Mary-Tamar, Are You A Prophetess From The Darker Side? Why Should We Listen To You?

One of my readers who seems new to my blog, Beavan, a Berean asked me a number of sincere questions, one of them was why I call myself a Prophetess of the King, why not a Prophetess of Yah, does that mean I am a prophetess from the dark side? Now and again, when my readers reach out to me, and are honest, respectful, and touched, I say a prayer for them. So I put on my headscarf, and said a prayer for Beavan, that may my Father, the God of King David, lead them to Zion, that beautiful City. And this prayer is not just for Beavan, but for any Berean who stumbles upon my writings, so I could not help but answer some of his/her questions in this long read, so I hope it helps them and others, the “20” on their quest for the truth in this upside-down world.

1. You mentioned that mothers in Zimbabwe are evil and you referred specifically to “ kutanda botso” … but isn’t this just a phrase to explain how Yah will turn his back on one who dishonours his mother/parents ? Is it not universal? 
No it’s not, it’s actually abnormal especially by Yah’s standards for a mother to turn her back on her own child. Yet somehow this is the norm in Zimbabwe. I grew up in Zimbabwe seeing mothers treat their daughters especially, in a manner that was cold and unloving. I have countless messages from women who write to me telling me cruel traumatic experiences in Zimbabwe at the hands of their mothers. My experience and that of many other women tells me that this is a deep culture in Zimbabwe, (cruelty) and I see no connection to the God of King David. If it was about “parents” why is it that in Zimbabwe, Fathers are not held in any respect at all, the focus is only on the mother, as though she impregnated herself, the whole Kutanda Botso thing is about the mother, yet according to Yah it is actually the FATHER who blesses, not the mother. If anything the whole Kutanda Botso thing if it was even justified, should be about the Father. 

2. You said that the women in Zimbabwe dominate their husbands and make them eat their waste… are you saying that the majority of Zimbabwean women are evil people ? And about the so called kupfuhwira is this not just pure witchcraft that is found in many other countries practiced by different nationalities who r just witches ?…;
Yes, women in Zimbabwe are actually very dominant in marriages, in a very subtle way, most of the men are (Zvituta) I’ve noticed this pattern. Go on Zimbabwe Social media, most of the “Socialites” who have husbands have husbands who are “Zvituta”. And yes most of them do believe in giving their husbands portions. The husbands have this false sense of headship, and the women will be calling them by their totems alright, but the men will be their Zvitutas. I’ve seen this with my own eyes, back in Zimbabwe and here in the UK in the Zimbabwean community too. A lot of these things made more sense to me when I disowned Zimbabwe and left the people to be with my Ashanti husband, his culture is totally different, especially compared to Zimbabwe. My own mother was very unloving and dominant towards my father, it’s a miracle that I have any love for my husband because I was raised to not have any ounce of respect for a husband, I was raised by a very hateful woman whom I never saw even once having a beautiful respectful conversation with her husband. I have not seen such behaviours on a large scale in other cultures, especially here in the United Kingdom, my home.

3.You say mitupo is satanic and it’s a way of worshipping animals and hence the pagan god , but how different is it from biblical accounts where some people where described and likened to animals , which seems to be just a way to emphasize the type of people they r ? An example I would give u is the description of the children of Jacob ? And other accounts where people where described in a manner likening them to animals ? How different is it from when the Bible calls Yahusha( Jesus ) The Lion of The tribe of Judah ?
Isn’t the Serpent, the old red dragon the master of counterfeits? In everything there is a counterfeit, animal totems are satanic, there is no way to justify them or connect them to the 12 tribes of Israel. The Tribes did not worship animals, they did not go around building their whole identity on animals, there was nothing sacred about the animals, they did not see themselves as the spirit animals. They did not dedicate sacred rituals to the animals. Animals were never the culture of Israel, animals were not sacred. They did not greet each other using animals, they did not identify each other with animals, they identified each other through tribes.

