Mary-Tamar, Why Do You Call Zimbabwe Cursed When It’s A Beautiful Country?

One of my readers yesterday asked me to explain why I refer to Zimbabwe as a Kingdom of Darkness and Cursed in the wake of Ginimbi’s horrific death, and why I associated his death to the darkness of the Kingdom. Their argument was that Zimbabwe is a very beautiful place.

Well, I can not deny that physically, Zimbabwe is a beautiful land to behold. She is the perfect description of tropical or is it exotic? She is a seductress by nature, that’s why she brings forth daughters who are seductresses, daughters whom Kings of East and West Africa will die to embrace. But she is evil to her children, she kills her own babies, which is symbolized by how most Zimbabwean mothers are wicked to their own daughters, always cursing them through Kutanda Botso. The culture itself is built on the wickedness of mothers, in Zimbabwe, a mother is worshipped for being evil.

Back to Zimbabwe and her beauty, I was born in the most beautiful part of the Kingdom, the Eastern Highlands in Mutare, which boasts one of the most, if not the most beautiful landscapes in this world, surpassing the iconic Scottish Highlands scenery. I was born in that part of the country for a reason, to a woman whom today I can not call mother, for it was there that she tried in vain to sacrifice me. I was able to behold the breathtaking beauty of Zimbabwe, which is even the main curse of the land. Her beauty or glory is hidden, and can never be appreciated by the world, that alone should tell you that something doesn’t add up, that even though it looks seductively beautiful, beneath it all, something is dark and eerie.

Zimbabwe Eastern Highlands.

I could write a whole book, with many many chapters why her beauty is her first curse, but I would rather talk about her second curse, of what lies beyond and beneath her beauty.

Have you ever wondered what the secret of the secret society is? Why is the secret society the most powerful society in this world? Why do they have the power to control the world, and what is told the world, (the media)? What is it that they are controlling?

When you look at Zimbabweans, in reality even though they dwell in this beautiful land, they cannot see it or enjoy it, they wallow in poverty and they see themselves as the lowest people of this earth, if you tell them that they are mentioned in the bible as a country, they will stone you, literally. They will call for your blood.

Do you know that the world is nothing like the secret society has made you to believe? Do you know that you view the world through the lenses of the secret society? If you take off the veil they have given you, you will see the world very differently. You will even see yourself differently.

Now, this is where the curse of Zimbabwe as a country comes in. For something to be a secret, it means it’s hidden. Zimbabwe is actually a hidden country, my earthly father calls it “Kanyika kepakati kakavandika”. On a global scale, it is a very tiny insignificant country, yet it is so known and yet very unknown. There is something about this country that is very difficult to put in words. I guess the only word I can use to describe it is “mysterious”. What makes it even more mysterious is the “culture” of this Kingdom.

Zimbabwe, naturally is a country that is sacred. Its actually explained better in Shona, the native language, where the elders of this Kingdom will say “Inyika inoyera, inyika yemhondoro.”

As a prophetess of my Lord husband, the Most High revealed to me what Zimbabwe actually is, and I have always said it, that it is the biblical Ophir, now this year, Zimbabwe wants to tap into my word.

When the white man invaded this country, they had gotten the revelation about it, that it is Ophir and much more, about its sacredness, hence they turned everything upside down spiritually, they climbed every sacred mountain, they dived into the sacred waters, they entered the sacred caves, they went places were the inhabitants of the land did not dare to go, so the Mbuya Nehandas marveled at the lack of respect by the white man for the gods of Zimbabwe, but to the white man this was not disrespect, they were there to take the powers of the land…and use them in a way the inhabitants of this land had never known.

Ask yourself why Cecil John Rhodes, the greatest colonizer in the history of white supremacy chose a sacred mountain in Zimbabwe as his burial place, where the spirits of the Ndebele kings dwell in?

The beauty of all this to me as Mary-Tamar was Jean, is that the majority of the people who dwell in this sacred land have no idea, and their eyes are spiritually shut so they cannot see what the land actually is. They are not able to comprehend that Zimbabwe is actually a biblical land. But that’s not in a positive way by the way. It is a cursed biblical land. They are too busy worshiping animals and practicing wickedness and abominations that has never been seen on the earth to even understand that they are actually doing the work of the gods. The irony of it all. I guess that’s part of the mystery of the land, the people themselves are a rather wicked mystery. They love evil and call good evil.

My Lord husband always says to me, “If Zimbabweans like you, it means you are not a very good person. Consider yourself blessed if they hate you.”

So he calls me blessed.

For they are the opposite of good. When I say, they, I mean the majority of them.

Think of it this way, Jerusalem is a Holy City right, the Holy Land, (The real Jerusalem by the way, not the one created by the secret society). Jerusalema is Holy, so what is the opposite of Jerusalema? Yes, the opposite. Everything in this world and beyond has an opposite, the opposite of happy is sad. The opposite of good is evil. The opposite of light is darkness.

