. She is a dark princess who has been totally subjugated by this Ghanaian prince of darkness.


    2. Though I may not fully understand the titles u give your husband and whom it is exactly u worship, it’s not the 1st time I’ve heard that Mwari is actually a pagan god… Even the title god itself is pagan and is not the true name of the creator of the universe…. However, even though I have questioned the so called sacredness of the month of November, somehow the subconscious part of my mind has always subscribed to what we were taught and heard since time immemorial even though there is no explanation. So I want to thank u for vividly waking me up on this one and I also notice, to add, that:
      1. Not only do people not do good things like marriage or anything in this month, but it’s a month which seems to be set aside for “getting rid “ of any so called bad luck or removal of curses which may haunt and trouble individuals or families… called in Shona “kurasirira” not sure if this is part of what u refer to as sacrifices…;
      2. Of all the months, it is the only month whos name is the name of an animal, and not just any random animal but the goat !!!… which immediately brings to mind The Goat of Azaziel, The Goat of Mendez or Baphomet…. as though it is the devil himself who is being worshipped here.
      And also, as a side note, The true name of the creator of the Earth and the stars and all that in them is has been tempered around with … hence the deeper meaning of the commandment “ Do not take the name of Abba Ba Yah ( Yahuah ) in vain ( take note Iv neither used the words lord nor God)

      The time we r living is perilous and we need to redeem the time for the days r evil… we need to worship Yah in spirit and in truth through Yahusha His son…

      As for the people of Zimbabwe Yah says “days of ignorance Yah winked at( forgave )“ U cannot and will not be judged or held accountable over what u had no knowledge of … The blood of Yahusha is able to save from the uttermost to the gutter most and so if u repent from your sins and seek to know Him that u May worship Him in spirit and in truth … then u shall know the truth and the truth shall set u free… Yahuah desires that His people pray as Daniel, Elijah, Elisha and all the other prophets did and that they even exceed that level… Yah desires that His children shall be a people of the book and that they may walk not in the flesh but that they be led by His spirit and search the truth for themselves and not believe in humans or any creature for “cursed is a man whose salvation is upon another man” … and Yah desires for His children to go to the ends of the earth, to every nation, tribe and kindred… teaching the truth and leading man to find deeper truth for themselves and that they may be baptized not only the baptism of water but that of the spirit of Yah…

      So there is hope for every Zimbabwean who believes and repents and prays and start anew with Yah ( A New Covenant) … the same Hope is to all nations to whosoever believes?and wills…

      The earth and all that is in it is passing away soon … it’s all vanity… “ for what shall it profit a man to gain he whole world yet lose his soul “ ? And “ for what shall a man give in exchange for his soul” ? Today when u hear his word do not harden your heart. If u truelly seek Yah earnestly then He shall reveal Himself to u … and will set u free of all curses and all manner of evil spirits and diseases and infirmities … for we wrestle not against flesh nor blood , but against spiritual forces of evil in high places and against rulers of the darkness of this world in every form they show up, therefore put on the whole armour of Yah and victory and joy and peace is yours until Yah makes all things new through Yahusha His Son… Yah Bless and set u free


    3. To correct you:
      Mwari’ means God of the Heavens in shona

      Mudzimu’ means god – demons / ancestors

      November sacredness is all over Southern Africa if not whole Africa. No one marys in November. Yes we don’t know why. The reason is best known by colonisers who brought about names of months and calendars. Why calling it Goat’ is known by whites who named it the time our fore fathers were adamant and uncouth. They yet didn’t know what it all meant since they were premitive and ignorant, hence they were colonised and enslaved.

      Your story about Ginimbi proves you are of the same darkness and u likely to have ended him yourself since u say he was fighting you in dreams.


      1. @Mnedza who told you Mwari means God of Heavens, and Midzimu means god-demons,/ancestors..
        Such ridiculous utterance should be rebuked.
        Get your facts right.
        Who says there is demons our ancestors.


  1. Good day Your Highness

    I am from South Africa, Tsonga and as I was reading here I could tell that you are a Hebrew Israelite. I’m honored to have read your article. Earlier today, I was telling someone about how I was saddened by Ginimbi’s death but I couldn’t say why. Perhaps it was because he was funny or something else, I just don’t know. I have always thought Ginimbi was from the dark side, but when you tell people they’ll just say you are jealous.