In Zimbabwe, the primary CULTURE and traditions of the people is the observation of animal totems, of which the animals are their identity. 
The Lion of Judah is mentioned how many times in the bible? Is there an obsession with the actual animal itself? when people were likened to animals, does all the focus go on the animals? Did Judah himself call himself a Lion. Did people call him a Lion? Did King David, of the tribe of Judah ever call himself a LION? He was the sweet psalmist of Israel, he wrote many songs and psalms, why didn’t he ever obsess or write calling himself “The Great Lion”. David even famously killed a Lion, he clearly didn’t reverence the animal. 
Solomon the beloved of Yah, the gifted poet and writer, the Preacher of the tribe of Judah, why did he never once call himself the “The Great Lion” in his writings.
Pray tell, did Christ himself, the Lion of Judah ever once called himself a LION? Did people around him obsess over his Lionhood? Christ is also referred to as the Lamb of God, so did people go around saying, “Hey Lamb, how are you O great Lamb? That will be total madness.

In Zimbabwe, animals are worshipped, people actually call themselves animals, men are known more by their totem than even their first name. People are actually called by animals, Mhofu, Nzou, Shumba, it’s total animal worship. Oliver Mtukudzi for example was called “The Great Elephant “ that was his actual title and identity, “Nzou”. I mean, the whole country refers to people as animals…or nature…what on earth is that?
Not even King David, Solomon, Judah or Christ himself ever referred to themselves as animals, they never said we are “The Great Lions”. 
The animals given to the Tribes of Israel were merely symbols and emblems to represent who they are. There was nothing more to it than that. Animals never at any given time became the focal point of their identity and existence. 
I liken myself to an Eagle, I love that bird and I relate so much to its qualities. I behave like an Eagle. If I believed in animal totems, that would be my totem, but I’m not obsessed with the bird neither do I think it’s sacred, I do not honour the Eagle and I will never call myself “The Great Eagle”.
The bottom line is Zimbabwe is an animal kingdom where animals are gods and are worshipped.

4. You said Zimbabwe is the exact geographical location where the devil landed when he was thrown out ? Please tell me how you come to this conclusion ?
The Nyami Nyami river god. The zigzag snake patterns in Zimbabwe, everywhere you look they are there. The sacredness of the waters, the caves, the mountains. The culture of the people which they themselves have no idea where it came from or why it is observed. The Mbira musical instrument, when I hear it play, I feel it, I see it, the Musikavanhu, the Mwari, the counterfeit, the one who makes the land sacred, kuyera, one who calls Himself the Most High… As a child I spent some time at Kariba…I went to the Dam…I once passed through the Mazowe Dam…As a little child, my mother took me places. The visions told me, I saw the dragon, the red one, and it’s eye.

5.“I do not even expect 20 people out of that Kingdom to understand what I am writing right now, they have eyes but cannot see, they have ears but they cannot ear. That is how it is meant to be, and how the Most high Yah purposes it.”….. This here is one of your quotes from your article…. now please help me understand…
Because they are not meant to understand it, they are the inhabitants of the land, they hear the voice of their gods. 
12 years ago, I was troubled in my spirit, so I went to a beach in the United Kingdom at night, in a place called Southport, I drove there and I parked. The waters roared, the winds shook me and I said “Okay, send me then, I will do it”. 
It was as though He said, “Go and tell this people. Keep on hearing but do not understand. Keep on seeing but do not perceive. Make the heart of this people dull. And their ears heavy. And shut their eyes. Lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart, and return and be healed.”

You say does this not mean they are one of the lost tribes of Israel, I thought so too, when I first got the Revelation that black people are the true Israelites. I attended GOCC, a black Israelite church where the Black American Leader told his followers that Zimbabweans are of the Tribe of Judah, I believed it wholeheartedly, and saw myself as a lost daughter of Zion for years. These Black Americans actually marry Zimbabwean women, for that very reason.

But as much as it is beautiful and enchanting to be of the bloodline, alas I was soon to learn of my true identity, that actually I am not of the bloodline, but rather of the royal bloodline of a much darker Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Serpant, The GrandMaster, Asekuru, Musikavanhu, the Goat, who wanted me in his bosom…

So Yah said to me…

“Cry not my royal daughter ,Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention:
    Forget your people and your father’s house.
 Let the King, your husband, be enthralled by your beauty;
    honor him, for he is your lord.

So I left the Kingdom of Darkness, and my Husband’s God became my God, His people my people.