Behold, the opposite of the Holy Land is Zimbabwe.

That is what I mean when I tell you that Zimbabwe is a biblical land. For the Most High Yah to create a Holy Land, there had to be a Zimbabwe first.

You see, when you want to feel the blessing of Yah, his power and anointing you go to the so called “Holy Land”. It acts as a portal to the holy spiritual realm isn’t it? This reality is the wisdom of the secret society. This is their high intelligence. They deal with portals on this earth.

So if you go to the Holy Land to tap into the anointing of Yah, where do you go to tap into the anointing of the other side? The dark side? You find a portal. And where is that portal here on earth, that lets you go into the unknown, and get all sorts of powers? That portal is Zimbabwe. This is one of the greatest mysteries of the Great Zimbabwe, and the Mutapa Empire and why it was even built. This is one of the mysteries of the Zambezi River, even the Victoria Falls, and why they tell you that the gods of the land drink and renew their strength in the Zambezi River. This is why in that land, the people worship animals and nature (totems) and have no idea where that began or why they do it, they just call it culture.

This is why in that land, it even has a spiritual music instrument which is the exact opposite of the spiritual instrument of David. David had a Harp, and that Harp took him to a spiritual realm and it pleased the Lord. Zimbabwe has such a spiritual instrument which pleases their gods, it’s called a Mbira. If you want to awaken the gods of Zimbabwe, you play the Mbira.

Zimbabwe Is The Headquarters Of The Marine World.

The secret society will tell you that mermaids are beautiful, they have beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair. But there is no such thing as a beautiful mermaid, mermaids are ugly and most of them, if not all are masculine (mermans). Many women in Zimbabwe are actually wives of these mermans, especially the famous socialites and the elites of that Kingdom. These mermans are not beautiful, they have webbed fingers and are dreadful to look at, they have a Kingdom, and in the waters of Zimbabwe is their headquarters. The secret society is very much aware of this, these mermans give these Zimbabwean women money, beauty and power. You have these cliques of females in Zimbabwe, very famous on Social media, and they are not able to account where their money comes from. These women normally do not have husbands, if they have men, the relationships can not last, because these women are “married” to the “Mhondoros” of Zimbabwe, and they ritually go under water to recharge their powers and wealth and supply the power to the global elite. Some of these women are connected to world billionaires, yet the world doesn’t know them.

The reason why this is not out there in the open, or why it sounds ridiculous, is because that’s exactly how it was designed by the gods of the land. It is supposed to be a secret, hence one of the biggest secrets of the secret society.

So when I tell you that Zimbabwe is cursed, this is one of the many reasons why. And the Ginimbis and the Zimbabwean Elite, that circle, they are all part of it, and the all-white parties are not just flamboyant parties, but the modern versions of bira’s where blood sacrifices are made. I was supposed to be part of it all, I was supposed to have that glory and crown, loved and adored by Zimbabweans as their Princess, for I was born to be one of them. But today, their spirits can not even stand my face…or my energy, or my aura…for I now belong to the House Of Offeh. I am now the Queen in the North, my husband’s Prophetess.

Many a bira’s were done for me, they wanted to take me to the underwater, but I said no, when I was as little as 3 years old…

Because I was meant to live, survive it all and tell the world why Zimbabwe is what it is, for such a time as this, that it is the sacred little hidden Kindgom where the old serpent, the dragon actually fell on…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

6 thoughts on “Mary-Tamar, Why Do You Call Zimbabwe Cursed When It’s A Beautiful Country?

  1. You seem well versed on what the Zimbabwean culture is about. I want to know more of what you know . I have been ignorant for a long time without questioning the nature of the place l was born into. Totems puzzle me the ritualistic nature of funerals l have never understood some of the stories from a lot of older women about the events they attended kumusha. Would you be kind to enlighten me.


  2. Wow oh wow. I get chills reading your stories, for some reason I believe them. I always knew the was something missing about and is fishy about the world. I always believed secret societies existed. This is mind blowing I literally feel chills as I read this blog.


