Mary-Tamar; What Prayer Did You Do To Get A Man Like King Kofi?

Yesterday I posted a tribute to my Lord husband on Fathers Day, and one of my followers asked me what prayer I prayed to get such a human being as my husband. I felt very blessed to read such a comment because yes, I actually prayed a prayer, with tears and all, asking God to redeem me and take away the reproach of being a single mother of 4.

I couldn’t just reply such a comment with a few words, I had to write an essay, because the testimony of how I found my husband or how he found me is not something that happens everyday. It was a matter of time, chance and destiny.

Obviously I have nothing against being a single mother, some women are okay with raising their children by themselves. But for me it was a curse, I couldn’t possibly do it. It was the way I also became a single mother, it was all very sudden , very public and so humiliating. I had so many people who played a part in me becoming a single mother. It was like the world was waiting for me to be a single mother, there was so much joy at my downfall. My mother rejoiced . My siblings rejoiced. So many Zimbabweans rejoiced. My ex-husband’s family couldn’t thank their stars enough. Me becoming a single mother was a dream come true for many, hence it was so painful. So I couldn’t bare it.

During that trying time I delivered a girl child. I had no birthing partner, I went into hospital by myself to give birth, and I had the worst experience ever of child birth. My traumatic experience was down to me being on my own, had I had a man next to me, I would not have been treated the way I was treated by the midwives. I was told I was not in labour, and told to go back home in a taxi minutes before I delivered my baby.

Had I not refused to go home, I would have delivered the baby on my own, in a taxi probably. I ended up almost delivering the baby by myself on the floor as no one was attending to me because they had classed me as “the woman who has refused to go home yet she’s not in active labour.” Just as the baby was being born, just as, a kind hearted Eastern European midwife had mercy on me after I had pressed the buzzer and she saw me on the floor and shouted, “She’s giving birth!” This was less than 30minutes before I was told to go back home and had refused.

The experience sent me into shock, because it was so obvious that I was treated in such an appalling way because I was vulnerable as a single mother. All my birthing experiences with a man by my side had been so positive and beautiful. I wept so much and asked God that did He not care at my reproach of being a single mother. Some people attributed my terrible birth experience to racism, but I don’t believe the treatment I received had anything to do with my skin colour but rather my single motherhood because all my birth experiences I have been treated like royalty even though I am a nappy haired blue Black woman.

After Fadzai’s birth, a woman called Pauline Long wrote to me on Facebook and invited me to Beffta Awards. I remember telling my Health Visitor about the invite, a Ghanaian woman called Ama, who had read my blog and was so intrigued by my story. She was so excited for me, and said, “You are going to the Awards!”

I was like, “What about the baby?” As Fadzi was only 2 weeks old.

“You will take the baby to the Awards!” Honesty this was a health visitor telling a new mother to take a 2 week old baby to some award show, “ You will get your hair done, and wear a beautiful dress, and you will go and meet someone who will completely change your life Jean. You have to go!” It was the first prophecy that season. Someone once told me, that God speaks three times. So please take note dear reader, of the prophecies I received and believed during this life changing time of my life.

So my health visitor, a beautiful black woman from Ghana gave me the strength to take the first step towards changing my own destiny. I decided to go to the Beffta Awards. I had a very sweet kind friend who had suddenly come into my life to serve me, she offered to drive me and baby Fadzi all the way from Milton Keynes to London for the awards.

Aa soon as we walked into the Hall, before I could even sit down, a man started to sing. The singing was so intense, so powerful that I stopped. My heart stopped, it was like thunder. I looked at the stage, and there stood a man with his stick, singing a song I had heard before but had never heard. It was a Dejavu moment. So surreal. It felt as though he was singing just for me. I started to cry, I felt so sad, so lonely, so grieved yet so happy. His voice touched my very soul.

The moment I first saw my husband.

By the time he finished the song, I was in another world. I longed for a husband, and I wanted to meet this man who had sung and tell him how he had touched my heart. But after his performance I never saw him again.

I thought about the Opera singer all night. I had a picture taken with my new born baby.

I felt so empowered somehow. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could look up the Opera singer on the internet.

But I couldn’t find him anywhere. Then something really strange happened, he appeared on my Facebook timeline. I quickly commented and poured my heart out. And he replied. At this point I didn’t have any romantic thoughts towards him. I felt he was so young. I saw him more as a man of God, I felt like he was spiritually powerful. So I told him my divorce situation and how terribly sad I was. He told me that my husband was coming home soon and I would be able to smile again. His words were so powerful, so calm and soothing to my broken heart, like medicine to my soul. I clung onto every word he said. It was the second prophecy that season.