6. Someone else replied to your comments and said you call yourself “ a prophetess unto your husband” … another Chiwenga guy accused u of belonging to a darker world than even Ginimbi himself as u described him… would u please respond ?
Even Christ was accused by his adversaries of belonging to the darker Kingdom, why shouldn’t my enemies accuse me of such? As a woman, I am under the authority of my husband. I can not and will not claim to be a prophetess under no earthly authority or covering of a man. Even when I pray or prophesy, I wear a head-covering to honor my husband. My husband is my Lord and King. Everyday I bow before him like Bathsheba bowed to David. 
He was the first person to ever call me Prophetess because I dream dreams and behold they come to pass. I never saw myself as a Prophetess until my husband called me that…he titled me, and matured my gift, so I am his Prophetess…
Just like Isaiah, he called his wife “Prophetess”. Then I went to the Prophetess, and behold she conceived, he said…so she was the Prophetess of Isaiah…
My husband is anointed of the Lord, he is an Ashanti of the tribe of Judah. Yah blesses men such as him with a Prophetess, just like he blessed King David with his own prophetess, Abigail who helped him claim the throne.

 7. I hope you will understand why I need to ask you all these questions … and to what end is your prophesy ? Are you merely telling people they are evil and leaving them hopeless ?
My husband’s brother whom I love dearly also called me from Ghana the day Ginimbi died, because he followed Ginimbi and read what people had written about me, so he asked me, “Did you prophesy about Ginimbi? What is your goal when you write all these things about Zimbabwe? Where is all this leading to? What are you hoping to achieve?” 

I said to him, I just speak what the Most High Yah puts upon my heart. It’s like fire in my bones. I cannot contain it. I listen to my Heavenly Father, he tells me to write these things. Whether people understand or not is not my goal.  My goal is to please my husband and Heavenly Father. You ask me, which God do I worship, that is the God I worship, the Father of the Fatherless, the one who always wiped my tears the million times I cried alone. 
So when all is said and done, I’m just a woman, I love to write what is in my heart, my truth. I have walked a road no other woman in this world has walked. I’m just a tiny dot in the ocean…
But once, as I lay alone in a women’s refuge at night, He said to me, even a tiny dot in the ocean can sparkle…

8. The challenge I’m having with your assertions is that u seem to be talking about evil that’s happening across the globe yet ascribing it to Zimbabwe only..
That’s exactly what I’m saying. That evil has its origin, spiritually, I think I even connected the whole world to Zimbabwe…the SECRET SOCIETY…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

9 thoughts on “Mary-Tamar, Are You A Prophetess From The Darker Side? Why Should We Listen To You?

  1. Wow I was reading all your answers to all these questions and I have understood especially on mitupo and I was asking my friend about it and the month of November that was given a shona name (Mbudzi) Goat it comes to me as a shock and it opened my eyes and asked myself what’s so special about it…can you shed more light on this Mbudzi month…and what’s the Most High is saying for us to get out of it…
    You said “you left the kingdom of darkness and joined the kingdom of your husband’s Most High”…How long where you in the kingdom of darkness….?


  2. Thank u my sister for your response I’m really humbled… and thank u for praying for me… I will also pray for u… I always pray for each and every citizen of Zimbabwe especially for Yah to come through for them and free them from the heavy burden of all kinds of challenges they are facing. …that we r facing as a people… A man called Jonah , a prophet , was once sent to a land called Nineveh by Abba Yah to tell the king that him and his people were going to be destroyed becoz their cup of sin was full and running over … but the king ordered his people to pray for 3 days, from old to young including infants ….and Yah heard their prayer and forgave them. I believe if Nineveh could be forgiven and healed so can each and every Zimbabwean citizen who humbles themselves b4 Yah and gives heed to His voice…

    My message from Yah is to preach the truth and that if we hear the truth and come to know it and believe and do as it says and walk in the steps of Yahusha then the truth shall set them free…The call is to everyone, myself included, to repent from a life of sin and allow Yah to mould us into the people who shall inherit Yah’s kingdom and be with Him eternally becoz once we r in Him we r “ A royal priesthood, a perculiar people…A chosen generation…”

    Thank u for answering my questions. If u r sent of Yah and called to help His people see the truth then Yah will continue to bless u… I am not the one to judge nor despise lest I insult the one whom Yah has truelly sent … Only He is the all knowing and true judge. Thank u and Yah bless…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Prophetess

    Love and Peace !

