5 Reasons Why “Side Chicks” Are Happier And More Blessed Than Main Wives

In the black community, most well to do black men, even the middle class ones, when they do a little well in life, they feel like they need more women, or at least another woman. These women are what we call side chicks.  These black women are happy to be second best to men, like this article here which asks “Why Do Black Women Consent To Be Side Chicks?” and addresses the fact that the side chick epidemic is a problem in the black community.

Married women call them home wreckers or whores, yet these women are neither. They are simply just wives, or rather concubines. They are the modern day concubines, who testify that the black man is polygamous in nature, and side-chicks are the answer of that nature. And because of the foolishness of most married women, the side chicks normally overthrows the main-wives, and take their crowns.

If you are a married woman, and your husband has a long term side chick, whom he goes to when he is not with you. The one he prefers to spend time with more than you, then your husband is simply a polygamist, (no amount of prayers or Jesus can change him) the sooner you accept that, the happier you will be. If you choose not to accept that your husband is a polygamist, then you go down the foolish route of fighting with your husband’s other woman, then you have literally removed your crown and given it to her.

This article is for those  Vashitis, the “Main Wives” and boy they are millions of them, who dethrone themselves and are usually replaced by the Side-Chicks because of their own foolishness.

If you are such, here are 5 main reasons why your husband’s side chick is way happier and more blessed than you.

1. Your Husband’s Side Chick Has No Problem With You, You Are The One With A Problem With Her

For this reason alone, you are the unhappier one. The side chick already knows about you. She knows all your weaknesses because your husband tells her. She comes into the relationship well knowing that you are not delivering, so she knows her position that she is there to be everything you are not, and be rewarded for it. She comes in to be the submissive wife, something you are not. A woman like this does not have any problem with sharing, or being second, because she is the direct beneficiary of the “sharing.” Now when you find out about her, and start attacking her, you are only helping to increase her allowance. In most cases, the main wife is the one who brings her own husband and his girlfriend closer together with her jealous angry outbursts. The side chick already knew about you, so she will never have sleepless nights about you, the more angry you get, the more she sleeps with a huge smile at night. That is the reality of the matter.

2. Being A Legally Married Wife Doesn’t Mean Happiness, Being Loved Is What Brings Happiness

The most foolish thing I always here Main Wives say is, “He will never leave his wife and kids for you, you are just a whore, he is using you.” If you are a married woman, and you find yourself uttering these words to the lover of your husband, then you are the foolish woman the bible talks about. These are the words of a scorned woman. A defeated woman void of love. What women actually need is LOVE. A marriage certificate, a ring and a stupid white dress means nothing if the man does not treat you like his rose. You keep the ring and the marriage certificate, she takes his heart. First Wives, or Main Wives or whatever you call yourselves, it is not enough to be just married, you have to be the Queens of your husbands hearts. The reason why these side chicks will be happy for you to keep the ring and the marriage certificate is because they get all the goodness of your husband, the good sex, the gifts, the holidays, the time. This is why the side chicks are in a way better position, and will not envy you one bit.

3. No Woman Should Make Another Woman Unhappy, God Will Not Bless You So You Will Be Cursed If You Date A Married Man

I find this to be one of the most foolish statements I hear from Main Wives when they argue their cases against “side chicks”, especially the Christian ones. Sadly they are taught this garbage in churches.

When Pastors preach to their congregants, mostly single black women that “This is your year to get your Boaz.” Where are they expecting the Boaz to actually come from? Aren’t there shortages of men for black women already? If God was to answer the prayers of each black single woman in church and actually give them husbands, He would have to give these women men who are already married! I find it totally crazy when I hear Prophets promising black women that God will give them husbands, as if the men will fall from the skies. After lying to these women that God loves them and will bless the with husbands, they will start preaching that God hates polygamy. So where will the husbands ever come from?

No woman was ever born to “save” another woman’s marriage. It is not our job to go around making sure we are good little girls who keeps our sisters marriages safe. That is the job of men, to stay loyal to their wives and whatever they promised them. If these men wants more wives, it’s not the job of women to stop that! Single women for that matter! Its so sad that society puts so much pressure on these poor single black women, that it is their job to make sure other women’s marriages are safe.