  3. U know if u have heard of the Bereans… I’m one such person… what u r saying seems to be confirmation of a lot of things I’ve observed but I will pray about this word for Abba Yah to reveal the truth of all this … I am Zimbabwean and your word is heavy and saddens the heart yet cannot be dismissed just like that… Brings to memory stories of sacred places( masango anoyera or sacred caves where people have been known to vanish for good should they violate the laws of those areas … one thing that troubles me is that your message is coming out as more descriptive rather than redemptive… Are u saying therefore that in general Zimbabweans r cursed and r beyond redemption? … Messages like the one u r giving need to be accompanied with a solution and rescue plan for those affected because Yahushua came not to condemn the world but that they may have life and life abundantly… The saying that this is the very land where Lucifer crushed on is hard to swallow… I think I need a one on one with u my sister … I have so many questions to ask u …and who knows 😊… and what is your source of information? Who reveals all these things to u ? Is anything too hard for Yah ? …

    And lastly I wanted to say u have a lot of info about Zimbabwe… my question is concerning all other countries, well let’s just focus on African countries… so the evil u say exists in Zimbabwe… is it typical to Zimbabwe only or it might exist in other countries as well ? I’m just curious to know … And whom do u worship ? Do u receive visions or hear a word or what ? I know there are many people out there looking for the truth … just be careful what u do with your following … I must say though that since I started following u today I’m finding your articles very informative though some areas are questionable… I hope to see more messages of hope and solutions… After Peter laid out the truth at Pentecost the hearts of his hearers burned and they asked “ what shall we do ?”…. so let’s go deeper my sister and take the people all the way home where truth is …. “ Is anything too hard for Yah ? …


  4. Jean I mentioned in my earlier reply to your message that I have a lot of questions for u …. here are some of them and I hope u will respond:
    1. U mentioned that mothers in Zimbabwe r evil and u refered specifically to “ kutanda botso” … but isn’t this just a phrase to explain how Yah will turn his back on one who dishonors his mother/parents ? Is it not universal ? ;

    2. U said that the women in Zimbabwe dominate their husbands and make them eat their waste… r u saying that the majority of Zimbabwean women are evil people ? And about the so called kupfuhwira is this not just pure witchcraft that is found in many other countries practiced by different nationalities who r just witches ?…;

    3. U say mitupo is satanic and it’s a way of worshipping animals and hence the pagan god , but how different is it from biblical accounts where some people where described and likened to animals , which seems to be just a way to emphasize the type of people they r ? An example I would give u is the description of the children of Jacob ? And other accounts where people where described in a manner likening them to animals ? How different is it from when the Bible calls Yahusha( Jesus ) The Lion of The tribe of Judah ?

    As I’m thinking more about your article I’m noticing that the only one different way Zimbabwe is from other African countries is the supposed sacredness of the month of November … but a lot of other evil practices that u ascribe to Zimbabwe alone r practices that r done in many other countries and not limited to Africa nor Zimbabwe only … please correct me if I’m wrong.

    4. U said Zimbabwe is the exact geographical location where the devil landed when he was thrown out ? Please tell me how u come to this conclusion ?

    “I do not even expect 20 people out of that Kingdom to understand what I am writing right now, they have eyes but cannot see, they have ears but they cannot ear. That is how it is meant to be, and how the Most high Yah purposes it.”….. This here is one of your quotes from your article…. now please help me understand…

    U say “That is how it is meant to be and that is how the Most High Yah purposes it” … so are u saying it is by Yah’s design that Zimbabwe is cursed ? I HAVE READ IN THE TORAH some passage that describes the true people of Yah but who r now under a curse becoz they have turned their hearts away from the almighty and will remain cursed with their eyes open but not seeing until a time when the knowledge of their true identity is revealed to them and then they will be restored …. your words that I have quoted there … am I correct to interpret them as to say that Zimbabweans are the actual people ? … especially when u say Yah purposes it that way and that they have eyes but they do not see … that description sounds very familiar and like the one that describes the lost people of Yah who shall be restored … now I hope I was clear enough my sister … so please tell me am I hearing u correctly ?

    5. Someone else replied to your comments and said U call yourself “ a prophetess unto your husband” … another Chiwenga guy accused u of belonging to a darker world than even Ginimbi himself as u described him… would u please respond ?

    6. U also say that many single Zimbabwean women are in relationships with mermans and are very evil or something like that … but women being with the so called “ blessers “ is it not a common occurrence in many countries nowadays ?…..

    The challenge I’m having with your assertions is that u seem to be talking about evil that’s happening across the globe yet ascribing it to Zimbabwe only…

    Look I’m open to learning … and if u have some light to shed for us to see and understand things better please explain and try to answer what I as well as other people have asked u. Thanks Jean I hope I respond… and u r claiming a very high position of prophetess and h say yo calling is to prophesy against Zimbabwe … so I hope u will understand why I need to ask u all these questions … and to what end is your prophesy ? Are u merely telling people they r evil and leaving them hopeless ? I observed though that u said maybe to those who r called the death of Ginimbi May be a wake up call… please if une sent of Yah increase yo volume on hope and restoration and redemption to those who heed … but as of now I’m not even sure if u and I worship the same creator of the universe and mankind … please explain yourself.

    Thanks for your time


  5. You are very vague in your explanations go into detail so that we may learn.we just end up with. Mor questions and no answers give actual proof of what you know. The truly blessed and anointed speak the truth ALL OF IT. Be specific Queen of the North


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