As Shulamite Makes Her Second Blog Post, Another USA Reader Says She Considered Being My Husband’s PA

Today after I posted Why Are Zimbabweans Obsessed With Mental Illness And Diagnosing it? talking about how Zimbabweans online always diagnose me with mental disorders because of my writing, I received the most heartwarming comment from one of my very faithful readers who is based in the USA. She has been my reader for a long while now, and each time she posts a comment, even when she strongly disagrees with me, she is ever so graceful and I value her feedback. Today her comment touched me so much, I couldn’t help but post it as an article. This is the reason why I am a writer. My reader wrote…

“When people are constantly talking about you, either they are jealous or you are doing something right.

I am starting to look at my beliefs as a whole and realizing a lot things I was taught by my very Zimbabwean parents are nothing more than an illusion. Granted I stick to certain cultural aspects as a badge of honor and my identity but even that is an illusion.

When I first read about your polygamous marriage- I was horrified as it brought up my former past in a cult. But reading your story, its one of love and respect and you all seem happy and that’s is all that matters. I was so convinced that for a second, I thought I could move from the States and be the you my sister I have never had strong female bonds. I was always the tomboy..sorry I digress.

At the end of the day, I love how brave and bold you are and speaking your truth. This could be a better way at looking at marriage and possibly even reduce the divorce rate. We all should be open minded and start looking at things in a different light. May God continue to bless you and your family

Oh and Shulamite sounds lovely and humble, I read her blog piece and it was so heart felt- may you both take care of each other.
Much love to you.” 

It was just amazing that as Shulamite was writing her second blog post, How I Met My Husband, Part 2, that’s when I received this most heart warming comment, and I showed it to Shulamite. I see the move of God in everything. We both do.

What really touched me and Shulamite was that this beautiful spirited sister, all the way from the USA has considered being my husband’s PA, even for a split second, her heart was stirred, even though all her life plural marriage was never something she would ever consider. That’s how much Shulamite and I have impacted perceptions and changed the way people, especially women view marriage. Recently we also had another woman from the USA say she wanted to be my husband’s PA, so maybe his third wife will indeed come from the USA, the signs are every where.

We really believe this is a prophetic time indeed, and the God of Israel will no longer be misrepresented by religions which say polygamy is evil, when he was the one to always bless his holy servants with many wives. God said to his moved loved King, the sweet psalmist of Israel, “If you wanted more wives, I would have given you…”

Long live the King, may God expand the tent of his territory. May God bless him with the desires of his heart.

Oh and thank you for following my handmaid Shulamite’s blog, she really appreciates the readership.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


2 thoughts on “As Shulamite Makes Her Second Blog Post, Another USA Reader Says She Considered Being My Husband’s PA

  1. Oh my, I am beyond speechless! To be honest it was pressed upon me to write that message days ago but for some reason I kept procrastinating.

    The truth is being revealed, continue being bold and standing fast in that truth. God’s hand is upon you and your household..stayed blessed.

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