    If the Lord Most High whose sitteth above all principalities ,kingdoms,dominions,thrones etc has sent you He might have sent you with a solution what is the solution if you have any whats the way forward, are you saying the blood of the lamb cannot redeem the nation or you havent gotten there in revealing what you were shown……are you saying Zimbabwe is the origin of freemasonry (one of the oldest secret socities) and the rest ……im 22 all you are saying i havent experienced it and most if not all people i know we dont worship nyaminyami or any of those things ,we worship Mwari the father of my king Yeshua HaMashiach the lion from the tribe of Judah….and tottems are just for identity just like saying the lion from the tribe of judah these days people really dont give that much attention to those things can this be a shift in the spiritual atmosphere ……there is or was wickedness but i want to learn more as a young boy i’ve been interested in knowing the spirituality of my nation ……what does the chief angel of Zimbabwe say about the country…….and i thought zigzag was just a symbol of vibration frequency they had knowledge of spiritual significance of vibrating at a certain frequency ……the Zimbabwean bird is it really a bird considering the arms of dont look like that of a bird can it be one of the creatures that stand around the throne of the most high that has head of a bird but the body of a human……please explain some of the things i have always wanted to know …..and the solution can the blood of the lamb be a solution since the Lord God himself said “come let us reason together even if your sins are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow ,though they are red like crimson,i will make them as white as wool”.(isaiah 1:18)…….is there anything too hard for the Lord God…..please reply

    Love from a young concerned Zimbabwean


    1. But do you realise the blasphemy in your words, that even your spirit refuses to denounce the gods of the land or the worship of animals in Zimbabwe, so much that you liken such evil and abomination to the Lion of Judah…that is blasphemy.

      But what does the Most High Yah say…

      Woe to those who call evil good…

      Do you know that Yah is a jealous God? His glory he will not share with animals. Do you ever see anyone in Zimbabwe, anyone at all, denouncing the worship of animals which holds the powers of the country?

      Did King David ever write psalms dedicated to the worship of animals? So why do you refuse to call evil evil, yet you say God will save Zimbabwe? Who is that God you defend and liken to the Lion of Judah?

      Is this not the definition of animal worship?

      maita nzou /> maita nzou mhukahuru

      mutsika panotinhira

      vakaita hasha vanodzura miti

      maita mhukahuru

      dzese mbwende dzinopatiza masvika

      vasina hanganwa

      vana mutyora sango

      vakakubata iyewe wedzoro huru

      unotochiona chete



      maita nzou

      machengeta sango

      ivo zhou

      vanadzo dzisingabhende

      dzinoti dzikabaya dzinosvika kuhongonya
      maita madyemhihwa
      magutsa vana
      vakuru vomusha
      Mhuka isina mushishi

      Why do you refuse to have your eyes opened, even when the truth is right there before you? You say people today do not do totems anymore? Why do you tell such lies in defence of such wickedness? Those animals today are worshipped even more on social media, even their handles on social media starts with “Chihera”… so why do you lie young concerned Zimbabwean…


      1. Im saved i dont think i called evil good im asking because i want to learn those detembos no one uses those unless you are in the village in the villages they dont even use them ……yes the Lord is a jealous God….and calling yourself chihera doesnt mean you worship an animal the point im putting forward is its part of our identity no one worships animals like people that worship animals in the hindu religion….i feel like you were pained so much to the extent that everything that has to do with zimbabwe is evil i asked for a solution though my kids will be Zimbabweans if the Lord permits can the grace of the Lord cover us ….and i did accept that there is wickedness but what about the bible verse that God says come and lets reason it out …..come with a solution what can vana vemutema do tofa here muzvivi point out to a solution .I do know there are levels to revelation and understanding but my understanding is when you prophesy you also come with a solution so please can we have that im not attacking you….. i dont know you… might be a legitmate messanger but lets talk i am a king, you are a queen of your kingdom i have been intrugued by what you have to say about Zimbabwe……

        Love and Peace


    2. The tottems are not godly im not sure wether to say r are satanic but we should not mix them with Christianity. Jesus does not have tottem lets be careful not to bring confusion to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tottems came from Chivanhu and Chivanhu and Jesus don’t mix.


  4. What is the solution to this why leave us hanging and besides all people refer to god in their own mother language so from my own point of view there is nothing wrong with calling God Mwari as long as you are not referring to the devil

    No offence just a concerned 15 yr old Zimbabwean


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