    I will read many more of your messages. Shalon

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    1. In one of the broadcasts , Ginimbi’s father acknowledged that Genius left a son behind and I thought to correct you on that . Thank you for the read .


      1. The father doesn’t even know the name of the child. According to many reports the child was done a DNA test and proven not to be his child. Also in my post I said “legitimate” that is the key word.


  2. What about the group who worship God, Yahweh, through Jesus Christ, is that also pagan worship?The shona name for God/Yahweh/Jehova is Mwari, m sure u r well aware of that.some go to Him through ancestral worship, they say…and some through Christ.are the Christians also regarded as pagans?


  3. Zimbabwe is cursed in some way ,i believe you there,it makes sense ,November is regarded as a sacred month…we have wealth but the people are suffering and hungry.


  4. the pagan gods of Zimbabwe will never allow change of power to Chamisa because he worships the true GOD! thats why the attack on him is personal from zanupf goons

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  5. Mwari literally translates to god,however that is not His name.People of this so called “Cursed land” worship Musikavanhu, as they say motisvitsirawo kuna Musikavanhu which translates to He who created man.
    I get that not everyone is enlightened but name one country on this planet that is not Pagan and i make reference to the United Kingdom as the land of Santa Claus.

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    1. I certainly agree that United Kingdom is the land of Santa Claus but no sacrifices are done and no blood is ever required by Santa Claus. No woman makes their husband eat their waste, no Santa gives women power and dominions over their men. Santa does not abduct little boys by the river….and there are no “mermaids” in England….

      But Zimbabwe actually has mermaids, and people are actually abducted by them, especially children…


      1. Every vice you have mentioned is not unique to Zimbabwe alone, you attack that of which you deep down love. Some have endless wars, some have endless disease (West African ebola), violence (S.A and north africa), Opression, homosexual marriages (Europe) – a boy grows up with 2 fathers and calls one mother.Serial killers (USA, Aus)….. the list goes on. Zim is not on that list. As of mermaids whether good or bad the bottom line is the whole world is under satans power therefore we should pray for Jehovas Kingdom to come and save us. Do not be too harsh in your criticism of Zimbabwe. And by the way we are more than 20.


  6. Yes. .Ginimbi was a funny stupid guy. .l liked it when you said he looked like a gumkum, we are not all cursed. .Our God is the true Mighty God and beneath his arms is everlasting love……..may Jehovha forgive his sins


  7. In as much a people may choose pagan worship,rituals…etc..
    It does not make every Zimbabwean pagan….nor does it give anyone the right to call Zim a pagan worship

    Mwari is God is the local Zimbabwean language. I for one am Christian and worship God/Mwari….I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose in glory to give live.

    It is ok to point fingers..but it is not ok to condemn a nation when God speaks of love and love alone in all our conduct


    1. you are right brother ,being in a country that is surounded by pagan worshiping doesnt mean we all pagan worshipers . we worship the true living GOD through his Son Jesus christ .anyone saying what he or she thinks should say or to gain publicity and attention,then let he / her acknowledge that judgement day is coming ,i pray that you all read and understand the bible well so you can be saved .to my surprise the lady claims to be her husband”s prophetes not of G
      od ,that say it all .do not be deceived brethren Satan is doing everything to create confusion so as to try make us fail our Lord Jesus Christ .


      1. I think alot of people commenting here are lost , and yes if you believe that Jesus died for you and his the son of the creator of the living God , you are a fool and yes you are lost . There’s only one Creator ,the one who created all things ,the Creator of the universe and there’s no label or words you can use to describe how perfectly he deserves it . Umvelinqai ,umkhulumkhulu

        To go straight to the point Ginimbi was a business man , he had legal contracts on a Gas deal in the energy sectors that he had signed in Botswana and here in South Africa , he was all about renewable energy and he made it work for himself ,I’m also in the energy sectors ,you can make too much money in this sector , we make so much money normal people would actually think we have made sacrifices or we live with mermaids in the house , what a typical mind of an African , you people fail to think and use your brains , then you come here on these social platforms to talk ass and rubish , how foolish of you guys ,

        Ginimbi was a hard worker ,he worked very hard for his money and like some of us he put in the work and came up to the top , there’s no sacrifice here or darkness , this man worked and was killed by witches in Zimbabwe ,people who where very jealous of his wealth . I wish I had adviced him to stay in South Africa and not go back to Zimbabwe,

        Ginimbi was a boss , he was a successful man who used his brains and made shit work ,and that shit is what most of you people here know nothing about Period .

