Mary-Tamar, I Am A Man But I Want You To Be My Mentor.

So recently, I came across a post I was tagged by one of my followers on Facebook, it was a man who posted that he was looking for a preferably married woman and a mother to mentor him online, and below his post, he asked me to be his online mentor. He said because has learnt so much from me for the last 3 years he has followed me, I was the best person to be his mentor, which was a kind thing to say. I would have missed his post on Facebook because I hardly see posts I am tagged in, somehow they get buried in the notifications and half the time I can’t click on the posts for some reasons. But because this brother tagged me also with my private Facebook profile , I was able to see the post when I visited my old Facebook page. When I saw it, I couldn’t stop laughing because I thought he was joking, but then I realised that the brother was actually serious.

The thing is, I do not normally associate myself with the title of “Mentor” because of how the term has been loosely infiltrated by people who call themselves “motivational speakers” or so called Pastors/Men of god etc and also sadly black women who have had a string of failed relationships. I really don’t know what it is about black women, that when they go through a break-up or divorce, they suddenly reinvent themselves as some “online motivational gurus” or “online mentors”. When I see black women who do the most “inspiring” on social media, especially about relationships, they will be single.

Okay that said, firstly let me say mentorship in itself is a very positive aspect of life, it’s a shame it’s mostly infiltrated by people who are clearly failures in the fields they then claim to be experts in, especially in the black community. You can’t mentor people on “marriage” if you have a failed marriage, it’s just common sense. You can’t mentor people on “overcoming depression” if you are depressed. Again, its common sense. But strangely today you have married women taking notes online from “single motivational online gurus”. It boggles the mind really. Mentorship actually is about a more knowledgable or more experienced person guiding and directing a less knowledgable or a less experienced person in a particular field.

That said, even though I do not see myself as a mentor, I do find myself mentoring women (for free by the way) in the field of motherhood, womanhood, blended families and marriage because this is a field where the Most High has blessed me with tremendous success. So I am qualified so to speak, to guide women in those areas. Also as a woman who has been divorced, and been a single mother before, I am also qualified to guide women who are experiencing break-ups and single motherhood. I have walked those painful roads and came out on the other side of the tunnel so I can offer advice and guidance to women in those circumstances.

So yes, I do mentor women from time to time, I only mentor women whom the Lord has revealed to me that they are genuine, sadly they are so many evil ungrateful people out there, in-fact more people are just out to tap into your anointing and wisdom, and when they get what they want they became very vindictive. Over the years, I have helped many a women, and even men, by changing their lives completely, and they repaid me with evil, that includes my so called blood family members, none of them would be where they are today, was it not for my financial and spiritual help, advice and concern for them.

That said the bible makes it clear that we should never give our pearls of wisdom to swine, because the swine will actually attack you for giving it pearls, therefor there are certain secrets about my success and even my beauty secrets I withold from random people online, who will copy your secrets in private and attack you with another hand. Thats the nature of black people unfortunately, especially Zimbabweans, as my daughter tells me, 80% of my obsessive followers, who read every essay I write, download my pictures to their phones are actually people who hate me, but they will be trying to copy my success. So for that reason, I do not tell it all.

Now, back to my brother who wants me to be his online mentor, unfortunately that is not going to be possible, because firstly I am a woman under the authority of my Lord Husband, the King of the North, as his wife, prophetess and Queen. The King would never grant permission of me entering into an online mentorship relationship with another man. When it comes to mentorship and/or counselling, my help in that area is only appropriate to women.

But please feel free to write to the King of the North, he may be available to mentor you according to his schedule, for he has been mentoring men and women since he was a university student back in Ghana, and many continue to testify of his aura, wisdom and life skills they acquired from him, most very life changing. Here in the UK, my husband has mentored public figures and personalities who once they come into his presence, they can’t help but admire his words, aura and how he manages to break glass ceilings in places and circumstances where many would find impossible….

The King of the North can be contacted on the above email.

So, in summary, sorry brother I can not be your online mentor specifically, as I am a wife and a busy mother of 7, but that doesn’t mean that you can not continue to learn from me and be inspired. Sometimes we do not even need to actually teach people or guide them, because the words of our testimonies are often the best teacher ever, because our testimonies are from the heart and genuine so they are more powerful than scripted life quotes. Everyday I continue to receive messages of testimonies from people whose lives are changed by reading my essays…

My life as a mother and wife is more powerful than any program or instruction I can ever give.
My success in motherhood and parenting is my best mentorship tool.
My success as a wife is the best mentorship tools I can give anyone.

I hope and pray that as we enter 2021, you will be one of those readers whose lives I will impact positively…and as you stated you needed your mentor to be a preferably married woman with children, well most of my testimonial blogs are centered on my marriage and children, so I believe you will be able to get the mentorship you are looking for from my work, though not directly of course.

Your Queen in the North

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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