If You Touch Me, You Will Be Cursed: The Fool Now Has Tuberculosis

I just want to put it out there that if you touch me, you have touched the Most High’s anointed maiden. As a writer, everything I write about comes to pass. According to the Holy Scriptures, the only way to know if a person is a true prophet is if their word comes to pass. Anyone can hold me on anything I said which never came to pass. All my writings do come to pass.

Now anyone who curses me or says anything evil about me or to me will never escape the wrath of the Almighty Father, the Father of an Orphan like me. I was born into this world as an orphan, and I have walked alone all my life, the pain I have suffered is too heavy for an ordinary human being. Everyone who has abused me along my journey of finding myself does somehow end up suffering the wrath of God.

Walter Masocha spent years building a multi million pound Empire, and through me, a woman, with my pen, his Empire fell after he touched me, today Agape For All Nations Ministries International is no more.

My so called siblings, who tormented me all my life, today live in total depravity and poverty. My so called brother who came on Facebook to curse me has nothing to his name as we speak, he tried to do farming in Zimbabwe but it all came to nothing.

My so called mother who abused me all my life, praying that I get raped by my own Father and going to my Father asking him to rape me, when all her plans of satisfying her sick fantasy failed, she went around telling all her equally evil relatives that I stole her husband from her, is today is living in the UK but if you see her you would think she is in Africa living in a mud hut with no access to healthy food or clean water.

She looks 100 when she’s only supposedly “60” years old. The only way she used to renew her beauty was through my anointing of Bathsheba, yes I have the ante-ageing anointing that even people who come into my house will tap into my anointing and be renewed. Ask a handmaiden I once took called Jane chidemo who looked about 40 years of age but once she started living in my house, and wearing my clothes, she started looking way younger that people marveled at the transformation. That’s my anointing and my “mother” always used me to stay young and beautiful, now that she has no access to me anymore, spiritually or physically, she is aging like the old witch in Rapunzel.

So when I tell you my readers that God has given me the power to curse those who curse me, and the power to bless those who bless me, you think this is child’s play. People have actually DIED for insulting me and cursing me.

My ex-husband’s family wished me death and said I would commit suicide and would end up mad, yet the very same thing they wished on me happened to their own daughter/sister who died a very painful death confined to a wheelchair and mentally tormented saying she wanted to die.

In 2014, as I was heavily pregnant with my fourth anointed child Fadzi, as the Zimbabwean people of Masocha’s cult were tormenting me on social media, and one woman, Cathy Chigavazira came on Facebook to write that I was going to drop dead and die because I had blogged about Masocha, but within a month she actually dropped dead and died during an Agape church service. She died the exact way she had said I would die. My heavenly Father was clearly sending out a warning to demon possessed Zimbabweans, that touch not my Orphan Daughter Mary-Tamar was Jean, and do her no harm…

Cathy Chigavaza died after wishing me death on Facebook

Another person who also died after she had cursed me was a woman called Tsitsi Chikowore, she had a chance to repent and I wrote a blog after she had confessed to some Agape members that Walter Masocha is a walking demon, and that she had received blood money from Masocha, then she came back and took back her words publicly after Walter Masocha payed her. Then she went on Facebook to mock my blog and said she followed the God of Walter Masocha, that was her last Facebook post, and within weeks she was dead.

Ya’ll do not know the God of Mary-Tamar he is an awesome and fire breathing God. Maybe ya’ll never seen the real life Mother of Dragons. When my anger is aroused, and I call upon my God, fire comes down…and it consumes all my foes. Lighting and thunder strikes all my enemies, I only have to lookup…

God put all my tears in a golden bowl, and each time people made me cry, it was to him a sweet smelling aroma of burning incense. Each time I cried, God cried with me. So now since I am safe in the arms of my darling Lord, Master, and husband, the King of the North, when someone comes to curse me on Facebook, or on here on my blog, instead of crying, I just burn incense.

And when I burn incense, if I mention your name, my God will act upon the issue…

So it so happened, that my ex-husband the famous FOOL, in the fake name of Ruvimbo Sanhu has been on my Facebook wall for 3 years, cursing even my children, his own so called children, calling them homosexuals and autistic. He hates me so much, he would rather abuse his “own” children to hurt me. He stalks me and always wants to know my home address, he is the kind of man who will kill the children to hurt the mother. He keeps my photos on his phone, his obsession is abnormal.

He also started going around on Zimbabwean groups saying I am a witch, I was sent numerous screenshots even of people confessing that if they visit my wall, I bewitch them. One woman testified that she was on my Facebook wall in the middle of the night and behold, she started being attacked by a being as she scrolled through my pictures and she heard my voice calling her.

When I was sent this screenshot I laughed so hard, and I said damn right I was calling her, because I sense evil and I call it out.

So last month I told this Ruvimbo Sanhu, the Zimbabwean FOOL who happens to be my ex, that sickness was about to visit him, because of the wickedness of his heart even towards children, children who are supposed to be his own. I did not block him or delete his comments because I was using his own words to burn the incense so the process would be quicker.

And within a month I received the news that he has Tuberculosis. And I wrote it on my Facebook, and he couldn’t even contain the shame that it was him who uses a Fake/Ghost account called Ruvimbo Sanhu, and he started commenting exposing himself then deleting his comments.

Then he started stalking my followers, one by one, writing to them about a fake account in his name. Very random and strange behavior, telling people that its not him commenting on my page and that he is done, he is going away and my followers started writing to me saying they were being harassed and stalked by this ghost account called Ruvimbo Sanhu and didn’t know what to do.

He also came on my page and made a final goodbye, he said he’s afraid that I will bewitch him because apparently I am a witch, yet he still continued commenting and changing profile pictures continued to say so many final goodbyes.

The sickness is now making him confused, right there on my Facebook page. And he is now saying his final goodbyes because he is ill, and cannot continue to be active on my page anymore.

It was my forefather, King David, who said touch not the anointed of the Lord, and do his prophets no harm, false prophets like Walter Masocha used to scare people with that scripture, but yet I Jean Gasho touched Masocha, and I then rose up, and he is the one who fell…

So who then is the real anointed one? Who is the “touch not”.

Now if you still do not believe that I am the anointed orphan daughter of the Most High, that anyone who curses me is cursed, and anyone who blesses me is blessed…come on my page and curse me and see within a month what will happen to you…if you want evil to live on your doorstep, that nothing you do will prosper, just curse me and you will see.

Even on an American gossip forum called Lipstick Alley, they now know that they can not curse, mock or insult me, for many of them have fallen and are now afraid to touch me…

If you still don’t believe, then find the FOOL and you will see him vomiting and coughing blood as I write this, and he will tell you of the God of Tamar, Mary-Tamar…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho

2 thoughts on “If You Touch Me, You Will Be Cursed: The Fool Now Has Tuberculosis

  1. Good evening my Queen, most of your aticles are so touching Mwari ndeve nherera, i admire you so much, your couradge, your are a brave woman, everytym if i read stories i see i have a lot in comon with you, problems that u came thru cause of your fmly, i have sme issues to, but i choose me and living my life without them, i was tired of being used, thank you for being brave like that, you are my guidane thank God i have found you my sister, by the way i got to know about you from this other Zimbabwen group wr someone posted you and the King that person was critisizing you saying wakutandabotso, so the pics that person sent everyone started to like them and saying woooow we dont see anything wrong with the pics, we are only seeing a happy couple a woman who is annointing her husband’s feet, so i came to search for you on facebook, so far i have learnt a lot from you thats why i call you my sister, May God continue blessing you, your children and the King.

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