Why I Am Glad My Ex-Husband Will Always be A Fool, But I Miss Being Pregnant

I have always heard the term keep your enemies closer, but I never knew that sometimes your enemies are brought closer to you by God. I just love how this year is ending for me.

To think my ex-husband is literally on my Facebook Page commenting every day, writing long posts whilst claiming he is Harold the none Zimbabwean is beyond anything I ever thought was possible. Then this non-Zimbabwean Harold who knows so much about Walter Masocha by the way, even though he claims he can not spell Masocha’s name, says things to me that only my ex knew. Yeah he got so emotional he then let it all out, and forgot that he’s not supposed to be a Zimbabwean and he’s not supposed to know me that well. This is the very reason I always call my ex a Zimbabwean fool.  He really is a fool by birth. He doesn’t have any sense of shame or embarrassment. This is why he stood on a hill and allowed a paedophile to tell him to forsake his own children. When he is supposed to walk away in shame, he actually goes on a rooftop and he wants the world to see him.

That’s his character, and everyone knows him for that, that he has no shame. When I started writing the blog exposing his Daddy Walter Masocha, as the blog went viral on the first weekend, Masocha was launching one of his branches, then Harold sorry I mean, Shingai chose that moment to now stand on a rooftop in Agape Church, to the point that Masocha himself had to tell him to step back from church duties and let the blog dust settle first. At a church conference, whilst the blog had gone viral, Masocha called him on the side and said please you can’t be at the front, your wife is out there writing a blog for goodness sake. A very close bodyguard of Masocha who later left the cult told me that he was embarrassed for my ex-husband because he could not get it that he was supposed to keep a low profile when I started blogging, and Masocha had to spell it out to him, because he is a fool like that. I don’t know why God denied him the ability to have shame.

Masocha even denied him a church position because of that.  He never got rewarded by Masocha for all the sacrifices he offered for him. He was not given a church position. He wasn’t given any money. He wasn’t even given a wife. He got nothing for sacrificing his children for Masocha. Masocha kept blaming him for what I did, and made him actually pay for it. So he kept trying so hard to please Daddy, but sadly he was never good enough and was kept at the back seat whilst others enjoyed the benefits of “fighting” for Daddy.

Harold, sorry Shingai walked out of Agape with nothing, whilst others who helped Masocha with my court case were given money and other gifts in kind. Some were even bought houses and cars, but poor fool got nothing, lol. He provided the most “evidence” against me for Masocha during the trial, yet today he was left holding nothing but a phone which he uses to write comments on my Facebook page day and night. He looks for a Turkish account, pretends he is not Zimbabwean, and literally stays on my Facebook, analysing every picture, every word I write and is the biggest contributor in the comments section. Oh my, the God of Mary-Tamar, talk about a table being prepared for you right in the nose of your worst and biggest enemy.

Now, because I have exposed him, he is commenting on my wall like every 30 mins now, repeating himself, chanting. He actually used to do this when we were married, when we argued and if I win the argument,  he would start chanting and repeating himself, rocking his head. He won’t know when to stop. It was quite sad actually. He is now doing the exact same thing on my Facebook wall, he’s just writing the same comments over and over, sounding weirder and weirder. It’s getting so sad that even the few Zimbabweans who have light in them have told him to do one, and can clearly tell that he is a full-blown Zimbabwean who has some serious emotional issues. The rest of the Zimbabweans, the majority who always support him are now very loudly quiet, I can tell they are grieving their fallen hero, so he now has to use his other fake account to reply himself, because as it now stands, no one else can stand his weirdness. It’s actually sad that he doesn’t have a sense of shame, if he had he would have left my facebook yesterday actually, and sadly he doesn’t have people in his life who actually care, they would have told him to just leave my page by now.

This afternoon I accompanied Shulamite for her first midwife appointment. I checked my Facebook and this Harold was still spamming my page. I am like wow, now this is what you call an obsession, I am here living my life with my best friend,  co-wife and handmaid, yet for the last 24 hours someone has not taken a break from my page. I am just happy he is still a fool, nothing has changed.

Anyway moving on to more glorious news, it is a Sabbath after all. Something really strange happened at Shulamite’s midwife appointment though. Well, I had to speak for her a lot, she even went blank when she was asked her postcode, so I answered for her. I felt like she was nervous, so I held her hand. The midwife thought we were actually a couple. And she looked so happy and fascinated with us.

I don’t know why she didn’t get it when Shulamite clearly gave the King’s details as her husband. Maybe she thought I was called Kofi.

When she asked Shulamite about her birthing partner, Shulamite said she will have me and wanted a home birth, and the midwife was like, ” That’s what partners are there for. It’s good you are supporting her.” She said as she turned to me.

And I was like, “Ummm no, we are not partners, we are co-wives. We share a husband.”

“Oh….that’s interesting.” was all she could say, and her countenance fell. She was no longer fascinated by us or excited. It was now just about getting the details.

If Shulamite and I had been a couple, we would have been welcomed and applauded by the midwife, as she initially did. But because we are plural wives, it turned out to be a different story. It was my first experience of the persecution, prejudice and hostility that the polygamy lifestyle brings especially in the western world.

That said, I just encouraged Shulamite to be strong, she was a little overwhelmed. But being back at the midwives made me so broody, and I missed the whole pregnancy hype, especially being pampered by Boaz.

Shulamite is amazing though, she still manages to get up every morning and do her chores without fail, even though she is generally sleepy. And Hagar has been amazing, she already bought some neutral blankets for the baby. The King wishes to get a maid to relieve Shulamite from some of  her chores, but for now, she is like, “No, I am okay, I can’t just sleep, I came here to work whilst Mary writes.” She is the greatest gift to me, so submissive.  Boaz is taking care of her though, he has spent the week making her Ghana food and making sure she eats for two and she has been treated to massages all week before she goes to bed.

I am happy Shulamite is having a baby, and I will get to name the child, but I am literally very broody now, and the pampering Shulamite is getting from Boaz is making me miss being with child…honestly…

4 Years ago, pregnant with my King’s first child

Anyway, Happy Sabbath my readers…

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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