God will never curse a single woman because a married man asked her out. Such a woman is not a whore for desiring a married man. According to research, most single women actually prefers married man, because such men to them are responsible. I do not believe that single women prefer married men because of “responsibility” and all that, they simply like married men because that is what’s most natural to them.  These women are the answer to polygamy, and it is their calling to be second wives or concubines. If anything, God does always bless them for refusing the false doctrines of marriage taught by the church.

4. Never Beat Your Husband’s Side Chick, If You Do You Give Her Your Blessing And You Push Your Husband Away

I have seen enough videos online of “Main Wives” cruelly beating and humiliating their husband’s girlfriends, from stripping them naked, to pouring chilli on their private parts. When a woman gets to this point of evil and barbarism, she doesn’t even deserve a husband in the first place. In these cases of violence, I always take the side of the “side chick,” I even wish to contact these victims of abuse from “Main Wives” and tell them what to do to actually get the man from the evil wife. Sometimes the side chicks are actually too fearful and lenient, when brutally abused, never exercise any mercy, do everything in your power to make sure the husband actually leaves the “witch”. Any woman who acts so cruelly and violently to another woman is a “witch” in my opinion. And no wonder why most women who act like animals and exhibit these types of behaviors towards their husband’s girlfriends always end up losing their husbands. Why would a man stay with a deranged woman for a wife, that behavior is the main reason why they are unable to keep the man in the house in the first place. Funny I have never seen a violent side-chick, they are ever so graceful even when being attacked. No wonder why the husbands love them more .

5. The Only Way To Overthrow A Side Chick Is By Not Being Threatened By Her And Changing Your Ways

If you are a first wife, and your husband has a side chick or whatever, another woman in his life, and you still love him and want to keep your marriage, (as most women in these cases) the only way to do that is to not kick off.  I am not talking about whore-mongers, men who are serial womanizers and always cheating. I am talking about men with long term side chicks, (concubines). The only way to keep your husband and your crown is to behave like a woman, and stay calm, and embrace that your husband is actually a polygamist by nature, as a lot of black men are.

Most married women let themselves go after having children, they stop dressing good and doing what they used to do when they were dating their husbands. They complain of always being tired in bed, and they refuse to please their husbands. Some don’t even bother to bath properly. Side Chicks solve this problem for a lot of black men, they are always ready in bed to do anything. They dress and look better than the Main Wives. They cook better meals than the wives.

A side-chick will be more submissive to your husband than you, and she will be willing to bend over literally, to make your husband happy. Your husband will give her the very best of himself sexually. He will buy her the most expensive clothes and gifts, he will be more than just a provider, but a gifter. He will go the extra mile to keep side chick sweet and happy, because he knows he has to keep his delight happy.

As a main wife, you will be a lot lot happier, if you sit down with your husband and get to understand him. Ask him why he needs another woman? Ask him what you are lacking? Ask him what you can do to become a better wife? That is the only way your husband’s side chick will be under your authority, and you will be able to keep your crown. You do not need to fast or call Papa in church, just get a grip and be the woman your husband wants you to be.

If not, you will keep the ring and the marriage certificate, but your husband’s heart will belong to another woman, the side chick whom you call a whore.

I will end with this article link which asks why Women Prefer To Be Side Chicks? The Answer is simple really, because they will be submissive to their man, knowing he has a wife at home. Men love submissive women, they are easier to love,  so these side chicks are able to receive the best of these black men, and in turn they are happier than the rebellious “Main Wives” at home.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean

One thought on “5 Reasons Why “Side Chicks” Are Happier And More Blessed Than Main Wives

  1. Good post.. However, since people continue to do what we allow, women who are aware of their man having a side chick got to hold their man more responsible and be willing to walk away if needed, since his consistent cheating actions shows how he really values her. I say that because someone who cherish and value you not going to continually do something to embarrass or hurt you, once you’ve brought it to their attention.

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