        Talking shit about sacrifices . That is all you African people can talk about evil shit

        That is what you will always get back .
        The creator is for people like Ginimbi , he blesses ideas and hardwork

        The creator of the universe works with those people that put in the work . He favors the game changers , He favors the ones who want to change the world .


      2. We need to understand the things we see in this earthly realm and the spiritual realm are different. Battles, curses, blessings and much more unseen things are are formed in the spiritual realm before they come into our earthly realm. The spiritual realm is hard to even describe to anyone who cannot see into it as others do. Thats why we tend not to believe when the Prophetess is telling us what she saw. I for one I do believe her story and truly understand were she’s coming from. That’s why it is important to pray in the spirit. Remember,
        our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Thats why as Christians we have to constantly engage in spiritual warfare prayers. The dark forces are constantly at work in our daily lives and remember these forces operate unseen.


  8. Honestly l do believe Zimbabwe honours the devil himself, in actual fact the HQ of the kingdom of darkness. God is far from Zimbabwe. Blood sacrifice after blood sacrifice to the devil. Anything good is destroyed. The whole country’s leadership is against Nelson Chamisa a man who has not shed blood while justifying a murderer of note Emerson Dambudzo. I fail to understand what kind of people we are.


    1. Compare Zimbabwe to New York. Which area has the most vices. Zimbabwe is not the HQ of darkness and every leader who has ever lead was chosen by God. that is why Paul said pray for your leaders that you may pray in peace. Do you pray for your leader(s)????? kana iye Chamisa wacho.


  9. we black people have a problem. when a black guy or rather a black person succeeds we tend to believe that he or she is from the dark side. we believe that they have made blood sacrifices for them to have attained whatever they have attained, to me that shows that we do not believe in ourselves, we do not believe that one can have wealth without making blood sacrifice, worst we do not believe that God has instilled in everyone, mostly blacks, a gift. what a tragedy. I do not deny the fact that people do sacrifice blood to be rich and whatsoever but lets not conclude that since someone is rich he is from the dark side or sacrificed. I know of white rich people who have died horrific death and none of us ever said they were sacrificed, Instead most us we celebrate them, mourn them. We thank God for the Change they have brought into our lives.. another thing, we should stop thinking that when people die is always sacrifice this, sacrifice that. be it you are a good person or bad you will die.. and that you you will go to heaven or hell we do now, only God knows….Prophetess, you said nothing could saved ginimbi and my question to you is what if during that 5 min ( grace period) he managed to repent?…and as for pagans, were you aware that you are also an pagan worshiper…for anything that you hold of high esteem than God is a pagan…at this point its your husband.# he among you is without sin let him be the first to cast a stone on her–John 8:7

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  10. And yes it is not rocket science ,if I had to get into my V8 machine right now and i drove 200 km per hour , there’s 80 Percent chance that if I lose control of the vehicle I will I crash and I might die . Why can’t you people think ?????😱💩


  11. You are bitter from how ur mother treated yu..heal frm wat broke yu ,urege kutaura kwausina kuswera …iwe ndiwe wakarasika yu are worshipping ur husband yet yu speak ill abt ur mother ..if yu really know God as yu claim yu shld know know that to eeir is human n to forgive is divine …forgive ur mother first wozouya wakutaura abt being born again…chinotanga rudo ,tsitsi nerunyararo..heal frm wat broke yu sis wee …who are yu to judge ? if yu read ur bible correctly it says judge not bt yu are here judging us Zimbabweans ….and if yu are not mwana weZim kunonamatwa vemumvura y do yu go to the ocean n get answers ndokurasika kwawakaita ….get ur facts ryt abt kuera kwemwedzi wambudzi …work hard n earn hard cash like Ginimbi dnt be a hater…awutombomuzive bt yu are busy nywe nywe nywe …iwe tikwanire…


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