Because I saw him as a prophet, I drew him. I draw people who touch me you see. He so appreciated my artwork though I honestly thought it was really bad, I almost didn’t share it. I had drawn him in such a rush, but he loved it. He loved it so much he went to tell his mother about it.

He then told me he was going back to Ghana, he had only come to perform. I was so gutted. I had to see him in person again. I wanted to touch the hem of this Prophet’s garment. I told him that I wanted to give him the drawing in person, he then asked me to come to the airport the next day with the drawing. I did. But I missed him because he gave me the wrong time. I got there as he was literally walking into the check in.

I then called him and told him I was there at the terminal. But he told me he couldn’t come out anymore as he had already checked in and going into the flight.

Then suddenly I had this strong conviction that this was the beginning of something great. I told him on the phone that it was well, and we would meet again and I would give him the drawing. I told him I would keep it safe and put it up in my house.

It was on a Friday and the next day I was attending a church conference. Then lo and behold, I received another prophecy by the American founder of the church Elder Rawchaa, he stood me in front if the whole church and asked me, “Where is your husband?” I answered, “I have no husband. He left me.” The Elder sang for me, and ordered all the men to pray for me, so that it would be well with me. He prophesied and said that everything was going to be just fine for me and I should worry about life. I received his word, and believed. I felt redeemed and delivered. That was the third and final prophecy of the season.

I went home, ready for my NEW HUSBAND. I felt this strong conviction that I deserved a better. I told myself that I must have a husband out there who is waiting for me. I could feel him in the air. It was like a force, so strong. Like the earth has shifted for me.

There was a tree I used to pray under. I went there in the moment and started to weep. I cried so loud without a care of anyone heard me. I looked up to heaven as I cried. “Oh God, can you hear me? Please take away this sorrow and shame. I need my own husband, my Boaz who will wipe these tears and take away my reproach!. I need my husband!”

Within two weeks saying that prayer, I received a text message from King Kofi Nino, all the way from Ghana. He told me he had been thinking of me. He said he read every blog and all the comments, even the mean ones from Zimbabweans. He said I was brave and courageous. He told me that people thought I was weird, but he said he didn’t find me weird at all, I was just real. He said he liked me. But he was younger than me, so I had never thought my husband could be him, I used to find the whole younger men toy boy thing very disturbing. I told him it can’t be, for I was a single mother of 4 children.

He replied and said, “So what, I love children. What’s yours is mine, even the shower gel in your bathroom is mine.”

From that moment I was completely HIS. I was his rib, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh. It didn’t matter that he was in Ghana and I was in England. Destiny had sealed our fate. We were meant to be. I was completely head over heals madly in love with a man I had never touched, and he had never seen me in the flesh. The rest was history, we have 7 children together, he owns over 10 properties in the UK, he’s a polygamist but still on Father’s Day I post updates such as these…

He is the King of my life, my Lord Husband who took away my reproach.

I hope that answers my reader’s questions, for that is the prayer I made, and mountains were moved. I believe that in life, time and chance happens to us all, you just have to be ready when time and chance happens. I strongly believe are all given about 7 prayers to change our lives, most of us die without ever using even one of our prayers. It’s how you pray that matters, at that very moment when the feel the shift in the winds, when you feel it in your guts that chance has happened, and time has stopped for you, seize the moment and pray… then act… for faith without works is dead…

Almost 7 years later, I’m still in madly in love with the King.
My husband has been such a positive role model to my daughter, my first fruit.

I hope I’m speaking to someone this evening…especially about single mothers or single women being redeemed, and the season and time we are in. If you are that person do write to me…

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

One thought on “Mary-Tamar; What Prayer Did You Do To Get A Man Like King Kofi?

  1. Hi Jean, I had goosebumps reading this. I received a word to let go (I’ve been holding a lot of shame) and it was the second prophecy. I received a third this morning. My spine is tingling as I write this. Like you described, I too feel like change is a foot. I decided to physically let go of something that has had a hold on me for 9 years. Thank you for showing up and showing off what God can do. I can only walk in faith and see as far as the human eye but I sincerely pray that my journey becomes smoother here on out. God bless you and your beautiful family ❤️


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